ΠΟΰ‘±αe medical attention could reach him. Funeral services were held at the Terlton Cemetery Tuesday at one o'clock.



A little sermon on peach by Home Hoch: "Old Bill Jones always carried a gun or two, and by much practice when he should have been at work, he became a crack shot. He said that he didn't propose to be caught unprepared and that he went armed in order to keep out of trouble. But Old Bill Jones was in more brawls than anybody, and was finally gathered to his Father by a gent who was a little quicker on the trigger. Nations have been proceeding on the Bill Jones theory. This theory, played up strong by the Honorable Krupp and others has been that in order to insure peace they must be ready to fight at a moment's notice. But the nations are just like Old Bill. The Bill Jones theory is ready for the junk pile.


In the recent robbery of the two banks at Stroud, Okla., Henry Starr that noted outlaw was again landed in the hands of the law, this time at the hands of a mere schoolboy who fired the shot that brought Starr to the ground with a .22 caliber rifle ball in his hip.

Starr is the man for whom the Governor had offered a $1000 reward. It is said that the boy will get the money.


APRIL 19, 1915

Terlton came very near having a serious wind storm last Thursday evening about five thirty. A small cyclone struck the east part of town and done some little damage. Some ten or a dozen tents were blown down and their contents more or less damaged. Several small barns and other out buildings were blown down and a good many report the loss of windows from the force of the wind.

We now have with us a new drug company known as the Terlton Drug Co., Inc., and from the appearance of their place of business, one must say that they are very well fixed to handle what business will come to them. This makes Terlton two first class drug stores.


Three 55,000 charred tanks have gone up in smoke in the last few days. One on the south farm struck by lightning early Monday morning, two on the farm adjoining town Wednesday morning about nine o'clock. These making the first tanks to burn here and therefore were the means of attracting quite a crowd of people. Many of whom were more or less scorched when the tank that burned Monday "boiled over".

Decoration Day services will be held in the Christian Union Church Sunday afternoon beginning promptly at one o'clock. A splendid program is being arranged after the program they will all go to the grave yard to decorate the graves of the loved ones. All churches taking part, everybody invited.

Champ Clark says that President Wilson can be trusted: Who ever said that his credit was not good.

The Tulsa World was the only large paper that had the nerve to print in detail an article telling of the recent rioting of would be harvest hands in Enid, Okla., first of the week, while some other papers are still claiming that Oklahoma needs more men to help in the harvest fields.

The roads between here and Cleveland are in terrible shape and we are of the opinion that they should be worked at once. Now Cleveland, Hallet, Maramec and Pawnee are working out the roads between Cleveland and Pawnee, for us to get the ά₯e€ party by clicking on his highlighted name.

These files are eccerpts from the Terlton History sponsored and compiled by the Terlton Cemetery Association. Compilers specifically are Mrs. Betty Jones, and Mrs. Bessie Johnson. These are mainly early newspaper excerpts concerning early Tertlon. --


A fresh line of garden seeds just in at Kibbe's.


The Missionary society of the christian Union Church held a social meeting at the home of Mrs. J.W. Ridley Thursday afternoon. The house was beautifully decorated with the national colors, red, white, and blue. A short but interesting program was rendered as follows:

Song, Blest be the Tie that Binds
Scripture reading, Mrs. Flynn
Prayer, Mrs. Hayden

Quotations from life of Washington by members.
Select Reading, How the women saved the home of Washington, Mrs. Hayden having had the pleasure ov visiting Mr. Vernon gave an interesting sketch of that historic place. Mrs. A.A. Colburn gave an appropriate and interesting reading which was much appreciated.
Song, My County 'Tis of Thee, after which refreshments appropriate for the occasion were served.

The Terlton people can soon take a bath without going to the river. Joe Eales and Dock Symmes are having the Old Kibbe Hardware Building remodeled and intend to install a tub and show bath in connection with the barber shop and pressing parlor.

The people of Terlton have always been of a religious disposition. But owing to the shortage of gas the past the rate their meters run we can't speak form them in the future.

The more it rains the farther it is to the bottom of Main Street.

Judge Liscum of Pawnee was in town this week on business. Wonder if the gas will be any better now .

Lots of people are moving down near the new tank farm.

