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1930 Census Degnan
A - B

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Birth PlaceSheet
Last NameFirst NameRelation RaceAgeStatus selffathermotherPage #
AbbottFredhead w39M IL?IL192 10A
AbbottLilliewife w25M OKILIL192 10A
AbbottFred jr.son w7S OKILOK192 10A
AdamsCalvinhead w64M ARMOAR188 6A
AdamsMarywife w59M ALGAAL188 6A
AdamsErn...son w25S OKARAL188 6A
AdamsAlvason w18S OKARAL188 6A
AdamsClydeson w28M OKARAL188 6A
AdamsJeweldaughter-in-law w19M OKOKOK188 6A
AllenWilliamhead w29M OKTXMS183 1A
AllenLulawife w25M ARARAR183 1A
AllenJohnieson? w4S OKOKAR183 1A
AllenBillieson w1S OKOKAR183 1A
AllenManhead w55M TXILMO184 2A
AllenLulawife w45M MSMSMS184 2A
AllenEugeneson w16S OKTXMS184 2A
AllenArthurson w9S OKTXMS184 2A
AllenMay.sister neg28?M OKKSTN189 7B
AlversonJackhead w56M ALALAL183 1A
AlversonRoxiewife w43M MSALMS183 1A
AlversonLeoson w14S OKALMS183 1A
Ames?Jeffhead w26M ARARAR187 5A
Ames?C....wife w19M OKARAR187 5A
Ames?Louisedaughter w2S ARARAR187 5A
Ames?Jerlson w1S ARARAR187 5A
Ames?Charleyhead w59WD ARARAR187 5A
Ames?Ivanson w22S ARARAR187 5A
Ames?Katiedaughter w17S ARARAR187 5A
Ames?Marydaughter w14S ARARAR187 5A
AmosMovinhead w28M ARARAR192 10B
AmosPearlwife w29M ARARAR192 10B
AmosPerryson w3S ARARAR192 10B
AmosLoisdaughter w0S ARARAR192 10B
AndersonLanorahead neg28WD OK?TN184 2A
AndersonRobertson neg12S OKOKOK184 2A
AndersonJamesson neg6S OKOKOK184 2A
AndersonSovandaughter neg57WD ALALGA191 9A
AndrewsEramhead w48M WalesWalesWales189 7A
AndrewsMaggiewife w46M MDMDMD189 7A
AndrewsEdithdaughter w20S OKWalesMD189 7A
AndrewsErmonson w18S OKWalesMD189 7A
AndrewsMargretdaughter w16S OKWalesMD189 7A
AprilCecilawife w25M ILILIL193 11A
AsendorfAndrewhead w38M NENENE192 10B
AsendorfAlliewife w22M OKMOAR192 10B
AsendorfAllisondaughter w0S MIOK19210B
AsendorfAgneshead w73WD MO?MO192 10B
AsendorfLeoson w49S MOMOMO192 10B
AuldsRosahead neg36WD OKOKOK189 7B
AuldsErnieson neg16S OKOKOK189 7B
AuldsLoydson neg15S OKOKOK189 7B
AuldsJeweldaughter neg9S OKOKOK189 7B
AuldsClarenceson neg7S OKOKOK189 7B
AuldsKeah?son neg3S OKOKOK189 7B
BaboLinniehead w44WD ARARMS192 10B
BaboJohnson w17S OKTNAR192 10B
Baker?Lank?head w66M KYKYKY183 1B
Baker?Olliedaughter w23M MOKYKY183 1B
Baker?Gustiedaughter w16S ARKYMO183 1B
Balden?Joehead w35M ALALAL187 5B
Balden?Essiewife w29M ALALAL187 5B
Balden?Clydeson w10S OKALAL187 5B
Balden?Henryson w8S OKALAL187 5B
Balden?Marvinson w7S OKALAL187 5B
Balden?Jessyson w5S OKALAL187 5B
Balden?Emogenedaughter w4S OKALAL187 5B
Balden?Wallaceson w1S OKALAL187 5B
BalyJoehead w68?M OKARAR188 6B
