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1903 Guthrie, Oklahoma Territory Directory


Transcribed and submitted by: Sabrina.

List of Abbreviations

A D T Co............American District Tel Co.
agr impt............Agricultural Implements.
A T & S F...........Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe.
bdg hs..............boarding house
cab mkr.............cabinet maker
C R I & P...........Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific.
cig mkr.............cigar maker
civ eng.............civil engineer
com mer.............commission merchant
e s.................east side
E O R R ............Eastern Oklahoma R. R.
fur rms.............furnished rooms
gas ftr.............gas fitter
G I & C S Co.....Guthrie Ice and Cold Storage Co
G Lndry.............Guthrie Laundry Co
G Tel Co............Guthrie Telephone Co.
harness mkr.........harness maker
M E.................Methodist Episcopal
meat mkt............meat market
mngr............... manager
Mo & Kan Tel Co..Missouri & Kansas Telephone Co
notary..............notary public
n s.................north side
nw..................north west
Okla I Wks Co.......Oklahoma Iron Works co.
paper hgr...........paper hanger
P O.................post office
ry m s .............railway mail service
real est............real estate
R R.................railroad
ss..................south side
stone ctr...........stone cutter
tel.................telephone, telegraph
tel opr.............telegraph or telephone operator
trav agt............traveling agent
trav slsm...........traveling salesman
vet surg............veterinary surgeon
v pres..............vice president

Last name beginning with:
A  B  C  D  E

- A -

ABBOTT Harry L, wf Minnie,  tmstr, r 1113 W. Logan
ABBOTT Pliny K. wf Laura, contr and builder 109 n 1st, r 519 Division
ABBOTT W Oscar, cab driver, r 210 2d
ABELL JOHN J., WF Lassie, clothing, gents' furnishings, etc. 106 w
        r 605 e Cleveland
ABERNATHY Almon, wf Etta, frmn station No. 2, r 211 e Springer
ABERNATHY Miss Edith, student, r 405 w Springer
ABERNATHY Frank, stonemason, r 405 w Springer
ABERNATHY Nicholas N, wf Ellen, stonemason, r 405 w Springer
ABINGTON Chas W c, wf Estella, minister, r 606 e Vilas
ABINGTON E W c, wf Mary, lab, r 515 e Grant
ABRAHAM Miss Maude, clk Grand Leader, r 718 e Vilas
ACKERMAN A Clyde, wf Laurel, wks Guthrie Laundry Co., r 1310 e Noble
ACKERMAN Albert L, wf Mattie, plasterer, r 505 e Vilas
ACKERMAN Miss Goldie, student, r 505 e Vilas
ACKERMAN John B, wf Jane, plasterer, r 1417 e Oklahoma
ACKERMAN Marion, wks The Guthrie Laundry Co, r 505 e Vilas
ACKERMAN Miss Pearl, ironer The Guthrie Laundry Co, r 505 e Vilas
ACKERMAN Miss Ruby, marker The Guthrie Laundry Co, r 505 e Vilas
ACME PRINTING CO, Eugene GILL propr 118 � n Division
ACTON Milton, wf Lizzie, baker, r 418 Drexel bv.
ACTON Osborn B, wf Mollie, real est, r 723 e Vilas
ACTON Owen, student, r 723 e Vilas
ADAMS Alabama c, (wid), laundress, r 724 s 1st.
ADAMS Alvin C, bar tndr, r 626 w Cleveland
ADAMS Annie c (wid L), r 605 s 2d.
ADAMS Miss Cornelius c, dom, r 605 s 2d.
ADAMS Cornelius, lab, r 414 w Logan
ADAMS Cornelius F, rents row boats, r 423 w. Noble.
ADAMS Fred, wf Julia, carp, r 414 w Logan
ADAMS Miss Gertrude, r 824 w Noble
ADAMS Homer, student, r 615 e Noble
ADAMS Horace M, wf Allie, lawyer 202 � w Oklahoma, r 412 e Logan.
ADAMS Oliver c, waiter, r 505 s 2d.
ADAMS Wm, wf Emma, bridge carp, r 824 w Noble
ADKINS Berline (wid Hawood), laundress, r 1102 w Logan
ADLER Alfred, bkpr, r 623 n Broad.
ADLER Chas, wf Mina, dep county treas, r 623 n Broad.
ADLER Felix L, wf Sophie, county treas, r 524 e Noble.
ADLER Miss Florence, r 623 n Broad
AGATHA Sister Mary, r cor Elm and Mansur.
AKERS Alonzo L, wf Addie, tmstr, r 517 w College.
AKERS Elias, ret, r 701 e Noble.
ALAWAY Jesse, wf Della, lab, r 801 w Mansur.
ALEXANDER Miss Anna, clk, r 401 e Logan.
ALEXANDER Miss Clara, r 401 e Logan
ALEXANDER John, wf Tilda, carp, r 401 e Logan
ALEXANDER Neal c, wf Nancy, farmer, r 1005 w College.
ALLEN Andy A c, wf Melvine, mail carrier, r 901 w Perkins.
ALLEN Banner, wf Hester, lab, r 1113 e Lincoln.
ALLEN Christianna,c, dom, r 1312 e Grant.
ALLEN Earnest W, wf Etta, carp, r 111 e Warner.
ALLEN Edwin C, wf Elizabeth, engr Model Roller Mills, r 512 n Broad.
ALLEN E. Jefferson (ALLEN & MCCARTHY), r 301 s 1st.
ALLEN Frank A, wf Jennie, real est, r 123 s. 5th.
ALLEN Frank E., dentist 116 � e Oklahoma, r 623 s Mansur.
ALLEN Harry, wf Molly, supt Const Wk Santa Fe, r 409 n Division.
ALLEN Jane (wid Ira), r 1216 w Logan
ALLEN Jas, ef Rebecca J, contr and builder, r 1311 w Cleveland.
ALLEN Jas c, farmer, r 1312 e Grant.
ALLEN Mrs. Jennie (wid Wall), waitress, r 604 n Division.
ALLEN Joe, cig mer, r 311 e Harrison.
ALLEN Joe c, wf Fannie, farmer, r 1312 e Grant.
ALLEN John, genl repr, r 504 � w Oklahoma.
ALLEN JOHN O., wf Clara (HUMPHREY-ALLEN CO), r 709 e Cleveland
ALLEN Joseph, wf Martha, ret, r 409 n Division.
ALLEN Phillip S, lab, r 405 e Harrison.
ALLEN Miss Martha c, dom, r 1312 e Grant.
ALLEN Simpson, wf Lillie, rural carrier No 3, r 1216 w Logan.
ALLEN Miss Savannah c, dom, r 1312 e Grant.
ALLEN & MCCARTHY (E J ALLEN, J MCCARTHY), Star Laundry 123 n 1st.
ALLISON John M, wf Mary A, pawn broker, r 417 s Division.
ALLMAN J Henry, employment office 101 � s 2d, r 712 s 1st.
ALPAUGH Miss Jessica M, stenog, r 616 e Warner
ALSDORF Clayton, tailor, 708 w noble r same.
AMBROSE Miss Carrie, r 806 w Noble.
AMENT Emmett E, ADT CO messenger, r 622 e Harrison.
AMENT Miss Eunice, milliner, r 622 e Harrison
AMENT Jas C, wf Mattie E., trav slsm, r 622 e Harrison
AMERICAN BONDING CO, E F SHINN gen agt, 103 � w Oklahoma.
AMERICAN LOAN & TRUST CO 111 s Division.
AMES Jonathan, wf Amanda, ret, r 511 e Washington.
AMICK Corvan E., lab, r 1324 w  Washington.
AMICK Orville P, wf Ida, carp, r 1202 e Cleveland.
AMMERMAN Charles H, lab r 607 w Harrison.
ANDERSON A D c, carp, r 405 s Broad.
ANDERSON Andrew, wf Mary, RR foreman, r 314 w Springer.
ANDERSON Clarence c, porter, r 711 w Grant.
ANDERSON Dennis c, wf Fannie, lab, r 709 e Lincoln.
ANDERSON Miss Emma c, dom, r 1006 w Logan.
ANDERSON Fred W, printer, r 702 w Washington.
ANDERSON Geo, wf, Pearl, printer, r 605 w Mansur.
ANDERSON Geo, wf Rosa, stockman, r 517 e Cleveland.
ANDERSON Gus A, wf Katie, grocer 116 e Oklahoma, r 703 e Logan.
ANDERSON Herman P, wf Laura, lab, r 414 s Walnut.
ANDERSON Jackson c, wf Lucinda, ret, r 423 e Grant.
ANDERSON Jacob A, wf Lena, hardware, groceries, 116 e Oklahoma, 
        r 704 e Mansur
ANDERSON John F c, wf Louisa, lawyer, r 711 w Grant
ANDERSON James N, wf Martha A (ANDERSON Variety Store),
        r 215 e Oklahoma
ANDERSON Miss Jennie c, r 1006 w Logan.
ANDERSON Lewis E, wf Lucy, gen repair shop 602 w Noble, r same.
ANDERSON Lottie (wid John), dressmkr, r 619 n Vine.
ANDERSON Miss Luvinia c, r 1006 w Logan.
ANDERSON Minnie M (wid Wilson L), r 115 e Noble
ANDERSON Narvin, clk, r 320 n 2d.
ANDERSON Newt, wf Linnie, contr and builder, r 707 e Logan.
ANDERSON Miss Pearl, tel opr, r 702 w Washington.
ANDERSON Randall c, wf Anna, ret, r 1124 e University
ANDERSON Rose (wid James), r 1006 w Logan.
ANDERSON Sadie (wid John), clk, r 320 n 2d.
ANDERSON Mrs. Sarah, r 724 w Warner.
        215 e Oklahoma.
ANDERSON Wm H, wf Lovonia, ret, r 702 w Washington.
ANDERSON & ANDERSON (James N, Martha A), variety store, 
        215 e Oklahoma.
ANDREWS Wm c, wf Ida, lab, r 719 n 7th.
ANTHONY Buncy C c, wf Mary, porter, r 223 n 1st.
ANNIS Miss Pauline, student, r 607 w Harrison.
APPERSON Chas J c, wf Mattie, lab, r 1123 w Grant.
APPERSON Miss Mattie c, dom Saddlerock rest, r 1123 w Grant.
Archer Frank, carp, r 117 n Broad.
Ardery Harry F, wf Flora B, asst sec school land dept, r 201 n Broad.
ARKANSAS HOTEL c, Richard Pierson propr, 333 w Harrison.
ARMANTROUT BROS, M I ARMANTROUT mngr, 118 � e Oklahoma, 
        r same.
ARMANTROUT M I, wf Fannie, (ARMANTROUT BROS) 118 � e Oklahoma,
        r same.
ARMS Charles H, wf Ada, lab, r 1202 w Washington.
ARMS Robert, driver THE RUEMMELI-BRAUN CO., r 1201 w Washington.
ARMS Wm, wf Rettie, tmstr, r 912 w Warner.
ARMSTRONG Camden W, wf Mary F, carriage painter, r 322 w Washington.
ARMSTRONG Miss Emily, stenog, r 204 e Mansur.
ARMSTRONG Frank, wf Mira c, lab, r 723 s Maple.
ARMSTRONG Fred c, wf Willie, barber, r 501 e Grant.
ARMSTRONG John H, wf Amanda M, stone mason, r 204 e Mansur.
ARMSTRONG Miss Millie, ironer, STAR LAUNDRY, r 204 e  Mansur.
ARMSTRONG Silas, lab, r 1323 w Washington.
ARNDT Angus, wf Freda, lab, r 1103 w Washington.
ARNDT Edward W., clk, r 1103 w Washington.
ARNDT Robert, clk, r 1103 w Washington.
ARNDT Wm, clk, r 1103 w Washington.
ARNETT Harmon, wf Mary, ret r 1223 w Warner.
ARNOLD Luther, rural carrier No. 1, r 324 e Mansur.
ARNOLD Geo c, lab, r 610 s 3d.
ARTHUR Jas W, wf Susan, grocer, r 1602 w Noble.
ARVIDSSON Mrs Fannie P, nurse, r 323 e Oklahoma.
ASHFORD Peggie c, (wid Daniel) r 1409 w Logan.
ASHTON Frank A, wf Margaret, Territorial Inspector of Oils, office
        102 � e Oklahoma, r 402 e Warner.
ASHRON Miss Mignonne, stenog, r 402 e Warner.
ASKEW Louise (wid Willis), r 606 w Warner.
ASKEW Nick c, lab, r 1307 w Logan.
ASP Alfred, student, r 522 e Logan.
ASP HENRY E., wf Nellie M (ASP & COTTINGHAM), r 522 e Logan.
        204 � w Harrison.
ASTON John E, wf Permelia, painter, r 1107 w Logan.
ASTOR HOUSE, E G MILLIKAN propr, 204 e Oklahoma.
ASTOR HOUSE BAR, H C RITTERBUSCH propr, 206 e Oklahoma.
ASZMUS Andrew, wf Jane, real est and loans, 202 � w Oklahoma,
        r 1521 w Cleveland.
ATCHISON, TOPEKA & SANTA FE, depot 3d between Oklahoma and
        Harrison, A J CORKINS, agt.
ATKINSON Mrs. Maggie, dressmkr, r 113 e Cleveland.
ATKINSON Mat, hostler, r 220 e Oklahoma.
AUSTIN Amanda c, (wid Tallie), dom, r 1203 w Grant.
AUSTIN Miss Myrtle, dom r 121 s 5th.
AUSTIN Miss Nellie, laundress, r 121 s 5th.
        Division, r 607 e Oklahoma.
AVERY Jas W c, wf Hattie, janitor, r 503 w Grant.
AVERY Miss Jennie, student, r 607 e Oklahoma.
AVERY John W, wf Lucy E, carp, r 607 e Oklahoma.
AVERY Thomas, wf Pearl, driver STAR LAUNDRY, r 314 s First.
AVERY Miss Urbana c, student, r 503 w Grant.
AVERY Enos A, wf Dora, printer 220 w Oklahoma, r 54 n Division.
AYERS W M, ret, r 623 w Oklahoma.

