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1930 Census Degnan
 S - T

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MartialPlace of Birth Sheet
Last NameFirstNameRelation RaceAgeStatus SelfFatherMother PageNo.
SampsonMalinahead neg50WD OKUSUS? 1842A
ScottHenryhead w62M TNKYKY 1842B
ScottNonawife w50M MSMSMS 1842B
ScottHascalson w22S OKTNMS 1842B
ScottEvertson w20S OKTNMS 1842B
ScottMozelldaughter w17S OKTNMS 1842B
ScottRobbiedaughter w14S OKTNMS 1842B
ScottAlbertson w9S OKTNMS 1842B
ScottHubertson w8S OKTNMS 1842B
SecrestDoffhead w35M ARKYAR 1919B
SecrestMyrtlewife w35M OKMSMS 1919B
SecrestCecilson w12S OKAROK 1919B
SecrestLoydson w10S OKAROK 1919B
SecrestOscarson w7S OKAROK 1919B
SharpLinkhead w38M TXTXTX 19311A
SharpMinnewife w36M ARARAR 19311A
SharpAveryson w16S OKTXAR 19311A
SharpThelmadaughter w14S OKTXAR 19311A
SharpThurmanson w12S OKTXAR 19311A
SharpJ. P.son w11S OKTXAR 19311A
SharpHershelson w9S OKTXAR 19311A
SharpVernonson w7S OKTXAR 19311A
SharpBernicedaughter w5S OKTXAR 19311A
SharpCecildaughter w3S OKTXAR 19311A
SharpRoyson w1S OKTXAR 19311A
SheapardLennhead neg54M TXTXTX 1908B
SheapardBettiewife neg45M OKOKOK 1908B
SheltonFrankhead w28M ARARAR 1886B
SheltonEthelwife w22M OKOKAR 1886B
SheltonOwenson w4S OKAROK 1886B
SheltonImogenedaughter w2S OKAROK 1886B
Short?Floydhead w39M ARARMS 1864B
Short?Ethelwife w28M OKHungaryHungary 1864B
Short?Earl Will...son w12S OKAROK 1864B
Short?Johnson w10S OKAROK 1864B
Short?Irenedaughter w6S OKAROK 1864B
Short?Lorenedaughter w6S OKAROK 1864B
Short?Floydson w0S OKAROK 1864B
ShusterThelmaboarder neg12S OKUSUS 1897B
SimonsJohn?head w43M TXTXTX 19311A
SimonsEttawife w33M ARARAR 19311A
SimonsJasonson w14S OKTXAR 19311A
SimonsMariedaughter w12S OKTXAR 19311A
SimonsO. E.son w10S OKTXAR 19311A
SimonsLolladaughter w6S OKTXAR 19311A
SimsMarymother-in-law w69WD ARARAR 1919A
SivicFrankhead w46M AustriaAustriaAustria 1853B
SivicJanewife w39M AustriaAustriaAustria 1853B
SivicBozmanson w17S OKAustriaAustria 1853B
SivicJanniedaughter w14S OKAustriaAustria 1853B
SivicJohnson w13S OKAustriaAustria 1853B
SivicFrancesdaughter w6S OKAustriaAustria 1853B
SloverAlfordhead w40M ARTNAR 1897B
SloverMyrtlewife w36M OKTNTN 1897B
SloverRayson w15S OKAROK 1897B
SloverJohnieson w11S OKAROK 1897B
SloverWyanson w6S OKAROK 1897B
SloverMarydaughter w0S OKAROK 1897B
SmithFredhead w38M GAALAL 1831B
SmithGracewife w26M OKMSMS 1831B
SmithJackson w7S OKGAOK 1831B
SmithJoycedaughter w5S OKGAOK 1831B
SmithEdgarson w2S OKGAOK 1831B
SmithAltonson w0S OKGAOK 1831B
SmithMaryhead w48M MSMSMS 1842B
SmithEdithdaughter w19S OKMSMS 1842B
SmithErnestson w14S OKMSMS 1842B
SmithHoytson w10S OKMSMS 1842B
SmithMildreddaughter w8?S OKMSMS 1842B
SmithUnicedaughter w5S OKMSMS 1842B
SmithJohn?head w41M ALTNTN 1842B
SmithIrene?wife w38M OKARAR 1842B
SmithOvalson w16S OKALOK 1853A
SmithAddiedaughter w14S OKALOK 1853A
SmithRoyson w10S OKALOK 1853A
SmithMontydaughter w6S OKALOK 1853A
SmithHenryboarder w55WD MIUS?US? 1864A
SmithElmerboarder neg52S VAVAVA 1908A
SmithJacksonhead In46M OKfull bloodChoctaw 19210A
SmithDorawife In40M OKfull bloodChoctaw 19210A
SmithDorra Ledaughter In18S OKfull bloodChoctaw 19210A
