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County Coordinator - Harold D. Massey State Coordinator - Ron Henson Assistant State Coordinator - Bobbi Dunn
County Archivist - Harold D. Massey State Archivist - Gene Phillips
~ Surname Index "D" ~
To submit a new surname, include the surname(s) your e-mail address, your first and last name in the message body. The surnames that you submit must have some connection to this county. If you do not currently use later versions of Netscape or Explorer (i.e. you use Mosaic, America On-Line, etc.) click HERE and include "McCURTAIN COUNTY SURNAME ADDITION" in the message subject line.


DANIEL Patricia Hendrix phendrix@hot.rr.com
DANIELS Anna E. Pulliam NOSE9800@aol.com
DANIELS Laura M. Moore bone@mail.tqci.net
DARK Karen Price - Pfister PRINYP@aol.com
DAVIS Carol Monk carolmonk@home.com
DAVIS Terry L. Voss voss@valliant.net%20(ICQ16465953)%20(KD5GIO)
DAVIS Judy Huber judyhuber@compcor.com
DAVIS Tracy Davis Zachalbr@msn.com
DEAN Brian K. Smith southpaw@valliant.net
DEAN Seana Taber taber@directcon.net
DEAN Peggy Hamlett dadhaml@dallas.net
DEAN Ola Mae (Griffin) Trout otrout@sbcglobal.net
DeFOE Wayne Batson SeeBatson@AOL.com
DeLAUGHTER DIANE PAGE fjpage@n-jcenter.com
DeLOZIER Kathy Donaldson Kathy_Donaldson@enron.com
DICKERSON Debby Tollett Debby.Tollett@alpa.org
DIERKS Peggy Winton Dierks pmdierks@cswnet.com
DILL Bianca Gordon gordonbd@centum.utulsa.edu
DODGEN/DODGIN Billy Copeland billy@cleaf.com
DONALDSON Georgiana R. Frayer-Luna FRAYER1@Prodigy.com
DONEGAN Brenda Hutcheson Smith bhutchsmith@direcway.com
DOOLEY Mike & Lauri Miller mloamiller@home.com
DORRIS Ron Hare RHare80046@aol.com
DOSSEY Mike Dossey SurveyOkla@aol.com
DREHER Sue Webb Bodishbaugh cbodishb@tampabay.rr.com
DUGAN W. Dugan wfdugan767@sbcglobal.net
DUNAGAN Brenda Hutcheson Smith bhutchsmith@direcway.com
DUNAGIN Brenda Hutcheson Smith bhutchsmith@direcway.com
DUNCAN Peggy Hamlett dadhaml@dallas.net
DUNIGAN Brenda Hutcheson Smith bhutchsmith@direcway.com
DUNNEGAN Brenda Hutcheson Smith bhutchsmith@direcway.com
DUNNIGAN Brenda Hutcheson Smith bhutchsmith@direcway.com
DYER jackie woolery tigger@clnk.com
DYER Cindy Young CindyYoung@aol.com

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