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- B -

BABCOCK, Joseph M, wf Amelia, miller, r 605 w College
BACHER Grover C, clk, r 522 n Broad
BADEN Junior c, dishwasher THE ELKS, r same
BAGGETT, Thomas A, wf Fannie E, real est and loans 105 � w 
        Oklahoma, r 301 s 2d
BAGLEY Miss Frances, waitress ASTOR HOUSE, r same
BAILEY Benjamin F, wf Mary, ret, r 518 e Oklahoma
BAILEY Hugh T, wf Louisa, stonemason, r 512 w Warner
BAILEY Thomas, wf Rosa c, lab, r 917 w Grant
BAINTER Bert H, wf Lena, barber, r 605 e Oklahoma
BAKER Miss Adah c, r 608 s Capital bv.
BAKER Andrew L, wf Fannie, lab, r 109 w Warner
BAKER Miss Bertie c, r 705 w College
BAKER Flave c, r 705 w College
BAKER Jas c, wf Mellissia, farmer, r 705 w College
BAKER L Marie (wid John), r 1009 w Warner
BAKER Miss Lossie c, r 705 w College
BAKER Quincy c, wf Sue, waiter, r 322 w Harrison
BAKER Miss Susie, r 516 s Vine
BALDAUF Leo W, dentist 201 � w Oklahoma, r same
BALDWIN Alva G, wf Alice, clk U S Land Office, r 422 e Warner
BALEY Wm B, bartndr, r 114 w Cleveland
BALL Miss Blanche, teacher, 1024 w Logan
BALL Geo W, wf Clara M, real est and loans 105 � w
        Oklahoma, r 1123 w Logan
BALL J E, wf Maude L, real est and loans 105 � w
        Oklahoma, r 417 e Noble
BALLARD Miss Fannie c, r 517 s Capital bv
BALLARD Geo, lab, r 313 w Oklahoma
BALLARD Lewis c, del boy BOSTON MEAT MKT, r 517 s Capital bv
BALLARD Miss Louise c, dom, r 517 s Capital bv
BALLARD Miss Marcia T, proprietress HOTEL EXCELSIOR, r 301 s 2d
BALLARD Martha (wid Samuel T), r 301 s 2d
BALLARD Paul c, porter, r 517 s Capital bv
BALLARD Thomas c, wf Martha, painter, r 517 s Capital bv
BALLEW John W, engr, r 312 �  w Oklahoma
BALLOU A Lee, wf Lelia, printer, 519 w Mansur
BALLOU Baker A, wf Ida, printer, r 605 w Warner
BAMFORD Enoch M, wf Nina M, lawyer, real est 114 � w Oklahoma,
        r 1402 w Warner
BAMFORD Encoh P, bkpr, r 1402 w Warner
BAMFORD Miss Mary, student, r 1402 w Warner
BAMFORD Miss Ruth, student, r 1402 w Warner
        103 w Oklahoma
        v pres, W S STILES cashier, 102 w Oklahoma
        v pres, H W PAINTER cashier, 101 w Oklahoma
BAPTISE Arthur K, lab r end of 12th beyond limits
BARBER Chas J, tailor, r 219 s 1st
BARBER Geo A, asst mailing clk P O, r 624 � e Oklahoma
BARCHER Grover, clk, 414 n Vine
BARDE Frederick S, wf Anna, correspondent K C Star 109 � s Division
        r 503 e Springer
BARKER Eugene O, wf Calla D, physician 122 � w Oklahoma, 
        r 621 e Springer
BARNARD Louis, trav slsm, r HOTEL ROYAL
BARNARD Oliver H, wf Sarah, ret, r 909 e Springer
BARNEBEY Miss Lizzie, stenog, r 724 w Oklahoma
BARNEBEY Melville, lather, r 301 n Broad
BARNEBEY Mrs Mollie, dressmkr, r 724 w Oklahoma
BARNEBEY Walter, electrician, r 724 w Oklahoma
BARNES BROS (Thomas and Elisha), lunch room 115 w Oklahoma
        of Guthrie, pres Guthrie Commercial Club, r 411 e Noble
BARNES Miss Grace, bkpr, r 313 e Grant
BARNES Jos J, wf Lydia, clk, r 313 e Grant
BARNES Miss Lena, cashier, r 414 n Vine
BARNES Thomas (BARNES BROS), r 619 e Oklahoma
BARNES Wm, wf Mattie c, lab, r 1118 e Springer
BARNEY Miss Fannie, bkpr, r 604 n Division
BARNEY Henry C, city water commissioner, r 403 e Harrison
BARNEY Miss Lillie B, marker GUTHRIE LAUNDRY CO, r 604 n Division
BARNEY Mrs Mary, r 604 n Division
BARNHART Wm J, wf Laura A, stonemason, r 112 s 5th
BARNHILL Glenn, lab, r 1211 w Warner
BARNHILL Harry S, wf Stella, policeman, r 502 w Noble
BARNHILL Jas, wf Arvilla, butcher, r 1211 w Warner
BARNTHOUSE Geo, lab r 211 e Springer
BARNTHOUSE James M, wf Blanche, constable, r 222 n 2d
BARNTHOUSE Theodore, wf Laura B, asst chief fire station No. 1,
        r 205 e Springer
BARR Mrs Myrtle, stenog, r 313 e Cleveland
BARRETT Benjamin, real estate, r 208 e Mansur
BARRETT Miss Acallie c, dom, r 723 e Springer
BARRETT Edward E, real est, ins 116 � e Oklahoma, r 208 e Mansur
BARRETT Miss Lena, r 208 e Mansur
BARRETT Otto, clk, r 208 e Mansur
BARRETT p Ernest, wf Lydia, stenog, r 405 n Division
BARRINGER Wm, wf Ernestine M, saloon 105 w Harrison,
        r  518 e Noble
BARTLETT James L, wf Sarah R, rural carrier No 5, r 324 e Mansur
BARTLETT Jas c, waiter, r 1207 w Warner
BARTLETT Joseph R, asst mail carrier, r 324 e Mansur
BARTLETT Miss Mary C, student, r 324 e Mansur
BARTLETT Jesse, wf Ella, lab, r 221 n 1st
BARTON Geo H, inspector GUTHRIE TEL CO, r 7078 e Mansur
BARTON Robert c, porter HOTEL ROYAL, r 919 w Noble
BARTON Susan c (wid Jim), cook r 919 w Noble
BARWICK John L, wf Anna S, trav slsm, r 809 e Harrison
BASSETT Paul, wf Mary, farmer, r end s Capital bv beyond limits
BAST Wm C, wf Lena, contr cement, r 502 e Oklahoma
BATCH Miss Coral, stenog, r 919 w Logan
BATCH Wm H, wf Wilda A, trackman, r 919 w Logan
BATES Miss Jessie, r 523 s 3d
BATES S R & Son (S R and S R jr) proprs STAR RESTAURANT 109 s 1st
BATES Stephen R, wf Sarah ( S R BATES & Son), r 523 s 3d
BATES Stephen R jr, wf Bertha ( S R BATES & Son), r 218 n 1st
BATISTE Miss Alice c, dom, r 422 s 4th
BAUGH Olin, r 402 e Harrison
BAUGH T Otis, clk, r 402 e Harrison
BAUGH Earl L, wf Bessie, clk, r 214 s Division
BAUGH Joseph W, wf Estella, section foreman, r 123 s Springer
BAUGH Wm H, wf Elizabeth J, grocer 212 s Division, r 514 s 3d
BAUMAN M L, carp, r 607 w Harrison
BAUNS Nancy (wid) c, laundress, r 604 n Park
BAXTER Jas, wf Victoria, dep US Marshal, r 211 e College
BAXTER Louis W, wf Edith, supt of instruction, 
office 102 � e Oklahoma, r 301 n 1st
BAXTER Mary E (wid Wm H), r 617 e Vilas
BAY Harry, farmer, r 702 w Logan
BAY Lee, printer, r 702 w Logan
BEACH Frank, clk, r 609 e Harrison
BEADLES James B, wf Sarah A (J B BEADLES & SON), r 321 n Division
BEADLES J B & SON (J B and L N), real est and loans 220 � w Oklahoma
BEADLES Louis N, wf Lillie M (J B BEADLES &  SON), r 509 e Logan
BEALL Robert, pressman State Capital, r 309 e 2d
BEAN McLannan c, lab, r 701 w Grant
BEARD Miss Addie, r 506 e Lincoln
BEARD Frank, wf Mollie, horse trader, r 509 e Lincoln
BEARD John M, wf Geneva, carp, r 702 w Mansur
BEASLEY Adam c, wf Priscilla, lab, r 1005 w Vilas
BEASLEY Ephraim c, wf America, lab, r 922 w Perkins
BEASLEY Jas c, lab, r 922 w Perkins
BEASLEY Theodore c, lab, r 922 w Perkins
BEATTY Miss Bessie c, r 315 e Warner
BEATTY Chas, wf Susie, lab A T & S F , r 714 e Harrison
BEATTY Thomas c, wf Tillie, lab, r 315 e Warner
BECKMYER Otto, reporter, 114 e Cleveland
BEEMER Bart B, ginner, r 413 e Oklahoma
BEEMER Daniel B, wf Sarah E, stonemason, r 413 e Oklahoma
BEEMER Edward A, lab, r 413 e Oklahoma
BEEMER Miss Esther, clk, r 413 e Oklahoma
BEEMER Geo L, lab, r 413 e Oklahoma
BEEVER Luke, clk, r 724 e Perkins
BEGLEY Miss Francis, dom, r 122 � e Oklahoma
BEGLEY John P, clk, r 115 � w Harrison
BEGLEY W E, mngr VICTOR BAR, r 115 � w Harrison
BEHEN Thomas, lab r 322 � w Oklahoma
        r 418 e Harrison
BELL Miss Anna, tailoress, r 411 e Vilas
BELL Marion,c, wf Sarah, lab, r 1123 e Grant
BELLOWS Tina (wid Enious) 513 e Lincoln
BELT Miss Ida, tchr, r 424 e Vilas
BELYEA E.A. real est 104 � w Oklahoma, r e end University
BEMAN Willard J, wf Eva, mngr HARVEY NEWS STAND, 
        r cor Harrison and 5th
BENDY Albert, wf Anna, trav slsm, r 501 w Noble
BENDY Jospeh G, stenog, r 501 w Noble
BENEFIEL Geo P, wf Lillie, paper hngr, r 711 w Noble
BENHAM Wm R, dep clk U S dist court, r 118 n 1st
BENNETT Jacob c, lab, r 901 w Logan
BENNETT Joseph H, wf Leah P, architect 104 � w Oklahoma,
        r 115 n Broad
BENNETT Rebecca (wid Lilburn D), r 210 n 2d
BENSON C Elmer, wf Olive (KELSO & BENSON), r 811 e Vilas
BENSON Jas A, wf Susan, treas J H ALLMAN & CO,
        r 211 s 1st
BENSON Volney, lab, r 401 n Broad
BENTLEY Albert E, wf Caroline L, city bill poster 301 w Oklahoma,
        r 116 e Cleveland
BERGER Miss Lizzie, tel opr, r 107 s Ash
        r 405 e Mansur
BERRY Miss Alberta c, student, r 1224 e Springer
BERRY David M, wf Emma J, butcher, r 407 e Harrison
BERRY Miss Dora, r 824 e Vilas
BERRY Geo, wf Bettie c, lab, r 1324 e Springer
BERRY Harrison, wf Eliza, carp, r 619 w Vilas
BERRY Oscar, lab, r 1422 w Cleveland
BERTON Robt W, lab, ARMOUR PACKING CO, r 1420 w Washington
BEST Miss A Warren (BEST-MEACHAM PIANO CO), r 503 e Oklahoma
        proprs), 223 e Oklahoma
BETTEN Wm, cab driver, r 215 n 2d
        r 423 e Vilas
        r 615 e Noble
BEYER Rufus E, INTERNATL CO SCHOOL, r 110 � n 2d
BEZANSON Chas, wf Miriam, physician 116 � e Oklahoma,
        r s Pine beyond limits
BIERER A G C, wf Nannie M (DALE & BIERER) r 503 e Cleveland
BIGGS James P, clk, r 105 s 2d
BILLINGS Bert L, wf Minnie, stone contr, r  1223 w Logan
BILLINGS Mrs Elizabeth V (wid M O), dep U S Marshal, r 803 e Springer
