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    Descendants of William Davis


Generation No. 1

1. WILLIAM1 DAVIS was born Bet. 1822 - 1823 in KY; of Louisville,Richmond area KY in 1860; in Rose Hill, Johnson co Mo in 1880 Census. He married MARY CROSS. She was born Bet. 1834 - 1835 in Ky (census_.


Dorothy at

Children of WILLIAM DAVIS and MARY CROSS are:

2. i. BOB (ROBERT)2 DAVIS, b. October 05, 1875, Blairstown, MO; d. 1969, Muskogie,OK.

3. ii. THOMAS D. DAVIS, b. November 14, 1860, Louisville, Richmond area of KY; d. June 08, 1922, Dawson IA.

4. iii. SHELL B. DAVIS, b. Abt. 1857, KY; last known residence Tex/oklahoma.

iv. JAMES DAVIS, b. Abt. 1858, KY.

v. JOHN DAVIS, b. Abt. 1861, KY.

vi. JESSEY DAVIS, b. Abt. 1862, KY.

vii. WILLIAM DAVIS, b. Abt. 1867, KY; d. Blairstown MO.

viii. LUCEY DAVIS, b. Abt. 1870, Mo; m. FNU STUCKEY.

ix. GEORGE DAVIS, b. Abt. 1873, MO.

x. SALLY DAVIS, b. Abt. 1880, Maybe MO; m. (1) FNU HARRIS; b. Abt. 1875; m. (2) FNU POTTS.

xi. LETTA DAVIS, b. Abt. 1864, KY; m. FNU WALLS; b. Abt. 1860.


Generation No. 2

2. BOB (ROBERT)2 DAVIS (WILLIAM1) was born October 05, 1875 in Blairstown, MO, and died 1969 in Muskogie,OK. He married IVY LEWIS Abt. 1898, daughter of LEVI LEWIS and RACHAEL THOMAS. She was born February 27, 1880 in Smith Center , KS,(cave).She was a  famous hatmaker and while living in Urich MO people would come from all over the state to her hat shop.  Her church was Bethany Presbyterian, and died September 21, 1962 in Muskogie,OK at 93. Ivy had sisters named

a. Linna Orissa Lewis , her sister,  married Charles Scranton in 1894 and Homer Davis abt. 1896.Their daughter was Edith Scranton who married Cyrus Billings in OK City. Edith lived in Muskogee , Muskogee OK.  Linna was a very famous hatmaker in Urich MO . This is my line. Chi Chi (

b.Louella Lewis, her sister, who married William B. Gage in 1890 in Henry co MO and had son William Sargeant (Sox) Gage. William Sargeant married Dorothy Duncan Livingston. They both died in Muskogee , Muskogee OK.


Louis says they all went to Blairstown when he was a little tyke (c.1912)to visit a sister of his dad's. (either, Letta, Lucey, Sally). He said they were a very cold group. His father was a loner about his family and never talked about them.


Burial: Greenhill Cemetary ,Muskogee OK

Notes for IVY LEWIS:

She was a sweet lady. She would go to the back yard and kill a chicken and fry it when Suzanne and Edith would come over. She would make an angel food cake.(Source: Suzanne Davis)

1930 census says her father, Levi Lewis, b. ILL and mother,Rachael Thomas Lewis,  b. IN

More About IVY LEWIS:

Burial: Greenhill Cemetary

Children of BOB DAVIS and IVY LEWIS are:

i. CHESTER C.3 DAVIS, b. September 19, 1900, Iola KS;Tulsa OK in 1930; lived in Muskogie,OK; d. 1999, 98 Muskogee ,OK; m. JOAN D. HUNT, 1924; b. 1906; d. 1974.


1900 born in Iola KS

1920 Checotah ,McIntosh OKlahoma 19 yrs. old, telegraph operator

1930 Jenks, Tulsa, OK

Muskogee OK -Chester died there at his house in  2000 . His brother  was still living in 2000 and is 92. . Chloe died young. Chester is very nice. Lives in Muskogie, OK.  He Joined the Baptish church in 1972 and hasn't missed a Sunday.Source:(Louis)


Burial: 2000, Cemetery(maybe Greenhill) East of Muskogie OK-a group of them there; , across from the Monument works

5. ii. CHLOE DAVIS, b. 1899, MO on 1930 census; Louis said Iola KS; d. CA.

6. iii. Living DAVIS, b. August 24, 1908, Iola,KS; lives in Paul's Valley, OK; d. He is 95 in 2003..


3. THOMAS D.2 DAVIS (WILLIAM1) was born November 14, 1860 in Louisville, Richmond area of KY, and died June 08, 1922 in Dawson IA. He married (1) EVA LNU Abt. 1880. She was born Abt. 1860. He married (2) SARAH "LULA" NANCE April 19, 1887 in Clinton, Henry Co MO. She was born September 20, 1869 in Big Creek Twp, Clinton,Henry co MO, and died December 27, 1958 in Whittier CA.

Notes for THOMAS D. DAVIS:Child of THOMAS DAVIS and EVA LNU is:

i. ARTHUR3 DAVIS, b. December 1880, MO; d. OK.

