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1930 Census Degnan
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MartialPlace of Birth Sheet
Last NameFirstNameRelation RaceAgeStatus SelfFatherMother PageNo.
UstarJohncousin w50WD AustriaAustriaAustria 1853B
VangundyGilberthead w30M OKOH? 1886A
VangundyAnniewife w29M OKTXTX 1886A
VangundyGladesdaughter w9S OKOKOK 1886A
VangundyJimmieson w6S OKOKOK 1886A
VangundyRoyson w4S OKOKOK 1886A
VangundyDaleson w1S OKOKOK 1886A
VickersJenniemother-in-law w65WD InglandInglandIngland 1875B
VinsonJohnhead w37M OKGA?GA 1831A
VinsonRubiewife w38M OKTNMS 1831A
VinsonAlvenadaughter w9S OKOKOK 1831A
VinsonWilliamhead w35M OKARMO 1897A
VinsonOvawife w29M OKMSMS 1897A
VinsonJohnson w9S OKOKOK 1897A
WadeSarahhead In70WD OKfull bloodChoctaw 1875A
WagnerWilliamhead w37M ARMSMS 1853A
WagnerSavanahwife w37M ARMSMS 1853A
WagnerTroyeson w14S ARARAR 1853A
WardCalliemother-in-law neg70WD ALVAAL 1908A
WardL Whead neg47M ALALAL 1908A
WardEthelwife neg28M ALALAL 1908A
WashingtonElza?stepson neg34WD LALALA 1842A
WashingtonLelamay?granddau neg8S OKOKLA 1842A
WashingtonJaspergrandson neg6S OKOKLA 1842A
WashingtonAnniehead neg27WD ALALAL 1919B
WashingtonIvyson neg11S ALALAL 1919B
WashingtonElcyson neg10S ALALAL 1919B
WashingtonLeeroyson neg7S ALALAL 1919B
WashingtonIrenedaughter neg5S OKALAL 1919B
WehuntMilardboarder w20S ARARAR 1886A
WhiteMiltonhead w52M MOMOMO 1919A
WhiteRosawife w52M INININ 1919A
WhiteHenryson w22S OKMOIN 1919A
WhiteAllasdaughter w15S OKMOIN 1919A
WhiteOrvalson w7S OKMOIN 1919A
WhiteHester?head w37M ARARAR 1919B
WhiteElizathwife w36M OK??191 9B
WhiteHester?son w6S OKAROK 1919B
WhiteWilliamson w0S OKAROK 1919B
WilcockJohnhead w63M ?IAIA 1831B
WilcockLulawife w48M ARTNMO 1831B
WilcoxFoydhead w37M OKIAAL 1842B
WilcoxNorawife w36M ARTNAL 1842B
WilcoxRoyson w15S OKOKAR 1842B
WilcoxHattiedaughter w13S OKOKAR 1842B
WilcoxRaymondson w9S OKOKAR 1842B
WilkettWilliamhead w34M OKOKOK 1919B
WilkettGrytewife w32M OKOKOK 1919B
WilkettMabelldaughter w13S OKOKOK 1919B
WilkettThelmadaughter w11S OKOKOK 1919B
WilkettBonniedaughter w8S OKOKOK 1919B
WilkettDothadaughter w6S OKOKOK 1919B
WilliamLorany?niece neg4S OKOKOK 1842A
WilliamCharlyhead neg58M TXALAL 1908A
William?wife neg63M TXGAGA 1908A
WilliamsLucyhead neg57WD ARNCNC 1897B
Williams?head w55M WalesWalesWales 1897B
WilliamsLulawife w43M TXGAGA 1897B
WillkettJimhead w33M OKAROK 1897A
WillkettEffiewife w28M OKILIL 1897A
WillkettMariedaughter w9S OKOKOK 1897A
WillkettVelmadaughter w2S OKOKOK 1897A
WillkettElmerson w2S OKOKOK 1897A
WillliamsSimon?roomer neg51WD USUSUS 1908A
WillsonJohnhead w48M TXTXMO 19210A
WillsonRocky?wife w48M TXTXTX 19210A
WilsonAnnahead neg48WD TNTNTN 1831B
WilsonElvinson neg13S OKALTN 1831B
WilsonMackhead w54M ALUS? 1853B
WilsonSusawife w43M ALALAL 1853B
WilsonJessiedaughter w19S ALALAL 1853B
WilsonZuladaughter w15S OKALAL 1853B
WilsonEmris?son w13S OKALAL 1853B
WilsonKeanadaughter w5S OKALAL 1853B
WilsonErvanhead w31M TXTXTX 1875B
WilsonBessiewife w28M OKOKOK 1875B
WilsonLilydaughter w10S OKTXOK 1875B
WilsonGenniedaughter w7S OKTXOK 1875B
WilsonWalterson w3S OKTXOK 1875B
WilsonOlandhead w29M ALALAL 1908A
WilsonLonada?wife w23M ALALAR 1908A
WilsonJoehead w55M TXTXTX 19210A
WilsonAnnawife w55M MOMOMO 19210A
WilsonHarry?son w20S OKTXMO 19210A
WilsonFerd?son w17S OKTXMO 19210A
WilsonJesseuncle w60?WD ARMSMS 19210A
WinnJohnhead w29? InglandInglandIngland 19210A
WintersEvatonehead neg62WD OKAROK 1897B
WintersTroyson neg10S OKOKOK 1897B
WoodruffRoberthead w43M MOMOMO 1908A
WoodruffHettiewife w31M TNTNTN 1908A
WoodruffJessieson w9S OKMOTN 1908A
WoodruffRobertson w8S OKMOTN 1908A
WoodruffBillie J.son w4S OKMOTN 1908A
YotherCluson-in-law w28M TNTNTN 1853B
Zina?Tonahead w?S ItalyItalyItaly 1919B

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