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Obert: Peter, Joseph, Teddy & CatherineMinor heirs of John & Caroline Obert (NOT FILMED)21 DEC 1916595
Obert, SandyDeceased25 SEP 191658212
Orange, CharlesDeceased14 NOV 191451411
Orr, AnnaMinor heir of A. G. Orr (NOT FILMED)23 JAN 1915526
Oscar, BrownDeceased7 DEC 193272813
Ott, JaneDeceased9 MAY 190647611
Ott, MattieDeceased14 JAN 1914476511
Ott: Solomon, Martha Jane & WineniaMinor heir of Alfred & Lizzie Ott (4 files)19 MAY 19111625
Ott, StephenDeceased25 MAR 19091967
Ott, Stephen P.Deceased29 JUL 191034110
Paris, JohnNOT FILMED27 JAN 1922812
Parker, M.C.Deceased11 OCT 192697315
Parker: N.M.L., Mazie & StanleyMinor heirs of Della Parker (NOT FILMED)16 OCT 1920761
Paxton, EliDeceased5 MAY 19202639
Paxton, Missie & LymanMinor heirs of Eli & Lizzie Paxton11 NOV 19092629
Paxton, PhillipDeceased (See case No. 1037)20 JUL 1920102416
Paxton, SusanDeceased (MISSING FILE)17 JUN 1915544
Paxton: Swiney, Rufus & MorrisMinor heirs of Gabriel & Susan Paxton (NOT FILMED)28 APR 1917536
Pazero, TomNOT FILMED4 JUN 1924 912
Pearse, Elsie AnnMinor heir of George & Kitzie Pearse (NOT FILMED)4 MAR 1912432
Pearse, Elsie AnnDeceased23 DEC 191451911
Pebworth, FrankNOT FILMED20 OCT 19271004
Pebworth, John L. & FrankMinor heir of Joseph & Nancy Pebworth30 APR 1907431
Pebworth, MargueriteDeceased12 OCT 192389215
Peppers, A. J.Deceased MISSING FILE17 JUN 1926969
Perkins, S. L.Deceased24 SEP 191970813
Perry, Jincy JaneDeceased30 MAR 192282014
Philip, EliMinor heir of Tom Philip (NOT FILMED)1 FEB 1912427
Phillips: Eva, Flora, Harry & GenaMinor heirs of Lydia Phillips26 OCT 19071615
Pianalto, LuigeDeceased8 AUG 191140610
Pierce, SophiaMinor heir of Kitzie Jones18 OCT 1908592
Pierce, SophiaDeceased (Heir listed: Kitsie Jones)4 DEC 19092729
Pierce, SophiaDeceased18 DEC 19092799
Pink, CrabtreeDeceased17 DEC 1919720 13
Potter, Mary (nee Scott)Legal heir of Willie Scott10 MAY 19131053
Potts: Rebecca, Horace, Eli & LauraUNKNOWN (3 files)21 APR 19092137
Potts, WilliamD. H. McPherson, guardian31 JUL 1907541
Pounder: Eva, Felarro, Harry & GennalMinor heir of Lydia Phillips5 APR 19092087
Pounder, L.K.Deceased5 APR 19092087
Pratt, WillieMinor heir of Ida Byrd (mother) (NOT FILMED)29 JUL 1911405
Pugh, HarrellMinor heir of Lemuel Pugh (NOT FILMED)7 DEC 1914591
Pugh, Rudley & ThearnMinor heirs of Rube & Rosetta Pugh (NOT FILMED)27 JAN 1919676
Pulsey, AnnaDeceased18 DEC 19092809
Pusley, AnnaDeceased23 AUG 191244911
Pusley, BetsyDeceased6 NOV 191141811
Pusley, EdwardDeceased21 MAR 190531710
Pusley, GeorgeMinor heir of Adam Pusley (NOT FILMED)UNKNOWN782
Pusley, GeorgeDeceased (Heirs listed: Dora Pusley & Murtie Frazier (nee Pusley)2 NOV 191035110
Pusley, JoshuaDeceased13 JUL 192387815
Pusley, LillieDeceased11 MAY 191244411
Pusley: Sallie, Silas & NancyLegal heirs of Anna & Simon Pusley5 DEC 19081735
Pusley, SilasDeceased (Heirs listed: Nancy Seely & Annie Pusley)31 MAY 192842311
Pusley, SilasDeceased18 SEP 1928101416
Pusley, SimonDeceased21 MAY 1908953
Pusley, SimonDeceased (Heirs listed: Nancy, Sally & Silas)17 MAR 19092027
Pusley, SimonDeceased13 MAY 191031810
Pusley, SimonDeceased (Heirs listed: Silas Pusley)3 JUN 191032310
Pusley, SimonDeceased (Heirs listed: Abner B. Pusley)13 JUL 191033710
Pusley, SimonDeceased ((Heirs; listed: Nancy Pusley)14 JUL 191033810
Pusley, SimonDeceased (Heirs listed: Dora Pusley)5 DEC 191035510
Pusley,WilliamNOT FILMED20 MAY 1912445
Quante, ToneyDeceased20 OCT 191658612
