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Harry M. Palmer

Submitted by & copy 2002: Wanda Henderson.


In the 1900 Census taken in Logan County, Guthrie City on 4 June 1900, Ward 2, Enumerator, Houston shows, Harry M. Palmer living at 906 W. Grant. His date of birth was December 1860, born in TN. His father birth state was VA and his mother's birth state was TN. The information I located showing his occupation as a Deputy in 1885, 1897, 1898 and 1889 was in a bulletin, "The Pride of Logan County", by Jimmy Dix Ward and Ethelyn Cline Boren. Uncle Harry's wife, was Rosa A. born August 1869 in Mississippi. They had an adopted son, Robert H. Palmer, born in Oklahoma. Harry's brother was Robert Lee Palmer. However, census records shows both of their birth years as 1860. So, I really don't know if they had the same mother. My mother, Charlotte Romayne Wade Glover, remembers her parents talking about Uncle Harry working at the Federal Prison in Guthrie and the County jail.

My mom remembers that he and his wife lived in the rear of the jail. His race is listed as Black on the census records.

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