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La Barr, WilliamDeceased15 OCT 1928103016
Lane, GeorgeDeceased7 MAR 1918 63612
Lankford, William ThomasAmanda Elizabeth Lankford, guardian (NOT FILMED)25 AUG 19281027
Larkin, Michael L.Deceased17 APR 191760512
Latham, John R.Deceased20 DEC 1928103716
Latimer: Winfred, Alvin & Marie KathleenNOT FILMED25 MAR 1911385
Leather, L. M.Deceased14 OCT 191141411
Ledbetter, F. L.Deceased22 MAY 1919 69513
LeFlore, IshonDeceased24 JUL 1924915 15
Legg, WillDeceased30 APR 191969213
Lenore, RosieMinor heir of James & Mascie Lenore (NOT FILMED)10 SEP 1920756
Lenore, WillieDeceased13 SEP 1920757 13
Lewis, CatherineMinor heir of Rhoda & Henry Jones (NOT FILMED)5 MAR 1910295
Lewis, DixonNOT FILMED4 NOV 1915558
Lewis, DixsonMinor heir of Cyrus Lewis (NOT FILMED)31 AUG 1916581
Lewis, Jefferson Deceased10 JAN 1908572
Lewis, JeffersonDeceased15 AUG 19081144
Lewis, Julia B.Minor heir of Simon & Lillie O. Lewis2 JAN 19091795
Lewis, Minnie & MosesMinor heir of Sallie Lewis20 AUG 19041084
Lewis, SelinaDeceased15 MAY 191966512
Lewis, Theodore RooseveltMinor heir of Johnson & Lucy Coley (NOT FILMED)17 MAY 1926967
Lewis, WoodsonDeceased (See Case No. 978)17 NOV 192697415
Lewis, WoodsonDeceased (See Case No. 974) 13 JAN 192797816
Lomar, MaryDeceased17 MAR 191137810
Long: Effie, Willie, Wilson & FrostMinor heirs of Rhoda & Robert Long (NOT FILMED)4 MAY 1911395
Long: Hiram H., Clyde, Willie & Elizabeth Minor heirs of James H. & Lilly Jane Long (NOT FILMED)22 DEC 1917624
Long, J. H.Deceased16 MAR 1918639 12
Long, Mary MagdaleneMinor heir of James H. Long (NOT FILMED)17 DEC 1917623
Loving, SampsonMinor heir of Thomas Jefferson4 DEC 19081725
Lovish, StanleyDeceased18 DEC 191762612
Luke, EmmaDeceased1 JUL 19081043
Luke, EmmaDeceased22 JUN 192387215
Mankin, Effie, Dessie & EssieMinor heir of Lena Mankin Parr (NOT FILMED)1 MAY 1917608
Marke, Irene & Andrew Lee Minor heirs of Betty A. Brooks3 JUL 1908 833
Markham: Robert, Flora & EvaNOT FILMED21 APR 1914499
Markham: Robert, Flora & EvaMinor heirs of Lem Markham (NOT FILMED)16 DEC 1914516
Marlow, John W.Deceased2 APR 191864012
Marris, John B.Deceased (Missing File)UNKNOWN1013
Marshall, Ralph ReedMinor heir of W. B. & Julia Marshall (NOT FILMED)7 JUL 19281023
Marshaw, GirtrudeMinor heir of Ed & Ella Mashaw (NOT FILMED)25 FEB 1918635
Mathews, Bonnie, Edna & AuraMinor heirs of Thomas J. & N. A. Mathews (NOT FILMED)2 JUL 1918642
Mathews, EathaDeceased31OCT 190621 1
Mathews, Thomas J.Deceased (MISSING FILE)UNKNOWN643
Matthews, Isophene Deceased10 MAR ?53111
Matthew: Troy Lavelle & Monnie BelleMinor heir of Troy B. & Isophene Matthews (NOT FILMED)8 JAN 1918629
Maudlin, JohnDeceased22 DEC 192284714
Maxey, James FloydDeceased15 APR 1915 53811
Meashintubbee, ElizabethLegal heir of Morrow Jones19 DEC 191035610
Meashintubby, WilliamDeceased4 NOV 1921805 14
Megee, Eva & ElmerMinor heirs of Bud & Adialine Megee (NOT FILMED)14 MAR 1921778
Mellott, CatherineMinor heir of Henry Mellott (NOT FILMED)19 JAN 1927981
Messer, JakeDeceased2 OCT 192283714
Megee, James L.Deceased9 JUN 191554211
Merryman, AgnesDeceased (See Case No. 1351)22 APR 19051505
Merryman, Gabe & Benjamin C.NOT FILMED28 FEB 1911377
Merryman: William Bryan, Agnes, Grace Ella & Sherman LeeMinor heirs of Gibson V. Merryman (6 files)20 JUL 1907562
Merryman, FrancisDeceased (Heirs listed: Wilburn Henry & Alice Bell)20 AUG 19092408
Merryman, Gabe & BenjaminMinor heir of Mary Merryman23 JUL 19081956
Merryman: Sherman Lee, Bryan & Grace EllaMinor heirs of Gibson Merryman27 AUG 1907562
Mickle, ElizabethDeceased23 OCT 192593915
Miller, TonyDeceased6 OCT 19092579
Mishamatubbee, LenaDeceased9 FEB 192332910
Mitchell: Constance, Toney & WillieMinor heir of John & Annie Mitchell (NOT FILMED)2 DEC 1922845
Mitchell, JohnDeceased (Heirs listed: Constance, Tony & Willie Mitchell)18 AUG 192388715
Miyabe, AnnieDeceasedUNKNOWN2468
Miyabe, AnnieDeceased (Heirs listed: Oscar & Melvina Baker & Sallie & Sidney Amos)25 AUG 19092478
