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Adams, AbelDeceased (Heirs listed: James & Thomas Adams)23 FEB 191029210
Adams, AmandaLegal heir of Smith M. Hicks18 MAR 1912155
Adams, AnnaDeceased (Heirs listed: Reuben & Selissa Adams)16 APR 192333410
Adams, AnnaMinor heir of Salina Adams (nee Colbert) (NOT FILMED)17 DEC 1917625
Adams, AnnaDeceased (Heirs listed: Reuben & Salina Adams)21 MAY 192385915
Adams, Arthur PickensMinor heir of Wilburn Adams (NOT FILMED)15APR 1910303
Adams, DavisDeceasedSEP 191142611
Adams, Harry J.Deceased1922?83614
Adams: Isaac, Joel, Dale, Fay, Ray & BethelMinor heirs of James & Minnie E. Adams (NOT FILMED)24 DEC 19271008
Adams, MelvinaDeceased21 APR 191030110
Adams, Melvina (nee Jones)Deceased (Heirs listed: James Adams)25 MAR 191030210
Adams, MelvinaDeceased11 JAN 191345711
Adams, R. D.Deceased16 JUL 192799916
Adams, ReubenDeceased24 DEC 191137610
Adams, ReubenDeceased18 DEC 192492415
Adams, Robert E. Deceased12 AUG 19081114
Adams, SarahDeceased5 MAY 191657012
Adams, SelinDeceased (Heirs listed: James, Reubin & Sovina Adams)14 JAN 191136510
Adams, WillDeceased 19 NOV 19092659
Adams, WillyDeceased (Heirs listed: Annie Adams)10 JUN 191032710
Adams, WillyDeceased23 DEC 191928710
Adolph, MargaretDeceased2 DEC 192291415
Albertina, PeteDeceased25 FEB 1918 63412
Albertina, PeteDeceased8 MAR 191863712
Allen: Jessie Alvin, Garner Herbert & JunitaUNKNOWN (NOT FILMED)20 NOV 1915560
Allen, Luther J.Deceased30 NOV 191556112
Alvin: Leonard, Ray, Ellen, Ruby, Viola, Minnie, Edgar & EvaleeMinor heirs of E. T. & Mae Alvis (NOT FILMED)14 JUL 1920743
Amos, MelvinaMinor heir of Sallie (McCurtain) & Sidney Amos (NOT FILMED)9 APR 1912437
Amos, MelvinaDeceased2 JUN 191657212
Anderson, EdwardMinoe heir of Noel Anderson20 JAN 1908652
Anderson, ElseyDeceased9 JUL 192074013
Anderson, JacksonMinor heir of Calvin Anderson16 JAN 1907271
Anderson, JoelDeceased1 MAY 1908853
Anderson, JoelDeceased (Heirs listed: Edward Anderson & Susan (Anderson) Thompson)2 NOV 191035210
Anderson, JoelDeceased13 MAY 191244311
Anderson: Joe, Robert & Josie(NOT FILMED) (See also case no. 504 & 487)5 JUL 1919753
Anderson: Leonard, Noel & SinaMinor heirs of Noel & Mary Anderson (NOT FILMED)15 MAY 1917609
Anderson, LizzieA. L. McPherson, guardian16 NOV 19081695
Anderson, M. A.Deceased2 MAY 191656812
Anderson, NoelDeceased3 MAY 191244111
Anderson, Noel, May & LizzieMinor heir of Noel & Mary Anderson (NOT FILMED)10 JUL 1911305
Anderson, NoraNOT FILMED12 DEC 1916593
Anderson, Willie InezNOT FILMED30 DEC 1913488
Anicete, JaiDeceased26 OCT 191034710
Anttoni, GuseppeDeceased15 APR 191968613
Arnold, Willie & JewelMinor heirs of Pearl & Harvey Arnold (NOT FILMED)1 MAR 1919683
Arnold, Willie O.MISSING FILE988
Atkins: Mary Elizabeth, Lucile Beatrice & James ChurchMinor Heirs of Robert Atkins27 APR 192282314
Atkins, Thomas EdwinMinor heir of Charles & Rebecca Atkins (NOT FILMED)17 NOV 1924 920
Atohka, Ellis & BenjaminMinor heirs of Betsy Atohka (NO FILMED)9 JUL 1912447
Atoka (Atohka), BetsieDeceased10 APR 191243311
Atoka, VinaMinor heir of Simon & Winnie Atoka7 OCT 19081816
Austin, CharlesDeceased (5 files)2 FEB 192281414
Austin, Ollie BellMinor heir of Josephine Cole & Charlie Austin (NOT FILMED)31 MAY 1923863
Bain: John A., Rubie, Winnie, Clifford & CliburnMinor heirs of John K. Bain1 MAY 1908873
Baker, AnnieDeceased (Heirs listed: Salina Sockey) (nee Phillips)18 MAY 191029810
Baker, BenjaminMinor heir of Jane & Charles Jefferson (NOT FILMED)24 MAR 1920725
Baker, Elliott & FrancisMinor heirs of Elam & Cillin Baker (2 files)27 NOV 19092669
Baker: Elliot, Francis, Ruth, Josephine & JohnMinor heirs of Elum Baker (NOT FILMED)27 JAN 1916555
Baker, Emaline & MilenMinor heirs of Houston & Elizabeth Baker28 SEP 19081465
Baker, HoustonDeceased14 MAY 1908903
Baker, LoyalMinor heir of Alice Wheeler (NOT FILMED)20 JUN 1919699
