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1930 Census Damon
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Birth PlaceSheet
Last NameFirst NameRelation RaceAgeStatus selffathermotherPage #
WadeEllishead in37M OKfull bloodChoctaw 1787A
WadeLilliewife in26M OKfull bloodChoctaw 1787A
WadeElan?son w16S OKOKOK178 7A
WadeElmerson w14S OKOKOK178 7A
WadeMyrtledaughter w12S OKOKOK178 7A
WadeJamesson w10S OKOKOK178 7A
WadeAgnesdaughter w6S OKOKOK178 7A
WadeAltadaughter w10mo.S OKOKOK178 7A
WadeEsihead in44M OKfull bloodChoctaw 1787A
WadeAlicewife in39M OKfull bloodChoctaw 1787A
WaldenShermanhead In34M ARmix. bloodCherokee 1802B
WaldenLolawife w30M ARARAR180 2B
WaldenLillian L.daughter w11S OKARAR180 2B
WaldenJimmie J.son w7S OKARAR180 2B
WaldenOrvelson w6S OKARAR180 2B
WalkerNoahfather-in-law w77WD TNGAAL174 3B
WarrenArthurhead w34M ARARAR176 5B
WarrenMaudwife w30M ARARIL176 5B
WarrenWilliamson w4S OKARAR176 5B
WarrenThomasson w7S OKARAR176 5B
WarrenRaymondson w4S OKARAR176 5B
WatkinsJoehead w58WD MONJOH174 3B
WattsMoses W.head w57M TNNCTN175 4B
WattsLizzie M.wife w47M TXVAVA175 4B
WattsRaymond W.son w23S OKTNTX175 4B
WattsClyde W.head w29M OKTNTS175 4B
WattsMarthawife In?M OKOKOK175 4B
Watts?.. A.son w2S OKOKOK175 4B
WattsFrancisdaughter w6S OKOKOK175 4B
WattsMildreddaughter w5S OKOKOK175 4B
WattsEmma J.daughter w2S OKOKOK175 4B
WattsDanie C.daughter w5mo.S OKOKOK175 4B
WeehuntPater K.head w27M ARARAR179 1B
WeehuntDella wife w25M OKMOMO179 1B
WeehuntEva Leedaughter w1S OKAROK179 1B
WeehuntAudiehead w38S ARARAR180 2A
WeehuntLauramother w75WD ARALNC180 2A
WellenJohnhead in35M OKhalf bloodChoctaw 1776B
WellenErlina?wife in29M OKfull bloodChoctaw 1776B
WellenDeroyson w8S OKOKOK177 6B
WellenPaulinedaughter w5S OKOKOK177 6B
WellenM....son w3mo.S OKOKOK177 6B
WhiteBookhead w36S ARTNAR180 2A
WhiteJakehead w39M ARTNAR181 3B
WhiteAnnawife In30M OKmix bloodChoctaw 1813B
WhiteManul Leeson In11S OKmix bloodChoctaw 1813B
WhiteSyble L.daughter In9S OKmix bloodChoctaw 1813B
WhiteHowardson In7S OKmix bloodChoctaw 1813B
WhiteHelendaugher In4S OKmix bloodChoctaw 1813B
WhiteLewisson In2S OKmix bloodChoctaw 1813B
WhiteRayson In3moS OKmix bloodChoctaw 1813B
WilliamsSarahmother-in-law w81WD MOTNTN178 7A
WillinghamRobertlodger w75WD MOKYKY177 6B
WilsonJameshead w46M TXTXTX174 3B
WilsonGirlie?wife w36M OKARAR174 3B
WilsonJames M.son w15S OKTXOK174 3B
WilsonClarenedaughter w11S OKTXOK174 3B
WilsonAl..son w9S OKTXOK174 3B
WilsonEl...son w6S OKTXOK174 3B
WilsonMarydaughter w4S OKTXOK174 3B
WilsonJames? W.head w67M OKKSOK175 4A
WilsonAnniewife w25M OKOKOK175 4A
WilsonHoustonson w4S OKOKOK175 4A
WilsonChristinedaughter w8S OKOKOK175 4A
WilsonThomas A.head w69M NCGANC179 1B
WilsonFannie L.wife w55M ILILIL179 1B
WilsonJesse F.son w35S ARNCIL179 1B
WilsonClarence M.son w25S ARNCIL179 1B
WilsonHenry D.head w49M ALALAL181 3A
WilsonDelawife w42M OKTNTN181 3A
WilsonWyvondaughter w13S OKALOK181 3A
WilsonJames H.son w11S OKALOK181 3A
WilsonHarvey D.son w8S OKALOK181 3A
WilsonRussellson w2S OKALOK181 3B
WoodJames?head w34M ARARAR176 5A
WoodMinniewife w25M OKMOAR176 5A
WoodLenardson w9S OKAROK176 5A
WoodRaymond?son w8S OKAROK176 5A
WoodRubydaughter w4S OKAROK176 5A
WoodMarvinson w2S OKAROK176 5A
WoodJamesson w4mo.S OKAROK176 5A
YarbroughSidneyfather-in-law w75WD ALunknownUS172 1A

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