As The Raines Came Down

Dolores Raines/Sutton

In 1969 I decided to gather family info and write our Family History 

32 years later i am still gathering information and have decided there is no"stopping" place so will publish the information i have as of now.

My  Raines research has been obtained from   South Carolina-Alabama- Arkansas-Missouri and Okla.from court records,Bible Records,Cems, and family members


 Our First PROVEN ancestor was James Raines born 1793 in South Carolina.

He had at least 1 brother Robert Born 1786 in South Carolina.

Parents name unknown at this time but on the 1840 census of Walker Co Ala they were living in the household of their son Robert. 

Until 1850  the census only shows heads of household  and just gender and age of Family Members.and on the 1840 it shows  Robert Raines ,head of household  1 female between 60 and 70 Yrs old and 1 male between 70-80 Yrs old.

They were no longer living on the 1850 census so they died in Walker Co between 1840 -1850.

Robert never married and on the 1850 census of Walker Co he was living with brother James. He died between 1850-60  there.

The first legal document i found was the marriage record of James Raines and Milla Barton  Oct 6 1818 in Lawrence Co Ala.

They came to Walker Co Ala in 1822 and lived out their lives there.

James and Robert entered Gov. land there in 1833 and 1834.


Milla Barton was born Feb 1803 to Moses and Fannie Barton.

Moses and his family came to Walker Co in 1822 also.

James and Milla had 9 Children.:

William Bailey  born 1819 [ my Great Grandfather] Married Elizabeth K.Kennymore  

Francis born about 1821 Married Edom Byrd Cole

Hiram born 1822married #1 Phoebe? #2 Aseneth Adeline Abbott 

Allen born 1824 Married Lucinda Robbins

Milla born 1831[ nothing known on her after 1850 census.

Rebecca born 1833  married Isiah Williams 

Massa J born 1835 Married James B. Mullins

James born 1838 nothing found on him after civil war record]

Margaret Ann {Peggy] born 1841   Married Wm Washington Abbott 

Milla Barton Raines died 1843 and is buried in the Sardis Cem in Walker Co 

Her home made stone is still readable after all these years.

this cem. in very near James's old Home stead.

 James remarried in 1850 to a widow named Susan[maiden name unknown]

she had a 5 yr old son named John when they married . on the 1860 census his surname is listed as Raines. But this was a common mistake the census takers often made. He was not with them on the 1860 census  and no John Raines was listed in Ala in 1860 so by then he was probably using his correct surname.

James and Susan had 3 daughters.

Lucinda born  1857 Married  William Ford 

Sylvania Born 1853  Married John Newton Pate 

Sinthia born  1852 Married Robert Williams .

James died 1871  and is  buried in the Sardis Cem in an unmarked grave.  he owned     acres of land at the time of his death but as the court house burned no will for him is Available.

I have not found Susan after his death  . she may have married again as she was only 47 when he died. or living with son,John, under his correct unknown surname.


Info from 1830-40-50-60-70 census  of Walker Co Ala

Court records Lawrence co ala.

Land Patent Records

Desc of James

 The Raines came from England and no one has found any Indian Heritage on any Raines Line. 

If {not Proven] we are of Indian Heritage it is from Mary Elizabeth Bly.[my Grandmother]


William Bailey Raines was the first born of James and Milla Barton Raines.

He was born 1819 in ala.

He married 1841 to Elizabeth K. Kennymore[ i have found this spelled Kennamore,Kennermer ] but in the Bible of her grandson robert Raines[son of James[Bud] Raines it is spelled Kennymore.

 She was born 1812 in Tenn. 

Her parents names  have not been proven at this time. She is SUPPOSLEY[not proven] to have been married before to ? Adams.No Children if she was. this could easily be true as she was 29 when they married.


 William and Elizabeth had 7 children;

Mary Elizabeth Married #1 Christopher Loggains Sr. #2 George Haskins 

Pamela Priscilla Married John W. Haskins

Milly Samantha Married Stecen Loggains 

Rispa Francis Married Carroll Loggains 

Robert Bailey Married Louisa Jane Haskins 

James William[BuD] Married Hannah Loggains 

John Allen [my grandfather] Married Mary Elizabeth Bly De Jurnette.


