Delaware Indian members of
M. Company, 6th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry,
September 7, 1864
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Delaware Indian Members, M Company, 6th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry
Delaware Council House, Sept. 7, 1864; pg.514 C. A. Weslager Delaware
Indians A History. This list in John G. Pratt's handwriting appears on
Microfilm roll no. 6, John G.Pratt Papers. A letter from Dole to Pratt,
dated Sepember 20, 1864, and another from the Assistant Secretary of War
to Secretary of the Interior, May 29, 1865, indicates these men were
mustered in during May, June, and July of 1863 for three years military
service. The Indians requested an earlier discharge, but the War Department
rejected their request.

Names of the Delaware tribe of Indians Members of M. Company 6th Kansas Volunteer Cav.

Sergt. 1. Wm R. Ketchum
" 2. Benjamin Wright
Corp. 3. Solomon Love
4. Joseph W. Love
5. Yellow Leaf
6. Thomas Wilson
7. Joseph Sarcoxie
8. John Fish
9. Jacob Linneas
10. John Hatt
11. Jacob Hill
12. John File
13. George Cummins
14. John Shawnee
15. Alex J. Conner
16. John Journeycake
17. John B. Pascal
18. Young Bobb
19. Young Jim
20. Benjamin Journeycake
21. Byan Washington
22. Samuel Wise
23. Philip Brokeknife
24. John Bill
25. John Capps
26. James Partridge

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