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William E. Stewart Family

William E Stewart, born in Ireland, moved from Scotland to Canada to Clayton County, Iowa.  Served with the Union Army, moved to Kansas, and then into Oklahoma.
Special Schedule of Surviving Soldiers, 1890, shows William E Stewart living in Seward, Ok

William Stewart. A special place of honor in the annals of this country is reserved for the heroes of the Civil war—those who placed their lives and all personal ambitions and plans on the alter of their beloved land. The army record of William Stewart is of such character that he and his posterity may well be proud of it, and in the quiet walks of private life he ever has endeavored to perform his entire duty as a citizen.
His fathr, John Stewart, as his name plainly indicates, came from the stalwart old Scottish stock, and his birth occured in the land of thistle and heather. He was employed as a salesman for a large linen merchant for several years, and, in the course of his travels, came to this continent. He met, and married, a lady in Canada. Miss Ann Glower, a native of that dominion, and later took her to Ireland, whither his business affairs called him. Subsequently they went to Scotland, and then to Canada, and finally, they became permanent residents of Clayton county, Iowa. The father bought a small farm there and devoted his attention to its cultivation during the remainder of his life, which came to an end in 1866.
William Stewart was born November 28, 1840, during his parents residence in Befast, Ireland, but was quite young when they re-crossed the Atlantic, and here he grew to manhood. He was sixteen years old when his family located in Iowa, and there he mastered the essential features of agriculture and gained a practical education. In the fall of 1861 he enlisted in Company B, Fourth Regiment of Iowa Cavalry, and was assigned to duty in Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama. He saw a great deal of service in many of the most important campaigns of the war, and though he took part in numerous battles never was wounded nor significantly ill to be assigned to a general hospital, a few days at a time in the regimental hospital comprising the sum of his absence from the post of duty. He verteranized and returned to the ranks, and served, altogether, about four years, receiving the commendation of his superior officers.
When the clouds of war were rolling away William Stewart resumed his former labors in Iowa, and also ran a threshing machine during the season. In 1869 he went to Butler county, Kansas, where he pre-empted a homestead and proceeded to improve the property. It was not until the spring of 1889 that he came to Oklahoma, and at the same time he located his present farm on the Southwest quarter of section 11, township 15, range 3 west. For a period he resided in a tent and later in a box-house served as a shelter for two years, this being superseded by a substantial log house of the present. Many good improvements have been instituted by the owner of the place, which now is accounted a valuable tract of land.
In Butler county Mr. Stewart was married July 3, 1872, to harriet E. Reed, a native of Noble county, ind., and daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Skidgel) Reed, who located in Kansas in 1870. The elsdest-born of Mr. and Mrs. Stewart is Mrs. Jeannette Aaron, who is other of three children. She nad her sister, Mrs. Zoe Bennett, who has two children, are residents of Sedgewick county, Kansas. Mrs. Jemmie Crosley, whose home is in Seward, has one child. ida and Walter Scott are yet at home with their parents.
In 1864 Mr. Stewart voted for Lincoln, and in 1868 cast his ballot for Seymour, and for Peter Cooper. Later, when a candidate, he voted for ______, and of late years has been identified with the Populists. Fraternally he is a member of William Watts Post nNo. 40, G.A. R., of Seward, and has occupied several offices in the same. He was appointed Township clerk in 1890 and served in that capacity acceptably.

William E. Stewart
b. 28 Nov 1839  Ireland
d. 28 Apr 1920 Seward, Logan, Ok

Harriet Ellen Reed
b. 29 Mar 1854 Noble Co, Indiana
d. 07 Nov 1905 Seward, Logan, Ok

Jeanette M "Nettie" Stewart
b. 16 Dec 1873, Butler County, Kansas
d. 11 Aug 1916, Beaver County, Oklahoma
Married Simon Andrew Aaron in 1900 in Sedgwick, County, Kansas
b. 20 Nov 1869, Norwich, Marion County, Kansas
d. 11 Aug 1916, Beaver County, Oklahoma.
b. 1876 Kansas
b. Mar 1877 Kansas
d. 17 May 1934 Ralston, Pawnee, Ok
married Oliver P. Bennett
b. May 1872, Indiana
d. 05 Apr 1961 Ralston, Pawnee, Ok
Edgar Lemon
b. 21 Jan 1898 Sedgwick County, Kansas
d. 16 Oct 1997 Multnomah County, Oregon
married Mabel G. Rucker
b. 26 Jun 1906
d. 19 Jul 1989 Washington County, Oregon

