By Jeannie Inman


Richard Sallee and his wife Delberta lived many years across the road overlooking the Ward Grove Cemetery at Foyil, Oklahoma. For relaxation, Bub as he was called, would sit outside on his porch just watching the cemetery. When the sun went down, he continued to sit listening to the peace and quiet. He watched the moon rise in the sky. The moonlight would strike the markers during the night making the cemetery beautiful as well as a little eerie feeling. Occasionally, a glowing light came from the center of the cemetery. It seemed to move around as if it were floating. The light was tall and as large as a person at times. It had a ghost like quality about it.

Bub did not believe in ghosts but this light sparked his interest. He would go check the area where he thought the light came from and found nothing. The light disappeared when you came near it. Night after night he continued to watch this glowing light. It would be bright at times and then it would get dim. He was fascinated with the little ghost. He was not so sure anymore, if the ghost wasn’t really playing tricks on him.

Bub decided to search the area again for footprints or other clues. The light seemed to hang around the Robert W. Early’s tombstone. His marker is a tall upright, Woodsman of the World marker.

Bub did solve the mystery says Delberta. He concluded that either Robert Early’s marker or one near there must have phosphorus in the marker itself. This would explain the glow given off at different times and this created the illusion at a distance of a tall ghost that seemed to move around.

Richard “Bub” Sallee died in December 2001 and is buried on the eastside of the cemetery across from the flagpole. Thank you Delberta for adding spice to the history of the Ward Grove Cemetery.

This is a true story told to the Family Finders Club cemetery researchers Elsie Berg and Jeannie Inman in the year 2002. We are putting a copy of the index and maps of the Ward Grove Cemetery and the Winganon Cemetery in the Nowata Library. We did record and map this beautiful cemetery at Foyil.

We wish to thank Jerry Payne County Commissioner of Chelsea and sidekick Arthur for their help when we needed it most.

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Cemetery researchers Jeannie Inman and Elsie Berg with Sharlee Farrell
October 13, 2006
Ward Grove Cemetery at Foyil Oklahoma
The grave is of the infant daughter of Thomas and Amanda Hensal that died January 8, 1908. Rogers County Commissioner Jerry Payne is helping them to restore this gravesite.
Picture courtesy of John Farrell






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