William Nuckolls Littlejohn

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Details: William Nuckolls Littlejohn was born 22 Dec 1845 in South Carolina, and was the son of Charles P. and Lettie Smith Littlejohn. He came to Cherokee Nation in 1867 and located at Evansville, AR. He and Emily Adair married in 1869 and lived 5 mi SW of what is now Stillwell. William was a white man and before he could marry Emilly, he had to become a citizen of the Cherokee tribe and had a roll number - #1017. This marriage was at a date that entitled him to citizenship in the Cherokee Nation as an intermarried white, and he was duly enrolled as such. Under the Cherokee Government he was elected Dist. Clerk of Flint Dist. and later Circuit Judge of Flint, Goingsnake, Tahlequah and Illinois Districts, having been a practicing attorney before the Cherokee courts. At statehood he was elected the first county judge of Sequoyah County, OK and re-elected for a 2nd term. He issued the first marriage license in Sequoyah Co.



Dividing Line

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