They moved over into Jefferson Co Ala From Walker co in 1849 But only stayed 1 year then moved back to Walker Co .

 By 1868 Mary,Robert and Priscilla had Married.

Priscilla and Robert married into the Haskin Family and Mary married into the Loggains Family.

In 1869  the Raines,Loggains and Haskins left Ala and stopped in Wayne co tenn.

 The apparent reason  that  they stopped could be  because 3 grandchildren were born there. 

 They arrived in Boone Co Ark. in mar 1870. so they were making this trip during the winter months. coming with them were James Wm[Buds] widowed mother-in -law  Sarah Mullins Loggains and her children plus the siblings of  John and Louisa Haskins [spouses of Robert and Priscilla] . Their Father.Hamilton Haskins  was killed in the war and their Mother,Charity Gibson Haskins, died in 1868 in walker co.


They were in Rolling Praraie Township Boone co Ark. during the June 1870 census.

 There were 22 Raines,Loggains and Haskins that left Walker Co together  to come t ark.

When they arrived there were 24 as 3 babies were born inroute  [1 husband "Run off with the Midwife"]

  This wagon Train traveled in the winter in order to have arrived when they did to Boone co . so this family was a Hardy bunch of Pioneers

Elizabeth died 1873 in Boone Co Ark 

on the 1880 census Wm Bailey was living in Taney Co Mo with his Dau Mary and her #2 Husband George Haskins. His Son John Allen was also living with them.

 Wm Bailey died there in 1881.   Probably buried in Unmarked grave at Mincy Cem as this was the closest Cem to where he lived when he died.


 Children of William Bailey and Elizabeth Kennymore Raines 


[1] Mary Elizabeth Raines 

Mary was born 1842 in Walker Co Ala . she was the oldest child of Wm Bailey and Elizabeth Kennymore Raines.

She married #1 Christopher Colombus Loggains 1867  Christopher was born 1846  In Ala . he was the son of Major Taylor and Hannah  Mullins  Loggains.

Christopher and Mary had 2 children:

[1]  Sarah Elizabeth Priscilla born 1868 in  Walker Co Ala   . died of measles in boone co ark according to the 1880  Ark Mortaility Schedule. 

[2] Christopher Colombus Jr born April 1869 in Wayne co Tenn

  [see his page]

 Family lore is Christopher Sr "ran off with the midwife when  Christopher Jr. was born in Tenn. and changed his name and the Loggains never heard from him again.E

ver thing points to this being true as he wasnt on the 1870 census with Mary and the children in 1870 ,. She was living with her Parents and was not a widow.

I have searched ever census  in ever State  in 1870 and have never found him.

Mary Married Again before 1880 to George Haskins. he was the brother of her Sister, Priscilla Husband and to her Brother, Roberts wife, Louisa Jane Haskins.

Mary and George had no children. 

in 1880 they lived in Taney Co Mo.

Mary died in 1889  in Boone Co Ark.

 [2]                 Pamela Priscilla Raines 

   Pamela Priscilla Raines was born 1844 in Walker Co ala,Dau of Wm Bailey and Elizabeth Kennymore.

She married May 8 1869 in Wayne co Tenn to John W Haskins. 

Their children were; 

[1]  Francis Ann Elizabeth born feb 1870 in Wayne co Tenn Married Wm Daniel Wyrick

2]  John W  born 12-14-1872 in boone co ark. Married Phena Hurd 1904 died 1906 at Meeker Okla. 

[3] Lucy J. T. M. born 10-1874 in Boone co. Married John   Rowan

[4] Mary  L. A. born 11-1878 in Taney co mo. Married William Van Meter

[5] Hamilton {tony] born july 1880 in Taney co mo. Married Bro Johns widow,Phena Hurd

[6] George Lawson born  aug. 1881 in Taney co mo. Married Mary Hampton 

[7] isabell born jan 1886 in Taney Co mo. Married Brad Brasiel

[8] Martha born mar 1888 in Taney co. died 1898 in Muskogee co okla.