BILLILNGS Geo W, ret, r 1223 w Logan
BILLINGS Harry, student, r 1223 w Logan
BILLINGS Leo L, wf Emma, lab, r 519 s 3d
BILLINGS Wm H, wf Stella (MATER & BILLINGS) r 508 s 1st
        r 722 e Noble
BILLINGLSEY Lizzie A (wid Geo E), r 722 e Noble
BIRD Mrs Genevra, tchr, r 817 w Warner
BIRDSALL Miss Judith, student, r 1021 e Noble
BISHOP John W, stone mason, r 1515 w Warner
BISHOP Mrs Lizzie, dressmkr, r 210 e Springer
BISHOP Walter, wf Bertha, clk, r 323 w College
BISHOP Walter W, clk, r 204 e Mansur
BLACK Emma c (wid Oscar), dom, r 1403 e Harrison
BLACK John O, trav sol, r 601 e Oklahoma
BLACK Martin c, wf Julia, cook, r 319 e Lincoln
BLACK Mary S (wid Robt W), r 310 n Broad
BLACK Miss Myrtle, r 310 n Broad
BLACK W. JOHN, wf Marie, whol dealer ANHEUSER BUSCH BEER,
        secy GUTHRIE ICE & COLD STORAGE CO, r 210 e Warner
BACKERBY Frank T, wf Mary, ret 216 e Vilas
BACKERBY Harry, wf May, city scavenger, r 304 s Drexel bv
BLACKMAN Edward J, wf Maggie, real est and loans 201 w Oklahoma,
        r 706 e Springer
BLACKWELL Miss ;Byrd, r 215 s 3d
BLADE Mr c, wf Mandy, lab, 620 s Broad
BLAKE Arthur, carp, r 1111 w Noble
BLAKE Irwin B, wf Fanny M, pawnbroker 105 s 2d, r 520 s 3d
BLAKE Irwin T, wf Katie, contr, 207 n 1st, r 1111 w Noble
BLAKE Louis C, wf Minnie (BLAKE & LESTER) 117 � w Oklahoma,
        r 724 e Vilas
BLAKE & LESTER ( L C BLAKE, A D LESTER), real est and loans
        117 � w Oklahoma
BLAIR Chas A, lawyer city Hall, r 1206 w Washington
BLAIR Edgar M, wf Susan, paper hngr F B LILLIE & CO, 
        r 513 w Warner
BLAIR Irving L, wf Amanda, farmer, r 1206 w Washington
BLAIR Miss Jessie, tchr, r 1206 w Washington
BLAIR Wm B, student, r 1206 w Washington
BLANK Isaac, wf Caroline, ret, r 206 e Vilas
BLANK Miss Laura, r 206 e Vilas
BLESH A. L., wf Belle, physician (BLESH & REED), r 221 n 2d
BLESH Orin O, wf Alta, printer, r 114 w Noble
BLESH Trolando E, wf Effie, printer, r 514 w Logan
BLESH Wm H, wf Victoria B, clk, r 815 w Warner
213 � e Oklahoma, proprs GUTHRIE HOSPITAL and NURSES' TRAINING SCHOOL cor
19th and Warner
BLINCOE Edward L, contr and builder, r 115 � e Harrison
BLINCOE Wm, wf Louise, ret, r 202 n Broad
BLOOM Lum, well driller, r 301 s 1st
BLOOMER James F, pharmacist EAGLE DRUG STORE, r 117 e Vilas
BLOOMER VENE, lawyer 111 � w Harrison, r 507 e Springer
BLOW Floyd B c, grocer 411 s Broad, r same
BLURTON Chas, frmn, r 219 s 1st
BOCKFINGER H. H., rest est, loans and ins 118 �  w Oklahoma, 
r 803 w Oklahoma
BOCKFINGER Phlip, ret, r 803 w Oklahoma
BODENHEIMER Jacob, clk, r 119 w Harrison
BOGGS Lydia, dom, r 508 e Harrison
BOICE Miss Anna, dressmkr, r 602 e Harrison
BOLANDER Fred, tmstr, r 115 s 5th
BOLES John J, wf Mattie V, register U S LAND OFFICE, r 304 e Vilas
BOLES John N, student, r 304 e Vilas
BOLDEN Miss Cora c, laundress, r 304 s 2d
BOLTON Anderson c, wf Estella, lan, r 803 w Perkins
BOLTON Miss Ruby c, student, r 501 w Grant
BOND Mrs Eva, r 417 e Vilas
BONDS Eff c, clk, r 816 w Cleveland
BONDS Jane c, (wid John), laundress, r 816 w Cleveland
BONDS Miss Johanna c, laundress, r 816 w Cleveland
BONE Charles V, electr, r 206 � w Oklahoma
BONES Harry A, wf Anna,mngr GUTHRIE BRICK & TILE CO., 
        r 1901 e University av, R F D No. 3
BONHILL Cleve, lab, r 615 w Logan
BONNELL Frank S, clk, r 106 e Harrison
BONNELL Winter T, wf Maggie, clk, r 417 e Warner
BOOKER Nero B, c, wf Anna, city janitor, r 920 w Grant
BOOTH HARRY A., wf Aeffie E, (DOLPH & BOOTH), r 1513 w Logan
BOSLEY Miss Anna, stenog DAILY LEADER, r 617 e Cleveland
BOSLEY Chas c, wf Ida, lab, r 324 s 2d
BOSLEY Miss Myrtle, student, r 210 s Drexel bv.
BOSTON MEAT MARKET, P F WESTPHAL propr, 124 e Oklahoma
BOTHWELL Chas, wf Sarah, propr NEWS STAND, r 402 w Cleveland
BOULDIN Elijah c, lab, r 1008 w Grant
BOULDIN Jane c, (wid Sam), dom, r 1008 w Grant
Bowden Miss Allean, r 408 e Harrison
BOWDEN Horace D, wf Ellal, (BOWDEN & DOUGHTY), 
        r 408 e Harrison
 real est and ins, 109 � w Oklahoma
BOWEN Albert W, wf Leona, printer, r 524 w Warner
BOWEN Garrison, clk, r 402 e Harrison
BOWERS Cad, clk, r 712 w Noble
BOWERS Miss Grace, r 402 e Vilas
BOWERS Henry,BOOT AND SHOE REPAIR, 712 w Noble, r same
BOWERS Valentine, wf Mattie, ins agt, r 402 e Vilas
BOWIE Thomas M, trav slsm, r Hotel Royal
BOWLES W M, wf Maud, clk, r 402 e Springer
BOWMAN B H, real est agt, r 210 w Harrison
BOWMAN C Edward, harness mkr, r 109 s 1st
BOWMAN D H, saloon, r 210 w Harrison
BOWMAN Leo, wf Eva M, guard Federal Jail, r 1302 w Washington
BOWMAN, Rachael (wid Oliver), r 811 e Cleveland
BOWMAN Robert L, wf Eva, guard Federal jail, r 1302 w Washington
BOYCE Howard, frmn Station No 2, r cor Oklahoma and Oak
BOYD Cynthia c  (wid Phillip), laundress, r 116 e College
BOYD Miss Ella c, student, r 1114 w Vilas
BOYD Frank, lab, r 409 w Washington
BOYD H Glenn, printer, r 220 � w Oklahoma
BOYD John B, wf Sarah, ret, r 409 w Washington
BOYD Josh c, wf Lucinda, lab, r 1114 w Vilas
BOYD Ollie, lab, r 116 e College
BOYLE Myron, correspondent WICHITA EAGLE, r 223 s 1st
BOYLES Miss Sarah, r 610 e Harrison
BRACKEN Junious c, wf Eva, del man, r 1019 w Perkins
BRADFORD Miss Alberta c, dom, r 1408 e Harrison
BRADFORD Miss Viola c, r 1408 e Harrison
BRADFORD Zedica B c, wf Dessie, lab, r 523 n Division
BRADLEY Brow c, lab, r 602 s Capital bv
BRADLEY Cornelius c, wf Elizabeth, lab, r 520 s 2d
BRADLEY E J, wf Anna N, asst cashier BANK OF I T, 
        r e Oklahoma 1 mile from limits
BRADLEY James c, lab, r 120 � s 2d
BRADLEY O H c, lab, r 502 s 2d
BRADLEY Sam C, trav slsm, r HOTEL ROYAL
BRADSHAW Eugene B, wf Josephine E, real est, 116 � Oklahoma,
        r 311 e Logan
BRADY Chas J, wf Maryette, condr, r 214 � w Oklahoma
BRADY John, vet sur, r 413 s Division
BRAHM Gerhard, ice puller G I & C S CO, r cor 4th and Lincoln
BRAHM John, wf Rosa, stonecutter, r 1215 Warner
BRAMLETT Anthony c, wf Lenora, lab, r 1207 w Warner
BRANHAM Miss Daisy, tel opr, r 517 s Division
BRANHAM Miss Dottie, student, r 517 s Division
BRANHAM Miss Ethel, tel opr, r 517 s Division
BRANHAM Miss Frances, tel opr, r 517 s Division
BRANHAM Miss Minnie, tel opr, r 517 s Division
BRANHAM Richard L, wf Sadie, del man, r 1302 e Harrison
BRAS Henry D, wf Lucretia, wks THE GUTHRIE LAUNDRY CO,
        r 921 w Washington
BRAUN Antoine N, rev clk, A T & S F, r 402 e Springer
BRAUN Carl, clk, r 520 e Mansur
BRAUN Miss Hedwig, r 520 3 Mansur
        r 520 e Mansur
BRAUN HENRY, wf Sophia, sec and gen mngr THE RUEMMELI-
BRAUN CO., r 520 e Mansur
BRAUN Miss Jennie, clk GRAND LEADER, r 414 e Oklahoma
BRAZEE Miss Eleanor, milliner RAMSAYS, r 117 e Noble
BRAZIEL John H c, tmstr, r 221 s Drexel bv.
BREAKER Albert J, wf Beulah M, carp, r 1324 e Cleveland
        r 405 e Mansur
BRENGLE Chas S, wf May, bkpr, r 114 e Washington
BREWER Miss Elsie, student, r 501 e Warner
BREWER Jabez E, wf Maude, job printer office 103 e Noble, r same
BREWER Miss Laura, tchr, r 501 e Warner
BREWER Miss Ollie, r 501 e Warner
BREWER Wm L c, wf Adda, barber, 423 s 2d
BRICE Brinton M, penman, r 517 s 1st
BRICE Chas, adv sol STATE CAPITAL, r 210 w Harrison
BRICKNER John T, wf Nellie, contr and builder shop 103 e Cleveland,
        r 809 e Springer
BRIDGE William c, lab, r 1112 w Grant
BRIDGFORD Frank B, lab, r 806 e Oklahoma
BRIGGS John c, wf Eva, lab, r 403 s 3d
BRIGGS Minnie, (wid Russell), r 519 e Cleveland
        r 519 e Cleveland
BRIGHT Jacob, wf Loula I, lab, 817 w Warner
BRIGHT Robert c, wf Mary, lab, r 409 s 6th
BRINK Jackson, wf Sohia, lab, r 806 e Warner
BRINK I Newton, wf Jennie, mach, r 811 e Warner
BRINK Miss Mary I, r 806 e Warner
BRINK Miss Pearl D, r 306 e Warner
BRITT NELSON E., wf Emma, (HODGE & BRITT) propr
 ELKS HOTEL, r 210 w Harrison
BRITTON J Wlater, clk F B LILLIE & CO, r 10111 w Noble
BROADERICK Dennis, lab, r 206 e Springer
BROCKWAY Roy E, clk, r 609 e Harrison
BROMLEY Daniel H, wf Eva, ret, r 1014 w Noble
BROMELY John, farmer, r 1014 w Noble
BROMELY Leslie, wf Jennie, slsm, r 1109 w Warner
BRONSON Wm M, wf Nina, loans abstacts and ins 118 � w Oklahoma,
        r 709 e Noble
BROPHY John W, wf Florence, tmstr, r 1201 e Noble
BROPHY Miss Julia, dom, r 1201 e Noble
BROTHERS Lydia (wid Geo W), r 702 e Cleveland
BROUCHOUD Miss Lizzie, stenog, r 802 w Mansur
BROUCHOUD Philomene (wid Maurice), r 802 w Mansur
BROWN Albert L, clk, r 514 e Vilas
BROWN Anderson c, wf Minerva, lab, r 724 w Washington
BROWN Miss Carrie D, stenog BANK OF COMMERCE, 
r 410 n Broad
BROWN Caroline (wid Cavern), laundress, r 1312 e Oklahoma
BROWN Miss Cora, cook GUTHRIE HOSPITAL, r cor 19th and Warner
BROWN Miss Della, clk, r 602 e Harrison

