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Hambry, AndersonDeceased27 MAR 191965512
Hamilton: Anna, John & KatieMinor heir of Alice & J. B. Hamilton5 OCT 19081525
Hamilton, Harold & EugeneMinor heir of Matthew Columbus Hamilton (NOT FILMED)22 MAY 1923910
Hamilton, J. B.Deceased7 FEB 1906 551
Hampton, BudMinor heir of Elizabeth Hampton (NOT FILMED)25 SEP 1925934
Hampton, HenryDeceased20 APR 192333610
Hampton, Henry G.Deceased29 JUL 192538510
Hampton, Sweeney & ElizabethLegal heirs if Henry G. Hampton8 JUN 190738610
Hancock, BelseyDeceased18 JAN 1910752
Hancock, BetsyDeceased (List of heirs: Sophi, Sam & Willis Hancock)10 FEB 192177614
Hancock, ClaytonDeceased27 MAY 191347011
Hancock, Isebell (nee Carney)Deceased1 NOV 1911417 11
Hancock, JincyDeceased20 OCT 19092609
Hancock: Rhoda, Bozada, Corah, Josephine, Aaron & William H.Minor heirs of Willis & Jensy Hancock (NOT FILMED)3 OCT 19092599
Harkin, BenceyMinor heir of Penson Harkin (NOT FILMED)27 FEB 1914494
Harkins, CorneliaDeceased28 MAR 1911 38610
Harkins, CorneliaDeceased16 NOV 192076813
Harkins, LizzieDeceased13 JUN 1928102016
Harkins, PansonNOT FILMED17 JUL 1914482
Harkins, PansonDeceased13 JUN 1928101916
Harkins, Sillin Deceased13 FEB 1906461
Harkins, SophiaMinor heirs of Panson & Lizzie Harkins (NOT FILMED)27 FEB 19281011
Harkins, SophiaDeceased14 JUN 1928102116
Harkins, SuillenMISSING FILE50
Harlen, DanielDeceased17 MAY 1922824 14
Harlen, EdmondMinor heir of Logan Harlin (NOT FILMED)31 JAN 1911369
Harlen, Sila Deceased26 NOV 192386915
Harris, CliffordMinor heir of William & Annie L. Harris (MISSING FILE) (See Case No. 230)UNKNOWN124
Harris, Lorene & JuanitaMinor heirs of Dora & Dan Harris (NOT FILMED)29 JUN 1927997
Harris, Margarette GoreDeceased12 OCT 1928102916
Harrison, AlbertMinor heir of Charlie Harrison28 SEP 19081455
Harrison, AwashimaDeceased5 DEC 190762 2
Harrison, CharleyDeceased30 JAN 192490515
Harvey, JonasDeceased18 NOV 191035310
Harvey, JonasDeceased21 FEB 191346311
Harvey, SusanDeceased29 AUG 191245111
Harvey, WillieDeceased2 NOV 1910350 10
Havonik: Nora, Paul, Annie, Margaret & AndrewMinor heirs of Alex & Nora Havonik (NOT FILMED)16 FEB 1926950
Hawkins: Gertrude, Dovie Ollie, Carl & LinseyMinor heirs of W. H. Hawkins (NOT FILMED)20 NOV 1918659
Hawkins, SillenDeceased16 SEP 19091365
Hawkins, WilliamDeceased15 JUN 191865612
Hawkins, WinnieMinor heir of Mollie Petitt (NOT FILMED)9 DEC 1912456
Henderson, Buster P.Minor heir of Sam N. Henderson26 JAN 1924903
Henderson, Edwin I.Deceased12 DEC 192389915
Henderson, Lilly & Buster Minor heir of Samual & Ida Henderson (NOT FILMED)2 DEC 1911794
Henderson, PantherMinor heir of Minnie & Gus Henderson (NOT FILMED) 23 JUN 1915413
Henderson, PantherMinor heir of Minnie & Gus Henderson (NOT FILMED)23 JUN 1915547
Henry, AlexanderDeceased (List of heirs: Amos, Arian & Roosevelt Henry)1 MAY 193550911
Henry, Arthur LafateMinor heir of Amos & Arian (NOT FILMED)27 FEB 1918633
