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Dailey, John Sr.Deceased23 JUN 192799316
Dailey, MargaretDeceased20 APR 192696415
Dailey, Margaret & Mary KatherineDeceased (NO FILMED)9 JUL 1926956
Dailey, Mary Katherine & John BertramMinor heirs of Barney & Maggie Dailey (NOT FILMED)8 DEC 1926976
Dana, Massey & Jester MullinMinor heirs of Charles A. Dana24 AUG 19092438
Davis, James B.Deceased2 OCT 19082067
Dawson, G. T.Deceased26 MAR 191553511
Degnan, JamesDeceased (4 files)23 MAR 19092057
Degnan, Mary AnnMinor heir of Mary Ann Degnan (NOT FILMED)9 JUL 1910335
Denton, JohnMinor heir of John Denton & Mattie Ott (NOT FILMED)5 JUL 1910333
Denton, JohnMinor heir of Mattie E. Ott2 AUG 1913479
Denton: John, Emma & LiliaMinor heir of John Denton & Mattie Ott (NOT FILMED)8 APR 1910306
Denton; John, EmmaMinor heir of John Denton (NOT FILMED)23 MAY ?313
Detty, Mary Deceased7 MAY 1928101716
DiDomenoco, SabatinoDeceased12 MAR 191553211
Disalvo, RobertDeceased23 SEP 192076013
Disalvo: Josephine, Yaun & SadieMinor heirs of Paul & Marie Disalvo (NOT FILMED)23 SEP 1920759
Divine, Margaret Beth & MatthewMinor heirs of Joe Divine (NOT FILMED)4 FEB 1922815
Dixon, BillyDeceased20 JAN 191551811
Dodd, Louise MarieMinor heir of J. T. Dobbs (NOT FILMED)29 AUG 1911858
Dodd, Wesley Ann (nee Brown)Deceased3 FEB 192285014
Dodd, Wesley Ann (nee Brown)Deceased (Heirs listed: Milton Brown)6 MAR 192639110
Dodd, Myron N.Deceased1 MAY 1928101516
Dominic: Jennie, Joe & JohnieMinor heirs of Nick & Mary Dominic (NOT FILMED)15 FEB 1926949
Dominick; Fanny, Campbell & Silvester(NOT FILMED)9 OCT 1911412
Donley, Mary E. & LutherMinor heirs of John & Mary E. Donley30 MAR 1926961
Dowdy: Dora, Ona, Maudie & G. F. Jr.Minor heirs of G. F. Dowdy (NOT FILMED)30 DEC 1919722
Drum, H. O.Deceased28 JAN 192592215
Duncan, Martin E.P. H. Fields, guardian28 OCT 1907602
Dunlap; C.C. Jr., E.T., Luco & Johnnie MozelleMinor heir of C.C. Dunlap Jr. (NOT FILMED)29 DEC 19281033
Dunlap, Christogher C.Deceased22 NOV 1928 103216
Dunlap: Rena G., Kitty I. & Susan E.Minor heir of C.C. Dunlap (3 files)24 SEP 1904943
Dunlap: Ruth, Sibyl, James D. Jr. & D.C.A.Minor heirs of Wallace Green McCurtain Dunlap (NOT FILMED)3 APR 1913299
Dunlap, SibylDeceased3 FEB 191967913
Dunn, Bailey W.Deceased15 FEB 191346111
Eastman, JesseDeceased4 JUN 19061063
Eaves, Charles M.Deceased13 OCT 191451211
Eaves, Charles M.Deceased (2 FILES)3 JUN 191969613
Eeds, Hazel2 FEB 19141234
Eldred, Wade (NOT FILMED)24 SEP 1919709
Epps, CharlesDeceased23 JUN 1928102216
Everhart, William F.Deceased23 JAN 191967512
Fetter: Emma Pocohantas, Nora Cecilia, Amanda May & Nina BellB.D. Starr, guardian27 NOV 19081685
Fetters: Emma Pocohantas, Nora Cecilia, Amanda May & Nina BellMinor heirs of Oliver B. & Abigail Fetters (NOT FILMED)7 MAR 1911379
Fetters: Emma Pocohantas, Nora Cecilia, Amanda May & Nina BellMinor heirs of Oliver B. & Abigail Fetters31 AUG 1905843
Fifer, JohnDeceased27 AUG 192075113
Fifer: Patrick, John M., Walter, Ida Helen & Glenn J.Minor heirs of John & Mary Fifer (NOT FILMED)28 AUG 1920750
