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E.C. White

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(The following is from our family history, regarding one of the last editors / owners of the Orlando Clipper - E.C. White, my great - grandfather.)

"Erwin Chester White dropped out of school to help the family out when his father went blind.  He moved to Delaware in his early manhood.  He was a Blacksmith and a Carpenter.  He was converted and joined the Methodist ministry, especially the Evangelistic field.  In 1909, the family moved to California, where he labored with the Holiness Church, serving as a pastor in Chino, Santa Barbara, and Redlands, Cal.  He conducted a number of Tabernacle meetings.  In 1919, he came to El Reno, Oklahoma, where he held a revival meeting at the Evangelical Church.  He served this church 1919-1923; Waukomis 1923-1924; Turkey Creek 1924-1927; Orlando 1927-1930.  On Jan. 15, 1930 he suffered a stroke of paralysis, after which he gave up the ministry.  After recovering, he bought the "Orlando Clipper" from W. L. Lanter on March 14, 1931.  He published the paper until his death in 1933. -- Peggy Lynne Ford, 1987."


From THE ORLANDO CLIPPER, Orlando, (Logan Co.), Okla. Dec. 19, 1933:

A Morning Prayer

Our Father, as the year wings swiftly to it's close, we look back over the past and see places that have been unsatisfactory to us, no doubt more so unto Thee. ; But we realize we must not was our time in grieving over failures but we must have Divine help if the future is to be improved. Therefore we beseech Thy aid and guidance that we may be watchful, thoughtful, and strong to me the changes that life may bring unto us. ; Help us today, that we may be the better fitted for the morrow, for Jesus sake. Amen.--E. C. White.
Greetings from the Editor   A Happy New Year to you all.
  We were wondering just how we might make the new year a happy one to the most people and decided if we could encourage the unfortunate ones to look up and ahead with courage and hope, the task would be well accomplished.
  At this time of the year new resolutions are in order. Some have said this was useless, never being kept. We do not agree, as to even have on one's mind the aspirations for better things, or higher ideals has an elevating influence.
  Of course if we were to pine and pout over our mistakes and say its no use, then it is bad, for the bible tells us "That all have sinned and come short of the glory of God." Rom.3:22. So, there must be some way to win, even though mistakes or sin may over take us.
  Take heart my unfortunate brother be brave.  Make the best of the chances life may offer. Again we read, "Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous but grievous. Never-the-less AFTERWARD it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby." So we may be in the toils through our own or anothers fault, but if we refuse to sour, and make the most of life we can, "for success lies not in never falling, but successfully rising every time we fall," we are sure to have a year that brings the happiness of giving our best to humanity, be that best much or little. So lift your heads, for it might have been worse, and fight a fight that will show your courage and worth, and a happy new year to you.--E. C. White.




Rev. E. C. White, editor of the Orlando Clipper, died suddenly Thursday evening after going home from work.  He had been in failing health for several years, but had been able to be at work most of the time.  Because of his poor health he had to retire from the ministry over three years.  He has edited the Clipper for nearly three years.   Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at the Evangelical Church with Rev. E. E. Erffmeyer officiating.  Interment was made in the Zion Cemetery.


  Erwin Chester, son of Norman and Julia White, was born in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, March 16, 1875, and departed from this life December 28, 1933, aged 58 years, 9 months, and 12 days.
  He moved to Delaware in early manhood, was converted and joined the Methodist Church.   He was married to Nora E. Achy January 24, 1900, at Seaford, Delaware. Nine children were born to them.  He soon felt the call to the Ministry, especially the Evangelistic field.
  In 1909, the family moved to California, where he labored with the Holiness Church, serving as pastor in Chino, Santa Barbara, and Redlands, conducted a number of tabernacle meetings, and saw many souls led to Christ.    In 1919, Bro. B. F. Ludy was instrumental in bringing Brother White to El Reno, Okla., where he held a revival meeting at the Evangelical Church, afterwards serving as pastor for 4 years.
  Other appointments were; Waukomis, Okla., Turkey Creek charge, Kansas, and Orlando, Okla.
  January 15, 1930, he suffered a stroke of paralysis, after which he had to give up the Ministry.
  He leaves to mourn his going his faithful wife and 8 children.    Mrs. Marion S. Heald of Camden, Maine, Mrs. J. J. Schiffman of Rudy, Ark., Roy O. of Canadian, Texas, Harry L. of Yates Center, Kansas, Franklin, Walter, Esther, and Charles of the home.
  One daughter, Cora May, died in 1916 at the age of 6. There are ten grandchildren, One sister and two brothers in California, and one brother in Pennsylvania, and a host of friends.
  Out of town friends who attended the funeral of Rev. E. C. White were Mr. and Mrs. Walter Buss, Mr. Wilbur Anderson and wife of El Reno; Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Krie, their son Ralph and Miss Florence Birchfield of Waukomis; Mr. Athel Terril of Yates Center, Kan; Mr. Narcis Schiffman of Rudy Ark., brought Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Schiffman [Jr.] also from Rudy, and H. L. White of Yates Center.
We wish to express our thanks and appreciation to our friends and neighbors for their many acts of kindness and sympathy during our sad bereavement.  Also for the beautiful floral offerings. Mrs. E. C. White. The Children.


From THE ORLANDO CLIPPER Orlando, (Logan Co.) Okla. Jan 12, 1934:

  The passing of Rev. E. C. White is a great earthly loss of friendship to many. He will not only be missed in the home, for which he so diligently worked until almost the last hour of his life, but his loss will be keenly felt in the Evangelical Church of Orlando, of which he was a very devout and faith member.  He was serving as teacher of the Bible Class at the time of his death.  The church could always count on him in any of its activities.  Then, also as a community worker he was always ready to help in any way he could.
  As a preacher he preached a high standard of Christian living, he himself measuring up to the standard he preached, and in so doing laid up treasures in Heaven which he has now gone to enjoy.
  He had utmost faith and confidence that the living God he served would supply his needs.  I remember him telling of one time during his early ministry when there was nothing in the house to eat and no money with which to buy.  When it came time to prepare dinner his wife said there was nothing to cook.  He told her to set the table, put on the toothpicks and water and God will supply.  He went to his room for prayer.  Shortly a knock was heard at the door and there stood a strange woman he hadn't met before.  She said as she was passing down the street it seemed god spoke to her telling her there was need in that house, and she gave him money to tide over.
  I believe one of the hardest things in Bro. White's life was when he realized he was going down the western slope of life, as he termed it, and that his physical condition would not allow him [to] continue preaching the gospel which he so loved to do.  Though he suffered much during the last four years of his life he was very patient and cheerful, never complaining.  He always looked on the bright side and found something to be glad and thankful for.
  His last address to the Church was enjoyed by everyone present Sunday morning December 24.  The keynote of his address was finding the good in others and making some body happy.
  I wish it were possible to gather a rose from each one that he helped along life's way during his life on earth.  Undoubtedly there would be roses coming from coast to coast.  I am confident a huge bouquet would be gathered.
  I deem it a privilege to have had the opportunity to listen to his preaching and teaching and to have been a personal friend of his.  May God bless his sacred memory in our midst. --A friend.

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