Taylor Cemetery Nowata County Oklahoma                            
Recorded and Last checked 2003 by Elsie Berg, Jo Crabtree & Jeannie Inman                            
Source: by Jeannie Inman, March 21, 2007                            
Location: Nowata Co., Oklahoma                            
Barber infant           est 1898 N   babe of Barbers, ET Diary      
Barber John T     1860     1889     30 yrs old and shot to death, ET Diary      
Bow Jo (Miss)           est 1898 N   aged 50, caus conjestive chill, ET Diary      
Bowen child           est 1898 N   child of Newton Bowen, age 2 yrs      
Brown Alexander   12 Jun 1857 2 Nov 1895            
Brown Mrs           est 1898 N   age 33, ET Diary      
Buckmaster infant           est 1898 N   babe of Buckmasters, ET Diary      
Bules Mr           est 1898 N   aged 21 yrs killed with runaway team,ET Diary
Capps Mamie Lee 17 Oct 1904 6 Aug 1913     p Joseph H Capps, cause typhoid
Carlinchouse B           est 1898 N   part of broken stone has Caney KS
Carpenter Mamie (Ms)         est 1898 N   aged 14 yrs, cause typhoid, ET Diary
Carpenter W A     1844 26 Aug 1915 N   FH caus omitted, order by County Mack Cobb
Carpenter William N 24 Jul 1902 5 Aug 1902 N   FH caus omitted, order by WA Carpner, resid Watova
Chatburton Elsie   1 Jul 1913 12 Feb 1915 N   FH caus dipther, order by GA Chatburton,LinkOK
Coal omit adult male         est 1898 N   age 20 yrs, cause typhoid, Mrs Coals son, ET Diary
Connor Albert       1892 18 may 1899 N   FH caus inflam of bowel, order by WE Beaubien, resid 2mi S Nowata
Conrad John       1845 29 Jun 1911 N   FH caus heart troub, order by Frank Conraid
Courts Sarah E 11 Nov 1853 29 Oct 1894     n Wolf, 1/2 Cherokee, Jo Crabtree date death 1921
Courts William Frank     1874     1893     handmade headstone by E A Nesbitt
Courts William       1843 12 Feb 1907     FH caus cansor of brane, order by Oliver Courts, resid Watova
Day Lily       1861     1894     m Hall
Edwards Mary E 3 Sep 1837 26 Jan 1911      
Edwards Robert A 28 Dec 1828 12 Jul 1894      
Ekiss Edward     May 1910 20 Nov 1914 N   FH caus omitted, order by C Ekiss
Epperson George M     1865     1954      
Epperson Iva Olive     1867     1920     m George W Epperson, ref relative Glenn Brannan
Epperson Thomas Marrian     1896 7 Nov 1905     FH Marrian Epperson, caus tontletis, order by RK Pratt, resid Watova
Epperson William Ovil     1906 18 Jun 1915     FH caus indjes, order by Geo Epperson & ADYoung
Findley Alice         8 Jan 1908 N   order by W W Findley
Foster infant               N   p Mrs Foster, age 3 mos, ET Diary
Freeman infant   11 Nov 1916 11 Nov 1916 N   p C T, FH lived 3hrs, order by CE Freeman & JJ Johnson
Garner Lula       1878     1892     p WA & M Carner
Garner omit         12 Dec 1899 N   FH age omit, caus omit, ord by W A Garner, resid Talala, bur cem omit
Garner Pearl       1887 24 Dec 1898 N   FH tyford fiver, ord by J A Tillitson, resid Tala
Gibs Mr           est 1898 N   aged 55 yrs, caus shot to death, ET Diary
Guffey infant           est 1898 N   p Willis Guffey, babe, ET Diary
Hagan William       1882 18 Nov 1900 N   FH caus typhoid, ord by S J Byron, resid 1mi W Watova
Hall Frank       12 Oct 1918   V OK PVT MEDICAL DEPT, s/o Benjamin & Lily Day Hall
Hall Harrison (H)       29 Feb 1892 N   Cfv Skinner Hamlin FH, order by Buck Hall, bur Nation, f/o Robert Lincoln and Benjamin Hall
Hall Henry     Dec 1885 8 Nov 1916     h/o Edith Smith s/o Benjamin & Lily Day Hall, f/o Garlie Hallie,Ernistine,FH cause suicide, order by estate & by Foss Dale,    
Hall infant dau     Oct 1912 25 Nov 1912     p CW, FH caus fever, order by CW Hall    
Hall Lily       1861     1894     n Day, w/o Benjamin Hall, m/o Henry, "Nainey" B.J, Laura, and Frank, ref relative Glenn Brannan    
Hall Mahala         9 Sep 1891 N   nee Janson,w/o Harrison Hall, m/o 8 childn including Robert Lincoln and Benjaimin E. Hall, Cfv Skinner Hamlin FH, order by Barndollar Bros, bur Nation    
Hall Mrs H H         est 1898 N   Mrs Hall aged 70 yrs, ET Diary (Mrs. Mahala Hall)    
Hall Mr H H         est 1898 N   Mr Hall aged 75 yrs, ET Diary (Harrison H. Hall)    
Henag? Mrs           est 1898 N   aged 50 yrs, name hard to read, ET Diary    
Jackson Viola       1888 15 Jan 1909 N   FH caus omit, order by T A McDonald, resid Watova    
Knaggs Sarah J 18 Nov 1835 18 Dec 1888          
Knapp baby   1 Aug 1899 8 Aug 1899 N   CfvFH order by James Pennell    
Lowell Charles       1938     1894        
Mc Caffree Leroy     Jan 1904 28 Jun 1904 N   FH cholera infantum, ord by C W McCaffree, resid 3mi E Watova    
