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1942 GHS Graduates
Guthrie, Oklahoma

The Guthrie High School Roster of 1942
was sent in by Richard Reed

Class of 1942  - Guthrie High School

Andrews, Norma Jean Banes  (Deceased)
Baker, Frank E.  (Deceased)
Baldry, Peggy Offen
Barnard, Wayne
Barry, John
Bicknell, Christine
Bill, Arthur
Birch, Johnny
Blyth, Eddie
Brickley, Velma
Brouchaud, Raymond L. (Deceased)
Buckley, Norman
Bunch, Dora Belle Canning
Chappell, Lorene Marie Landis
Christian, Ruby Ellen Hudson
Cook, H. Dale
Cooley, Mildred Reed
Cotton, Margaret Lou Huffer
Datin, Alice Marie
Deckart, Loretta Mae Shattuck
Deming, Burton
Deter, Earl
Donahey, Edward Leroy "Bill" (Deceased)
Downing, Osyth Louise Moore
Evelyn, Jean Campbell
Fisher, Eugene Calvin  (Deceased)
Fuqua, Lucille Divine
Furrow, Elizabeth LaTelle  (Deceased)
Gatchell, Frank G.
Gooch, Don Leroy  (Deceased)
Gooch, Eva Grace
Goodman, Lewis Eugene  (Deceased)
Green, Andy
Griffin, Harry Dee (Deceased)
Groom, Charles
Hafer, Marilyn Durham
Hall, Carmen Jo Maple
Hanson, Berniece Bond  (Deceased)
Harman, Bonnie Lee  (Deceased)
Harris, Richard
Harris, Wanda Le Pearson
Harrison, Hubert Roy  (Deceased)
Harrison, Ruby Jane Schweitzer
Hazelwood, John
Hetzel, William P. "Bill"
Hough, John
Hutson, Conrad
Jabara, Joe  (Deceased)
Jenkins, Manford C.
Johnson, Frances Hilthon
Johnston, Joseph "Joe"
Jones, Mary Evalin  (Deceased)
Keller, Bernice Hirzel
Keys, Charles W.
Kinney, Harold Frank  (Deceased)
Knight, Alloan Larkin  (Deceased)
Lary, Robert Eugene  (Deceased)
Lee, Jerrell W.
Lee, Virginia Claire Keesey  (Deceased)
Leigh, Mary Allen  (Deceased)
Leigh, Oliver "Bill"
Lindsley, Bobby Ray  (Deceased)
Lundberg, Helen Virginia Terrill
Manchester, Evelyn Lewis
Mason, Tom Ed  (Deceased)
May, Jack  (Deceased)
McClary, William G. "Bill"
McCutcheon, Leroy  (Deceased)
McDowell, Alta Mae "Amy" Reeder
McKinzie, June Cordes  (Deceased)
McNally, Eugene Thomas  (Deceased)
Miller, Troy Vernon 
Misenhimer, Wanda Haven
Mitchell, Harold  (Deceased)
Murphy, Stanley R.  (Deceased)
Nail, Edwin S.
Nichols, Margaret Ann  (Deceased)
Phillips, Malcolm
Plagg, Hubert W.
Prier, Carl Edward  (Deceased)
Prosser, Willa Janice Bridal
Pulse, Harry
Pyle, Helen Louise
Reed, Betty Jean Stephens
Reed, Richard L. "Dick"
Reed, Virginia Mae Kemp  (Deceased)
Reese, William A. "Bill"  (Deceased)
Robinette, Helen Eileen Kellogg
Ross, Mary Alberta Hendrix
Sager, Norma Gene Robertson
Schaub, Elveda Barber  (Deceased)
Sears, Melvin E.
Sears, Velda Helen Edens
Shultz, Helen Marie  (Deceased)
Simpson, Raymond
Sims, Erma Mae Oldham
Smith, Winona Fern
Spitzer, Clara Ruth Huston
Stalworth, Betty Lou Wilkerson
Sylvester, Margaret Elaine  (Deceased)
Taggart, Jack Walter
Taylor, Joe J.  (Deceased)
Terhune, Johnnie James "J. J."  (Deceased)
Thompson, Richard M. "Dick"
Tilbury, Raymond E.  (Deceased)
Tilley, Wanda Jean Wollard
Tubb, Jack W.
Wall, Donna Gene McClellan  (Deceased)
Walter, LeRoy E.  (Deceased)
Waner, C. Dale
Waner, Doris Brooks  (Deceased)
Waner, Mary Pearl Simpson
Ward, Martha Marie Meyers
Watts, J. D.
Whitehead, Alba Clyde  (Deceased)
Whitted, Rachel Burneice Mote
Wilkins, Eva Lou Lewis  (Deceased)
Yeldell, Betty Jane Selby

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