BalyEthelwife w58M OKARAR188 6B
BalyVioletdaughter w12S OKOKOK188 6B
BalySusiedaughter w9S OKOKOK188 6B
BambeckAnna M.head w50WD OKTNGA183 1A
BambeckGeorgeson w16S OKJermanyOK183 1A
BambeckOlliedaughter w14S OKJermanyOK183 1A
BambeckJamesson w10S OKJermanyOK183 1A
BellTinnie?servant neg30S ARMSMS190 8A
BennettDan?head w50S MOILMO192 10A
BertolaFredhead w48M FranceItalyFrance 1897A
BertolaHarrietwife w50M KSNEMO189 7A
BishopFrankhead w41M ALALAL184 2B
BishopIbbiewife w39M AL?AL184 2B
BishopBeonadaughter w12S OKALAL184 2B
BishopBlanchdaughter w10S OKALAL184 2B
BishopJune?daughter w8S OKALAL184 2B
BishopDannieson w5S OKALAL184 2B
BlackAlmetaniece w14S OKOKOK188 6A
BlackMaryhead w70WD RushaRushaRusha191 9B
BolesstiSomean?head w59S ItalyItalyItaly185 3B
BonapartJoshuastepson In16S OKfull bloodChoctaw 19210A
BonapartCharleystepson In11S OKfull bloodChoctaw 19210A
BoxJameshead w63M ?TNIL183 1A
BoxRachelwife w54M OKTNMO183 1A
BrannonPathead w62M PAIrelandIreland185 3A
BrannonLucindawife w67M ARARIN185 3A
Braum?Fredservant/lodger w42S KYKYKY189 7B
BraunPowdler?head neg52WD KYMOOK190 8A
BrightWilliamhead w58M ALALAL187 5A
BrightSarahwife w44M ALALAL187 5A
Bright?? w20S ALALAL187 5A
BrightWillieson w18S OKALAL187 5A
BrightRoyson w11S OKALAL187 5A
BrinkleyHerbhead w38M OKARAR185 3A
BrinkleyMinniewife w26M OKMOMO185 3A
BrinkleyRebadaughter w9S OKOKOK185 3A
BrinkleyLloydson w6S OKOKOK185 3A
BrinkleyRaymondson w4S OKOKOK185 3A
BrinkleySarramother w60WD ARARAR185 3A
BrinkleyLukebrother w24S OKARAR185 3A
Bronkly?Budhead w30M OKARAR191 9B
Bronkly?Myrtlewife w21M OKMOMO191 9B
Bronkly?Kirbyson w3S OKOKOK191 9B
Bronkly?Williamson w1S OKOKOK191 9B
BrownHeckhead w42M MOUSUS193 11A
BrownMarywife w33M ARARAR193 11A
Brown?Wesleyhead neg24M TNTNTN190 8A
Brown?Essiewife neg24M ALALAL190 8A
BuchmillerAnnahead w39WD GermanyGermanyGermany 1897B
BuchmillerErvanson w17S ARARGermany189 7B
BuchmillerBernardson w15S ARARGermany189 7B
BuchmillerV.....daughter w13S ARARGermany189 7B
BuchmillerOscarson w12S ARARGermany189 7B
BuchmillerCathrinedaughter w9S ARARGermany189 7B
BulardOttohead w36M ILILIL188 6A
BulardEthelwife w36M ARARAR188 6A
BulardCecilson w9S OKILAR188 6A
BulardPas...daughter w8S OKILAR188 6A
BulardSammieson w6S OKILAR188 6A
BulardJuniorson w5S OKILAR188 6A
BulardLuciledaughter w3S OKILAR188 6A
BulardJamesson w0S OKILAR188 6A
BurneskyCharleyhead w68M RushyaLithLith183 1A
BurneskyAntonia?wife w65M RushyaRushyaRushya 1831A
BushFeltonboarder w37S ALAL?183 1A
BynumEmahead w52WD MSGAMS189 7A
BynumNoelson w21S OKMSMS189 7A
ByrdAredellasister neg31M OKOKAL183 1B

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