Oliver Scott
b. 1900 Sedgwick County, Kansas
d. 26 Mar 1963 Columbia Co, Oregon

Cecil Eugene
b. 02 Jun 1907 Guthrie, Logan, Ok
d. 08 Aug 1992 Tracy, San Joaquin, California
married Eva Kennedy
b. 1913 Simpson, Dewey, Ok

Ernest Warren b. 01 Jan 1911 Guthrie, Logan, Ok
d. 21 Jun 1985 Victorville, San Bernardino, California

Velma Loretta b. 26 Sep 1913Guthrie, Logan, Ok
d. 13 Oct 1992 Ventura County, California
married a person by the last name of Corts
b. 11 Jan 1879 Augusta, Butler, Kansas
d. 04 Nov 1967 Seward, Logan, Ok
married Frank W. Crosley
b. 02 Sep 1875 Rock Port, Atchison, Missouri
d. 20 July 1954 Seward, Logan, Ok
Harry M.
b. 21 Jun 1896 Seward, Logan, Ok.
d. 08 May 1899 Seward, Logan, Ok.

Rhoda Evelyn
b 15 May 1898 Seward, Logan, Ok.
d. 14 Feb 1991 Seward, Logan, Ok.
married Earl Maple
b. 1902 Logan County, Ok.
d. May 1973 Guthrie, Logan, Ok.
Cora L.
b 01 Oct 1891 Seward, Logan, Ok.
d. 30 Jan 1987 Guthrie, Logan, Ok.
married John William Walters
b. 08 Dec 1899 d. 02 Oct 1980 Guthrie, Logan, Ok.

Irvin F. “Bill”
b. 11 May 1903 Seward, Logan, Ok
d. 20 Jun 1987 Burkburnett, Wichita, Tx.
married Elsie Denmore Bennett
b. 22 Jun 1898 Coryell, Tx
d. 22 Feb 1978 Burkburnett, Wichita, Tx.

Vera Delilah
b. 22 Feb 1908 Seward, Logan, Ok
d. 11 Feb 1985, Austin, Travis, Tx.
married Joe Denson Dear
b. 17 Feb 1903
d. 17 Nov 1973 Austin, Travis, Tx.

Myrtle F.
b. 10 Feb 1910 Seward, Logan, Ok.
d. 04 Aug 2003 Seward, Logan, Ok.
married 1st Lloyd B Roberts
b. 1909 Ok.
d. 30 July 1971 Seward, Logan, Ok.
married 2nd Haskell Dutton
b. 07 Nov 1909 Oklahoma City, Ok.
d. 14 Oct 1983 Willis, Marshall, Ok.

Hazel Irene
b. 22 Jun 1912 Seward, Logan, Ok.
d. 02 Jul 1995 Modesto, Stanislaus, Ca.
married Clyde Howard Green
b. 11 Oct 1907 Willis, Marshall, Ok
d. 15 Apr 1997 Modesto, Stanislaus, Ca.
(1930 census: Clyde living in Seward)

Ellen May
b. 29 Oct 1914 Seward, Logan, Ok.
d. 13 Oct 1992 Mercy, Oklahoma, Ok (buried in Seward)
married Willie Carl Roberts
b. 24 Feb 1907 Oklahoma
d. 29 Aug 1985 Seward, Logan, Ok

Lawrence Nelson
b. 20 Nov 1917 Seward, Logan, Ok.
d. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Ok.
married Sylva Givens
b. 26 Aug 1916 Frederick, Tillman, Ok.
d. 21 Jan 2007  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Ok.

Scott W.
b. 1883 Kansas

William was the brother of Thomas E.  Thomas E had a son named John Jeremiah, who had a son named John Robert, who had a son named Ralph Thomas.

I am Ralph Thomas Stewart and this page is from the Ralph Thomas Stewart Family Tree.

I would certainly appreciate any info you may have about my family history in Logan County.


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