  John and Priscilla left Mo in 1897 and moved to Ft Gibson Okla.  they and their dau. Martha died there in 1898 in a typhoid epidemic and are buried in the Three Rivers Cem 

      [3]             Rispa Francis Raines 

Rispa Francis Raines was born 1849 in Walker co Ala . she was the Dau of William Bailey and Elizabeth Kennymore Raines.

She married April 27 1871 to Carroll Loggains. son Of Major And Hannah Mullins Loggains.

She died in Childbirth in boone co Ark in 1873.


            [4]       Milly Samantha Raines 

 Milly Samantha Raines  was born  in Walker co ala.

she married Steven Loggains Brother to Major Loggains and Uncle to the Loggains that married the other Raines siblings.

 They settled in Stone co Ark. 

their children were :

Bailey born 1867 in Ala- never Married

Perry born 1868 married Nancy ann Tuttle

Francis Elizabeth born 1869 in Tenn married Alfred Tuttle

Martin Born 1876 in Ark married Nancy Ann Hester

Major Clayton born 1879 in Stone co ark married Willie Pate.

  Milly died Sept 29 1891 and Steven died 1924 in Stone co ark.

               [5]       Robert Bailey Raines 

   Robert Bailey Raines was born 1847 in Walker Co Ala. he was the son of Wm Bailey and Elizabeth Kennymore Raines.

 he Married 1868 in Walker co to Louisa Jane Haskins, dau of Hamilton and Charity Gibson Haskins . 

 Their Children were: 

 [1] Manerva Adeline born 1869 in Walker Co Ala . married John Robert Wilson,

 [2] Francis Alice born Jan 18 1871 in Boone co ark. married Rolland T. Williams.

  Robert was killed in a knife fight in Hollister mo in 1873[see S.C. Turnbo Manuscript  'Cock of The Walk"]

 Louisa married 2 more times

#2 Reuben Southard

#3  Frank White. 

            [6]    James William {BUD] Raines 

     James william [Bud] Raines was born  july 1 1851 in Walker Co ala. he was the son of William Bailey Elizabeth Kennymore Raines.

He Married Hannah Loggains,dau of Major and Sarah Mullins Raines in 1875 in Searcy co ark.

Their children were: 

[1] Dicie born mar 30 1876  married Lee Bearden

[2]Robert Carroll born July 4 1877  never Married

[3] Sarah born Feb 22 1879 married Thompsy Harris

[4] Jane born aug 31  1880 married Sam Davis

[5] John Newton born June 25 1887 married Anna Baker Sarah born feb 22 1879 married Thompsy Harris

[6] James Oliver born oct 15 1885 married Dora Lay.

 Bud Died from Heat stroke in the Hay field July 15 1888 and is buried in the Water Creek Cem in Freck Ark. And Hannah died 1932 and is Buried in the Water Creek cem.

            [7] John Allen Raines 

John Al was born sept 1854 in Walker Co ala. he was the youngest child of William Bailey and Elizabeth Kennymore Raines.

 He Married may 12 1883 in Boone Co Ark to Mary Elizabeth Bly.

 She was the daughter of Jone Brittain and James Bly . he father died when she was age 4 and her mother married Calvin Parton when she was 5 .a lot of the desc assumed her maiden name was Parton as Grandma Jane Parton was the only grandmother they knew. 

Elizabeth[Liz] 1 st married Wm Henry De jurnette in Wilson Co Kansas in 1873 . they had 2 children  Willie born 1874 in Kan. and Saray Eurith born 1877 in Taney Co Mo. wm Dejurnette died 1878 in Taney Co, Mincy,Mo. 

 John al and Elizabeth had the following Children 

[1] John Allen Jr.born aug 15 1891 in Boone co ark married Mary Naoma Rowan

[2] Mary Lillie Mae born may 20 1886 in boone co. Married Will Perry              Married Wm Henry Perry

[3] Samantha Viola born oct 15 1888 in boone co.  Married Will Van Horn

[4] Annie[died age 6] born 1890 died 1896

[5]James Monroe  born  born mar 12 1891 in Boone co.  Married Sarah Marler 

[6] Robert Colombus[my Father]born june 17 1893 in Taney Co Mo married Otie Jane Hughey.

