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1930 Census Damon
R - S

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Birth PlaceSheet
Last NameFirst NameRelation RaceAgeStatus selffathermotherPage #
RallsRobert B.head w59M MOMOMO180 2A
RallsEmelinewife In53M OKmix. bloodChoctaw 1802A
RatliffeEdward A.head w41M ARARMO172 1B
RatliffeMyrtlewife w29M OKMOUS172 1B
RatliffeFredie B.son w18S OKAROK172 1B
RatliffeHowardson w10S OKAROK172 1B
RatliffePauline L.daughter w9S OKAROK172 1B
RatliffeTom J.son w7S OKAROK172 1B
RatliffeMarie A.daughter w5S OKAROK172 1B
RatliffeLorenedaughter w4S OKAROK173 2A
ReedJoe J.head in29M OKfull bloodChoctaw 1754B
ReedEria E.wife w29M OKMOAR175 4B
ReedLorenedaughter w8S OKOKOK175 4B
ReedJoseph W.son w3S OKOKOK175 4B
ReedWinoma B.daughter w6mo.S OKOKOK175 4B
RileyCharleslodger w26S OKTXTX174 3B
RileyAnniedaughter w37WD ARMOTN176 5B
RileyClarencegrandson w15S OKARAR176 5B
RileyAndrewhead w36M OKTXTX177 6A
RileyThelmawife w?M ARARAR177 6A
RileyLenardson w11S OKOKAR177 6A
RileyLeonson w9S OKOKAR177 6A
RileyLouise?daughter w7S OKOKAR177 6A
RileyLawrenceson w5S OKOKAR177 6A
RileyT..son w2S OKOKAR177 6A
RileyJamesson w1mo.S OKOKAR177 6A
RisnerOra B.niece w24M OKOKTX177 6B
RisnerCharlesnephew in26M OKhalf bloodChoctaw 1776B
RisnerCharles J.nephew w6S OKOKOK177 6B
RobbinsIra head w38M OKARAR179 1A
RobbinsMag E.wife w30M ARARAR179 1A
RobbinsTheodor M.son w11S OKOKAR179 1A
RobbinsOdus D.son w8S OKOKAR179 1B
RobbinsRoy J.son w6S OKOKAR179 1B
RobbinsMary J.daughter w4S OKOKAR179 1B
RobbinsHenery S.son w9mo.S OKOKAR179 1B
RoogenbuckJoehead w64S PrussiaPrussiaPrussia 1791A
RossWilliamlodger w31M MOOKIL174 3B
RossEvaservant w26M MOMOMO174 3B
RowlandWalter R.head w22M OKTXAR181 3B
RowlandJulia M.wife In28M OK?MO181 3B
Royell?Edgarhead w22M TXTXTX175 4B
Royell?Majoriewife w23M TXNCVA175 4B
RussellJames L.? w64S PAPAKY173 2B
SampleEllishead w22M OKARAR174 3B
SampleDorawife w18M ARARAR174 3B
SamplesBerthahead w42WD ARKYTN175 4A
SamplesVenadaughter w14S ARARAR175 4A
SamplesBenydaughter w11S ARARAR175 4A
SamplesDealydaughter w8S OKARAR175 4A
SamplesChristinedaughter w5S OKARAR175 4A
SamplesDanielson w2S OKARAR175 4A
SamplesEarllodger w24S ARARKY175 4A
SandersHenryhead w40?M TXILGA176 5B
SandersMyrtlewife w24M ARARAR176 5B
SaulsberryWoodrownephew w17S OKARAR173 2B
SealyAlfredhead in57WD OKfull bloodChoctaw 1787A
Shuell?Johnlodger? w25S ARUSAR179 1A
SkaggsHarvey L.head w22M OKARAR172 1B
SkaggsOpalwife w16M OKARAR172 1B
SkaggsRoyhead w41M ARARAR172 1B
SkaggsNelliewife w30M OKAROK172 1B
SkaggsFlorence M.daughter w5S OKAROK172 1B
SkaggsSarah E.daughter w2S OKAROK172 1B
SkaggsMearl J.daughter w4mo.S OKAROK172 1B
SkaggsSamhead w38M ARARAR172 1B
SkaggsMaudwife w23M ARARAR172 1B
SlaterElmerhead w18S OKEnglandOK181 3A
SlaterMaggie B.mother w46WD OKTXTX181 3A
SlaterDerelbrother w16S OKEnglandOK181 3A
SlaterLenobrother w14S OKEnglandOK181 3A
SlaterHershelbrother w12S OKEnglandOK181 3A
SlaterLevinasister w10S OKEnglandOK181 3A
SlaterCubbrother w8S OKEnglandOK181 3A
SlaterM Bsister w5S OKEnglandOK181 3A
SlaterColieniece w3S OKEnglandOK181 3A
SleeperJ. ?head w68M MONHUS180 2A
SleeperGertiewife w41M TXMOTX180 2A
SleeperJames Nolenson w16S OKMOTX180 2A
SleeperAlva E.son w14S TXMOTX180 2A
SleeperTrilley Belledaughter w12S OKMOTX180 2A
SleeperElmer LeeRoyson w1S OKMOTX180 2A
SmithSusie D.niece w13S OKOKOK173 2A
SmithPaulineniece w8S OKOKOK173 2A
SnyderEarlhead w28M WVWVWV182 4A
SnyderZeda B.wife w28M WVWVWV182 4A
SparksRoberthead w37M VAVAVA179 1A
SparksKaty Clydewife w32M TXARAL179 1A
SparksVince Elladaughter w16S OKVATX179 1A
SparksRacheldaughter w8S OKVATX179 1A
SparksJonas M.son w7S OKVATX179 1A
SparksEuva Leedaughter w1S OKVATX179 1A
StanfordEdwardhead w56M ILILIL176 5B
StanfordIdawife w58M WVUSPA?176 5B
StanfordAgnesdaughter w19S OKILTX176 5B
StanfordHarrisonson w18S OKILTX176 5B
SticklandBerthead w38M OKUSUS172 1A
SticklandAlicewife w27M OKMOMO172 1A
SticklandGeraldinedaughter w6S OKOKOK172 1A
SumpterHenryhead w56M TNTNTN176 5A
SumpterKathrinewife w68M TNTNTN176 5A
SumpterFredhead w49M TNTNVA176 5A
SumpterDixiewife w50M ARARAR176 5B
SumpterCharleyhead w22M OKTNMO177 6B
SumpterBessiewife w18M OKOKOK177 6B
SumpterClyde J.son w2S OKOKOK177 6B
SumpterJuanitadaughter w6mo.S OKOKOK177 6B
SweedenWilliamhead w56M ARTNAR174 3A
SweedenCorawife w49M TXMOTX174 3A
SweedenEugeneson w21S OKARTX174 3A
SweedenRobertson w18S OKARTX174 3A
SweedenWillieson w14S OKARTX174 3A
SweedenHazeldaughter w12S OKARTX174 3A
SweedenThelmadaughter w9S OKARTX174 3A
SweedenNormadaughter w7S OKARTX174 3A
SweedenJosiemother w75WD ARTNAR174 3A

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