Baker, Mary & NoelMinor heir of Lucy Jones (nee Baker) (4 files)15 FEB 19091926
Baker, MattieDeceased (Heirs listed: Lucy Jones (Baker) , Viney Thompson (David), Mary Baker & Noel Baker7 JUN 19092159
Baker, OscarDeceased15 JAN 191345811
Baker, RobertMinor heir of Elizabeth & Houston Baker11 AUG 19081094
Baker, RobertDeceased (Heirs listed: Elizabeth, Elum, Louis, Milan & Emiline Baker)16 FEB 191137410
Baker: Robert T., Houston, Dewitt & MaryMinor heirs of Louis & Cillin Baker (NOT FILMED)9 MAY 1919688
Ball, Mont & Tynerminor heir of William & Lucy Ball29 JAN 1908702
Ball, M.R.Deceased7 FEB 192798216
Baltukeitis, JoeDeceased31 MAR 191138810
Barnibae, VictorDeceased7 JUN 192384914
Barra, JohnDeceased19 DEC 1927100716
Beaks, JackDeceased5 JUN 191450111
Beams, JosephineMinor heir of Lizzie (Analatubbi) Beams (NOT FILMED)16 MAY 1912453
Beauchamp, C. M.Estate5 JUN 1928101816
Beauchamp, C. M.Deceased4 AUG 1928102516
Beck: Cole, Harve & NellieCyrus Thurston, guardian20 JAN 1908662
Bell, Amon & AgnesMinor heirs of Sweney & Alice Bell (2 files)25 FEB 19071344
Ben, Jency (nee Campala)Minor heir of Julius Campala25 MAY 19092248
Benine, FrankMinor heir of Emelia Benini (NOT FILMED)26 FEB 1919682
Benine, Joe Deceased11 APR 192178314
Bennett, Mary E.Deceased4 APR 192178114
Benton, EveridgeMinor heir of Sallie Colbert (NOT FILMED)3 MAR 1913464
Billy, MaryMinor heir of Calvin Anderson, grandfather30 SEP 19081485
Billy, MarryGeorge W. Bell, guardian17 FEB 1912391
Bishop, Halla J.Minor heir of William A. Bishop27 MAR 19022789
Bishop, Lorena & MerleMinor heir of Lela Bishop (NOT FILMED)11 OCT 1921803
Black, GeorgeDeceased20 MAR 1926954 15
Black, Jeff Jr. & LenaMinor he ir of Jeff & Vanell M. Black (NOT FILMED)27 DEC 19271009
Blake, Robert W.Minor heir of W. J. Blake (MISSING FILE)UNKNOWN33
Blue: Daniel, Eli, Levenia & MyrtleMinor heirs of Willy & Melvina Blue (NOT FILMED)17 DEC 1909580
Blue, EliMISSING FILE27 FEB 1915530
Blue, WilliamDeceased8 DEC 191142011
Bobo, Ray & JohnMinor heirs of Powell & Tennie Bobo (NOT FILMED)29 OCT 1920764
Boethin: Willie, Gertrude & WilhelmaMinor heirs of Powell & Wilhelma Boethin (NOT FILMED)13 SEP 19281028
Boggs, JennieDeceased12 NOV 1925 94015
Bohanan, CleopatraNOT FILMED17 JUN 1915543
Bohanan, EmelineLegal heir of Ellis Jefferson (Deceased)20 OCT 19081585
Bohanan, MargaretDeceased30 DEC 191036110
Bohanan, Samuel H. Deceased24 NOV 192697516
Bolton, ColemanDeceased24 AUG 1923888 15
Boone, HaskellMinor heirs of T.C. Boone (NOT FILMED)8 SEP 19271002
Booth, Pearlie (nee Pope & Bacon)Deceased14 SEP 191761812
Boyce, Edward F.Deceased25 MAR 19092077
Boyd: Esther, Rachel, Sylvester, Samuel & LauraNOT FILMED4 NOV 1919 715
Boyd, George E.Deceased9 NOV 191865212
Boyd, M. L.Deceased21 MAY 192386015
Boyd: Ruth, Cecil, George & MargaretNOT FILMED11 AUG 1915602
Boyd, W. D. Deceased2 JUL 191759812
Braidy, AngelinaNOT FILMED20 JAN 1916562
Bridgeman, Wade H.Deceased22 AUG 191970113
Brown, Arbella & EliasMinor heirs of Charley & Lou Brown (NOT FILMED)7 MAY 1910312
Brown, BelleDeceased2 OCT 1914 515B11
Brown, GeorgieMinor heir of Mary & Wesley Brown (NOT FILMED)25 APR 1910308
Brown, GeorgieMinor heir of Mary & Wesley Brown (NOT FILMED)11 APR 1910316
Brown, Harriet Frazier BooneMISSING FILEUNKNOWN340
Brown, Harvey & LeslieA. W. Jones, guardian27 MAY 1907471
Brown: Myrtle, Lonnie, Otto & ViolaMinor he ir of Allen & Carrie Brown (NOT FILMED)1 MAY 1911393
Brown: Wesley Ann & Lula MayMinor heirs of Milton Brown (NOT FILMED)3 FEB 1910289
Burkes, Ella JewellMinor Heir of W.M. Burkes & Maude Burkes (NOT FILMED)21 JAN 1911368
Burns, Dennis F.Deceased (4 files)16 AUG 191658512
Burrows, Elmer A.Deceased28 APR 1916569 12
Butler, MosesDeceased18 MAY 19092127
Bynum, James R.Deceased10 APR 1928101216
Byrd: Jiles G. & EugeneMinor heirs of Ida Byrd (NOT FILMED)29 JUL 1911405

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