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Valsecchi, JohnDeceased30 JAN 192592515
Vecelus, MatDeceased7 DEC 192389815
Venson, George S.Deceased25 MAY 192073913
Vickers, John G. & Albert E.Minor heirs of Thomas & Jennie Vickers (NOT FILMED)3 FEB 1917601
Wade, AmyDeceased (Heirs listed: Esaih Wade)30 APR 19092147
Wade, AmyDeceased8 SEP 19042167
Wade, AmyDeceased (Heirs listed: W. D. Frazier)14 MAY 19092177
Wade, BessieDeceased2 JAN 19051384
Wade, BessieDeceased (Heirs listed: Dennis & Lizzie Wade, Yincy Yota & Biney Coley)25 SEP 19081435
Wade, BessieDeceased15 FEB 191137210
Wade, EastmanDeceased29 JUL 191555012
Wade, EliLease of Eli Wade to R. E. Williamson28 OCT 191141511
Wade, EllenDeceased (Heirs listed: Ellis Wade, Ada Carter, Tandy Hunter & Fred Hoklotubbee)8 JAN 193651411
Wade, EllenDeceased (Heirs listed: Ellis Wade, Ada Carter & Fred Haklotubbee)14 MAR 193449111
Wade, Jane (nee Pusley)Deceased8 NOV 191761912
Wade, Lewis & AnnieMinor heirs of Jane Wade (Nee Pusley) (NOT FILMED)8 NOV 1917620
Wade, Loren W.Deceased25 SEP 1925 93515
Wade, RhodaDeceased (Heirs listed: Eli & Esiah Wade & W. D. Frazier)2 SEP 19081134
Wade, RhodaDeceased28 SEP 19081284
Wade, RhodaDeceased10 FEB 19091896
Wade: Sarah (nee York)Legal heir of Ellis Jefferson14 OCT 19081565
Wade, SimeonDeceased13 JUL 192387915
Wall, GilbertDeceased (Heirs listed: Gibson & Mary Wall)21 JUL 191033910
Wall, JohnsonDeceased24 JUL 1907531
Wall, Minnie & ExieTransferred to Bryan County, Oklahoma (NOT FILMED)12 JAN 1923592
Walzer, CharlesDeceased 10 NOV 192284014
Walzer: Mary, Amos & GenevaMinor heir of Charles Walzer (NOT FILMED)30 OCT 1922841
Warren, John C.Deceased29 NOV 192077014
Watson, W. H.Deceased12 NOV 191865412
Watson, W. H.Deceased19 JAN 192165412
Weatherspoon, CharlieDeceased1 FEB 192694515
Webster, RubieMinor heir of Ben B. Webster (NOT FILMED)20 JAN 1911288
Wesley, CharlesDeceased15 JUL 191657512
Wesley, ThomasDeceased5 MAY 192385614
Wesley, Thomas & PerryNOT FILMED3 OCT 1913383
Wheat, AgnesDeceased16 JUN 19092268
Wheeler, LovinaMinor heir of William P. Wheeler (4 files)30 MAR 1908793
Wheeler, RhodaDeceased8 JUN 192386915
White, AmyDeceased13 APR 1908823
White, CaneDeceased12 FEB 1907301
White, CaneDeceased29 NOV 19092679
Wiley, HenryDeceased7 JUN 191657312
Wilkens, JohnDeceased19 OCT 19092589
Wilkins, JohnDeceased (Heirs listed: Sallie & Amos Williams)19 NOV 19092749
Williams, Alfred H.Deceased5 MAY 192798716
Williams, Alfred T. & Claud H.Minor heirs of Alfred H. & Chloe Williams (NOT FILMED)5 MAY 1927986
Williams, C. P.Deceased3 JUL 191864412
Williams, Florence & DonnieMinor heirs of D. C. Williams (NOT FILMED)26 MAY 1917611
Williams, Eddie & EliMinor heirs of Jasper Williams (4 files)28 SEP 19081374
Williams: Ella, Earna & RoyMinor heirs of Cora Williams19 OCT 1906191
Williams: Emaline, Mattie & MollieMinor heirs of Joel Williams (6 files)22 JAN 1908672
Williams, ForrestDeceased (Heirs listed: Eva & Freeman Williams)13 JAN 191136310
Williams, ForrestDeceased28 AUG 191245011
Williams, FreemanMISSING FILE (See Case No. 489, 563 & 894)UNKNOWN354
Williams, J. B.Deceased10 OCT 1910484 11
Williams, JincyDeceased (Heirs listed: Forest Williams, Joanna Henry & Julia Coley)1 SEP 191034510
Williams, JincyDeceased17 AUG 1908116 4
Williams, JincyDeceased5 NOV 19081655
