Pawnee County, Oklahoma Military Histories

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The following sections outline the military history of Pawnee County, Oklahoma. Throughout its history, those who either settled in Pawnee, or who were born and grew up there, have always been ready to answer the call of the nation to arms. It is a tribute to the pioneer spirit and patriotism of those from Pawnee that they have served in every conflict since the Indian Wars, and have paid their full share for the freedoms enjoyed by all Americans. This section is dedicated to the thousands from Pawnee who have served and the hundreds who died or suffered wounds in the cause of freedom.

Teddy H. Sanford, Jr.
Lieutenant Colonel
United States Army

The Pawnee Scouts Ted Sanford
The Rough Riders Ted Sanford
From Poncho Villa to the Kaiser Ted Sanford
World War II Ted Sanford
The Cold War Ted Sanford
The Pawnee General Ted Sanford
Sgt. Ray J. Copeland Mary Smith


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