Quinton, CharlesDeceased15 APR 1907411
Ramsey, BessieMinor heir of Mary Ramsey (NOT FILMED)29 NOV 1912455
Reagan, Davie & PaulineR. A. Welch, guardian12 AUG 19081104
Reap, Thomas R.Deceased9 JUL 19092348
Reed, George Minor heir of Isheatubby4 AUG 19063 1
Reed, GeorgeBen F. Johnson, guardian7 FEB 1944973
Reed, Joe & MelvinaMinor heirs of Raymond Reed26 MAR 1910381
Reed, Melvina & JoeGeorge W. Reed, guradian (NOT FILMED)30 OCT 1913475
Reed, RaymondDeceased (Heirs listed: George & Melvina Reed & Winey, Amison & Sidney Mullin & Cholin PaxtonUNKNOWN32010
Reed, RaymondDeceased21 DEC 191451711
Reed, WilliamNOT FILMED19 DEC 1922846
Renkus, EmalineMinor heir of Pauline Reed (NOT FILMED)7 MAY 1925651
Remmage, FrankDeceased28 APR 192385715
Reynolds, William & OdaMinor heirs of Gibson & Pairlee Merryman (6 files)27 AUG 1907562
Ricci, DominicDeceased3 FEB 191968013
Rice, AugustDeceased6 JUL 192387515
Rice, WilliamMinor heir of August & Mary Rice (NOT FILMED)13 JUN 1923870
Rich, BerthaMinor heir of Fred Rick (NOT FILMED)15 NOV 1913486
Richmond, MaudieDeceased26 SEP 1921802 14
Ricioni, RicardoDeceased4 FEB 191863112
Rickey, F. L.Deceased29 NOV 191849311
Riddle, Eureka J.Minor heir of G. W. Riddle8 FEB 1907311
Riddle, Eureka J. & Thomas J.Minor heir of George W. Riddle (NOT FILMED)7 MAR 1911380
Riddle, George W.Deceased19 AUG 191034410
Riddle, Samuel L.G. W. Riddle, guardian13 MAR 1907341
Riddle: Shingo L., Daisy K., Lee Roy & EitleF.NOT FILMED10 MAR 1911382
Riddle, Thomas J.Minor heir of G. W. Riddle13 FEB 1907321
Riddle, WillieNOT FILMED23 JUL 1907454
Roberson, JamesDeceased7 OCT 19101424
Robertson, Caldwell Deceased (2 files)13 APR 191139110
Robertson, Ethel OzarkDeceased22 OCT 192593715
Robertson, Grace GertrudeDeceased22 OCT 192593815
Robertson, W. T.Deceased11 AUG 191034210
Robinson, CaldwellMinor heir of James Robinson30 JUL 19092388
Robinson, LascoDeceased9 NOV 192076313
Robinson, Veda Minor heir of Lasco Robinson (NOT FILMED)9 NOV 1920762
Rockett: Ross L., Francis M. & Julian C.Minor heirs of Louis & Ida M. Rockett15 AUG 1917616
Romagnoli, DominickDeceased3 JAN 191449011
Romagnoli, Eda & DominikMinor heirs of Jacabas & Julia Romagnoli (NOT FILMED)17 MAY 1915541
Rooney, M. J.Deceased25 AUG 192179614
Roseski, WilliamDeceased11 DEC 1911 48711
Rosenstein, HarryDeceased17 JUL 191761512
Roundtree, John Edward & Ethel J.Minor heirs of Charles E. Roundtree (NOT FILMED)20 APR 1921788
Sage, Albert WoodyUNKNOWN12 DEC 1907632
Sage: John, Myrtle, Maude, Eugene, Clyde, Claude, Ridley, Slyvester & WoodyUNKNOWN25 SEP 1908712
Sage: John, Myrtle, Maude, Eugene, Clyde, Claude, Ridley, Slyvester & WoodyDeceased (SEE CASE NO. 71)25 SEP 1908742
Sakaulanskas, WilliamDeceased9 DEC 191866412
Salutario, MikeDeceased2 OCT 191451011
Sam, CliffordDeceased (Heirs listed: Morris & Sophie Sam)16 AUG 191034310
Sam: Nancy, James & Cleveland (or Clifford)NOT FILMED29 JUN 1905396
Sam: Nancy, James & SnodaMinor heirs of Morris & Sophie Sam (NOT FILMED)18 JUL 1911404
Sam, SnodaNOT FILMED (File transferred to Case No. 404)14 SEP 1946584
Sam, StephenDeceased27 NOV 19081715
Sam, StevenDeceased31 OCT 1906201
Sam, SusanDeceased3 JUN 191347211
Sanders, TedNOT FILMED3 OCT 19271003
Sawyer, MackDeceased29 MAY 192696815
Scaranella, PeteDeceased12 NOV 191865312
Scott, DixonDeceased (Heirs listed: Willie, Mary & Isabelle Scott)16 JUL 19092358
Scott, ElizabethDeceased (Heirs listed: Willie, Mary & Isabelle Scott)13 JUL 19092368
