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You have watched the glow of campfires
In those days of long ago.
Through Missouri to Nebraska
And by wagon train did go.

Finally settled in Oklahoma
In the wild and wooly west,
Where deer and wild turkey
Roamed the hillsides.
And the Indians were at their best.

To this new land came a fellow
From Illinois to stake a claim,
Here you met, courtship followed
Sometime later you changed your name.

In SE 1/2 Sec 1 on Coon Creek
Just a log cabin with sod floor,
Hand made shingles, not many windows
But was "Home Sweet Home"
Inside the door.

Then the passing of our Daddy
that was the year of '34
Left us all so sad and lonely
as never we felt before.

Many moons have crossed the heavens
Lots of changes have been made
In this land called Oklahoma
Since you came by wagon train.

Concrete highways wind like ribbon
Over the hills and far away,
In this day of modern living
Quite some change from pioneer day.

So from cow trail to Turner Turnpike
You've seen the page of time unfold
Oil wells dot the country over
And all's a picture to behold.

You have had your joys and sorrows
And have stood the test quite well,
Always turning to the Good Book
Trusting to do our Savior's will.

You have made our path most cheerful
Tough your load sometimes has been a ton
Happy Birthday, we do love you Mother
For today you are 81 years young.

Pearl Atteberry Briscoe - 1953
Written for her mother, Mellie Friend Atteberry.

Submitted by and in the possession of: Sharon McAlister.

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