[7] Francis Modelia born  sept 22 1895 in Boone co Ark.           Married Earl Green 

[8] Paul Marvin Eli  born  may 18 1898 in Boone co ark.           Married Sophie Manley.

   Places They lived after they Married

Taney Co Mo.

Boone co Ark

Ft Gibson Okla 1897

Baxter co ark 1900

Lincoln co Okla.1919

 Came to Ark in 1870 . from Walker co ala via Wayne Co Tenn.

 moved back and forth to Taney co Mo from 1880 -1912 

 Moved to Ft Gibson Okla in 1898

Back to Baxter co Ark by 1900.

Moved to Keokuk Co Okla in 1919.

Liz died may 12 1912 and is buried in the Raley Cem @lead Hill Ark.

John al came to Okla in 1919 and died at Keokuk Falls Okla mar 9 1930 and is buried in the Keokuk cem.


         John Allen [Uncle Johnny ]Raines 

Uncle Johnny married Mary Naoma Amy Rowan  May 25 1902 in Ft Gibson Okla. 

Their Children were; 

[1] Martha ann Elizabeth[Annie] born dec 10 1904 in Lead Hill Ark.  married Sam Bowlin 1935 in Muskogee okla

Children: Fern,Allen,Darlene,Sam,Delma, Ruth ,Joyce. Blanche .

 Annie died dec 12 1985 in Houston Texas and is buried in Citizen cem @ft Gibson Okla.

[2] John Allen #3 born aug 7 1906 in boone co died july 19 1914 @meeker Okla buried in Jamerson Cem There,

[3] Annis Sarah born jan 7 1909  in lead hill married Frank Moydell .

Children: ElmerBob,Louise, Berry and Carolyn .

Annis died  may 1996 and is buried @ Ft Gibson.

[4] Otto born Mar 1911 died  april 1911. buried in Chaney Cem in Boone Co Ark.

[5] Edward Reno born april 26 1911 in Lead Hill married Phoeby Trouveney april 26 1933 @ Ft Gibson. Children: Maxine,Mary,Effie and Debbie.

[6] Bonnie Jane born june 12 1915 @meeker okla. married #1 Jay Eubanks. Children Estell and Charles  #2 Tom Scott . child Louise #3Lester Bailey. She died Nov 30 1977 and is buried @ Ft Gibson

[7] Lester Walter[Jack] born Jan 29 1918 @ Ft Gibson. married Ethel Mc Nutt Aug 11 1939 @ Ft Gibson  Children: Francis and Linda.

[8] Bernice Mae Born Aug 3 1922 at Paden Okla. married #1 Wesley Sawyer. Children: Bobby, Wesley Linda and John  #2 Fred Rogers.

[8] Samuel Coy born !924 died age 1 month . buried @ Gore Okla.

Omie Died Dec 14 1946 and Uncle Johnny died Nov 20 1968. they are buried @ Ft Gibson Ok

Exact wording of Muskogee News   Nov 23 1968

   Mishap injury Fatal to Ft Gibson Man.

John A. [Uncle Johnny] Raines  87 of Ft Gibson died about 10 am  wed. in General Hospital of injuries Received in a Car- Pedestrain accident in downtown  Ft Gibson.

investigator,Dean Beene of the DAs office said Raines was struck while Crossing the street from North to South.

The accident occured about 1/2 block west of Ft Gibsons only traffic light.

Kennth Smith ,of Ft Gibson,driver of the car that struck Raines was later cited By high patrol,Amos Fore and Don Powell for improper vision because of ice on the windshield. 

Born aug 15 1881 in Boone co Ark, Raines  was a retired Stone mason and came to Ft Gibson in 1898.

Survivors include: 2 sons, Bill of Ft Gibson and Jack of Muskogee 4 daughters: Annie Bowlin of SOuth Hampton Mass.

Annis Moydell of Sacremento.Calif, Bonnie Bailey and Bernice Rogers of Ft Gibson. 2 Brothers, Robert Raines of Lexington Okla. Paul Raines of Okla City Ok  3 sisters. Mae Perry of Prague,okla Modelia Green of Ft Gibson and Ola Van Horn of Broken Arrow Okla.