SmithElinedaughter In6S OKfull bloodChoctaw 19210A
SmithChristinedaughter In3S OKfull bloodChoctaw 19210A
SmithOtohead w27S OKOKAL 19311A
SmithNancymother w65WD ALALAL 19311A
SnowLambethhead w46M ALALMS 1842B
SnowKatewife w35M ALILAL 1842B
SnowDorthadaughter w6S OKALAL 1842B
SongginsDugeyhead w31M ALALAL 1886B
SongginsLizzywife w31M OKGAGA 1886B
SongginsGeorgiadaughter w10S OKALOK 1886B
SongginsVerna?daughter w8S OKALOK 1886B
SongginsWilliamson w6S OKALOK 1886B
SongginsJunierson w2S OKALOK 1886B
SongginsLoisdaughter w0S OKALOK 1886B
SparksJ Mathead w59M VAVAVA 1831B
SparksMattiewife w50M VAVAVA 1831B
SparksCharleyson w20?S OKVAVA 1831B
SparksVirginiadaughter w4S OKVAVA 1831B
SparksPattiemother w70WD VAVAVA 1831B
SperrySidneyhead w31M IAWIWI 1908A
SperryMildredwife w31M ARGAAL 1908A
SperryJamesson w5S IAIAAR 1908A
SperryMargretdaughter w3S IAIAAR 1908A
StalAndrewboarder neg9S OKTNTN 1897B
StephensJameshead w41M TXUSTX 1831A
StephensMarywife w23M OKPAAR 1831A
StephensDonson w12S OKUSUS 1831A
StephensBernicedaughter w11S OKTXOK 1831A
StephensGenevadaughter w3S OKTXOK 1831A
StewardDuncanfather-in-law w66WD KSScot.Scot. 1853A
StineLizziehead w36WD ARARAR 1875A
StineBenniedaughter w16S OKARAR 1875A
StineGoldiedaughter w15S OKARAR 1875A
StinePaulinedaughter w11S OKARAR 1875A
StineBatricedaughter w9S OKARAR 1875A
StineEarl?son w8S OKARAR 1875A
StineEsteldaughter w6S OKARAR 1875A
StineThelmadaughter w4S OKARAR 1875A
StineQuintonson w2S OKARAR 1875A
SullivanAnnadaughter neg35WD ALALGA 1919A
SullivanEstergranddaughter neg10S OKTXAL 1919A
SullivanMyrtlegranddaughter neg9S OKTXAL 1919A
SuttonDortharoomer neg50M OKOKAR 1864B
SwaffordAlexhead neg40M TNTNTN 1864A
SwaffordKatewife neg50M VAVAVA 1864A
TaberaFrankhead w49M CZECHCZECHCZECH 1908B
TaberaRosawie w47M CZECHCZECHCZECH 1908B
TaberaAnnadaughter w19S AR?CZECHCZECH 1908B
TaberaJoeson w12S OKCZECHCZECH 1908B
TaberaLenadaughter w10S OKCZECHCZECH 1908B
TaberaPalinedaughter w7S OKCZECHCZECH 1908B
TackettLilyroomer neg52WD MSMSMS 1908A
TerryAllenhead w53M ARARAR 1864A
TerryBilliewife w53M ARARAR 1864A
TerryZelldaughter w20S OKARAR 1864A
TerryJameshead w23M OKARAR 1864A
TerryGoldiewife w17M OKTXTX 1864A
TerryWilliamhead w48M ARMOAR 1864A
TerryPollywife w38M ALTNTN 1864A
TerryJaunitadaughter w16S OKARAL 1864A
TerryMaxinedaughter w9S OKARAL 1864A
TerryEvylondaughter w7S OKARAL 1864A
ThomasArthurhead w45M MOMOMO 1897B
ThomasPearlwife w39M TXTXTX 1897B
ThomasJuanitadaughter w18S OKMOTX 1897B
ThomasJohnson w11S OKMOTX 1897B
ThomasHeraldson w6S OKMOTX 1897B
ThurmanWillhead neg57M TNTNTN 1842A
ThurmanCarlinewife neg53M LALALA 1842A
TolverEttahead w53WD MOMOMO 1919B
TracyHenryhead w79M GAGAGA 1875B
TracyDonawife w75M MOFrance? 1875B
TracyMitchellgrandson w19S OKARAR 1886A
TreadoRalphhead w31M OKOKID 1875A
TreadoNelliewife w31M OKInglandIngland 1875A
TreadoMollie?daughter w10S OKOKOK 1875A
TreadoBettiedaughter w6S OKOKOK 1875B
Tullard?Arnoldhead w40M TXMSMS 1919B
Tullard?Bertawife w37M TNTNTN 1919B
Tullard?Claudson w21M OKTXTN 1919B
Tullard?Salliedaughter-in-law w15M OKTXTN 1919B

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