Outside Pawnee County and Oklahoma Research Reference List

The following is a list of fellow researchers who are willing to exchange advice, information or assistance for those researching ancestry that came from outside Oklahoma but settled within the limits of Pawnee County, Oklahoma. This list is only for ancestry outside Pawnee County and Oklahoma. If you desire researchers for the area of Pawnee County, please use Pawnee County researchers. If you have ancestry that came from counties surrounding Pawnee County, please use surrounding Pawnee counties researchers.

Robert Gale Fender doing research on the FENDER, RUBY, PRICE and BLACK lines from Indiana, Iowa, West Virginia and Ohio.
Codenut 12/14/98 My gggrandfather Alfred W. tisdale came to Blackburn, OK. with brothers Lon, Jay and John and made the "run" on horseback. Lon was the only one to get a place. Alfred(I believe) was the first farmer to rais cotton in Pawnee County. His farm was south of Blackburn and he reportedly paid $1,000 for it (lots of money at the time). He was a good carpenter and helped build the old log schoolhouse in East Bend, plus many of the benches and desks. Each parent at the time paid $1 per month toward the teachers salary. there were 35 students in 1895. Alfred served as a juror many times in Pawnee. He was an outdoorsman and hunted deer and wild turkey in "indian territory." He died of cancer November 4, 1901 at his home in Blackburn, funeral services were held in the yard by Rev. Ingerham(?). Believe he is buried at the Blackburn cemetery, along with many other Tisdales. The following Tisdales were born in Pawnee County: Sylvia Ethel July 20, 1897 Fairy Pearl June 28, 1900 Tessie Opal April 17, 1904 and Wyatt Wayne in Osage County September 20, 1906. I would like to know how to get confirmation of any of the above as I am trying to qualify as a descendant of the first settlers.
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