Henry, MathewMinor heir of Wilburn & Jo Anna Henry (NOT FILMED)22 JUL 1918610
Henry, Roosevelt & AlexanderMinor heirs of Amos & Arian Henry (NOT FILMED)5 JAN 1912424
Henry, Roosevelt & AlexanderMinor heirs of Amos Henry (NOT FILMED)19 SEP 1918648
Henry, WilburnDeceased19 APR 191031110
Henry, WilburnDeceased17 SEP 191865012
Henry, WilburnDeceased18 NOV 191865812
Hiatt, CliffordDeceased (2 files)5 OCT 192390115
Hiatt, John W.Deceased30 APR 192696215
Hicker: Daisy, Grover & AnnieMinor heirs of Edward & Salaney Hicker (NOT FILMED)19 SEP 1914508
Hicker: Daisy, Grover & AnnieMinor heirs of Edward & Saliney Hicker (NOT FILMED)4 JAN 1915523
Hicker, EdwardDeceased4 JAN 191552411
Hicks, Smith M.Deceased (Heirs listed: Sampson & Phelin Collin, Annie Adams & Amanda Folsom)18 MAR 19121555
Hicks, Smith M.Deceased (2 files)29 JUL 19052539
Hicks, Smith M.Deceased13 JUL 192387715
Hillhouse, Roy V.Deceased11 MAR 192072713
Hodge, James OtisMinor heir of J. W. & Ida Hodge7 SEP 19081294
Hodge; Otis: Maye, Raymon, Owen, Irene & LoydMinor heirs of J.W. & Ida Hodge (NOT FILMED)27 JUN 1921 793
Hokey, ElizaL.F. Ehlers, guardian24 MAR 1911111
Hoklotubbee, Edwin & Addie J.Minor heir of Asie Hoklotubbee (NOT FILMED)18 AUG 1917617
Hoklotubbee, Fred & EthelMinor heir of Ellen Wade ,mother (NOT FILMED)14 MAY 1914410
Hoklotubbee, EllenDeceased13 SEP 191348111
Holman, VivianNOT FILMED16 MAR 1914495
Holson, Charles R. & James L.Minor heir of Texanna Holson (NOT FILMED)9 MAR 1911381
Holson, SamsonDeceased10 OCT 19081414
Holt, W.R.Deceased17 APR 192282214
Honea, E.L.Deceased6 DEC 192077114
Horniday, CorwinDeceased (10 files)25 AUG 191970413
Hornidy, EmmaDeceased31 JAN 192797916
Hornsby, AndersonLegal heir of Harris Thompson9 OCT 19081545
Hotubbee, AllenMinor heir of Nancy Hotubbee (NOT FILMED)25 OCT 1911357
Houston, George W.Deceased25 OCT 192389415
Houston, JohnDeceased17 MAR 191553411
Houston, PatrickDeceased18 JUL 191450411
Hovonik, AlexDeceased2 FEB 192694715
Hudson, RosaMinor heir of Charley Hudson9 MAR 19092017
Hudson, RosaMinor heir of Charley Hudson (NOT FILMED)10 JAN 1910283
Huffman, Abraham L.Deceased1 JUL 192799816
Huggins, LummieMinor heir of Martin Huggins (NOT FILMED)8 JUN 1912446
Hulsey: Floyd, Tishey, Louis, Harvey, Allie & CarrolMinor heirs of W. C. & Mattie Hulsey (NOT FILMED)14 MAY 1919694
Hulsey: Thelma, Virdie, Ruby & NonaMinor heir of Ethel Murdock (NOT FILMED)7 SEP 1920752
Hulsey, Walter H.Deceased3 JAN 191967012
Hunter, Clayton W.Minor heir of Cecilia Hunter21 OCT 19081595
Hunter, Pernia & Clayton W.NOT FILMED31 AUG 190589
Huston, A. C.Deceased27 AUG 191555412
Hutchinson, RobertDeceased28 JUL 192388515
Isaacs, BoeMinor heir of Rhoda Blue8 SEP 19092528
Ish, William W.NOT FILMED12 JUN 1922826
Ish, William W.Deceased10 MAY 192696615
Ish, W. W.Deceased (See Case No. 966)25 MAR 192798416
IsheotubbyDeceased28 JAN 191552711
Iwan, Clara MarieDeceased31 JUL 192593315

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