Mc Corkle John R     1850     1893     aged 50 yrs, caus typhoid, ET Diary    
Mc Cracken Preston   19 Nov 1898 13 Jun 1900     p J W & Oneida McCracken    
Mc Daniels M C "Dan"           1938 N   age not known but estimated over 70 yrs, obit born in Indian Territory    
Misngill baby       1900 7 Nov 1902     FH caus omitted, order by W A Carpenter, resid Watova    
Moore James T 24 Apr 1899 15 Aug 1899   FH caus hives, ord by Prof T W Hall, resid Nowata
Moore Mary W     1862 28 Jul 1899     m TF, FH caus child berth, order prop FW Hall, resid 1mi N Watova, carved
Moore Mary W     1862 28 Jul 1899     large thin sandstone marker
Moore T F     1854 15 Feb 1899 N   FH phenmonia, order CR Rose, resid Watova
Owens baby   2 Mar 1903 21 Apr 1903 N   FH caus omitted, order by AD Young, resid Watova
Raise Orvil     Jul 1911 13 Aug 1912 N   FH caus coal oil, order by R Raise & Mr Young
Rales Mildred     Feb 1905 20 Jan 1906 N   FH caus nemonia, order by Parry Rales, resid Nowata
Renfroe infant           est 1898 N   p Renfroes, babe, ET Diary
Ridenour Clarence   18 Jan 1907 16 Feb 1907 N   FH unk person named Clarence,caus phem fever, order by CL Ridenour
Ringo Lottie       1888     1889     age 2 yrs, ET Diary
Ringo Richard     Feb 1887   1887 N   p Pres Ringo, age 2 mos WP & Lucy, ET Diary
Roe Charles Custer     1909     1910      
Rogers Louis       1907 7 Jan 1909 N   FH caus scarlet fever, order by JW Sigler, resid Nowata
Rose Elsie V 26 Jul 1896 23 Nov 1896 N    
Rose Elsie       1838     1896      
Rosian child           est 1898 N   p Rosian, 1 yr, writing in diary hard to read, ET Diary
Shelton James       1878 4 Nov 1906 N   FH caus consumpt, order by SS Shelton, resid 5mi E Nowata
Sigler baby     May 1901 16 Jul 1901 N   FH caus omitted, order by John Foresythe, resid 5mi SW Nowata, Taylor cem
Snaggs Javella     1882 12 Jun 1902 N   Cfv Skinner Hamlin FH, listed Javella Snaggee ?, ord Dr Hamilton, bur Taylor
Snaggs Sarah       1835     1888     Tyner record error Sarah Snaggs see Knaggs
Stubefield omit       1903 6 Oct 1905 N   FH caus crupe, order by E St Clair, resid Watova
Sweany infant               N   p Mrs Sweany, aged 11 mos, ET Diary
Taylor Ada L       25 Mar 1898 N   n Fraser, m George Douglas Taylor, dau-in-law of George W Taylor
Taylor Frank       1865 31 May 1913 N   FH caus gunshot, order by CD Young
Taylor George W     1825 15 Apr 1886     m Elizabeth Taylor
Taylor Lina A     1834 3 Jan 1906 N   FH caus omitted, order by E Taylor, resid Nowata
Taylor Teresa         1 Feb 1887 N   Mrs Teresa Taylor, ET Diary
Taylor W A     1844 26 Aug 1915 N   FH caus omitted, county Mark Cobb
Vinita Albert               N   p John & Sally Vinita, sandstone buried rock, ref Dero Vinita
Vinita child           est 1898 N   p John & Sally Vinita, aged 2 yrs, ET Diary
Vinita child           est 1898 N   p John & Sally Vinita, Mrs Vinita, 6 yrs old, ET Diary
Vinita infant   5 May 1889 9 Jul 1890 N   p John & Sally Vinita, Mrs Vinita, babe, ET Diary
Vinita infant               N   p Dero & Vinita, note ancestery Spanish-Cherokee
Vinita John           est 1898 N   m Sally, brain fever, ET Diary, Sally later married Max Cessna, ref D Vinita
Vinita Margarte       1910 10 Dec 1914 N   FH caus diptheria, order by Darrow Vinita
Wadlie child           est 1898 N   p Mr Wadlie, aged 2yrs, ET Diary
Wells Eunice       1858   Jun 1886 N   aged 28 yrs, ET Diary
West child           est 1898 N   p Mr West, 8 yrs, cause accidently shot, ET Diary
Win child           est 1898 N   p Mrs Win, child, ET Diary
Win infant           est 1898 N   p Mrs Win, aged 6 mos, ET Diary
note: Dero Vinita's grandfather was stolen by indians as a child in old Mexico and sold to Cherokees who adopted him.                      
Elizabeth Taylor Diary 1890's      

Source of this information regarding the cemetery, is from Jo Crabtree. The cemetery is at the top of the hill and has a beautiful view. The area is called Inspirtational Point. Taylor Cemetery was dedicated August 11, 1905 on the John Forsythe farm, occupied by John Sigler. Rev. Lamb officated 3:00 Sunday Afternoon. They had dinner and a program.

Most of these graves do not have headstones at all. It was also convased by James W. & Alice Tyner in 1969-- 24 graves those graves have {* a bracket & asterick to indicate their records ** astericks indicate records taken from the 1898 diary of Elizabeth Taylor wife of G.W. Taylor. Her records also indicate the orginial name of the cemetery was "Glendale Cemetery".







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