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1930 Census Degnan
L - M

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MartialPlace of Birth Sheet
Last NameFirstNameRelation RaceAgeStatus SelfFatherMother PageNo.
LandHattiehead w40WD OKMOTX194 12A
LandHaraldson w18S OKVAOK194 12A
LassiterHarmonbrother-in-law w22S ARKYKY187 5B
LaurlekatteEdwardhead w36M OKILMO194 12A
LaurlekatteBeatricewife w32M OHOHOH194 12A
LaurlekatteDortheydaughter w8S OKOKOH194 12A
LaurlekatteBettydaughter w4S OKOKOH194 12A
LaurlekatteMarydaughter w3S OKOKOH194 12A
LaurlekatteEdward jr.son w1S OKOKOH194 12A
LeardDellahead w29WD OKARAR191 9A
LeasoneLuishead w34S ItalyItalyItaly190 8B
LenoreMaxiemother neg44WD TNTNAR184 2A
LewisGraceservant neg22S OKOKOK186 4A
LomJeffhead w63M ARARAR188 6B
LomEsterwife w53M ARVATN188 6B
LoucasEmilyhead w35WD SCSCSC188 6B
LoucasMabeldaughter w15S OKMSSC188 6B
LoucasLowallson w15S OKMSSC188 6B
LoucasAltadaughter w9S OKMSSC188 6B
LouglinWilliamhead w48S ALALAL189 7B
LouisTomhead neg47M ARARAR184 2A
LouisViolawife neg46M MOMOMO184 2A
LouisFrankfather neg65WD ARARAR184 2A
LouishLorrehead w66WD AustriaAustriaAustria 1908B
LouishJoeson w16S OKAustriaAustria190 8B
LowderWillhead w48M ARNCNC184 2A
LowderCarrywife w48M ARARAR184 2A
LowderSherman?son w19S ARARAR184 2A
LowderEdcurson w18S ARARAR184 2A
LowderMarysister w50S ARARAR184 2A
LowimoreMonroehead w59M ARARAR192 10A
LowimoreMinniewife w54M MOILKY192 10A
LowrimoreMaryhead w62WD MOALPA185 3B
LowrimoreElsadaughter w21S OKALMO185 3B
LucasLemuelfather w75WD MSMSMS184 2B
LucasHartwellhead w36M MSMSMS190 8B
LucasNorawife w29M ALALAL190 8B
LucasLonieson w10S OKMSAL190 8B
LucasHazeldaughter w9S OKMSAL190 8B
LucasDinnishead w45WD MSMSMS192 10A
LucasJohnadaughter w22S OKMSOK192 10A
LucasElbadaughter w19S OKMSAR192 10A
LucasWinnniedaughter w15S OKMSAR192 10A
LucasGladiedaughter w13S OKMSOK192 10A
LucasBeatricegranddau w4S OKMSOK192 10A
LutherLenardgrandson neg12S OKOKOK189 7A
LyonsLauraroomer neg34S OKOKOK190 8A
MadewellSamhead w42M ARARAR186 4A
MadewellHettiewife w49M KSMOMO186 4A
MadewellBenson w18S OKARKS186 4A
MadewellAnnadaughter w16S OKARKS186 4A
MadisonLeeson w8S ARMSAR191 9A
March.Georgehead w40M IrelandIrelandIreland 19311A
MarkEzekelhead w64M ALALAL183 1A
MarkSarrawife w63M NCNCNC183 1A
MasonElizabethmother-in-law w69WD ARLALA189 7B
McAnlarghJohnstepson w35M OKIreland?184 2B
McAnlarghLydonbrother-in-law w25M ILILIL184 2B
McAnlarghMarygranddaughter w4S ILOKIL184 2B
McBeeJoehead w67WD ME?IrlandME?192 10B
McBrideWilliamhead w31M ILILMS192 10B
McBrideTracywife w25M ARARMO192 10B
McBrideGeorge?son w10S OKILAR192 10B
McBrideEtheldaughter w4S OKILAR192 10B
McBrideHazeldaughter w2S OKILAR192 10B
McBrideNancymother w58WD MSGAMS192 10B