Funeral arrangements will be announced by  Lescher Funeral Home. 

               Samantha Viola Raines 

Ola was born oct 15 1888 in lead hill Ark.

she married William Van Horn july 15 1906 in Boone co ark.

Their Children WERE

[1]  Florence married Henry Turner  Children Calvin and Letta Jiyce

[2] Cora Married Norb Hall children;James,Lester.Lawrence and Opal

[3] EEdna Marie married Des Collins Children; Gene, Glenn, Phyliss and Louise.

[4] Lois married #1 Pleas Roland #2 Harvey Martin  1 son Herman Ray 

[5] Warden died in Hunting accident age 17 

[6] Gorden married Jewell Ross  Children: Jackie and Donny

[7] Glenn married Myrte Loveland: 1 son: Donny Wayne

[8] Melvin married Jackie Parsons 1 child Patsy

[9] Billie Jean married Alfred Hutchenson  3 children: Wilford,

 Carl and Jr. 

Will died 1957 and ola died Dec 31 1973 . They are buried @ Davenport Okla.

exact Wording of Newspaper account of Gordons Death 

 Gordon H. Van Horn  40  of Davenport ,was killed April 10 1956 in a cave in while working on Davenports almost Completed Sewer System.

Van Horn, son of Mr And Mrs Will Van Horn of Prague was Trapped in a 12 ft trench ,when the clay banl collapsed and buried him nder 2 feet of dirt.

it took workers 2 hours to recover his body.

Van Horn was employed by Doerfler Const. of Okla City.

Funeral services were @ 2 Pm Thursday @ Davenport,

 Survivors include  His Wife,Jewell, 2 sons ,Donnie and Jackie. 2 brothers Melvin  of Shawnee and Glen of Prague.

5 sisters  Cora Hall of Calif.,Mrs W. d. collins of Meeker, Lois Martin and Florence Turner of Tulsa and Billie Hutchenson Of Ok City. 

Burial @ Chandler Cem.

           mary Lillie Mae Raines 

Mae was born may 20 1886 in Boone co ark.

she married William Henry Perry july 6 1903 in boone co ark.

their children:

[1]William Henry married born 7-23-1904 in Boone co ark.

 Gladys Johnson 

[2] Cora C. born 1-3-1907 in Boone co  married Arthur Shivers 

[3] Bert Mathew  born 5-22-1909 in Boone Co  married #1 Eva Edmonds 1 child Berton  #2 Eula Carter 

[4] Fleecy Pearl born 8-11-1911 in Boone co. married _______Wilson

[5] Lucy Christine born nov 2 1913 in Boone Co. married Archie Hall

[6] clifford Glenn  born 12-16-1918 in Boone Co.married Jaunita clinkenbeard

[7] Dora Bernice born 4-25-1925 @ Prague Okla.  married ________Smith 

  Mae died dec 13 1968 and Will died nov 3 1965. they are buried in the Prague Cem.


             James Monroe[Jim] Raines 

Jim was born mar 12 1891 in Lead hill Ark

he Married sarah Marler Nov 12 1912 in Taney Co mo.

Their Children were:

[1] Vivian Omo oct 20 1913 in boone co married #1 Chris Lomax #2 Garland brown #3 Bill Dickenson #4 Jim Wagoner   1 dau Dolores Lomax 

[2] Inman Elmo born Sept 19 1915 in Boone co Ark Married Faye Snodgrass children:Danzil,Daniel,Nathan, Rena,Freda and Lee

[3] Liness James born aug 25 1917 in boone co ark married Laura Carter: Children :James,Linda. James and Dennis

[4] Onis Vergil born nov 3 1919 married1 Inata Mc Caslin  Children: Kenneth,Wendell, Anita and Darlene  #2 Bonnie Carver  

[5]ovie molene born aug 7 1921 @keokuk Okla  married #1Bill Cossey  1 dau Reva #2Joe Cross 1 dau Shirley

[6] Allen odell born feb 7 1924 @keokuk ok. married #1 Billie Moore . Children:Danny,Donnie. Debbie,and O.J.  #2 Pat Musgrove   Children:Stanley,David

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