Fleming, AliceDeceased (3 files)9 FEB 191137110
Folsom, AmandaLegal heir of Smith M. Hicks18 MAR 19121555
Folsom, BenDeceased28 MAR 192490915
Folsom, Eugene(NOT FILMED)24 FEB 1916563
Folsom, IreneMinor heir of Jerry & Amanda Folsom (NOT FILMED)12 APR 1915537
Folsom; Myrtle Lee & Burrell Minor heirs of Etta J. Beck (NOT FILMED)12 JUL 1915460
Forbi, AndrewDeceased1 FEB 192694615
Forrest: Minnie, Lena V., Mamie Z., Breckenridge, Josie & Joseph S.Minor heir of Joseph S. & Lucky K. Forrest (NOT FILMED)23 AUG 1904408
Fortune, Hasting & Evans E.NOT FILMED13 APR 1911392
Foster, Billy & BetsyDeceased12 SEP 19081334
Foster: Clarence, Dewey & Vernie LeoMinor heirs of J.M. & Annie Foster (NOT FILMED)9 MAR 1922818
Frances, BohannonNOT FILMED (See Case No.185 & 244)27 JAN 1909712
Francis, G. L.Deceased23 JAN 1917600 12
Franklin, EffieNOT FILMED23 JUL 1907454
Frazier, Ann (nee Amos)Deceased23 MAR 1910 30010
Frazier, CaldwellDeceased14 SEP 19081364
Frazier, David & Martha(NOT FILMED)2 OCT 1913485
Frazier, Harriet(NOT FILMED)10 APR 1909477
Frazier, HarrietMinor heir of Sarah & Austin Thompson (NOT FILMED)21 JUN 1905511
Frazier, LorenDeceased20 DEC 192180914
Frazier, SolomanMinor heir of Martha Frazier (NOT FILMED)26 JUL 1923882
Freeman, WilliamsUnknown (Also see Case No. 354)3 MAR 1911706
Gaines, IsrealDeceased26 JUN 191140010
Gaines, IsrealDeceased17 OCT 192491915
Gaines, WesleyDeceased (2 files)14 MAR 192490215
Gaines, Williams & IsraelMinor heirs of Thomas Gaines (NOT FILMED)18 JAN 1910 286
Gallagher, CharlesDeceased (2 files)24 JUN 1903179A5
Galunias, KatieDeceased17 DEC 191866812
Gammons: Roy, Maye, Junie & JewelMinor heirs of Minnie & Q. Gammons (NOT FILMED)25 NOV 1919718
Gandolpi, AlbanoDeceased28 JAN 191863212
Giachino, AntonioDeceased12 MAR 191553311
Gibbs, BenDeceased (MISSING FILE)UNKNOWN505
Gibbs: Lilly Louise & Mary Eliza LuellaMinor heirs of James W. & Annie Bell Gibbs (NOT FILMED)27 MAR 1926960
Gilbert: Herbert, Loyd & GilbertNOT FILMED6 SEP 1919707
Gilliam, JessieDeceased18 JUN 191554512
Gilliam, OscarMinor heir of R.E. & Betty Gilliam (NOT FILMED)9 APR 1923855
Goen, JimmieMinor heir of Margaret Caruthers (NOT FILMED)7 JAN 1907261
Goforth, William B.Deceased15 DEC 19092759
Goodwin, Ethel M.Minor heir of George M. & Mabel M. Goodwin (NOT FILMED)5 OCT 19092549
Gordan, George W.Deceased25 JUL 19081053
Goss, Indianola (nee Stephens)Minor heir of Martha Stephens (NOT FILMED)29 NOV 1911421
Graham: Artemissa, Bessie Cielia, Willie S. & Ollie E.Minor heir of Emma E. Smith (NOT FILMED)23 JUN 1911399
Graham, CharlesDeceased9 JUN 1908883
Graham, Hettie (Pratt)Minor heir of Willie O. & Esther Lee Pratt (NOT FILMED)28 JAN 1926943
Gray, Julia U.Deceased2 FEB 192798016
Grayson, JohnDeceased8 MAR 191137510
Grayson, SinaDeceased (Heirs listed: Elizabeth Hampton & Edward & Joel Anderson) 5 MAY 192179112
Grayson, SinaDeceased24 FEB 191137610
Gross, WilhelmDeceased14 APR 19092037

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