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Calhoun, BradyMinor heir of Jack & Hulda Calhoun (NOT FILMED)19 JAN 1918627
Campala, HamptonMinor heir of Hanna & Julius Campala (5 files)16 NOV 19092228
Campala, HewettDeceased (Listed heirs: Hannah Coff & Jincy Ben)3 JAN 191136010
Campbell: Roderick Townsend, Bessie Orr & Millard FilmoreMinor heirs of Millard Campbell (NOT FILMED)8 AUG 1902328
Cantrell: Stella, Ella, Willie, Geneva & RoyUnknown (4 files)12 MAY 191968713
Cargill, LucindaDeceased18 JUL 19051445
Cargill, LucindaDeceased18 FEB 190830710
Carlson, EdDeceased (2 files)10 APR 1911390 10
Carnahan, EmanuelMinor heir of Joe & Kelsie Carnahan (NOT FILMED)17 AUG 1920748
Carnes, NorrisMinor heir of Louis & Mary Carnes (NOT FILMED)28 OCT 1915465
Carney: Alton Ray & PhoebeMinor heirs of Lee & Mary Carney (NOT FILMED)24 JUL 1919700
Carney, ElsieDeceased5 JUL ?61412
Carney, Elton LeeMinor heir of Lee Carney (NOT FILMED)14 JUL 1922829
Carney, LeeMinor hier of Morris Carney19 NOV 19092649
Carney, MorrisMinor heir of Salina Carney nee Leflore (NOT FILMED)12 JUL 1918645
Carney, NelsonDeceased29 JAN 192333010
Carney, NelsonDeceased27 FEB 1923852 14
Carney: Nelson, Lee & Calvin GotaMinor heir of John Carney11 NOV 19041194
Carney, SusanDeceased29 MAY 192592915
Carr, EmmaMinor heir of Osborne & Celin Carr (NOT FILMED)22 SEP 1913483
Carr, Ida Deceased (Heirs listed: Osborn Carr, son)28 OCT 19092619
Carr, IdaDeceased (Heirs listed: Osborn Carr, son)16 DEC 19092769
Carr, JohnyDeceased18 SEP 1908163 5
Carshal, SimonMinor heir of Susan Carshal Carney (NOT FILMED)1 FEB 1917597
Carter, EthelDeceased20 FEB 1926 95115
Castle, Eslar L.(NOT FILMED)14 FEB 1917599
Castle, W. M.Deceased (5 files)4 APR 191758712
Cenderholm, MinnieMISSING FILEUNKNOWN354
Chakay, MartonMinor heir of Paul & Rosal Chakay (NOT FILMED)15 APR 1921786
Chakay, PaulDeceased15 APR 192178514
Chapman, W. M.Deceased18 SEP 192697015
Cheatham: Raymond Oscar, Margret Francis, Helen & Georgia GraceMinor heir of William D. & Any B. Cheatham (NOT FILMED)1 NOV 1919714
Choate: Leslie R., Phelix N., Corneal, Leslie R. & James H. Jr.Minor heirs of James H. & Ida Choate (NOT FILMED)13 AUG 1907891
Christie, AndrewMinor heir of Isham & Lucinda Christie (NOT FILMED)31 MAR 1911387
Christie, MinnieDeceased25 JAN 192281114
Chronister, CharlesDeceased4 AUG 192179514
Ciotti: Louisa, John, Mario & LouisMinor heirs of Tullio Ciotti (NOT FILMED)30 JUN 1917613
Ciotti, TullioDeceased26 APR 191760712
Claborn, GertrudeMinor heir of Owen F. Claborn & Katie Millis15 AUG 1916577
Claiborne, Gertrude MISSING FILE (See Case No. 577)UNKNOWN557
Clark, CalebDeceased5 JUL 19102438
Claypool, Walter, DaleMinor Heir of J. G. & Mary A. Claypool (NOT FILMED)14 MAR 1921779
Cleckler, Fred & FrankMinor heir of Jennie W. Cleckler30 MAR 1907351
Cobb, SamUnknown4 SEP 19081274
Cochran, Samuel J.Deceased (5 files)14 JUN 192799616
Coff, MarthaDeceased (Heirs listed: Arbis & Hannah Coff, & Pollie Robinson (nee Meashintubby)3 DEC 19092318
Coff, Polly (nee Meyachintubby)Deceased13 MAY 192491115
Colbert: Ann, Agnes, Joe, Gill & Sukey(Susie)Minor heir of Nat & Melissa Colbert (2 files)20 MAR 19112819
Colbert, DaveDeceased17 JUL 1908582
