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Jody Fisher Fri Oct 3 22:51:35 1997
I am searching for NORTHCUTT's that lived in Muskogee in the late 1800's to early 1900's. Louis NORTHCUTT was born 1882 in Benedict, Kansas. His Parents Louis C. Northcutt and Mary Francis Fritch/Ftritz? had a store in Muskogee, oklahoma, (where were they from and when were they born?!) they extended to much credit and the store went under. Louis C. and Mary Francis children were: Louis Allen NORTHCUTT Lemuel NORTHCUTT Della Jane NORTHCUTT Cora Elizabeth NORTHCUTT Loretta NORTHCUTT Hattie NORTHCUTT Ethel Amey NORTHCUTT Florence NORTHCUTT Clyde NORTHCUTT Roy NORTHCUTT Elsie Delours NORTHCUTT Carl Dewey NORTHCUTT Louis Allen NORTHCUTT married Alice Eleanore TOWNSEND in Idaho then they homesteaded in Washington state in the Columbia Basin. Any information on the NORTHCUTT or TOWNSEND Family would be very appriciated. I can be reached at casper10@prodigy.net or snail mail at 4215 Pine Ave N.E. Bremerton, Washington 98310.

Lyrita Kimbrell Gochenouer Sun Oct 5 13:08:25 1997
Searching for info on KIMBRELL and WRIGHT family history. Charley Colquitt KIMBRELL and his wife, Ida Mae, lived in Muskogee per the 1920 census. Ida Mae had been married before, to William S. EDWARDS and had three children (Robert E. Lee, Ruris Haskell and Lula Ethel). Charley and Ida Mae had one child by 1920, Mary Ellen. Their son, Charles C. Kimbrell (my father) was born in 1923. The left the Muskogee area shortly after 1923 and moved to Sand Springs. Any info appreciated. Charley's father, Darling L. KIMBRELL supposedly lived and died in this area, death date/burial place unknown. Darling was known as "D.J. and D.L. and Dolly" -- looking for his burial place and date. Also looking for the WRIGHTs, Grant or Sherman and his wife Lida or Lyda. This WRIGHT worked for a college in Muskogee in 1921.....any help appreciated.

Scott Guthrey Sun Oct 5 13:21:58 1997
My grandmother, Helen Schafer Schantz, 98 years old, is looking for her cousin, Dorothy Wilkinson (Rose) who has lived in Muskogee, OK., on Baltimore Avenue for many years. They have stayed in contact via letters through the years, but my grandmothers letters are now being returned, as no forwarding address. She is trying to locate Dorothy Wilkinson. Can you help??

Carol Chaney Mon Oct 6 17:48:47 1997
Am seeking information on parents and siblings of John Marcus CHANEY.He was born Feb. 25,1878 in Mississippi. He died November 26,1952 in Muskogee Ok, Muskogee County. His father was Ike or Isaac, mother unknown. John Marcus was married to Luna Savannah Crenshaw. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Jacki Crawford Tue Oct 7 05:45:17 1997
BENTON- William M. dob September 6, 1867, believe to be in Independence, KS. Father's name believed to have been Simson (or Simpson) BENTON. William's dod September 8, 1946 or 1947 Muskogee, OK GARRETT - Maude (or Maudie) dob Unknown/dod abt 1905-1907 near Madill, OK William and Maude were my maternal great-grandparents. Little is known about William or his parents. Even less is known about Maude. She is said to have been Choctaw or Chickasaw Indian and died after the birth of her third son in an "Indian Uprising" near Madill, OK BENTON, Frank J dob August 3, 1901 Madill, OK BENTON, Marvin Edward dob March 10, 1903 Madill, OK BENTON, Delbert about 1905 Madill, OK As no state records have been found, it is assumed Maude died between 1905 and 1907. Frank and Marvin only memories were their "Mother was beautiful, with black hair and white doeskin dress." Any information regarding these names, or the area in or around Madill, now Marshall

Dorcas Beaver Thu Oct 9 08:11:50 1997
Philip Sheriden Shirar was born ca 1866 in Douglas County, Kans. He moved to Muskogee and is listed in the 1910 census with wife Eva and Evalt. Would like to find his death date and obit. Thanks. Dorcas Beaver

Steve Rimkey Sat Oct 11 16:25:43 1997
BYE, Cecil, Muskogee County. Immigrated from Canada. I've been searching for years. Believe he became a citizen of the U.S. around the 1930 - 40's Any information would be great. I know that a Cecil Bye died in 1980 in Muskogee County.. Could this be the one I've been searching for?

