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Jack, AllenLegal heir of Louina Jack31 OCT 1927100116
Jack, Allan & DoraMinor heir of Louina Jack (NOT FILMED)22 JUL 1918442
Jack, GeorgeMinor heir of John Jack11 APR 1907401
Jack, GeorgeMinor heir of John Jack (NOT FILMED)14 MAR 1910291
Jackson, Annie N.Minor heir of Minnie Oldham16 NOV 19081665
Jackson: John, Winnie & RosieMinor heir of Robbin Jackson (NOT FILMED)23 OCT 1912439
Jackson, RobinDeceased26 MAY 191452111
Jackson, WillisDeceased30 JUL 19092398
Jacobson, Cyrus AdelbertDeceased8 FEB 191552811
James: Abel, Bertha & TurnerMinor heir of Ada & John James (NOT FILMED)16 DEC 1918666
James: Abner, Betsy, Sophia & RamseyMinor heirs of Silas James (NOT FILMED)31 MAR 1922819
James, AnnaDeceased26 MAR 191968413
James, AnnaDeceased26 SEP 192192115
James: Anna, Isaac, Rosa & JesseMinor heirs of Jackson & Wysie James (15 files)13 FEB 19091916
James, CollinNOT FILMED21 FEB 1917497
James: Dallas, Veina & WesleyNOT FILMED4 APR 1916297
James, HenryDeceased27 JUN 191033110
James, JacksonDeceased16 OCT 19092428
James, JacksonDeceased13 JAN 191028410
James, JacksonDeceased (Heirs listed: Joshua James & Lodan & Sissy McClish)20 JUN 191032910
James, Joseph J. Deceased17 APR 191656712
James, Mary (nee Taylor)Deceased7 JUN 191032510
Jamison, WalterDeceased26 NOV 1906251
Jefferson: Ada, Allen, Benjamin & LauraMinor heirs of Thomas Jefferson (2 files)22 DEC 19092739
Jefferson, AllenDeceased24 APR 191969113
Jefferson: Allen, Benjamine & AdaMinor heir of Thomas Jefferson7 SEP 19092448
Jefferson, AmyMinor heir of Salina & Benjamin Jefferson (NOT FILMED)UNKNOWN876
Jefferson, Arthur LeeMinor heirs of Calvin & Eva Jefferson (NOT FILMED)8 APR 1921782
Jefferson, BenjaminDeceased17 JUL 1907511
Jefferson, Calvin & Gladys Minor heir of Sam Jefferson3 MAR 1924908
Jefferson, DouglasMinor heir of Thomas Jefferson (2 files)3 SEP 19081264
Jefferson, DukeUNKNOWN4 APR 1908813
Jefferson, EastmanNOT FILMED21 MAR 1914431
Jefferson, EastmanDeceased4 JAN 192177414
Jefferson: Eli, Sarah, Bessie & CephusMinor heir of Wallace & Sackey Jefferson (6 files)16 MAY 1908913
Jefferson, ElizaDeceased29 AUG 1906101
Jefferson, Eliza & SmallwoodDeceased23 AUG 192074913
Jefferson, EllisDeceased31 OCT 191141611
Jefferson, EllisDeceased16 NOV 192180614
Jefferson, EllisDeceased22 JUN 192387115
Jefferson, Harrison ThomasDeceased19 NOV 192076914
Jefferson, Harrison Thomas Minor heir of Jane & Charles Jefferson (NOT FILMED)24 MAR 1920725
Jefferson, Ida & ArthurMinor heir of Calvin & Betsy Jefferson (NOT FILMED)30 JUL 1914502
Jefferson, JaneDeceased10 NOV 191034910
Jefferson, JaneDeceased27 DEC 192077314
Jefferson, JennieDeceased8 SEP 1906141
Jefferson, LaysonMinor heir of Stephen Jefferson (5 files)14 AUG 19092378
Jefferson, LaysonDeceased9 NOV 192076713
Jefferson, LewisDeceased22 JUL 1907521
Jefferson, MorrisLegal heir of Ellis Jefferson14 OCT 19081565
Jefferson, SackeyLegal heir of Sampson Jefferson17 JUN 19092288
Jefferson, Sampson J.Deceased8 SEP 1906131
Jefferson: Sarah, Eli, Bessie & CephusMinor heirs of Wallace & Sackey Jefferson16 MAY 1908913
Jefferson, Selissa (nee Jones)Deceased1 NOV 192180414
Jefferson, (Siney)Deceased24 JUN 191554912
Jefferson, SmallwoodDeceased17 AUG 191555312
Jefferson, StephenDeceased22 DEC 191452011
Jefferson, StephenDeceased29 DEC 191452211
Jefferson, ThompsonDeceased25 JAN 1908692
Jefferson, ThomasDeceased16 MAR 1908112