Miyabe, ElsieDeceased (Heirs listed: Esias, Amie & Clara Miyabe)9 DEC 19081775
Miyabe, EsiasDeceased8 APR 191243611
Miyabe, EsiasDeceased9 JUL 191450311
Moore, Earnest Jr.Minor heir of Earnest Moore (NOT FILMED)1 JUN 1923864
Moore, George W.Deceased6 DEC 191866312
Moore, JohsDeceased (MISSING FILE)UNKNOWN853
Moore, Mandy & HerbertMinor heirs of Mandy R. Moore (NOT FILMED)2 JAN 1919671
Moore, Ruby & HazelMinor heirs of Simon Moore (NOT FILMED)13 DEC 1920772
Morley, TellaSam L. Morley, guardian17 MAY 1907441
Morrell, JoeDeceased4 NOV 192076513
Morris, Joseph & ZachariahMinor heirs of Asie & Esias Morris (NOT FILMED)15 FEB 1912428
Mothersead, B. F.Deceased3 SEP 192179914
Mullen, Amison & SidneyMinor heir of Morris & Minnie Mullen5 DEC 19081745
Muse, J. S.Deceased14 JUL 192243014
McBee, Isaac & LizzieDeceased26 MAR 192072913
McBride, J. J.Deceased20 SEP 192697115
McCann, CorneliusWilliam R. Allen, guardian24 FEB 1908722
McCann, CorneliusDeceased (2 files)30 JUL 19091675
McCann, DixonMinor heir of Phillip McCann9 MAR 19092017
McCann, DixonMinor heir of Phillip McCann (NOT FILMED)10 JAN 1910283
McCann, Edna, Irene, Thelma & Cornelius Jr.Minor heir of Leona & Cornelius McCann, Sr. (20 Files)24 FEB 1908732
McCann, Dixson, Jones & FrankMinor heirs of Adeline Lewis (NOT FILMED)29 MAR 1911389
McCarroll, LizzieDeceased23 SEP 192388915
McClendon, BradleyDeceased20 FEB 192695215
McClish, Durie & GenevaMinor heirs of Lorden & Sissy McClish (5 files)11 MAY 19092187
McClish, Sissy (nee James)Deceased22 APR 191031410
McCloud, CharleyDeceased27 JUN 19081023
McClure, HarryDeceased3 JUN 1925932 15
McClure, JincyDeceased3 JUN 192593115
McClure, LouisaMinor heir of Simon & Winnie Atoka (3 files)7 OCT 19081816
McClure, VelmaMinor heir of Willis & Zona McClure (NOT FILMED)27 MAY 1913471
McClure, WillisDeceased16 JUN 192179214
McCoy, Charley Deceased8 SEP 1911231
McCoy, MaryDeceased8 SEP 1911221
McCurtain, Elphia MayMinor heir of Mitchell & Sallie McCurtain (NOT FILMED)24 AUG 1916579
McCurtain, Elphia MayMinor heir of Mitchell & Sallie McCurtain (NOT FILMED)2 MAR 1917784
McCurtain, Louisa (nee Wright)MISSING FILE16 MAR 1916564
McCurtain, MarthaDeceased1 FEB 19091987
McCurtain, MaryMinor heir of Martha McCurtain6 MAR 19091997
McCurtain, MaryMinor heir of Siley McCurtain13 APR 19091997
McCurtain, WilliamMinor heir of Thomas McCurtain (NOT FILMED)15 NOV 1911419
McCurtain, WilliamMinor heir of Thomas McCurtain (NOT FILMED)8 JAN 1915525B
McDaniel, S. H.Deceased7 MAR 1908762
McElroy, EsterDeceased27 MAR 192695315
McFadden, Margret TresaMinor heir of Ben & Julia McFadden13 MAR 1926955
McFarland, AlexanderUNKNOWN17 JUN 1907 481
McFerran, Bennie James & Harry DesveridgeMinor heirs of Walter & Isabell McFerran (3 files)14 JUN 19092238
McGee, EdgarMinor heir of Edgar & Lillie McGee (NOT FILMED)18 JUL 1914506
McGee, IsomNOT FILMED24 JUN 1915548
McGee: Lillie, William & EffieMinor heirs of John McGee22 AUG 19142258
McLarty, James P.Deceased (4 files)22 MAR 192073013
McLarty, Blannie A. & Ann MaeMinor heirs of James P McLarty (NOT FILMED)26 JUL 1920745
McLarty, N. J. & Sarah M.Deceased28 JUL 192074613
McMahan: Lula, Cullen, Mary & AdellaNOT FILMED5 AUG 1915552
McMurray: Charlie, Joe, Rosie & MayMinor heirs of Gurtie McMurray 1 DEC 19092709
Nation, James R.Deceased23 DEC 191866912
Nelson, DanielDeceased15 APR 191031010
Nelson: Isaac, Ada & MelvinaMinor heir of Eastman & Melvina Nelson (2 files)13 SEP 19092518
Nelson, Jones & DanielA. L. McPherson, guardian2 JAN 1908642
Nelson, JosephineDeceased4 AUG 190651
Nelson, JosephineDeceased (Heirs listed: Calvin Anderson & Zona McClure)15 FEB 19091946
Nelson, JosephineDeceased11 AUG 192283114
Nelson, Mary A. Deceased6 OCT 19092559
Nelson, SmallwoodDeceased28 JUL 19092298
Newkirk, OwenDeceased29 OCT 192491815
Nichols, A. L.Deceased30 APR 191450011
Nicholas, WilsonDeceased7 MAR 1910296 10
Nichols, RosieMinor heir of Rhoda & Henry Jones (NOT FILMED)5 MAR 1910295
Noblet, Eldridge A.Deceased20 JAN 191136710

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