Children of THOMAS DAVIS and SARAH NANCE are:

ii. CHARLES A.3 DAVIS, b. April 23, 1888, Blairstown MO; d. October 18, 1918, Ft. Smith AR.

iii. GROVER CLEVELAND "GEORGE" "PUG" DAVIS, b. October 03, 1891, Blairstown MO; d. September 04, 1965, Bellflower CA; m. ONETA "NIETA" MARIE DICK; b. September 16, 1895, Agency IA; d. April 24, 1978, CA.

iv. IDA BELLE DAVIS, b. May 03, 1893, Blairstown MO; d. September 1972; m. BARTON PHILPOTT; b. Abt. 1893.

v. OTIS THOMAS DAVIS, b. March 02, 1896, Blairstown MO; d. March 20, 1968; m. ELLA LEE; b. Abt. 1900.

vi. GRACE OTHELIA DAVIS, b. March 28, 1901, Blairstown MO; had a prior marriage; d. May 06, 1992; m. WILL CAMERON; b. Abt. 1900.

vii. HOWARD R. DAVIS, b. May 17, 1905, Blairstown MO; d. November 17, 1985, CA; no children; m. GLADYS LNU; b. Abt. 1910.

viii. FORREST H. "FROSTY" DAVIS, b. May 01, 1910, Blairstown MO; d. August 05, 1966, CA;no children; m. GENEVA LNU; b. Abt. 1915.


4. SHELL B.2 DAVIS (WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1857 in KY; last known residence Tex/oklahoma. He married POLLY A. Abt. 1880. She was born Abt. 1860.

Child of SHELL DAVIS and POLLY A. is:

i. MARY3 DAVIS, b. Bet. 1880 - 1895.

                                Generation No. 3

5. CHLOE3 DAVIS (BOB (ROBERT)2, WILLIAM1) was born 1899 in MO on 1930 census; Louis said Iola KS, and died in CA. She married (1) UNKNOWN. He was born in worked in oil fields. She married (2) J. DEWEY BAKER 1919 , son of BAKER and WIFE both b.Texas. He was born 1898 in TX; He was in Tulsa, Tulsa OK in 1930; pricer for an oil company.


Burial: Ok City

Notes for J. DEWEY BAKER:

Duey or Dewey Baker died of cancer.

Name: J Dewey Baker

Age: 31 in 1930 census

Estimated birth year: 1898

Birthplace: Texas

Home in 1930: Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Children of CHLOE DAVIS and J. Dewey BAKER are:


7. ii. JAMES HOLLAN BAKER, b. 1925; d. February 2003.

iii. MINNIE LOU BAKER, b. 1927.


6. Living3 DAVIS (BOB (ROBERT)2, WILLIAM1) was born August 24, 1908 in Iola,KS; lives in Paul's Valley, OK,  He is 95 in 2003.. He married RUBY GARLAND 1928 in Wagner, OK, daughter of LOUIS GARLAND and JOYCE BOREN(both Indian ). She was born 1912 in Muskogie, OK; mixed blood Creek Indian, and died November 03, 1983 in Pauls Valley, OK.

Notes for Living DAVIS:

1908 born in Iola KS .(when Lewis was 7 or 8)1916 moved from Iola KS to Checottah OK for a short while. He and his family abt. 1918 moved to Muskogee OK where his dad worked for the railroad.In 1930 census he was  Muslogee OK with parents, Robert and Ivy. He lived in Tulsa OK 11 years.He lives in  Pauls Valley OK now .Lewis lived in Tulsa 11 years. He helped big Cy build the log cabin.Lewis had a bulldog. When he ran the postman off the porch, he gave it to Cy...had a fenced in yard.

Name: Living Davis 1930 census Muskogee OK

Age: 21

Estimated birth year: 1908

Home in 1930: Muskogee, Muskogee, Oklahoma with Robert Davis and Ivy Lewis Davis

Rachael Lewis lived there too there 78 (Ivy's mother)

Generation No. 4

7. JAMES HOLLAN4 BAKER (CHLOE3 DAVIS, BOB (ROBERT)2, WILLIAM1) was born 1925, and died February 2003. He married SUE CAROLTON. She was born Abt. 1930.


He had a band in Highschool. He went to California and made movies. He is living in 2000.(this is by Living Baker-4-23-98)

Jimmy Baker was in airforce in 1942. He visited Rachael Thomas Lewis,his grandmother, every summer. Rachael would pin $10 bill in his pants. Jimmy was her favorite. there is a book "T Town to Tensil Town" Life and Times of Jimmy Baker. I guess Jimmy wrote it. He graduated from OK State Univ. He was the highest stepping Drum Major (high school) in the US in 1938. He got a great scholarship.Jimmy organized a dance band. They had national publicity. They followed the Jimmy Dorsey Band around the country. He did this til the service.Jimmy played the drum and sang.He married Living Female, a model. They went to Las Vegas , then Hollywood in 1948  he had  a job with ABC. Jimmy was a producer. He produced Queen for a Day. Jimmy Baker is now in the OK Hall of Fame in OK City for being awarded for the highest stepping drum major.Jimmy Baker lived between Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire in Hollywood Blvd.(Source: Suzanne Davis)

Little Cy(Edith Scranton & Cyrus Billings' son) would write Jimmy in Hollywood. He came out there and Jimmy showed him around. Cy married Evelyn and had 3 daughters. Cy completed law school but couldn't pass the bar.