Jefferson, Thomas Deceased27 JUL 192388311
Jefferson, WallaceDeceased27 JUN 19081013
Jefferson, WallaceDeceased12 SEP 19081354
Jefferson, Wallace JosephDeceased8 SEP 19081304
Jesse, BusterDeceased10 JUN 192074213
Jesse, Eastman & BusterDeceased (List of heirs: Sukey, Annie, Agnes, Joe & Gill Colbert)10 JUN 192282514
Johnson, Carl F.Minor heir of John H. & Sophia Johnson (NOT FILMED)25 FEB 1915529
Johnson, Emma L. & Mildred F.Minor heirs of Perry & Pearl Johnson (NOT FILMED27 MAR 1926959
Johnson, Emma O. & William H.Minor heirs of G. W. & Thula Johnson (NOT FILMED) 31 DEC 1919723
Johnson, George W.Deceased3 JUN 191969713
Johnson, Perry F.Minor heir of Ben F. Johnson21 JUL 1904983
Johnson, Perry F.Deceased15 FEB 192694815
Johnson, SillinDeceased10 JUL 1908993
Johnson, ZettaDeceased3 JUN 191864112
Jones, EllenDeceased (Heir listed: Benjamin Jones)31 MAY 191032110
Jones, EllenDeceased (Heir listed: Benjamin Jones)4 JUN 191032410
Jones, EllenDeceased2 APR 191449811
Jones, FrankMinor heir of Martison Jones9 MAR 19092017
Jones, FrankMinor heir of Martison Jones (NOT FILMED)10 JAN 1910283
Jones, JamesDeceased15 APR 19092047
Jones, JamesDeceased (Heir listed: Rhoda Jones)27 JUN 191033010
Jones, JamesDeceased (Heir listed: Selissa & Marteson Jones, Elizabeth Meashintubby & Kitsie Jones)21 OCT 191034810
Jones, JamesDeceased23 DEC 191035910
Jones: James, Selissa, Marteson & KitsieLegal heirs of Morrow Jones19 DEC 191035610
Jones, KizzieDeceased5 FEB 1907291
Jones, KizzieDeceased5 FEB 190729410
Jones, MaryMinor heir of Marteson & Lucy Jones27 AUG 19081224
Jones, MaryDeceased25 SEP 1905 1575
Jones, MaryDeceased (Heirs listed: Amos Camp, Lubie Lotubbie, Rancis Wright & Charles Jefferson)25 JAN 191137010
Jones, MorrowDeceasedSEP 1910422 11
Jones, OscarMinor heir of Rhoda & Henry Jones (NOT FILMED)5 MAR 1910295
Jones, Otho & JacobMinor heirs of Ben & Birtie Jones (NOT FILMED)7 JUL 1922828
Jones, VinniaDeceased15 NOV 191866212
Jones, WillisDeceased31 MAY 191032210
Jones, WillisDeceased21 JAN 191136410
Julius, Charles Deceased7 OCT 1927100616
Kaufman, Earnest & VirginiaMinor heir of Ben Kaufman (NOT FILMED)4 OCT 1912452
Keller, WilliamDeceased19 MAR 192178014
Kelley, AnnieMinor heir of Eula Kelley17 OCT 1911863
Kelley, EulaDeceased (MISSING FILE)27 AUG 19069
Kelley, Presley & LloydUNKNOWN (2 files)23 FEB 19061003
Kelley, Richard Deceased3 FEB 191968113
Kelsoe: Henry, Ima (Imer), William & WarrenMinor heirs of Arch & Jane Kelsoe14 AUG 19081124
Keyton, JohnNOT FILMED8 DEC 1916589
Kidd, HandyDeceased13 APR 192073413
Kimbrough: Bernard, Lorena & LunettaMinor heir of Joe & Geneva Kimbrough (NOT FILMED)4 AUG 1923886
Kimbrough, JoeDeceased27 JUL 1923884 15
Kimmel, Velma & LucileMinor heir of Angie Kimmel (NOT FILMED)3 APR 1912435
Kindle: William, Laney, Walter, John, James, Laura & AlbertMinor heirs of Lee Kindle (2 files)10 JUL 19021866
King, Isaac & IdaMinor heir of John & Ida King (NOT FILMED)21 JUL 1916576
King, Isabelle (nee Scott)Legal heir of Willie Scott10 MAY 19131053
King, JoelUNKNOWN20 OCT 19081575
King, JohnDeceased (List of heirs: Gladys, Simon, Ida & Izabelle King & Francis Jamison)25 APR 192178914
King, NelsonDeceased 8 SEP 19081314
King, NelsonDeceased13 JUL 192388015
King, SophiaDeceased16 MAY 1925927 15
Kinkead, WalterDeceased11 AUG 191864712
Komantuckos, AlzbettaDeceased29 APR 191553911

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