        r 308 s 2d
BROWN Ephraim, wf Anna, gardner, 1 1101 w Warner
BROWN Frank L, frmn, r 308 s 2d
BROWN Geo W, wf Cora, ret, r 406 e Perkins
BROWN Geo W P c, wf Marie A, (BROWN & STEWART), 
r 1421 e Perkins
BROWN Harvey R, wf Jennie, street paver, r 324 w Vilas
BROWN Henry c, wf Ressie, janitor GUTHRIE NAT BANK,
        r 1421 e Perkins
BROWN Jackson, wf Lucy, lab, r 501 s Boulevard
BROWN James W, wf Sarah, ret, r 402  n 1st
BROWN Jas L, wf Lizzie K, minister, r 702 s 2d
BROWN J L, waiter, HOTEL ROYAL, r same
BROWN Lamar C, printer, r 523 s Division
BROWN Miss Laura c, student, r 1001 w Harrison
BROWN Malinda c, (wid), dom, r 303 e Lincoln
BROWN Mason, painter, r 218 � e Oklahoma
BROWN Miss Minnie, r 723 w Cleveland
BROWN O C, wf Edna, health officer, r 410 e Vilas
BROWN Miss Olive, stenog, r 514 e Vilas
BROWN Rosa c, dom, r 504 e Logan
BROWN Roy H, farmer, r 514 e Vilas
BROWN Miss Ruby c, r 303 e Lincoln
BROWN Mrs Sarah L, r 220 � s Division
        r 110 e Logan
BROWN Thomas W c, wf Sallie, lab, r 720 e Lincoln
BROWN Miss Vera, r 308 s 2d
BROWN Warren c, lab, r 303 e Lincoln
BROWN Wordle W, shoemkr, 111 w Oklahoma,
        r 218 � e Oklahoma
BROWN Wilbur, clk NEW WELCOME GROCERY, r 417 s 2d
BROWN Wm, wf Linda c, lab, r 1021 w College
BROWN Wm E, farmer, r 514 e Vilas
BROWN Wm H, porter, r 114 n 2d
BROWN Wm H C, wf Nannie, trav slsm, r 514 e Vilas
        117 � s 2d
BROWNE Miss Della H, stenog, r 602 e Harrison
BROWNING Miss Ethel c, r 403 s Drexel bv
BROWNING Henry c, wf Mary, lab 403 s Drexel bv
BROWNING Richard c, porter, r 403 s Drexel bv
BROWNING Miss Willie c, cook, r 403 s Drexel bv
BROOKE Francis K, wf Mildred R, bishop OKLA AND IND TER,
        r 420 e Washington
BROOKE John T, student, r 420 e Washington
BROOKE Miss Louisa, student, r 420 e Washington
BROOKE Miss Mary B, student, r 420 e Washington
BROOKE Miss Ruth, r 420 e Washington
BROOKMAN Cyrus E, real est agt, 316 w Oklahoma, r same
BROOKS Miss Amy, r 606 e Noble
BROOKS Caleb R, wf Blanche, banker, r 606 e Noble
BROOKS Miss Dora c, dom, r 501 e Washington
BROOKS Mrs Eliza c, laundress, r 514 s 2d
BROOKS Miss Fannie c, dom, r 119 n 1st
BROOKS Jas M, wf Annie R, mngr OPERA HOUSE, r 621 e Vilas
BROOKS Jas M jr, student, r 621 e Vilas
BROOKS Joseph c, wf Zenobia, carp, r 406 w University
BROOKS Mrs Lizzie, dom THE ELKS 210 w Harrison
BROOKS Oscar L, wf Fannie, tailor, 119 e Oklahoma,
        r 321 e Perkins
BROOKS Miss Rena, r 514 s 2d
BROOKS Robt H c, wf Lizzie, BARBER SHOP 329 w Oklahoma,
        r same
BROOKS Sanford, clk, r 604 e Noble
BROOKS Will P, clk A T & S F, r 623 e Vilas
BROYLES Miss Arizona, cadet SALVATION ARMY, r 104 w Vilas
BRUCE David c, wf Susie, minister, r 424 s Broad
BRUCE Giles W, wf Flora, grand sec I O O F 114 � w Oklahoma, 
        r 801 e Vilas
BRUCE Wm c, wf Laura, lab, r 1009 e Vilas
BRUCE Miss Letha c, r 424 s Broad
BRUMAGE Ben, wf Rebecca, stonemason, r 1106 w Noble
BRUNNER Wm H, wf Dora M, blksmth and carriage mnfr 200-212 n
        Division, r 2001/2 n Division
BRYANT Archie, trav slsm, r 117 n Broad
BRYANT Fletcher c, porter MARKS, r 515 e Grant
BRYANT William, wf Lula, lab, r 1123 e Noble
BUCKNER Chas R, wf Nannie W (BUCKNER & SON),
        r 705 e Cleveland
BUCKNER Geo W (BUCKNER & SON), r 705 3 Cleveland
BUCKNER & SON ( C R & G W ) lawyers 220 � w Oklahoma
BUGG Jeff, wf Anna, lab, r 614 s 2d
BUNDY Enos, wf Joriah, blksmth and carriage mkr, r 109 e Noble
BUNDY Harry, clk, r 109 e Oklahoma
BUNDY Miss Josephine, clk, r 109 e Noble
BUPP Ervin, wf Ida, foreman SANTA FE, r 223 � w Harrison
BURDETTE Benjamin, carp, r 322 w Oklahoma
BURFORD Frank E, student, r 319 e Cleveland
BURFORD Jno H, wf Mary, chief justice supreme court 103 �
        w Harrison, r 319 e Cleveland
BURGER Miss Lizzie J, tel opr, r 107 s Ash
BURGESS Frank, wf Rillie, livery stable 520 w Oklahoma, 
        r 514 w Oklahoma
BURGESS John H, wf Lizzie, farmer, r 906 w Washington
BURGESS Ray, printer STATE CAPITAL, r 114 � w Harrison
BURGESS Mrs. Sallie, dom r 623 s Division
BURGESS Wm L, (BURGESS & OVERTON), r 707 e Mansur
        electrical supplies 212 w Oklahoma
BURKE Mrs. Adela, (wid), r 520 e Springer
BURKE Jas D, wf Anna, groceries, QUEENSWARE 118 e Oklahoma,
        r 605 e Warner
BURKE John, tmstr, r 111 w Cleveland
BURKE Leroy c, coachman, r 314 e Grant
BURKE Ransom P c, porter, r 314 e Grant
BURLINGAME Miss Carrie, tchr, r 208 n Broad
BURLINGAME Miss Daisy, r 208 n Broad
BURLINGAME Edward P, wf Bettie, adjutant general, office
        208 � Oklahoma, r 208 n Broad
BURNHAM John, wf Mattie, clk, r 311 w Vilas
BURNETT John N c, deputy county clk 305 e Harrison,
        403 e Grant
BURNETT W L, wf Hattie A, chef A T & S F, r 419 n Vine
BURNS Mrs Janie c, dom, r 409 s 6th
BURT Henry F, wf Kate L, mngr NATIONAL LIFE INS CO of U S & A
        Chicago Ill, r 421 e Cleveland
BURT J Edward, clk CAPITAL NAT BANK, r 319 s 1st
BURTON Calloway c, wf Mary, lab, r 1403 w Springer
BURTON Geo W c, wf Dahlia SECONDHAND STORE, 11 s 2nd,
        r 602 s 3rd
BURTON Jas c, drayman, r 1023 w Perkins
BURTON Mary c (wid Calaway) r 1023 w Perkins
BURTON Mrs. Susie c, r 515 s 4th
BURVENDER Squire c, wf Marie, blksmth, r 407 s 6th
        203 e Harrison, r same
BUSCH Miss H LeValle, tchr, r 723 e Harrison
BUSCH Jule, wf Mary D, trav slsm, 723 e Harrison
BUSCH Miss Laura, r 723 e Harrison
BUSCH Miss Marie, r 723 e Harrison
BUTCHER Miss Jane c, dom, r 618 s 1st
BUTCHER Moses c, wf Elizabeth, lab r 618 s 1st
BUTCHER Miss Sarah c, dom, r 618 s 1st
BUTCHER Zack c, wf Emma, dishwasher, r 1108 w Lincoln
BUTLER Eugene c, lab, r 1414 w University
BUTLER M C c, wf Fannie, lab r 1408 w Lincoln
BUTLER Miss Stella c, student, r 1414 w University
BUTLER Thomas c, wf Rebecca, lab, r 1301 w Perkins
BUTTERFIELD F Marion, wf Rose, carrier No 5, r 1222 e Harrison
BUTTERWORTH Geo c, wf Fredonia, lab, r 903 e Vilas
BUXTON Sherman B, wf Nellie lawyer 102 � w Harrison
BYERS David, wf Julia, lab, r 313 e Warner
BYERS Fred H, wf Elizabeth, v pres STATE CAPITAL CO, 
        r 611 e Noble
BYERS Geo c, cook THE ELKS, r 210 w Harrison
BYERS John C, machinist, r 313 e Warner
BYERS Miss Lillie, waitress, r 313 e Warner
BYERS York, wf Ella V, rest 213 w Harrison, r 313 e Warner
BYRNE Miss Maggie, tchr, r 701 e Mansur
BYRNE Francis, abstractor, r 701 e Mansur
BYRNE John, wf Bridget, r 701 e Mansur
BYRNES Edward, wf Eva, ret, r 313 w Cleveland
        212 w Oklahoma

