Pawnee County Marriages

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Beeler, Henry Hettenbach, Rose 16 Sep. 1908 Pawnee
Dillon, Simeon Hettenbach, Mary M. 28 Jan. 1914 Pawnee
Hanger, Charles Luther Hettenbach, Ella 19 Dec. 1919 Pawnee
Hettenbach, Henry W. Wilcox, Mabel 4 Sep. 1956 Pawnee
Hettenbach, John A. Hanger, Clara R. 23 Dec. 1912 Pawnee
Hettenbach, Leonard L. Hanger, Ethel J. 26 Sep. 1934 Pawnee
Robert James Milton Lovina Catherine Wehr 18 MAy 1919 Palston, Oklahoma
Ezra Watson Leona E. Harris 25 Dec 1908 -
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