Scott: Henry G., Harold E., Maria Levonia & Freda Minor heirs of Henry S. Scott (NOT FILMED)24 APR 1920 735
Scott, Henry S.Deceased13 APR 192073613
Scott, Sissie & NormanMinor heir of Willis & Elizabeth Scott (2 files)15 APR 19092107
Scott, WillieDeceased19 MAY 191139710
Seeley, Lona Bell & Ona JaneMinor heirs of A. J. & Missy Seeley3 SEP 19081254
Semore, Morris L.Deceased26 NOV 1907612
Seeley, NancyDeceased2 NOV 19281031 16
Sena, CollinDeceased30 AUG 191970513
Serrano, JoseDeceased30 JAN 192072413
Sexton, JohnNOT FILMED23 JUL 1907454
Sfarzo, BeatrriceDeceased26 JAN 192592315
Sherfield, J. W.Deceased28 MAY 192799216
Sherfield, RoyMinor heir of J. W. Sherfield (NOT FILMED)6 NOV 1927994
Sherfield, WellingtonMinor heir of W. A. & Mary Sherfiled (NOT FILMED)2 APR 1927983
Shoemaker, John E.Deceased31 DEC 1927101016
Simmons, J. W.Deceased31 JUL 191244811
Sims, Joseph P.Deceased (14 files)15 JAN 1906682
Skinner, Thomas F.MISSING FILE 20 APR 1926963
Smith, George W.Bessie O’Donnell Smith, guardian (NOT FILMED)4 NOV 1927 985
Smith, Mandy (nee Krebbs)NOT FILMED7 OCT 1922838
Snowden, Samuel W.Minor heir of John W. & Beda A. Snowden (NOT FILMED)11 APR 1916565
Sockey, Arizona & Elizabeth Minor heir of Ben Sockey (NOT FILMED)23 FEB 1922732
Sockey, BenDeceased29 JAN 191967813
Sockey, JohnDeceased8 NOV 191866112
Sockey, John & Rosa Minor heirs of John & Rosa Sockey (NOT FILMED)7 AUG 1914 507
Sockey, William L. & James AlvinMinor heir of Celina & William Sockey8 DEC 19081765
Sockey, William L. & James A.Minor heir of William Sockey13 AUG 19092418
Sockey, William L.Deceased (2 files)13 DEC 191869013
Solscheid, Frank A.Deceased4 JAN 1928100516
Sorrels, SarahDeceased15 NOV 191555712
Sparks, A. D.Deceased2 JUN 192593015
Sparks, Jonas R. Deceased22 MAR 192243011
Speights, O. L.Deceased23 JAN 192694115
Stagni, AngeloDeceased6 MAY 191554011
Stallaby, AndersonMISSING FILEUNKNOWN340
Stallaby, AndersonDeceased23 JAN 192280714
Stallaby: Duke, Forbis, Nannie & LizzieMinor heir of James Stallaby1 JUL 19081033
Stallaby, HattieDeceased26 JUL 190621
Stallaby, HattieDeceased3 NOV 192284214
Stallaby, James N.Deceased3 NOV 192284314
Stallaby, James M.Deceased22 JUN 192387315
Stallaby, James N.Deceased26 JUL 190611
Stallaby, James N.Deceased28 MAR 19182398
Stallaby, James N. & HattieDeceased (Heirs listed: James & Robert Stallaby & Stanley Selaney)19 APR 19092117
Stallaby: Tennis, Forbis, Duke, Nannie & LizzieMinor heirs of James Stallaby (3 FILES)29 OCT 19081535
Sterling, J. D.Deceased30 DEC 191867312
Sterling, LenoraDeceased7 JUN 192386715
Stevenson, SolasMinor heir of G. R. Stevenson (NOT FILMED)16 MAY 1927991
Stewart, Margaret (nee Cartiledge)NOT FILMED21 JUN 1915546
Stiles, LiliaMinor heir of Harvey Stiles & Mattie Ott (NOT FILMED) 8 APR 1910306
Stiles, LiliaMinor heir of Harvey Stiles (NOT FILMED)23 MAY ?313
Stiles, LiliaMinor heir of Mattie E. Ott (NOT FILMED)2 AUG 1913479
Stovzza, BeatriceDeceased26 SEP 192283514
Strunk, WilliamDeceased18 JAN 191028510
Stumbaugh: Nadine, Louise & JoeMinor heirs of Annie Stumbaugh (NOT FILMED)13 JUN 1913474
Suddeth, BenDeceased (Heirs listed: Lucy A. Suddeth)11 APR 191030910
Suddith, BenDeceased22 JUN 192387415
Sullivan, Charles H.Deceased4 SEP 192075413
Sullivan, Easter May & MyrtleMinor heirs of Charles H. & Annie Sullivan (NOT FILMED)4 SEP 1920755
Sutmiller, H.R.Deceased22 JUN 19091836
Swan, W. J.MISSING FILE24 MAR 1920731
Swayzee, GeorgeMinor heir of Sarah D. & Samuel Swayzee (NOT FILMED)21 FEB 1912429

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