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- C -

	113 s 2nd
CABLE Miss Lucy, wks THE GUTHRIE LAUNDRY CO, r 323 e Logan
CAHILL Ellis A, engr G I & C S CO, r 1211 w Noble
CAHILL James, wf Lulu, engr, r 402 w Warner
CAHILL Richard W, wf Mary J. lab, r 1211 w Noble 
CAHILL STEPHEN D., wf Cora M, Real Est & Loans, 101 � w Oklahoma       
	r 1023 w Warner 
CAIN Miss Katherine, r 206 � e Oklahoma
CALDWELL Dan c, lab, r 702 w Grant
CALDWELL Geo c, wf Emily, lab, r 702 w Grant
CALDWELL Geo Jr c, lab, r 702 w Grant
CALDWELL Jas c, wf Lucille, lab, r 709 w Grant
CALDWELL Jas L wf Cora E, carp, r 619 w Noble
CALDWELL Leslie c, student, r 619 w Noble
CALDWELL Miss Lula c, student, r 619 w Noble
CALDWELL Morgan c, lab, r 812 w Grant
CALDWELL Winnie c, (wid Kit), r 812 w Grant
CALHOUN Jas c, wf Carrie, lab, r 1208 w Perkins
CALHOUN Rob't c, wf Jane, lab, r 1204 w Perkins
CALLAWAY Margaret (wid Wm), r 511 e 3d
CALLIN Bert, wf Cora, bkpr, r 419 n Broad
CALLIN Henry, A D T Co messenger, r 1218 w Noble
	r 419 n Broad
CALLIN John S, wf Ellen carrier No 4, r 1218 w Noble
CALLIN Miss May, r 1218 w Noble
CALLIN Miss Luella, student, r 1218 w Noble
CALVERT Curtis, student, r 1321 w Warner
CALVERT Floyd A, student, r 1321 w Warner
CALVERT Fred, plumber, r 516 w Mansur
CALVERT George, student, r 516 w Mansur
CALVERT John B, wf Gertrude, harness and saddlery,
	113 w Oklahoma, r 206 n Broad
CALVERT John L, wf Cordelia, ins agt, r 1321 w Warner
CALVERT Miss Lizzie, tchr, r 516 w Mansur
CALVERT Miss May, tchr, r 516 w Mansur
CALVERT Neal, clk, r 512 w Oklahoma
CALVERT Miss Pearl, student, r 516 w Mansur
CALVERT Thomas W, wf Susan, house mover, r 512 w Oklahoma
CALVERT Wm S, wf Martha A, county supt of schools, r 516 w Mansur
CALVIN Frank, sewing machine agt, t 405 e Harrison
CALVIN Henry c, wf Treva, cook, r 512 s Broad
CAMMACK Mrs. Delilah, r 306 s 2d
CAMMACK John, wf Emma, ret, r 320 w Springer
CAMMACK John B, clk, r 306 s 2d
CAMPBELL Chas c, wf Alice, lab, r 508 s 3d
CAMPBELL Ezra, wf Stella M, slsm E H KNAUSS, r 112 � n 2d
CAMPBELL Miss Helen, stenog, r 510 e Oklahoma
CAMPBELL Jas R, wf Daisy, pres S W NORMAL SCHOOL, 
r 623 e Cleveland
CAMPBELL Robert A, wf Mary J, lab, r 701 s Capital bv.
CAMPBELL Robert M, wf Ada, trav slsm, r 118 e Warner
CAMPBELL Robert M, student, r 701 s Capital bv.
CAMPBELL Miss Ula c, student, r 706 s Capital bv.
CAMPBELL Wm, wf Clara M, rest 116 n Division, r 110 � w Harrison
CAMPBELLE Logan c (CAMPBELLE, F R JORDAN), r 1223 e Grant	
CAMPBELLE Shelby c, wf  Agnes, lab, r 1223 e Grant
	107 � s 2d
CANANE Edward, bkpr, r 320 e Noble
CANFIELD Albert B, wf Ettie, bridge carp, r 502 s 1st
CANFIELD Miss Lizzie, stenog, r 502 s 1st
CANFIELD Miss Ola, student, r 502 s 1st
CANNON Anderson c, porter, r 712 s Capital bv
CANNON Fred c, lab, r 611 s Capital bv
CANNON Rusch C c, wf Ellen, lab, r 610 s Capital bv
CAPERS John W c, wf Dora, real est 106 � w Harrison,
	r 1101 w Grant
CAPERS Pete c, cook, r 503 s 3d
118 � n Division
	216 e Harrison
CAPITAL (THE). J W WEINBERGER propr, 301 w Oklahoma
	cashier, R S BRIGGS asst cashier, 220 w Oklahoma
CARDWELL Frank C, wf Catherine, farmer, r 217 e Vilas
CARDWELL Robt E, bkpr, BANK I T, r 217 e Vilas
CAREY Jas c, student, r 601 e Grant
CAREY M C c, wf Mollie, lab, r 601 e Grant
CARLE Harry V, wf Bird (PALACE BARBER SHOP), r 410 e Oklahoma
CARLIN Ralph R, wf Lulu (KELLY & CARLIN), r 1303 w Noble
CARNAHAN Rollie R, lab, r 524 s Vine
CARNEGIE LIBRARY, Miss Adele Kesler, librarian, cor Oklahoma and Ash
CARNES Annais c, wf Susan, lab, r 503 s 1st
CARNES Miss Bertha c, dom, r 1210 e University
CARNES Jas T c, wf Tillie, delivery man, r 522 s Broad
CARNES Miss Maggie c, dom, r 623 e Vilas
CARNES Miss Sarah c, dom, r 623 e Vilas
CARNES Willie E c, porter, r 1210 e University
CARPENTER Arthur, foreman GUTHRIE TEL CO, r 324 e Springer
CARPENTER Chas E, wf Anna, Sheriff Logan County, r 424 e Springer
CARPENTER Geo, jailer county jail, r same
CARPENTER John, stone mason, r 210 s Capital bv
CARR Abraham c, lab, r 501 s Capital bv
CARR Robt M, wf Mary G, private sec Gov FERGUSON, r 405 e Logan
CARSON Alex, tchr, r 406 e Springer
CARSON Alice (wid Robt), r 423 n Broad
CARSON Miss Alma, tchr, r 413 e Perkins
CARSON Fred, harness dealer, r 423 n Broad
CARSON Gus, wf Essie, real est, r 1305 w Cleveland
CARSON Robt, student, r 423 n Broad
CARTER Jos, ef Ida M, trav slsm, r 1007 e Noble
CARTER N M, wf Frances, local mngr WATERS PIERCE OIL CO,
	r 324 n Broad
CASALI Jospeh H, wf Ida, farmer, r 219 e Oklahoma
CASE Ben R, wf Martha, mngr, ELKS HOTEL BAR, 704 e VILAS
CASE Elvinia (Wid Theopolis), r 319 e Vilas
CASS Harry A, wf Grace, carp, r 308 s Capital bv
CASSADAY Oscar, wf Mary, stone mason, r 1112 w Washington
CASSIDY Miss Essie, student, r 1019 w Mansur
CASSIDY Miss Kathryn, r 1019 w Mansur
CASSIDY Mike, wf Alcie, RR Contr, r 1019 w Mansur
CASTANIEN Chas E, wf Musie, real est 104 � w Oklahoma, r 114 e Vilas
CASTANIEN Cyrenus, wf Cynthia, r 407 w Washington
CASTANIEN Miss Ivie, r 407 w Washington
CASTLEBERRY Earl E, clk, r 305 s 2d
CATES John, wf Alice, policeman, r 402 s 2d
CATON Gay B c, farmer, r 506 s Drexel
CATON Manda c, (wid Howard), dom r 506 s Drexel
CAUSEY Geo W, ret, r 1223 w Washington
CEASE Eugene, wf Nannie, ret, r 923 w Logan
CEASE William A, lab, r 923 w Logan
CHADWELL Henry G, wf Hilda, engr, r 915 w Mansur
CHADWICK George S c, clk, r 606 � w Noble
CHADWICK Geo W c, wf Mary E, grocer, undetaker 606 w Noble,
	r 606 � w Noble
CHADWICK Henry T c, wf Bertha, grocer, 3237 w Oklahoma, 
	r 1206 w Warner
CHADWICK John L c, wks glass factory, r 606 � w Noble
CHADWICK Miss Lizzie c, student, r 912 w Noble
CHADWICK Rosina c, (Wid Squire), dom, r 912 w Noble
CHADWICK & JONES c, (G W CHADWICK, S S JONES), undertakers 606 w Noble
CHAMP Geo c, wf Srah J, tmstr, r 419 s Broad
CHAMP Miss Louise c, student, r 419 s Broad
CHAMPLIN Miss Anna c, dom, r Choctaw Material Yard
CHAMPLIN Sandy c, lab, r Choctaw Material Yard
CHAPMAN W, clk RAMSAY'S, r 319 e Harrison
CHANEY Edd V, wf Minnie, lather, r 414 w Mansur
CHANEY Miss Grace, r 416 w Mansur
CHANEY Sam'l, wf Mary, carp, r 416 w Mansur
CHAPPELL WILL H., wf Ray Kemp (CHAPPELL & MINTONYE), r 617 e Vilas
CHATMAN Chas c, wf Katherine, lab, r 1105 w College
CHATMAN Louis c, wf Fannie, lab, r 1012 w Vilas
CHATMAN M A c, lab, r 1105 w College
CHEADLE NED F., wf Eva M, agt FERD-HEIM BR'G CO, whol and retail coal,
	propr GUTHRIE STEAM BOTTLING WKS, 424 w Oklahoma, r Country
CHEATHAM Miss Carrie, miliner GRAND LEADER, r 312 s 1st
CHEATHAM James, wf Vivian, turner G PLANING M CO, r 519 e Vilas
CHEATHAM John F, wf Nannie J, propr GUTHRIE PLANING MILL, r 312 s 1st
CHEEK Mrs Martha, r 319 e Cleveland
CHEESEBEROUGH Henry c, wf Ella, ret, r 505 s Broad
CHEESEBEROUGH Miss Rosa c, student, r 505 s Broad
CHENWORTH Josephine, (wid GEO M), seamstress, r 415 e Oklahoma
CHENWORTH Miss Marie, stenof, r 415 e Oklahoma
CHESTER Miss Lucile c, dom, r 1101 w Lincoln
CHESTER Wm c, wf Anna, lab, r 1011 w Lincoln
CHIDESTER Arthur, student, r 312 e Washington
CHILDRESS Thomas G c, wf Jennie B, gorcer 309 s Park, r same
CHITTUM Arthur, lab, r 1011 w College
CHITTUM Jas F, wf Harriet, lab, r 1011 w College
CHITWOOD Mrs Daisy, r 701 s Division
CHOATE Miss Charlotte, tchr, r 1623 w Oklahoma
CHOATE Nathan B, wf Ellen, ret, r 1623 w Oklahoma
CHRISEN L, wf Florence, painting and paper hanging 113 n 1st, r 421 s 1st
CHRISP Miss Zepher c, dom, r n end 4th
CHRISTOPHER Miss Anna, r 509 n Vine
CHRISTOHER Mrs Belle, dom r 810 e Harrison
CHRISTY Cyrus, brkman, r321 s 1st
CHRISTY James c, lab, r 216 e Vilas
CHURCH Albert E, frmn city fire dept, r 620 e Harrison
CHURCH Mary (wid Harvey), r 620 e Harrison
	meat mkt, 715 w Noble
CINNAMAN Chas, clk, GRAND LEADER, r 311 e Harrison
CINNAMAN Nathan, clk, GRAND LEADER, r 401 e Cleveland
CLARK Alpheus Z, wf Sarah E, ret, r 307 e Vilas
CLARK Mrs Carrie c,dom, r 515 s Broad
CLARK Chas E, clk, r Hotel Royal
CLARK Chas E, frmn, r 1124 w Mansur
CLARK C L, horseshoer, r 503 e Grant
CLARK Miss Ella, dom, r 301 n First
CLARK Emerson, wf Ella, contr, r 4524 s 2d
CLARK Ernest E, fruit farm, r 305 s 2d
CLARK Francis M, loans 102 � w Harrison, r 505 e Grant
CLARK Harry, wf Ella, cottn and wheat dealer, r 501 e Perkins
CLARK Howard, wf Ina, printer, r 516 s 2d
CLARK Mrs. Jane, r 702 � e Oklahoma
CLARK John, carp, r 703 s Division
CLARK L, painter and paper hgr, r 313 w Oklahoma
CLARK M L, real est agt, r 503 e Grant
CLARK Paul, wf Viola, printer, r 501 e Perkins
CLARK R L, brkm, r 301 s 1st
CLARK Willie c, lan, r 1322 2 Oklahoma
CLARK Wm, lab, r 607 s 3d
CLAY Harry B, wf Fannie, condr, r 407 w Vilas
CLAYTON Mrs Eliza c, dom, r 207 e Perkins
CLAYTON Mrs Jessie, r 403 n Division
CLAYTON Miss Oha, r 403 n Division
