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1930 Census Degnan
C - D

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MartialPlace of Birth Sheet
Last NameFirstNameRelation RaceAgeStatus SelfFatherMother PageNo.
CameronWilliam H.head w41S ARARAR183 1B
CameronTannie?mother w73WD ARTNTN183 1B
CampbellWadehead neg36M TNNCTN190 8A
CampbellMarrywife neg26M ALALAL190 8A
CampbellL......daughter neg10S OKTNOK190 8A
CampbellBreadlyson neg6S OKTNOK190 8A
CampbellGusson neg4S OKTNOK190 8A
CampbellAllasdaughter neg2S OKTNOK190 8A
CampbellGusfather neg86M NCNCNC190 8B
CampbellMoliemother neg80M TNNCNC190 8B
CarterAsa J.head w40M ARALAR185 3B
CarterMaryewife w28M LAFranceLA185 3B
CarterHobert E.son w8S TXARLA185 3B
Carter?Willhead w37M OKMOMO188 6B
Carter?Minwife w37M OKUSUS188 6B
Carter?Doviedaughter w15S OKOKOK188 6B
Carter?Alvadaughter w12S OKOKOK188 6B
Carter?Leonadaughter w9S OKOKOK188 6B
Carter?Richardson w8S OKOKOK188 6B
Carter?Willardson w5S OKOKOK188 6B
Carter?Altonson w3S OKOKOK188 6B
CaselmanMironsister-in-law w11S TXILIL193 11A
Caslon?Benson-in-law w30M OKOKOK187 5B
Caslon?Alliedaughter w30M OKGAMO187 5B
Caslon?Hestergranddaughter w6S OKOKOK188 6A
Caslon?Lawrencegrandson w3S OKOKOK188 6A
CauthronLeehead neg49M SCSCSC185 3B
CauthronMatiewife neg54M ALGAGA185 3B
ChapmanDellahead neg40WD USUSUS189 7B
ChapmanBloshiedaughter neg20S OKUSUS189 7B
ChapmanEdwardson neg17S OKUSUS189 7B
ChapmanPercyson neg12S OKUSUS189 7B
ChapmanJenniedaughter neg11S OKUSUS189 7B
CheathamEdhead w44M VAVAVA183 1B
CheathamEllawife w39M OKMOIngland183 1B
CheathamAnnadaughter w16S OKVAOK183 1B
CheathamEdwardson w15S OKVAOK183 1B
CheathamJimson w13S OKVAOK183 1B
CheathamCarrellson w8S OKVAOK183 1B
CheathamLaurinedaughter w5S OKVAKS183 1B
CheathamJimnephew w26S OKVAKS183 1B
ChesterWilliamhead w?M AR??191 9A
ChesterLaurawife w52M ARGAAR191 9A
ChesterWilliam jr.son w27S OKARAR191 9A
ChesterRobertson w22S OKARAR191 9A
ChildersBriscohead w44M OKLALA190 8B
ChildersAllaswife w40M ARMOMO190 8B
ChildersHelendaughter w18?S OKOKAR190 8B
ChildersThomasson w5S OKOKAR190 8B
ChoateRufushead neg31M OKALAL184 2A
ChoateEvawife neg30M OKUSOK184 2A
ChoateRubydaughter neg9S OKOKOK184 2A
ChoateLavadadaughter neg7S OKOKOK184 2A
CirarFrankhead w51M AustriaAustriaAustria 1853B
CirarMarywife w40?M AustriaAustriaAustria 1853B
CirarSteveson w20S OKAustriaAustria185 3B
CirarMarydaughter w17S OKAustriaAustria185 3B
CirarJohnson w12S OKAustriaAustria185 3B
CirarDolphieson w9S OKAustriaAustria185 3B
CirarJosephnedaughter w6S OKAustriaAustria185 3B
Colemane?head neg21WD OKKSTN189 7A
CommittieAntonihead w63WD ItalyItalyItaly191 9B
CookJohnhead neg41M KYKYKY184 2A
CookNolawife neg38M TNTNTN184 2A
CookEvlyndaughter neg21S OKKYTN184 2A
CookElmerson neg15S OKKYTN184 2A
CookEaster M.daughter neg6S OKKYTN184 2A
CookHenryson neg4S OKKYTN184 2A
CookJenniedaughter neg2S OKKYTN184 2A
CooperWillhead neg47S VAVAVA190 8A
CooperBuddyhead w21M ARARAR193 11A
CooperLucille?wife w20M OKARAR193 11A
CooperCorthelson w2S OKAROK193 11A
CooperCrustonson w0S OKAROK193 11A
CornneyEllanhead In45M OKfull bloodChoctaw 19311A
CornneyBuggarson In18M OKfull bloodChoctaw 19311A
CoxRileyhead w58M KSKSKS185 3A
CoxCelicawife w48M MOMOMO185 3A
CoxAltas?daughter w17S OKKSMO185 3B
CoxRoyson w15S OKKSMO185 3B
CoxClarenceson w11S OKKSMO185 3B
CoxEarlhead w22M OKMOMO190 8B
CoxIrella?wife w22M ALALAL190 8B
CoxEarlenedaughter w2S OKOKAL190 8B
CoxBilliedaughter w0S OKOKAL190 8B
CrouchRoyson-in-law/head w23M OKOKOK187 5A
CrouchVioladaughter/wife w22M OKOKAR187 5A
CrouchHowardgrandson w3S OKOKOK187 5A
CrouchBernicegranddau w1S OKOKOK187 5A
CuninghamLoybett?daughter w24WD OKWalesMD189 7A
CuninghamGuy?grandson w2S OKOKOK189 7A
DavisJames H.head w71WD MOTNMO190 8A
DavisJameshead w44M OKMOEngland191 9B
DavisEttawife w54M ARTNTN191 9B
DidlotAlbertlodger w18S OKUSAR186 4A
DobbAlberthead w49M OKOHAR186 4B
DobbLillywife w48M OKOKTN186 4B
DobbRay?son w19S NMOKOK186 4B
DobbRuthdaughter w17S NMOKOK186 4B
DobbRoy?son w14S OKOKOK186 4B
DobbRubydaughter w12S OKOKOK186 4B
DobbR....belldaughter w10S OKOKOK186 4B
DobbRoossson w5S OKOKOK186 4B
DobbBettie Janedaughter w0S OKOKOK186 4B
DoyleBridgethead w63WD ScotlandIrelandIreland 1897A

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