McCarrelBerdethead w60WD IrelandIrelandIreland 1897A
McCarrelJohnhead w31M OKMDMD189 7A
McCarrelEmmawife w22M OKPATX189 7A
McCarrelJohnson w5S OKOKOK189 7A
McCarrelWilliamson w4S OKOKOK189 7A
McCarrelDorthadaughter w2S OKOKOK189 7A
McClain?Corbethead w21M OKOKOK186 4A
McClain?Ivawife w18M OKARAR186 4A
McConnellJohnhead w69? OKScotlandScotland 19210A
McCoyFrankservant/lodger w55S OHOHOH188 6A
McEverMarysister w25WD ARARAR186 4A
McEverLucileniece w3S OKOKOK186 4A
McGeeRichardhead w32M ARTN?AR183 1A
McGeeBessiewife w33M OKOKIL183 1A
McGeeLanadaughter w11S ARAROK183 1A
McGeeHermanson w8S ARAROK183 1A
McGeeEula May.daughter w3S ARAROK183 1A
McGeeGenevadaughter w0S ARAROK183 1A
McGhe?Joeroomer w55S ItalyItalyItaly191 9B
MeekShermanboarder w24S OKUSUS185 3A
MilburnMyrtleservant w28WD OKAROK188 6A
MilburnMerreedaughter w6S OKAROK188 6A
MilburnImogenedaughter w3S OKAROK188 6A
MilburnJames?son w1S OKAROK188 6A
MillerMartinhead w51M GAGAGA185 3A
MillerAltheawife w45M MSMSLA185 3A
MillerFerndaughter w8S OKGAMS185 3A
MillerPaulson w7S OKGAMS185 3A
MillerEudine?daughter w4S OKGAMS185 3A
MillerFillhead neg50S ALALAL192 10A
MillsHowardservant/lodger? w21S OKUSUS187 5A
MitchellHenryhead w52M ALALAL184 2B
MitchellMattiewife w50M ALALAL184 2B
MitchellAnnamaydaughter w22S ALALAL184 2B
MitchellTonya?head w21M OKPolandPoland192 10A
MitchellElizabethwife w20M OKARAR192 10A
MitchellEarlson w1S OKOKOK192 10A
MitchellWilliambrother w19S OKPolandPoland192 10A
MooreTracygrandson neg2S OKOKOK184 2A
MoranStelladaughter w22WD OKARMS185 3A
MoranBille Leegranddau w?S MOTXOK185 3A
MorganOlanhead w22M GAGAGA183 1A
MorganBessiewife w26M OKMOMO183 1A
MorganLucieldaughter w9S OKGAOK183 1A
MorganAlan B.son w0S OKGAOK183 1A
MorrisonHenryhead neg53M TNALAL190 8B
MorrisonCarlinewife neg27M OKOKOK190 8B
MorrisonMatildadaughter neg10S OKTNOK190 8B
MorrisonSamson neg7S OKTNOK190 8B
MorrisonBernacedaughter neg5S OKTNOK190 8B
MorrisonNeomadaughter neg2S OKTNOK190 8B
MorrisonAlexson neg0S OKTNOK190 8B
MorrisonClarencehead neg21M OKVAVA190 8B
MorrisonBeatricewife neg21M OKVATN190 8B
MorrisonEdhead w35M TXALTN190 8B
MorrisonDorawife w31M ARGAAR190 8B
MorrisonLawrenceson w7S OKTXAR190 8B
MorrisonHowardson w5S OKTXAR190 8B
MorrisonGuineldaughter w2?S OKTXAR190 8B
MorrisonMaryhead w39WD EnglandEnglandEngland 1919B
MorrisonCathrinedaughter w16S ALEnglandEngland191 9B
MorrisonFrankson w6S PAEnglandEngland191 9B
MorrisonJohnson w3S PAEnglandEngland191 9B
MunaRichardnephew w16S OKTXTX192 10A
MurchisonJameshead w36M ILScotland?192 10B
MurchisonBessiewife w32M OKARGA192 10B
MurchisonJoeson w10S ILILOK192 10B
MurchisonKaydaughter w9S OKILOK192 10B
MurchisonMaxson w6S OKILOK192 10B
MurchisonJames jr.son w0S OKILOK192 10B

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