CLEM Chas c, wf Kittie, editor, r 710 w Mansur
CLEM Henry c, wf Melvina, lab. r 710 w Mansur
CLEM Wm H c, lab, r 710 w Mansur
CLEMMONS Louis c, driver M F CHEADLE, r 802 w Lincoln
CLEMMONS Mrs Mallissie c, dom, r 802 w Lincoln
CLEVELAND Wm, student, r 607 n Broad
CLIFFORD Hoyt, wf Inez, bkpr, r 1317 w Logan
CLOTHIER Claude C, wf Jennie, asst postmaster, r 401 n 1st
CLYCE Miss Maggie c, r 706 e Lincoln
COCHRAN Andrew, wf Bertha, clk, r 317 e Warner
COCHRAN Geo A, brtndr, r 311 w Oklahoma
COCHRAN Earl, lab, r 607 w Harrison
COCHRAN M, ret, r 607 w Harriosn
COCHRAN T E, lab, r 607 w Harrison
COCHRAN T Earl, lan A T & S F, r 317 e Warner
COCKRUM ALBERT L., wf Etta, v pres BANK OF COMMERCE, r 510 e Springer
COE Clarence G, wf Amy, butcher, r 114 � w Harrison
COFIELD Theodore c, wf Carrie, butcher, r 506 s Broad
COFIELD William c, wf Eva, lan, r 506 s Broad
COFIELD Yank c, wf Mary B, lab, r 513 s Broad
COGLE Waldo, brkmn, r 201 n 1st
COHRAN John c, wf Mary J, gardener, r 407 e Vilas
COLE Chas H, wf Nellie E, roofer, r 722 e Oklahoma
COLE Dana H, tinner, r 714 e Vilas
COLE Henry A, wf Harriett, carp, r 714 e Vilas
COLE Horace, frayman, r 722 e Oklahoma
COLE W C, driver W F & Co Exp, r 109 s 1st
COLEMAN Adam c, wf Mamie A, cook, r 1202 e Oklahoma
COLEMAN Franklin, bkpr, r 1010 e Cleveland
COLEMAN James F, wf Harriett, boots and shoes, 201 w Oklahoma,
r 1010 e Cleveland
COLEMAN Roy F, clk, r 1010 e Cleveland
COLEMAN Samuel c, lab, r 611 e Grant
COLEMAN Wm B, tmstr, r 401 w Harrison
COLEMAN Wm T, wf Nellie, trav slsm, r 621 w Noble
Collar Miss Julaia, stenog, r 414 e Oklahoma
Collar Morris, wf Mary, furniture 210-212-214 s 2d, r 414 e Oklahoma
COLLINS Fred, farmer, r 1223 e Oklahoma
COLLINS Henry, ret, r 1223 e Oklahoma
COLLINS Milton C, farmer, r 1323 e Oklahoma
COMER Frank L, tinner HIRSCHI & KNEBEL CO, r 120 n 1st
COMER Gilead W, ef Filindia, lab, r 1210 e Harrisn
COMER Louis C, meat cutter MAGANN & FRAZIER, r 213 e Vilas
CONAWAY Miss Lucy, stenof GEO S & GEO M GREEN, r 118 n Elm
CONDICT H M, printer State Capital, r 223 s 1st
CONE Mrs Anna, cash RAMSAY'S, r 805 e Harriosn
CONE James J, wf Anna, real est agt, r 805 e Oklahoma
CONE Jared, clk THE WARWICK, r 612 e Noble
CONE Nolan, clk, r 805 e Oklahoma
CONN Wm, wf Nora, tmstr, r 1011 e Springer
CONNELLY Frank, bridge carp, r 520 w Oklahoma
CONNER Frank R, wf Daisy, clk, r 611 e vilas
CONNER Willis B, wf Clatta, carp, r 1022 e Cleveland
CONNOLLY Wm, wf Catherine, mail carrier No 3, r 316 w Vilas
CONNOLLY Miss Winifred, student, r r 316 w Vilas
CONRAD Horace W c, physician 115 � 2d, r 114 e Springer
COOK Earle, wf Laura E, pres and treas THE NEW ELECTRIC & GAS
LIGHT COMPANY, r 124 n 1st
COOK Fannie (wid Reuben), dressmkr, r 304 e Oklahoma
COOK F H, trav slsm, r 109 e Warner
COOK Fred, pressman State Capital, r 109 e Warner
COOK Miss Gladys, r 304 e Oklahoma
COOK H L, clk, E O RY, r 320 e Noble
COOK Lafayette R, wf Anna, carp, r 109 e Warner
COON Ernest R, bkpr, r 624 n Vine
COONRADT John, shoemkr, r 1312 w Mansur
COOPER Edward, wf Emily, ret, r 320 s 1st
COOPER Miss Emma, cash, r 320 s 1st
COOPER Hursle, tmstr, r 1220 w Cleveland
COOPER James O, wf Lettie, (O P COOPER & SON), r 611 e Springer
COOPER Lark, lab, r 1407 e Lincoln
COOPER Mont, wf Nina, carp, r 1105 w Noble
COOPER Memorf, driver G I & C S CO, r 1220 w Cleveland
COOPER O P & SON ( O P, J O), meat market, 122 e Oklahoma
COOPER Orson P, wf Mary, (O P COOPER & SON), r 502 e Springer
COOPER Sterling, wf Lucinda, ret, r 1220 w Cleveland
COOPER Thomas, r 122 e Oklahoma
COOPER Thomas S, meat cutter, r 502 e Springer
COOPER Miss Viola, r 502 e Springer
COOPER Willis M, brick contr, r 320 s 1st
COOPER W Scott, wf Alma L, real est 114 � w Oklahoma, r 415 e Logan
COOPRIDER Emanuel, ret, r 621 w Cleveland
COPELAND Jacob c, wf Ella, lab, r 1023 w Lincoln
COPELAND Jessie c, wf Ida, lab, r 1110 w Perkins
COPLIN Annias c, lab, r 1019 w Lincoln
COPLIN Miss Emma, dom , r 1019 w Lincoln
COPLIN Jacob c, wf Jane, lan, r 1019 w Lincoln
COPLIN Miss Lillian c, r 1019 w Lincoln
CORDILL Miss Nellie, r 707 s Division
CORKINS ARCHIE J., wf Sue, agt A T & S F, r 701 e Vilas
CORKINS Lionel, student, r 701 e Vilas
CORL Clarence E, student, r 719 e Perkins
CORL, Oren E, clk, R R P O. r 719 e Perkins
CORL Thomas B, wf Elizabeth, stone mason, r 719 e Perkins
CORNELISON Browne, wf Katherine, sec AM LOAN & TRUST CO, 
r cor 17th and Vilas Clifton Heights
CORNELISON Celestine (wid John J), r 321 n Division
CORNELISON Miss Jane, tchr, r 321 n Division
CORNISH Edward, wf Grace, clk, r 402 e Springer
CORNTHWAIT A, wf Ella, ret r 504 s 1st
CORNTHWAIT Albert F, lab, r 504 s 1st
CORNTHWAIT Miss Ethel, student, r 504 s 1st
CORWIN Harry B, wf Eliza, contr and builder, r 1123 w Washington
COTTERAL C F, wf Claudia L, physician 202 � w Oklahoma, r 603 e Vilas
COTTERAL John H, wf Lulu E (COTTERAL & HORNOR), r 516 e Cleveland
     108 � w Oklahoma
COTTINGHAM JAMES R., wf Ada, (ASP & COTTINGHAM), r 418 e Mansur
COTTON Joseph E, wf Lillie, carp, r 807 e Mansur
COULSON Wm, wf Ida, clk, r 312 e Perkins
COUNTRYMAN Miss Maude, student, r 1021 e Noble
COUNTY WEIGHER, EE TALLMAN, 215-225 n Division
COURTWRIGHT O H, clk, r 312 � w Oklahoma
COURTWRIGHT Ora, clk, 322 w Oklahoma
COVALT Miss Nellie, r 310 s 2d
COVAULT Orville, florist, r 419 n Division
COVERT U G, dishwasher, r 315 w Oklahoma
COWARD Rosa c, (wid Daniel), dom, r 1214 w Washington
COWHERD Ralph, miller GUTHRIE MILLING CO, r 115 s 5th
COX Benj J, wf Anna, driver THE RUEMMELI-BRAUN CO., 
    r 517 w Warner
COX Jesse T, wf Emily, car acct A T & S F, r 307 e Oklahoma
COX John H, wf Evelyn, physician, r 801 e Noble
COX Judd, driver THE RUEMMELI-BRAUN CO., r 516 w Harrison
COX Robert c, wf Maggie, janitor, r 502 e Lincoln
COX Sam C, trav slsm, r Hotel Royal
COYLE Miss Ione, student, r 722 e Springer
COYLE John, student, r 723 e Springer
COYLE Wm II, wf Mary, COTTON OIL SEED MILL cor 5th and Springer,
    r 723 e Springer
CRAMER Chas M, clk, r 2201/2 w Oklahoma
CRAMER Frank, wf Susie, asst supt North American Investment Co 
    116 � e Oklahoma, r 320 n Drexel bv.
CRAVEN Walter, wf Nettie C, clk, r 709 n Broad
CRAWFORD J L, r 322 w Oklahoma
CRAYS John D, driver STAR LAUNDRY, r DALLY HOTEL 301 s 1st
CRAYS Mrs Maude, r 219 s 1st
CRAYTON Miss Mary, r 316 w Vilas
CREACY Jas, wf Maggie, carp, r 603 w Logan
CROCKER Chas M, wf Ruth E, special agt School Land Dept,
    r 319 e Grant
CROCKER Edward c, lab, r 707 w Perkins
CROCKETT Hattie c (wid John), rooming and bdg hs, r 304 s 2d
CROFT SAMUEL, wf Susan, propr GUTHRIE BAR, r 1005 w Logan
CRONIN James, wf Ethel, tel opr, r 1115 w Logan
CROSS Delila M (wid Wm l), r 517 e College
CROSS Don L, bkpr, CAPITAL NATIONAL BANK, r 517 e College
CROSS Miss Lorena, stenog CAPITAL NATIONAL BANK, r 517 e College
CROSSETT Mrs Harriet, r 1201 e Springer
CROSSLAND Wm B, wf Lorena, mngr and sec THE NEW ELECTRIC and  
       GAS LIGHT CO, r  507 e Harrison
CROUCH James B, wf Emma A, printer, r 112 � n 2d
CROWDERS August c, lab, r 608 e Lincoln
CROWDERS Isaac c, lab, r 608 e Lincoln
CROWLEY Bernice, lab, r 512 w Warner
CROWTHER Miss Clara, waitress HOTEL DALLY, r 301 s 1st
CRUMP Chas, wf Pearl, frmn, r 417 e Perkins
CRUMP John G c, wf Lottie J, carp, r 1202 e Springer
CRUMP Miss Lillie c, r 1118 e Springer
CRUMP Wm c, lab, r 1120 e Springer
CRUMRINE Miss Minnie, stenog, r 316 s 1st
CUINEEN Miss Sophia, waitress, r 110 � w Harrison
CULLEN Chas, brtndr, r 200 � n Division
CUMLEY Ned c, boot and shoe repairer 218 n Division, r same
CUMMINGS Miss Jennie, cig mkr, r 210 n 2d
CUMMINGS Eliza (wid Daniel), r end of Springer beyond limits
CUMMINGS Frank, brtndr, r 123 � s 2d
CUNNINGHAM Arthur, wf May, quarryman, r 1310 w Cleveland
CUNNINGHAM Chrles, wf Mabel, asst engr THE REUMMELI-BRAUN CO.,  r 324 n 1st
CUNNINGHAM Chas A, wf Anna L, bkpr, r 801 n Ash
CUNNINGHAM George S, barber, r 311 s Capital bv
CUNNINGHAM Harper S, wf Eva C, lawyer 114 n 1st, r same
CUNNINGHAM Joseph, wf Hannah, lab, r 608 � e Cleveland
CUNNINGHAM Miles W c, wf Hattie, barber, r 311 s Capital bv.
CUNNINGHAM & GOLOBIE (Harper S. Cunningham, John Golobie)   editors and proprs
     OKLAHOMA STATE REGISTER 221-223 w Harrison
CURD Miss Bessie, dressmkr, r 602 e Cleveland
CURL Miss Frankie, student, r 324 e Noble
CURL George, wf Calista, tmstr, r 909 e Springer
CURL John N, real est and loans 102 � w Oklahoma, r 324 e Noble
CURL Vernon, student, r 324 e Noble
CURNINE Jane (wid Andrew), r 318 e Lincoln
CURRENT Alexander M, wf Delila, carp, r 611 e Oklahoma
CURRENT Ira, carp, r 611 e Oklahoma
CURRIER Samuel Jr, wf Melissa, lab, r end s 4th beyond limits
CURRIER Samuel Sr, brick mnfr, r end s 4th beyond limits
CURTIS Wm, wf Mary E, city frmn, r 111 s 5th