David HOBOCK Wed Oct 15 10:12:54 1997
Seeking information on family of Dewey HOBOCK, b.TX ca.1902,d.ca.1928,Muskogee,Muskogee,OK. Was a part-time fireman and Presbyterian minister. Living with parents George Paul and Elsie HOBOCK in Tulsa,Tulsa,OK during 1920 census. Wife and daughters living in Muskogee during late 1940's. Names unknown.

Teresa LeFlore Wed Oct 15 11:14:21 1997
Fred or Frederick LEFLORE was my great-grandfather and I am trying to find anything and everything about him. I just know that he married a woman named Mary BEAN had a child by the name of William LEFLORE and that is all I know about him. I think he might have fought in the Civil War as a Buffalo Soldier and after the war I think he moved to somewhere in LeFlore County and might have remarried and had a family. I would also like to find out more about Greenwood LEFLORE I have heard that he is my great-great-great-great-grandfather. I would like to know if there is a family tree for him to see if I can link him to Fred LEFLORE.

Kenneth D. Brock Thu Oct 16 12:59:06 1997
I don't have any information on my grandparents but I've been told they were part Cherokee and I would like to know something about my background. I've always contributed my strong genetic makeup to being part Cherokee and part Irish. I know that my great-grandmother Osa Marie ADAY (married name) and her children are on the Dawes Rolls. She and her sister were given land as part of a federal settlement in Oklahoma. Her children are Otis ADAY, Nelson ADAY, Raymond ADAY, Kenneth ADAY, my grandmother Faye Marie BROCK (married name) and her twin sister Osa BROCK (married name). All of the children (10 in all) were born in Muscogee County whch was known at the time as the Cherokee Strip and later the Cherokee Nation.

Barbara Croy. Nov. 10, 1997. CANNON, Vanita b 1902 McAlester, OK. Attended the Nazareth Academy in Muskogee in 1920; age 18. Need: parents, siblings and information on the Nazareth Academy.

Barb McDeermott 11/12/97 12:15 AM.    I'm looking for information on my greatgrandmother, Mary RYAN, who was born in Fort Gibson, OK, in 1871 or 1872. Her father's name was RYAN and he's believed to be from Ireland. Her mother's name was Mary MARTIN and I've recently learned that this is a Cherokee name and 12 Mary Martins are on the Cherokee roles. I don't know why her family was in Fort Gibson at that time or for how long. Mary also had 2 younger sisters, Anne and Tess. Mary Ryan did go on to marry Frank GOLDING and had 3 children, George, Percy and Mary Ellen Golding in the Kansas City area. Mary Ryan Golding spent the last 70 years of her life in Kansas City and died at the age of 90 in April of 1962. Any info. regarding her birth in Fort Gibson or her parents' background would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Susan Donahue 12/09/97. Seeking info on family of Muskogee Co. OK Sheriff John BARGER, (b. 1861 MS, wf. Dollie VICKERS of Carroll Co., TN) and his brother, William O. BARGER, (b. 1864 IL, wf. Ella HURT of Henry Co., TN, d. 1935 in Muskogee.Susan Barger Donahue, 411 E. Roosevelt Rd., Wheaton, IL 60187

Sharron Ashton. 12/97. BRADLEY/STAPP. Seeking info on parents of Nancy A. "Nannie" BRADLEY (STAPP). Nancy b. 1864 Washington Co AR, m. 1887 Washington Co AR to Andrew S. STAPP, d. 1941 Warner, Muskogee Co, bur. Hammer Cem, Muskogee Co. Names of parents not listed on Nancy's death certificate, funeral home record, or obit. Survivors at time of her death were Mrs. Oma MILLS and B. W. STAPP of Mesa, AZ, Mrs. Gladys JOHNSON of Warner, OK and Otis STAPP of Grandview, MO. Any assistance greatly appreciated.

Tracy Hunt. 12/97. I am searching for any information regarding my great-grandfather's side of my family. He was born in 1905 on the Muskogee Indian Reservation. His given name (that I know) is Willie Fred Peek. His father was William Frederick Peek. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


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