Pawnee County Cemetery Location Listing

Welcome to the section for Pawnee County, Oklahoma Cemeteries information. Here, the endeavor is to list the locations and addresses of the various cemeteries within Pawnee County. Also listed will be any Funeral Homes addresses in the county that could be contacted for information. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PAGE CAN ONLY BE FILLED BY YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS!! THE COORDINATOR FOR THIS PAGE RESIDES IN SEATTLE, WASHINGTON AND MUST THEREFORE RELY ON YOUR SUBMISSIONS TO POPULATE THIS SECTION, ALL SUBMISSIONS WELCOME!!.

Cemetery Locations

Dixie/Bear Creek Cemetery, outside of Cleveland abut 1/2 mile on Hwy. 64. The Dixie and Bear Creek Community cemeteries were moved and combined together in the early 1960's because of building of Keystone Lake. They were subject to flood areas and had to be moved.

Sinnett Cemetery, southeast of Cleveland on old Highway 64. This would be considered in the old Keystone/Sinnett community before the dam was built for Keystone Lake.

Bethany Cemetery, the cemetery is located one mile East of Hallett, OK in McElroy Township. The cemetery is divided into two sections by a county road. One is in the NE of Section 9 and the other is in the NW of Section 10, Township 20 N, Range 7 East of the Indian Meridian.

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