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1930 Census Damon
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Birth PlaceSheet
Last NameFirst NameRelation RaceAgeStatus selffathermotherPage #
Tackett?Fredhead w40M OKARAR175 4A
Tackett?Leewife w34M AROKOK175 4A
Tackett?Otesdaugher w16S AROKAR175 4A
Tackett?Ernestson w12S AROKAR175 4A
Tackett?Eugeneson w10S OKOKAR175 4A
Tackett?Lorenedaughter w8S OKOKAR175 4A
Tackett?Williedaughter w6S OKOKAR175 4A
Tackett?Marydaughter w4S OKOKAR175 4A
TagleyPearl G.boarder w19S ARKYAR179 1B
TaylorElvenhead in50M OKfull bloodChoctaw 1776B
TaylorAbigalwife in53M OKmixed bloodChoctaw 1776B
TaylorCharleyhead In59WD OKfull bloodChoctaw 1802A
TaylorBenson In35S OKfull bloodChoctaw 1802A
TaylorMcKinleyson In24M OKfull bloodChoctaw 1802A
TaylorLizziedaughter-in-law In26M OKfull bloodChoctaw 1802A
TaylorJamesson In8mo.S OKfull bloodChoctaw 1802A
ThompsonRosalodger In36D OKfull bloodChoctaw 1802B
ThurstonCyrushead w68M ILUSUS181 3B
ThurstonFranceswife w34M ARUSNC181 3B
TriplettJohnhead w25M OKARTN176 5A
TriplettTincie?wife w21M OKOKAR176 5A
TriplettCecilson w1S OKOKOK176 5A
TuckerWilliehead w50M OKOKOK178 7A
TuckerOrawife w27M OKOKOK178 7A
TuckerRubydaughter w16S OKOKOK178 7A
TurnbowJess L.head w41M TXTXTX180 2A
TurnbowFlorencewife w38M TXILTX180 2A
TurnbowLeoson w14S OKTXTX180 2A
TurnbowElcie Cleadaughter w13S OKTXTX180 2A
TurnbowGertie V.daughter w10S OKTXTX180 2A
TurnbowZola Andaughter w8S OKTXTX180 2A
TurnbowMary Violetdaughter w5S OKTXTX180 2A
TurnbowBirdie Leedaughter w3S OKTXTX180 2A
TurnbowLoydson w2S OKTXTX180 2A
TurnbowRudy S.daughter w5mo.S OKTXTX180 2A
TurnbowJoe S.father w71WD TXKYMO180 2A
TurnerJesshead w40M INUSFL179 1B
TurnerAnna S.wife w33M OKGAGA179 1B
TurnerOrvel E.son w16S OKINOK179 1B
TurnerVivian G.adopted daughter w3S MOUSUS179 1B
Underwood?Tomhead w51M ARGermanyMO175 4B
Underwood?Mamiewife w51M TXULMO175 4B
Vam....?Willishead w45M TNKYKY175 4B
Vam....?Sarahwife w39M ARARAR175 4B
Vam....?James E.son w16S OKTNAR175 4B
Vam....?Othis?son w13S OKTNAR175 4B
Vam....?Olie B.daughter w10S OKTNAR175 4B
Vam....??daughter w8S OKTNAR175 4B
Vam....?Lesterson w6S OKTNAR175 4B
Vam....?Palinedaughter w3S OKTNAR175 4B
Vam....?Christinedaughter w8mo.S OKTNAR175 4B

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