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- D -

     r 206 e Mansur
DAVIS Belle (Wid Jessie H), r 606 e Harrison
DAVIS Miss Beulah, r 606 e Harrison
DAVIS Miss Beulah c, dom, 517 e College
DAVIS Miss Blanche, r 124 � n 2d
DAVIS Chesley C, wf Effie, ret, r 824 e Vilas
DAVIS Miss Della, r 216 s Drexel
    r 609 w Warner
DAVIS George W, wf Maud, well driller, r 103 n Capital bv
DAVIS H c, wf Laura B, barber 718 w Noble, r same
DAVIS Mrs. Ida, r 124 � n 2d
DAVIS Miss Ida, r 606 e Harrison
DAVIS J A, clk ASTOR HOUSE, r same
DAVIS James H, wf Myrtle, lab, r 719 w Washington
DAVIS James S, wf Susan A, ret, r 512 e Mansur
DAVIS John F, wf Fannie, carp, r 823 w Washington
DAVIS Joseph A, wf Ida A, farmer, r 1322 e Warner
DAVIS Miss Kate, r 216 s Drexel
DAVIS Miss Lillie, tchr, r 216 s Drexel
DAVIS Mrs. Lottie c, dom, r 704 s Maple
DAVIS Miss Margaret, r 606 e Harrison
DAVIS Mell, lab, r 309 e Springer
DAVIS Mrs. Minnie, dom, r 1013 e Springer
DAVIS Mrs. Minnie, dom r 405 w Broad
DAVIS Orla L, wf Laura (DAVIS & DAVIS), r 403 n Division
DAVIS-PIKE LUMBER CO., (A L DAVIS, J C PIKE), cor 1st and Cleveland
DAVIS Solomon B, wf Mary, ret, r 216 s Drexel
DAVIS W Allen, clk , r 216 e Drexel
DAVIS Wm, harness maker GARDNER CO, r 115 s 5th
DAVIS & DAVIS (O L, L V), optical parlors 112 � w Oklahoma
DAWSON Geo W, wf Cora A, marble dealer 107 e Oklahoma, 
    r 413 e Cleveland
DAWSON Ora, student, r 1020 w Logan
DAWSON Wm, wf Lucretia, ret, r 1020 w Logan
DAY Alonzo, wf Hattie, plasterer, r 704 w Cleveland
DAY Chas, clk, S F FRANKLIN, r 218 s Division
DAY Geo, minister, r 607 w Harrison
DAY Lon, wf Hatty, plasterer, r 419 w Logan
DAY Walter T, engr, G I & C S, R 512 w Oklahoma
DAZEY Jonathan, wf Mary S, pastor W S Congr ch, 
    r 1102 w Washington
DEAM Robt C, printer, r Grand View Hotel
DEAN Evard A, clk, r 210 n 2d
DEAN Geo, wf L Addie, policeman, r 210 n 2d
DEANE Claude, tmstr, r 1116 w Logan
DEANE Zacriah T, wf Lucy, clk, r 1116 w Logan
DEARINGER Miss Beulah, student, r 214 e Springer
DEARINGER John B, wf Susan, merchant policeman, r 214 e Springer
DEARINGER Miss Nannie J, dressmkr, r 214 e Springer
DE BOIS Miss Blanche, r 516 e Harrison
DE BOIS John D, wf Hattie P, lawyer 111 s Division,
    r 516 e Harrison
DE BOIS Miss Opal, student, r 516 e Harrison
DECKER Earl, student, r 607 n Broad
DECKER Harry, wf Anna, engr, r 414 n Broad
DE GROFF GEORGE M., wf Eva M, justice of peace 115 � s Division,
    r 419 e Noble
DE HAAS Miss Laura, dom, r 419 e Cleveland
DEISHCHER Josie (wid John), r 1213 w Vilas
DE LANEY Joseph M, clk, r 110 � n 2d
DE LAY Boen B, wf Nellie, stonemason, r 1`013 e Vilas
DELK John M, tel lineman, r 109 s 1st
DENNEY Mrs. Easter M, r 716 w Washington
DENNIS Miss Carrie c, dom , r 1215 w Lincoln
DENNIS Millie c (wid Louis), dom, r 1215 w Lincoln
DENNIS Albert G, wf Henrietta, printer State Capital, r 604 s Division
DE RANDAMIE Constantine c, lab, r 319 e Mansur
DE RANDAMIE Jacob C c, wf Rosa huckster, r 319 e Mansur
DERKSEN Florence A, wf Ellen, lab, r 517 w Cleveland
DERR Chas T, street paving contr 102 w Oklahoma, r n end 4th cor College
DERR FRANK A., see The State Capital Co, r n end 4th cor College
DERR Herbert B, foreman street paving, r n end 4th cor College
DERR John A, wf Clara, street paving, r n end 4th cor College
DERRICK Geo W, wf Blanche E, county supt, r end 12th beyond limits
    r cor 19th and Warner
DERRICKSON Robt H, meat cutter, r 802 w Noble
DERWIN Henry E, wf Leona, trav slsm, r 320 e Harrison
DESCHAMPS Wm, wf Esther, blksmth, r 110 e Cleveland
DETER Earl, waiter, r 419 s 2d
DETRICK Edward A, wf Ollie M (MOFFIT & DETRICK) 
    r 721 e Cleveland
DETRICK Frank J, wf Carrie, cond, r 610 e Cleveland
DEVEREUX John, wf Isabel, lawyer 104 � w Oklahoma,
    r 406 e Washington
DEVEREUS Willis c, wf Loretta, barber, r 724 w Washington
DEWITT Ida M (wid Alfred), dressmkr, r 602 w Cleveland
DE YOUNG Herman, waiter, r 616 e Mansur
DICKENS Andrew c, wf Eliza, lab, r 1423 w Lincoln
DICKENS John C c,wf Josephine, bdg hs, r 324 s 2d
DICKENS Sandy c, farmer, r 1122 w Perkins
DICKENSON Miss Emile c, r 511 e Perkins
DICKENSON Leah c, (wid Clay), r 211 e Perkins
DICKEY Jack c, wf Hannah, lab, r 1120 w Vilas
DICKEY Johnn, wf Rosie, bartndr, r 516 w Harrison
DICKINSON Clara, r 716 w Washington
DIDLEY Bo c, dishwasher STAR RESTAURANT, r 322 e Harrison
DILLAHUNTY Chas F c, wf Mollie, jewler 215 w Harrison, 
    r 419 s 2nd
DILLARD Miss Zula, miliner GRAND LEADER, r 403 n Division
DILLEY Miss Florence, tchr, r 323 n Drexel bv
DILLEY Phebe (wid Benjamin), r 323 n Drexel bv
DILLING Elmer W, bkpr GUTHRIE NATL BANK, r 624 n Vine
DIMKE G Weiland, wf Myrtle, director of TROOP A BAND, r 107 e Noble
DIMMERS Arthur, engr, r A T & S F Depot
DITTER Maggie (wid Howard), r 520 w Mansur
DIVINE Miss Lulu, student, r 423 e Vilas
DIXON Miss Bessie c , dom, r 1203 e Lincoln
DIXON John, lab, r 319 w Oklahoma
DIXON John, lab, r 313 w Oklahoma
DIZNEY Samuel, wf Gertie, bridge carp, r 915 w Washington
DOCKER Albert H, wf Lou, saloon and hotel 311 w Oklahoma,
    meat market 313 w Oklahoma, r 309 n 2d
DODD David A, wf Edith D, printer, r 211 e Noble
DODD Harry, lather, r 322 � w Oklahoma
DODD Henry H, wf Laura, ins agt, r 1001 e Warner
DODGE Arthur J, wf Anna J, lawyer 112 1/1 w Oklahoma,
    r 411 e Harrison
    r 210 w Oklahma
DODSON Mrs Geo H, r 715 e Mansur
DODSON Henry c, wf Rebecca, lab r 1401 w Mansur
    r 424 e Logan
DOLPH Josiah M, wf Lucy K (DOLPH & BOOTH), r 824 e Warner
DOLPH & BOOTH ( J M DOLPH, H A BOOTH), Oklahoma Printing Co 
    121 n st
DONLEY Norman, student, r 323 e Logan
DONNEGAN Jas, mach State Capital, r 320 e Noble
DONNELLY Edward S, wf Sadie, trav slsm, r 316 n Broad
DONNELLY Henry J, wf Corella, drug clk, r 315 e Vilas
DONNOHUE Miss Anna B, r 414 e Logan
DONNOHUE Miss Bettir, r 414 e Logan
DONNOHUE Chas H, wf Anna, real est 111 w Oklahoma,
    r 414 e Logan
DONOHUE Hugh, real est, r 301 s 2d
DOOLITTLE Miss Lydia, r 1302 w College
DOOLITTLE Perry L, wf Rebecca A, lab, r 1302 w College
DOOLEY Walter c, wf Priscilla, confectr 207 w Harrison,
    r 406 s Capital bv
DORLAND Martha (wid Geo S), r 721 e Springer
DORTEN Louis c, lab, r 1115 w Grant
DOTY Chas, wf Lizzie (HOWE & DOTY), r 101 s Capital bv
DOTY Miss Fern, student, r 1105 w Noble
DOTY Marion J, carp, r 1105 w Noble
DOTY Miss Pearl, student, r 101 s Capital bv
DOTY Robt A, wf Lue, contr and builder 109 n 1st, r 1105 w Noble
DOTY Wm M, wf Catherine, ret, r 1105 w Noble
DOUGHTY Edward J, wf Martha (BOWDEN & DOUGHTY), r 624 n Vine
DOUGLAS Emory A, wf Carrie E, jeweler 104 w Oklahoma,
    r 504 e Washington
DOUGLASS Amos, wf Minnie, clk, r 923 w Mansur
DOUGLASS Emmett, wf Minnie B, clk, r 923 w Mansur
DOUGLASS Geo, wf Lee, frmn, r 201 n 1st
DOUGLASS James P, wf Lillie, painter and paper hngr, r 1019 w Warner
DOUGLASS J E, wf Rose (HEWIT & DOUGLASS), r 1323 w Noble
DOUKESHIER John, wf Zola, lab, r 107 e Warner
DOUTHITT James P, wf Bessie, vet surg 213 e Harrison, r 524 n Broad
DOWNEY Daniel c, wf Belle, ret, r 806 e Lincoln
DOWNEY Henry A c, wf Lurinda, lab, r 619 e Perkins
DOWNEY John c, wf Lucile, lab, r 714 e Lincoln
DOYE Hortense M, (wid Peter), r 318 e Logan
DOYE I., wf Eva (GRISWOLD & DOYE), r 214 n 2d
DOYLE James, blksmth, r 210 n 2d
DRAKE Eliza (wid Henry), r 401 e Perkins
DRAKE Miss Ida, dom, r 406 e Springer
DRINKARD Clarence, clk, r 301 s 1st
DRONE Ed c, wf Fannie, lab, r 301 s 1st
DRONE Miss Rebecca c, student, r 1024 w Lincoln
DRURY Chas J jr, wf Myrtle, trav slsm, r 320 � e Cleveland
DUCK Henry, wf Eoline, painter, r 1210 w Lincoln
DUFFY C B mngr A T & S F CAFE, r same
DUKE John W., wf Isabelle, physician 105 � w Oklahoma, r 415 n Broad
DUNBAR Chas M, wf Mary A, real est, r 1022 e Springer
DUNBAR Edward, dishwasher JOHNSTON HOUSE, r 319 w Harrison
DUNBAR John c, lab, r 205 e Perkins
DUNBAR Miss Trelawney c, r 205 e Perkins
DUNBAR Weyburn, clk, r 1022 e Springer
DUNCAN F M jr, wf Ida, trav slsm State Capital, r 214 � w Oklahoma
DUNCAN Festus, lab, r 701 w Cleveland
DUNCAN Frank, teamster, r 701 w Cleveland
DUNCAN Geo C, wf Alberta, brick mason, 512 e Grant
DUNCAN Marion, wf Jane, lab, r 701 w Cleveland
DUNCAN S R, carp, r 609 e Harrison
DUNHAM Reuben N, wf Pearl, ret, r 1001 w Noble
DUNHAM Peter, r 611 e Logan
DUNHAM Sam�l, wf Mary, stockman, r 611 e Logan
DUNMIRE Elmer, driver G I & C S Co, r 908 w Warner
DUNMIRE L Edward, wf Lizzie, driver G I & C S Co, r 908 w Warner
DUNMIRE Miss Mabel, tel opr, r 908 w Warner
DUNN Frank J, cashier A T & S F, r 323 s Division
DUNN Wm C, wf Catherine, gardner, r 719 w Logan
DUNNICA Addison, printer, r 201 n 1st
DUNNICA Geo E, wf Emma, lino opr DAILY LEADER, r 708 e Oklahoma
DUNNICA Granville W, wf Nannie, contr, r 402 e Warner
DURKEE Alvaro C, physician 116 � e Oklahoma, r same
DURLING John V, wf Helen, miller, r 110 e Cleveland
DURLING Miss Maude, stenog, r 110 e Cleveland
DUTTON Henry T, carpenter, r 1302 W Mansur
DWINNELL Walter, wf Jennie, city salesman, r 715 w Mansur
DYE Eli C, wf Hannah, drayman, r 706 e Lincoln
DYSART Wm H, clk, r 114 w Oklahoma

