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George Washington Endicott was born in Platte City, Missouri on 22 January 1855. His parents were Richard B. Endicott (b.1814) who had come to Platte City in 1830 from Woodford County, Kentucky. The Endicotts can trace their direct lineage all the way back to Devenshire England in the 16th Century, and to John Endicott (1588-1655), the first governor of Massachusetts. George's mother was Diza Cartright (b. 1811) who came to Platte City from Pasqustank, North Carolina with her father, Isaac Cartright. On Christmas Day, December 25, 1873, George married Leah Francis Murphy (1859-1933). Little is known about her parents other than their names, George Murphy and Jane Lloyd. Leah was also born in Platte City. From this marriage their were ten children. The first eight were all born in Platte City where George was a farmer - Georgia (1874-1955); Ambrose (1876-1945); CORA FRANCIS (1878-1965); Mary Ellen (1880-1946); William (1883-1961); Walter (1885-1886); Lerena (1887-1964); and Warren (1890-1944). When word got out that land was going to open up in Oklahoma, George picked up his family, and he made the "Run" in 1893. He settled on a piece of ground just northwest of Skedee, Oklahoma in Pawnee, County. Although Leah was pregnant with her ninth child, she made the trip and the baby, Lorene was born on September 10, 1893. This child's life was short, and she died in 1895. The only child, the tenth, to be born in Pawnee County was Richard (1898-1979). George was a successful farmer, and in his later years was much helped by the children of his large family. He died on March 5, 1927 and is buried in the cemetery at Ralston, Oklahoma in Northern Pawnee County. Leah joined him there on January 1, 1933. They left many grandchildren.


(In England)

Henry Endecott (1515-1585) - ?

John Endecott (1541-1635) - Johanna

Thomas Endecott (d. 20 Dec 1621) - Alice Westlake

(In America)

John Endecott (1588-1665) - Elizabeth Gibson

Zerubbabel Endecott (1635-1684) - Mary Smith

Joseph Endecott (1672-1747) - Hannah

Joseph Endecott (1711-1748) - Ann Gillam (b.1715)

Thomas Endicott (1737-1831) - Sarah Welsh (d.1790)

Joseph Endicott (1761-1822) - Unknown

William Endicott (1789-1871) - Martha (Patsy) Searcy

Richard B Endicott (b.1814) - Diza Cartright (b.1811)

George W. Endicott (1855-1927) - Leah Francis Murphy (1859-1933)

Georgia, Ambrose, CORA, Mary, William, Walter, Lerena, Warren, Lorene, Richard
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