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1930 Census Degnan
G - H

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MartialPlace of Birth Sheet
Last NameFirstNameRelation RaceAgeStatus SelfFatherMother PageNo.
Ganes?Maudhead neg31WD TXLATX184 2A
Ganes?Charlesson neg15S OKOKTX184 2A
Ganes?Williamson neg14S OKOKTX184 2A
Ganes?Dorisdaughter neg11S OKOKTX184 2A
Ganes?Jewaldaughter neg10S OKOKTX184 2A
Ganes?E.....son neg8S OKOKTX184 2A
GardnerMimehead neg44WD OKUSUS183 1B
GardnerMarrydaughter neg22S OKOKUS183 1B
GardnerRobertson neg19S OKUSUS183 1B
GardnerPercyson neg15S OKUSUS183 1B
GardnerRebaedaughter neg13S OKUSUS183 1B
GardnerErnestson neg9S OKUSOK184 2A
Glazner?Daisydaughter w17S ARALAR183 1B
GlennJameshead w54WD OKARAR187 5A
GlennEarnestson w16S OKOKAR187 5A
GlennDorthadaughter w11S OKOKAR187 5A
GlennStelladaughter w8S OKOKAR187 5A
GlennRomanson w19S OKOKAR187 5A
Godwin?Leohead w39M TNGATN186 4A
Godwin?Maudwife w38M ARILAR186 4A
Godwin?Garnetson w10S ARTNAR186 4A
Godwin?Ferndaughter w9S OKTNAR186 4A
Godwin?Lorene?daughter w7S OKTNAR186 4A
GoodmanElzina?head w59WD TNKYTN188 6A
GoodmanJamesson w26S OKKYTN188 6A
GoodmanJ Cson w17S OKKYTN188 6A
GoodwinLongo?head w25M OKTNTN186 4A
GoodwinRodawife w22M OKMOAR186 4A
GoreWilliamhead w42M OKMOMO185 3A
GoreDonawife w36M VAKSVA185 3A
GoreMagretdaughter w19S OKOKVA185 3A
GoreDuncanson w13S OKOKVA185 3A
GoreHellendaughter w8S OKOKVA185 3A
GoreJamesson w5S OKOKVA185 3A
GoreBillson w0S OKOKVA185 3A
GoreJoehead w24M OKMOMO187 5B
GoreIdawife w25M ARKYKY187 5B
GoreCecilson w5S OKOKAR187 5B
GoreIlinedaughter w3S OKOKAR187 5B
GoreJoeson w1S OKOKAR187 5B
GrayRoyhead neg38WD OKILOK190 8A
GrommerGranthead w57M MOTNTN192 10B
GrommerAllaswife w53M ARARTN192 10B
Grousk?Elzonahead neg41WD OKOKOK183 1B
Grousk?Elsicedaughter neg18S OK?OK183 1B
Grousk?Willieson neg16S OKOKOK183 1B
Grousk?Amosson neg13S OKOKOK183 1B
Grousk?E.....daughter neg8S OKOKOK183 1B
Hameback?Vinson?head neg30M OKGAGA183 1A
Hameback?Vitawife neg30M TNTNTN183 1A
HamiltonGeorgehead neg65M NCNCNC191 9B
HamiltonCathrinewife neg63M MOSCOK191 9B
HamiltonRoscoson neg42S TNNCMO191 9B
HamiltonChartie?daughter neg25WD OKNCMO191 9B
HamnerJessiehead neg58M ALALAL191 9A
HamnerMahelewife neg44M ALGAAL191 9A
HamnerCleonson neg18S OKALAL191 9A
HamnerIramaydaughter neg17S OKALAL191 9A
HamnerAllenson neg15S OKALAL191 9A
HamnerEtheldaughter neg13S OKALAL191 9A
HamnerAlfredson neg10S OKALAL191 9A
HamnerElginson neg9S OKALAL191 9A
HamnerElmerson neg7S OKALAL191 9A
HamnerCecilson neg4S OKALAL191 9A
HamnerMahaleydaughter neg3S OKALAL191 9A
HanielRobertstepson? w13S OKGATX189 7B
HapsonGeorge?head neg64WD ALALAL190 8A
HardenGushead w45M ARALAL187 5B
HardenMossiewife w38M OKARTX187 5B
HardenClarenceson w17S OKAROK187 5B
HardenElvasson w15S OKAROK187 5B
HardenAdelledaughter w11S OKAROK187 5B
HardenMozeldaughter w9S OKAROK187 5B
HardenSybildaughter w7S OKAROK187 5B
HardenImoginedaughter w4S OKAROK187 5B
HardenJackhead w48WD ARALAL187 5B
HardenWilliamson w19S OKARIL187 5B
HardenHazeldaughter w11S OKARIL187 5B
HardenGusson w9S OKARIL187 5B
HardenMabeldaughter w6S OKARIL187 5B
HarlWilliamhead w43M TXKYPA190 8A
HarlMarcelawife w34M TXMSTX190 8A
HarlJasperson w14S OKTXTX190 8A
HarlOdessadaughter w13S OKTXTX190 8A
HarlBillie J.son w11S OKTXTX190 8A
HarlLouisedaughter w9S OKTXTX190 8A
HarlLoisdaughter w9S OKTXTX190 8A
HarlRobertson w5S OKTXTX190 8A
HarlWinnnedaughter w3S OKTXTX190 8A
HarrisSalliemother neg47WD TNTNTN189 7A
HarrisonBehuleyhead w47M TNTNTN192 10B
HarrisonEllawife w36M OKOKIN192 10B
HarrisonJerlddaugher w10S OKTNOK192 10B
HaynesMozelldaughter w23WD OKARAL186 4A
HelmsLillyhead w41M ARARAR185 3A
HelmsRoyson w18S ARARAR185 3A
HelmsEunisdaughter w15S ARARAR185 3A
HelmsJonnie?son w0S OKARAR185 3A
HenryHerberthead w38?M ARARAR188 6B
HenryMolliewife w39?M ARPANC188 6B
HenryAllasdaughter w6S ARARAR189 7A
HenryGeorgeson w5S OKARAR189 7A
HenryAlmadaughter w0S OKARAR189 7A
HigginsDanialhead w47M ?IrelandIreland191 9B
HigginsAnnawife w32M ARMOMO191 9B
HigginsPatson w7S OK?AR191 9B
HigginsDanson w0S OK?AR191 9B
HoganFanniesister-in-law w35WD OKARKY188 6B
HoganVirgilson w13S OKAROK188 6B
HoganJ . T.son w11S OKAROK188 6B
HoganVerlenedaughter w8S OKAROK188 6B
HoganJohnson w5S OKAROK188 6B
HoganLolalson w2S OKAROK188 6B
HolmesFreddiedaughter w27WD OKARTX186 4B
HolmesAtwaygrandson w6S OKOKOK186 4B
HolmesBillygrandson w4S OKOKOK186 4B
HolmesLucygranddau w2S OKOKOK186 4B
HowardJohna?granddaughter w7S OKMOOK190 8B
HowardJohn H.head w55S ILIrelandIreland191 9A
HowardWilliambrother w58S ILIrelandIreland191 9B
HowardSarahsister w53S ILIrelandIreland191 9B
HubardJohnhead neg31M OKOKAL183 1B
HubardHelenwife neg?M OKOKOK183 1B
HubardJohn jr.son neg?S OKOKOK183 1B
HuffmanMathewhead w75M MOILTN190 8B
HuffmanSusanwife w70M TNTNTN190 8B

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