Colbert, Eliza & Susie MaeMinor heir of Martha Anderson (Colbert)5 NOV 19142719
Colbert, Georgia AnnDeceased17 APR 191346611
Colbert, LenaDeceased20 NOV 192389515
Colbert, Lorena & AlexanderMinor heir of John & Mary Colbert (NOT FILMED)6 JAN 1919672
Colbert, MarthaDeceased (Heir listed: Washington Colbert)13 AUG 19092498
Colbert, MelissaDeceased (Heirs listed: Sukey, Agnes, Anna, Joe & Gill Colbert)21 DEC 19111174
Colbert, Melvina & HarreitMinor heir of Edward & Lena Colbert (NOT FILMED)20 MAR 1911384
Colbert: Nathanial, Ezra B. & ErleMinor heirs of Washington Colbert (NOT FILMED)7 SEP 1921800
Colbert, SinayMinor heir of Georgia Ann Colbert (NOT FILMED)10 JAN 1917596
Colbert: Sukey, Annie, Gill, Joe & AgnesMinor heirs of Nat & Melissa Colbert20 DEC 190928110
Colbert: Suckey, Joseph, Gail, Ann & AgnesMinor heirs of Nat & Malissie Colbert21 NOV 19041204
Colbert, Susie MayDeceased1 APR 192073313
Cole, EstherMinor heir of Squire E. Cole (NOT FILMED)24 MAY 1913469
Cole, Squire C.Deceased6 JAN 19091846
Coley, AllenMinor heir of Johnson & Lucy Coley (NOT FILMED)17 MAY 1926967
Coley, AllenJohn Wilkin, guardian & grandfather (NOT FILMED)31 AUG 19281026
Coley, AndersonDeceased2 MAY 193146011
Coley, Charles & EdmonDeceased (Heirs listed: Anderson, Biney, Wilburn & Jane Coley)15 FEB 191137310
Coley, Dora MayDeceased13 SEP 1906161
Coley, EdmondDeceased28 SEP 19081475
Coley, Edward & EllaMinor heirs of Anderson & Biney Coley (6 files)9 DEC 19081394
Coley: Juanita, Lovenie & CoraMinor heirs of Johnson Coley (NOT FILMED)20 NOV 1918660
Coley, Maggie LoreneMinor heir of Caldwell & Nancy Coley (NOT FILMED)19 DEC 1918667
Coley, MealeyDeceased25 SEP 191140911
Coley, Ranes M.Minor heir of Julia & Johnson Coley (NOT FILMED)13 MAR 1917603
Coley, RooseveltMinor heir of Anderson & Biney Coley (NOT FILMED)30 SEP 1914509
Coley, Sackey (Sikey) nee JeffersonDeceased27 JAN 191346711
Coley, SophieDeceased3 JAN 1910151
Collin, AgnesDeceased (Heirs listed: Dennis Carr)2 SEP 191034610
Collin, Agnes (nee Wheat)Deceased (Heirs listed: Osborne Carr)16 DEC 19092779
Collin, Agnes (nee Wheat)Deceased (Heirs listed: Osborne, Dennis & Sophia Carr, Susan Harvey & Winey Mullen (nee Carr)UNKNOWN 30410
Collin, HaginNOT FILMED4 OCT 1913480
Collins: Sampson & PhelinLegal heir of Smith M. Hicks (NOT FILMED)18 MAR 19121505
Colwell, Jesse S.Unknown (NOT FILMED)12 AUG 1922833
Colwell, RobertUnknown (NOT FILMED)27 FEB 1922816
Colwell, Robert E.Deceased30 JAN 192490415
Colwell, Robert LeeIncompetent (NOT FILMED)4 APR 1925917
Conner: Etta Lee, Willis Weaver & Noah EdwardMinor heirs of Charlie Conner20 JUN 1907491
Cook, UriahDeceased27 APR 1909209 7
Cooper, BeckyDeceased22 AUG 190671
Cooper, FrancisDeceased23 AUG 190681
Cotteral, WalterDeceased8 MAR 191863812
Cox: Robert Lee, Angelina, Julia May & James ArthurUnknown15 AUG 19081154
Crabtree, Allie & BlakeMinor heirs of Mary Elizabeth & Pink Crabtree (NOT FILMED)29 JUL 1920747
Creech, MaudieDeceased13 FEB 191346211
Cunningham: Thadus, Jemison, Sylvia & JennieUnknown (NOT FILMED)10 AUG 1915551
Cutler, Frank D.Deceased8 DEC 192697716
Czarnikow, Joel B. Jr.Minor heir of Joel B. Czarnikow (NOT FILMED)17 MAY 1920737

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