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1930 Census Degnan
P - R

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MartialPlace of Birth Sheet
Last NameFirstName RelationRaceAge StatusSelfFather MotherPageNo.
PaceJimhead w56M TXGAGA 1875B
PaceAddiewife w57M TXTXTX 1875B
PaceHarringtonson w16S TXTXTX 1875B
PaceDolce?daughter w10S OKTXTX 1875B
PaceGoldendaugher w8S OKTXTX 1875B
PaceCurnonhead w25M TXTXTX 1875B
PaceMarywife w24M OKTXTX 1875B
PaceLuezedaughter w5S TXTXTX 1875B
PaceGeneson w0S TXTXTX 1875B
PaceOliverhead w24M TXTXTX 1875B
PaceLaurawife w19M OKARTX 1875B
PaceDorothydaughter w0S OKTXOK 1875B
ParkerElmrnephew w36M OKIrlandAR 19210B
ParkerEllawife w20M ARARAR 19210B
ParkerCathrineniece w0S ARARAR 19210B
Paterson?Ponderhead w32M OKOKOK 1886B
Paterson?Lolawife w34M OKOHAR 1886B
Paterson?Georgeson w2?S OKOKOK 1886B
PattersonWilliamhead neg54M VAVAVA 1864B
PattersonIsabellwife neg25M OKTNTN 1864B
PattersonMolliedaughter neg5S OKVAOK 1864B
PattersonIdadaughter neg4S OKVAOK 1864B
PattersonWilliamson neg1S OKVAOK 1864B
PattissonSamhead neg53M ?VA?190 8B
PattissonLavenawife neg50M SCSCSC 1919A
Pearsat?Omarhead w53M FranceFranceFrance 1842B
Pearsat?Allaswife w60M INININ 1842B
PeevyRongo?head w32M OKARAR 1886A
PeevySarawife w22M OKMOMO 1886A
PeevyLeoson w5S OKOKOK 1886A
PeevyLilydaughter w4S OKOKOK 1886A
PeevyTroyson w1S OKOKOK 1886A
PhillipsOscarboarder w43WD ALUS?US? 1831A
PonsBerthdaughter w20M OKALAL 1853A
PonsLois?granddau w3S FLFLOK 1853A
PopeWinemother neg80WD NCunknownunknown 1897B
PorterClydehead w31M MOTNMO 1831A
PorterEthelwife w23M OKARUS? 1831A
PriceHarryhead w26M OK?Ingland 1864A
PriceEthelwife w20M OKKYOK 1864A
PriceTomas M.head w63M PAWalesWales 1864A
PriceMary A.wife w64M InglandInglandIngland 1864A
PriceHowardson w23S OKInglandIngland 1864A
PryorGreenhead w45M USUSUS 1886A
PryorCorawife w38M USUSUS 1886A
PryorHaskelson w20S OKUSUS 1886A
PryorPearldaughter w19S OKUSUS 1886A
PryorLeeson w12S OKUSUS 1886A
PulcherSamlodger neg22S OKOKOK 1842A
RaganFrances?grandson w21S ILILCA 1897A
RandolphWilliamhead neg60M VANCNC 1897A
RandolphCillawife neg65M TNTNTN 1897A
RayWilliamhead w48M ARMSMS 1864B
RayArmindawife w48M TNNCNC 1864B
RayHarlesson w20S OKARTN 1864B
RayArthurson w13S OKARTN 1864B
RayJessiedaughter w11S OKARTN 1864B
RayWarrenson w8S OKARTN 1864B
ReynoldsEverthead w32M MOMOIN 1864B
ReynoldsLiniewife w27M OKOKAR 1864B
ReynoldsAlbertson w6S OKMOOK 1864B
ReynoldsRaymondson w4S OKMOOK 1864B
ReynoldsBillieson w0S OKMOOK 1875A
RichmondWalterhead w29M OKUS? 1853B
RichmondPearlwife w30M OKILOK 1853B
RichmondEdnadaughter w11S OKOKOK 1853B
RichmondEdson w8S OKOKOK 1853B
RichmondEdgarson w6S OKOKOK 1853B
RichmondPaulinedaughter w4S OKOKOK 1853B
RobertEthellodger w16S USUSUS 19412A
RobinsonLaurencehead neg48M TNTNTN 1897B
RobinsonLiliewife neg44M TNTNTN 1897B
RobinsonSalie?daughter neg22S OKTNTN 1897B
RobinsonRalphson neg7S OKTNTN 1897B
RobinsonPetehead neg56M TNTNTN 1908A
RobinsonG....wife neg32M TNTNTN 1908A
RobinsonEarlson neg16S OKTNTN 1908A
RockettRosshead w31M OKMS? 19210A
RockettAgneswife w27M OKScotlandScotland 19210A
RossWilliam L.head w75WD LASCMS 1831B
RossiMaryhead w40WD OKItalyItaly 1831B
RossiLouisson w21WD OKOKItaly 1831B
RossiCeciliadaughter w20S OKOKItaly 1831B
RossiSarahdaughter w17S OKOKItaly 1831B
RossiForencedaughter w14S OKOKItaly 1831B
RossiClaradaughter w10S OKOKItaly 1831B
RoweJ Ehead w36M MOMOMO 1864A
RoweLucilewife w26M OKILIL 1864A
RoweLoladaughter w8S OKMOOK 1864A
RoweTommieson w3S OKMOOK 1864A

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