Williams, JincyDeceased (Heirs listed: Forest Williams, Joanna Henry & Julia Coley)28 DEC 19081805
Williams, JoelDeceased22 APR 1907421
Williams, LeonaDeceased (Heirs listed: Forrest Williams)25 AUG 19092458
Williams, Leone & FreemanMinor heirs of Jincy Williams21 SEP 19081214
Williams, MarthaDeceased (Heirs listed: Osborn Carr, son)16 DEC 19092769
Williams, Mollie, Mattie & EmalineMinor heirs of Joel Williams (6 files)22 JAN 1908672
Williams: Patrick, Mollie, William, Carrie & ThomasMinor heirs of Charles P. Williams (NOT FILMED)1 DEC 1917621
Williams, Sarah JaneDeceased25 AUG 192491615
Williams, Stella Juanita & Jessie MaxineMinor heirs of Corall E. Williams (NOT FILMED)2 MAR 1920726
Willis, MaryDeceased4 AUG 190641
Willis, MaryDeceased (Heirs listed: Calvin Anderson & Zona McClure)15 FEB 19091936
Willis, MaryLegal heir of Amy White9 JUL 19092338
Willis, MosesDeceased8 JAN 191242511
Willis, MosesDeceased (Heirs listed: Elam Taylor, Selissa Jefferson, Elizabeth Taylor & Menkoschuffie)21 DEC 1921808 14
Willis, WilliamDeceased16 JUL 1913241
Wilson, JerryDeceased (2 files)11 MAY 191139810
Wilson, J. W.Deceased8 OCT 192697215
Wilson, LutherMinor heirs of J. R. & Mary A. Wilson (NOT FILMED)27 APR 1921790
Wilson, PeterDeceased10 FEB 190743811
Winlock, BrazilDeceased (Heirs listed: Sissie Kincade & Alice Lewis)8 DEC 19081755
Winlock, EllisMinor heir of Wattie Winlock (NOT FILMED)19 NOV 1915559
Winlock, Johnny & EllisMinor heirs of Wattie Winlock (4 files)15 MAY 19092207
Winlock, Lizzie & RobertMinor heirs of Johnny Winlock26 SEP 1916583
Winlock: L. D., Lorina, Tony & Ellis WinlockMinor heirs of Wattie & Alice Winlock (NOT FILMED)18 JUN 1915468
Winlock, RobertDecease 22 NOV 191658812
Winningham, T. B.Decease7 JUN 192386815
Winscowski, MaryMinor heir of Andrew & Victoria Winscowski (NOT FILMED)21 JAN 1918630
Winship, CorneliusDeceased29 MAR 192385414
Witunsky, JohnDecease29 JAN 192694415
Wolfington, AlfredDecease15 JAN 191862812
Wolfington: Alfred, James & HyttyMinor heirs of Mary & Alfred Wolfington (NOT FILMED)25 APR 1916566
Woolrodge, SineyMinor heirs of Moses & Lizzie Woolridge (NOT FILMED)5 JUN 1913473
Worcester, Millie & AnnieMinor heirs of Alfred & Mary Worcester24 APR 1919689
Wright, Alley McPhearson & Mary AnnMinor heirs of Sampson & Nancy Wright10 SEP 19092488
Wright, BartonMinor heirs of Watson & Zone Wright10 AUG 1922832
Wright, DavidMinor heirs of Robert Wright2 OCT 1912188 6
Wright, Mary Ann & Ollie McPhearsonMinor heirs of Sampson & Bency Wright (NOT FILMED)28 APR 1910315
Wright, SampsonDeceased (Heirs listed: Sampson & Bency Wright) (NOT FILMED)3 MAR 1910293
Wynn, JohnMinor heir of Alice Wynn21 OCT 19081605
York, A. K.Deceased6 AUG 192179814
Yota, AdamDeceased (Heirs listed: Yincy, Zira, Lela & Mary Jane (NOT FILMED)10 FEB 1921777
Yota, CalvinMinor heir of Kissie Yota21 NOV 19041184
Yota, CalvinDeceased2 SEP 191347811
Yota, LelaMinor heir of Yincy & Adam Yota10 FEB 192177514
Yota, Sillis (nee Loman)Deceased8 APR 191968513
Yota, Zira NOT FILMED21 AUG 1915556
Young, Elizabeth & AnnaMinor heir of Justina & John F. Young (NOT FILMED)18 DEC1917622
Zadro, Lino (Leo)Deceased8 MAY 191760612
Zaikowski: Martha, Stanley, Victoria, Mary, Michael, Pete & AnnaMinor heir of Joseph & Anna Zaikowski (NOT FILMED)22 AUG 19271000

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