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Edward D. Hixon Family

Logan County, Oklahoma

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Joseph Hixon was born May 24th, 1818 in Greene County TN. He died on October 4th, 1867 in Sandborne, Knox County, Indiana. On September 5th, 1839 in Lawrence County, Indiana he married Elizabeth Hamer Harris, who was born in 1819 in Indiana. They had five children.


First Child

David Hixon born 1842 in Lawrence County, Indiana. He was in civil war. #1 wife was Martha Henney, #2 wife was Larcy Jane Athey.


Second Child

Edward D. Hixon born August 17th, 1844 in Lawrence County, Indiana and died December 31, 1893 in Guthrie, O. T. He was in the Civil War - Co. E 43rd Reg April 1st, 1864 at Indianapolis, Indiana. On April 2nd, 1867 in Vencennes, Indiana he married Eliza A. Miller, daughter of John W. Miller and Mary A. Warren. Born October 10th, 1846 in Indiana. She died January 19th, 1940 in Guthrie, Logan County, Oklahoma. They had eight children: six boys and 2 girls. He was a farmer and butcher. He made the Run in 1889 accompanied by his 2 sons Logan and Lewis. Later Logan and Lewis made the run of 1891 for land in Indian territory. On the land My ggrandfather (Edward) aquired in the run, he built a two story house and the boys built a large barn which was also used for a Slaughter house which was the first in Logan County. They also had a meat market in Guthrie - butcher shop was located at 214 West Harrison. They called it the Hixon Meat Market.

Henry Logan Hixon was born January 6th, 1868 in Indiana. He died September 6th, 1949 in Rocky Ford, Colorado. He married Alta Best Sumner. They had two sons: Edward H., and Myrle Levi Hixon.

Lewis C. Hixon was born December 14th, 1869 in Indiana. He died September 29th, 1946 and is buried in Summit View Cemetery, Guthrie, Logan County, Oklahoma. On January 20th, 1895 he married Mary Margaret Bayles. She was born September 27th, 1876 and died September 19th, 1956. Lewis made the 1889 run with his father. Lewis and Maggie had one daughter: Eva Eliza Elizabeth Hixon.

Claude C. Hixon was born November 3rd, 1871 in Indiana. He died February 12th, 1940. On April 12, 1902 at McKinley, Oklahoma he married Kate Sumner, born July 25th, 1882 and died July 15th, 1958. They had five children: Claude Ptolemy, Nettie Anith, Frances Marie, Ralph Lewis and Lura Grace Hixon.

Cause E. Hixon was born on November 4th, 1873 in Indiana and died May 26th, 1950 in Lawton, Oklahoma. On January 10th, 1907 he married Alice Mary Ryan, born January 18th, 1881 in Souh Dakota and died 1929 in Guthrie, Logan County, Oklahoma. They had two daughters: Leta Helen and Margaret Josephine "Peggy" Hixon.

Otis Richard Hixon was born April 25th, 1875 in Indiana (may have been Kansas). He died September 8th, 1945 in Guthrie, Logan County, Oklahoma. His resting place is in Summit View Cemetery, Guthrie, Logan County, Oklahoma. On March 25th, 1897 he married Sarah Sumner, who was born March 7th, 1874 and died December 5th, 1958. They had five children: Agnes, Hugh E., Ray, Charles F. and Hazel Hixon.

Mary "Dollie" Hixon was born February 14th, 1881 in Arkansas. She died in 1964 in Tulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma. On February 23rd, 1898 she married Levi Mitchell Sumner, who was born September 12th, 1872 and died May 19th, 1947. They had eight children: Annice Myrtle, Katherine June, Ruby Grace, Haskell Weaver, Winnifred Lee, Henry Leroy, Levi Mitchell and Donald Gene Sumner.

John L. Hixon was born August 29th, 1883 in Arkansas. He died August 24, 1951 Rocky Ford, Colorado with his final resting place in Valley View Cemetery. He never married.

Easter Lily Hixon was born April 25h, 1886 in Walnut Grove, Missouri. She died August 2nd, 1930 in Guthrie, Logan County, Oklahoma. Her final resting place is in Meridian, Logan County, Oklahoma. On March 15, 1905 in Guthrie, O. T. she married Milton Allen. He was born November 21st, 1882 in Rooks County, Kansas and died May 2nd, 1950. His final resting place is also in Meridian, Logan County, Oklahoma. They had three children:

Leon Miller Allen was born April 29th, 1906 in Logan County, O. T. He died July 12th, 1970 in Hoopa, California

Milton Jr. Allen was born May 3rd, 1911 in Oklahoma and died April 2nd, 1970 in Paradise, California

Earl Bryan Allen (my Dad) was born November 24th, 1913 in Oilton, Oklahoma and died October 8th, 1959 in Yreka, California.


Third Child

Martha Hixon born 1848 in Lawrence County, Indiana. She married William Wells on January 15th, 1868 in Knox County, Indiana.


Fourth Child

George W. Hixon born 1849 in Lawrence County, Indiana. He married Marinda Templeton on January 23th, 1873 in Knox County, Indiana.


Fifth Child

Marion Francis Hixon born 1854.


Sixth Child of Joseph

Samuel Hixon born 1859 in Knox County, Indiana. Samuels Mother was Margaret Mcalister who was Joseph Hixon #2 wife.

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