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- E -

EAGAN Harvey W, asst bkpr, r 219 n 1st
EAGAN Wm T, wf Eva, broker, r 419 e Harrison
EAGLE DRUG STORE, Edward Nichols propr, 103 w Harrison
EAGLE HOTEL, Mrs. M Rice proprietoress, 315 w Harrison
EAGLES NEST, Henry M Neumann propr, 107 s 2nd
EARLY John, wf Pearl, painter & paper hanger, r 318 w Vilas
    104 w Harrison
EASTIN Geo, wf Georgia, bkbndr, r 315 w Cleveland
EASTWOOD Miss Lula starcher STAR LAUNDRY, r 210 s Broad
EATON Jason, cashier, STATE CAPITAL, r 211 e Mansur
EATON Randolph, wks SWIFT & CO, r 211 e Mansur
EBERLE August, wf Annie, butcher O K MEAT MARKET,
    r 523 e Harrison
ECKER Chas, brtndr, r 421 s 1st
ECONOMY (THE), groceries etc, S W SCHMIDT propr, 210 e Oklahoma
ECTON Miss Maude c, dom r 620 e Grant
ECTON Milton c, wf Lizzie, lab, r 418 e Drexel
ECTON Rye F c, wf Peachie, lab, r 620 s Grant
EDMISTON Richard J, wf Iceola, dentist, r 606 e Cleveland
EDWARDS Miss Addie, r 1208 w Logan
EDWARDS Barnes c, wf Alice B, lab, r 509 s 4th
EDWARDS Ed C, student, r 509 s 4th
EDWARDS Ed c, student, r 509 s 4th
EDWARDS Jerry, lab, r 724 w Grant
EDWARDS Jerry c, lab, r 322 s 2nd
EDWARDS Mrs Mary c, laundress, r 322 s 2nd
EDWARDS Miss Melvina c, dom, r 1423 w Grant
EGELSTON Robert c, wf Stella, club room, r 503 w Logan
EIRMAN Ollie, wf Ruth, watchman, r 1223 w Logan
EISELE Robt, wf Louisa, clk, r 105 e Washington
EISENSCHMIDT CHARLES F., wf Sarah, Boots & Shoes 118     w Oklahoma r 402 n Broad
EISENSCHMIDT Clifford, student, r 402 n Broad
EISENSCHMIDT Harold, clk, r 402 n Broad
Electric & Gas Light Co, The New, E Cook pres 7 treas, W B Crossland mngr 
     & sec, 420 w Vilas
Eldredge Harry H, wf Electer, draughtsman, r 410 e Cleveland
ELKS HOTEL (THE), (Hodge & Britt props), 210 w Harrison
Elks Lodge B P O E No 163, 113 e Oklahoma
Elledge Miss Nora, clk, r 414 n Vine
Elliot Chas, road master, r 201 n 1st
Elliot Miss Clohey, student, r 106 � w Oklahoma
Elliott Harry, wf Jennie, brkm, r 411 w Springer
Elliott Pink c, wf Lou, lab 924 e Lincoln
Elliott Wm c, wf Bettie, lab, r 924 e Lincoln
Ellis Joseph c, wf Mary, lab, r 1424 e Vilas
Ellis Wm c, student, r 1424 e Vilas
Ellis Aaron c, wf Vina, lab, r 511 s Broad
Ellis H Ivan, clk, r 219 e Oklahoma
Ellis Whit c, wf Maggie, rest 322-322 � w Harrison, r same
Elvin Miss Anna, dom , r 114 n 2nd
Emergency Hospital, W T Kimberley house physician, 206 � Oklahoma
Emmerson Robert c, wf Eliza, mechanic, r 509 s 2nd
Engart Miss Blanch, r 622 e Harrison
Engart Miss Grace, dressmaker, r 622 e Harrison
Engart Wm M, wf Mattie, lawyer 102 � w Harrison, r 622 e Harrison
ENGART MISS ZOE, dressmaker, r 622 e Harrison
ENGLER MISS DORA, student, r 710 e Oklahoma
ENGLER JOHN, wf Eliza, lab, r 710 e Oklahoma
ENGLISH AMANDA (wid Chas), r end of Cedar beyond limits
ENGLISH CHAS N, wf Belle, real est agt, r 602 n Drexel
ENGLISH JOHN H, farmer, r end of Cedar beyond limits
ENOCHS LEN O, wf Mary E, ex dep coal oil inspector, 
     r 1014 e Cleveland
ENYART ORACE L, bkpr, r 211 n 1st
ENYART W LOREN, asst agt Walton Lumber Co, r 211 n 1st
ERMEY CHAS W, wf Bertha, trav slsm, r 515 e Warner
ERNST WM., mngr West Side Lumber Co, r 523 w Oklahoma
ERWIN CLAUDE, student, r 601 w Washington
ERWIN WM H, wf Frankie, collector r 601 w Washington
ESTES MISS ANNIE, student, r 323 e Logan
ESTES MADISON, wf Susa, lab, r 323 e Logan
ESTES RIXCHARD, deliveryman, r 323 e Logan
ESTES Theo c, lab, r 523 n Broad
EUBANKS G T, wf Catherine, contr 7 builder 214 e Harrison,
    r 210 e Perkins
EUBANKS MISS MARY c, student, r 912 w Lincoln
EUBANKS TURNER c, wf Clara, lab, 912 w Lincoln
EUBANKS MISS WARNETTA c, dom, r 912 w Lincoln
EVANS JAS, wf Ida, stonemason & contr, r 723 n Broad
EVANS SAMUEL, wf Sarah, farmer, r 407 e Perkins
EVANS THOMAS R, (LYTLE & EVANS), r 402 e Vilas
EVERETT FRANK, wf Leo, car repairer, r 810 w Washington
EVERLY JOSEPH, lab, r 609 s Division
EVERLY J D, wf Victoria, lab, 623 w Vilas
EVERLY JOSEPH c, wf Victoria, lab, r 619 s 8th
EVERLY LONNIE, lab r 609 s Division
EVERLY O ALONZO, (O C EVERLY & SON), r 609 s Division
    r 609 s Division
EVERLY O C & SON ( O C< OA) blksmths 224 s Division
     r 121 n 1st
EWING CHAS, bricklayer, r 511 w Oklahoma
EWING FRANK, painter and paperhanger, r 511 w Oklahoma
EWING MRS SARAH, furnished rooms, r 511 w Oklahoma
EWING SILAS, bricklayer, r 511 w Oklahoma
EWING SILAS R, clk, r Excelsior Hotel
EWING WESLEY c, barber, WINDSORS, r cor
     Springer & Broad
EXCELSIOR HOTEL, Mrs M t Ballard propr, 301 s 2nd

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