The Home of
Mary Jane (Starkey) Myers


House at Wann, Oklahoma, owned by Mary Jane (Starkey) Myers, born April 12, 1848, where she lived from 1907 till her death on December 5, 1937. Mary Jane (Starkey) Myers was married to John A. Myers, born November 6, 1840, died January 27, 1908. They are buried at the Elmwood Cemetery, Coffeyville, Kansas. Mary Jane and John A. Myers were the parents of Charles Monroe Myers, who married Martha Caroline Mouser, and were the paternal grandparents of Harley Arthur Myers, Claude Edmond Myers, Ida Alice (Myers) Whitener, Albert Leroy Myers, Lloyd Raymond Myers, Alta Argo (Myers) Larsen, and Floyd Antone Myers, all of whom lived at Wann in the late 1800s and/or early 1900s.

Abstract of the land on which this house sets reflects this land was part of the Cherokee Indian land allotment of Michael K. Patrick, brother of George Washington Patrick, father of Elizabeth Jane Patrick, wife of Harley Arthur Myers. Harley Arthur and Elizabeth Jane (Patrick) Myers were the parents of Agness, Helen, Beatrice, Dorothy, Melvin, Carl, Mary, Fern, Emmett, Arthur and Marilyn Myers. In fact, the entire town of Wann was located on the Cherokee land allotment of Michael K. Patrick and, in 1907, Michael Patrick deeded the street and alleys to the town of Wann. This land included land on which the Warner/Myers hardware store, jointly owned, at times, by Charles Monroe Myers, Harley Arthur Myers and Marion Warner, and the home of Charles Monroe Myers, father of Harley Arthur, Claude Edmond, Ida Alice, Albert Leroy, Lloyd Raymond, Alta Argo and Floyd Antone, were located in Wann.

The person in the photo is Howard Whitener, son of Ida Alice (Myers) Whitener.

Photo taken July 1, 2000.

Contributed by: Emmett Myers







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