Mr. Earl Greenwood and Miss Lizzie Wise were united in marriage at half past four, Wednesday afternoon of last week at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wise. The bride and groom are well and favorably known young people of this neighborhood, having lived here nearly all their lives and are highly respected by everyone.
Rev. G. Frazier officiated. Miss Anna Hudson acted as bride's made while Mr. Bert Wise played the part of the best man. The wedding was not a complete surprise, as some had their suspicions. The groom is farming near Skiatook where they will make their home.
Those attending the wedding were Mr. and Mrs. Farrel, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wise, Wm. And Arthur Wise, Mrs. Solar, Misses Marlo Compton, Minnie Deitz and Anna Hudson and Maude Hudson. A dance was given at the bride's home in the evening, at Twelve o'clock refreshments were served and the dance continued until three thirty when everyone reported a fine time and wished the new couple a long and happy married life. Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Stewart and family, Uncle Bill Greenwood, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wise, Mr. and Mrs. John Gwinn and family, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Klintworth, Misses Anna and Maude Hudson, Minnie and Ruthie Deitz, Marie Compton, Cora Jones and Alma Stewart, Messrs. Elmer Greenwood, Wm. And Arthur Wise, El and Farris Edgar, Vessie and Lessie Issacs, Harry and Fred Compton, Geo. Deitz, Cleve Storm, Johnnie Houchen, Doc and Alva Jones, James Stewart, Henry and James Hudson and Marvin Bailey.

It doesn't worry a girl to go out on a cold day with her whole chest exposed to the breeze, but if she ever forgot to plasteadvantage of this work, we need only work the roads for some three miles north of town to connect to this road.

If you have local news items, call the Enterprise office No. 42.

Get your cigars and tobacco at the Terlton Drug Co.

Try an automatic door catch to keep your screen door shut. C.E. Kibbe


The amateur tennis club which was organized last week at the home of Mss Ruth Kibbe have received their supplys and the ground in shape and the young people are intending to enjoy themselves in the future, the members of the club are Misses Ruth Kibbe, Gladys Wright, Genette Kelly, Sadie Shotwell, Mr. Doc. Symms, Tom Lederer, Ivan and Kenith Jackson. It is hope that more of the young people of Terlton will see fit to organized clubs and play this truly healthful sport.
JULY 1915

If this raining keeps up all through the season where will what few passable roads that are left be? It only proves the contention of all good citizens and that is this: that we should build roads in this country which would stand this rough treatment. Lets all talk for more permanently constructed road beds.

Terlton and vicinity has been blessed with prosperity for its entire past and will continue to be as long as the earth shall stand for its prosperity is based on the solid things of this sphere and not on the more fickle things fruits of the boosters brain for instance. As well may be remembered, we are located in one of the best farming districts in our fair state. We are permitted raise an abundance all of the crops which may be grown in any part of the country, and that with a reasonable degree of assurance of unlimited success. Therefore, we say again that we have faith in the future of this city not in its being a second Chicago, New York, Tulsa or our having 10,000 inhabitants by this time next year but in it being a small one that enjoys a real substantial footing in the scheme of things. We have now in our immediate neighborhood more of a showing of crude oil than some other towns that are making a great hue and cry about their having a twenty barrel well. Let us look well to our many advantages then get busy and help build up this our home town.


Do not forget that after September first the gas company will quit selling gas at flat rate and will sell by meter only. Have your gas pipes inspected now, the leaks stopped, so as to reduce your gas bill after the meter is installed.

All persons not having meters installed, will have gas cut off in September.

The Terlton Gas Company
By, Fred S. Liscum


Harley Alfred Pierce, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Pierce, was born April 7th, 1914, at Hominy, Oklahoma. Died July 30th, 1915, at the home of R.L. Norris near Terlton, Oklahoma. Having been sick about a month. He was one year, 3 months, and 23 days of age. The little one leaves a father, mother and a little brother with many other relatives to mourn his loss. "He is not dead but sleepeth safe in the arms of Jesus". He was laid to rest Saturday afternoon in the Terlton cemetery.


As I am going to Missouri I will sell at public auction on the Foster Place 1 mile West and 6 South of Terlton, 2-1/2 East and 5 South of Jennings, 1 North and 1/2 East of Old Brooks Bridge over Cimarron, 4-1/2 Northeast of Oilton on Wednesday November 10th, beginning promptly at 10 a.m.

HORSES 1 pair mares comin 3 wt 1800 1 span bay horses 8-9 2700 1 pair mares 9-11 wt 1800 1 horse 6 wt 1100 1 Pompell mare 10 wt 900 1 mare 8 and 1 mare 4 2 comin' yearlin's good colts 1 fillie comin 2 good 1 bay mule 9 wt 900 1 mare mule yearlin' past 2 mule colts comin' 2 1 spring mule colt CATTLE 1 good Jersey giving milk 2 milk cows extra good 1-2 year old heifer to be fresh in the spring


Terlton is a town of some five or six hundred people and is situated in a trade territory that has some fifteen hundred inhabitants many of whom are reasonable well to do farmers and part of whom are employees in the nearby oil fields and tank farms.

Geographically Terlton is located about midway between Tulsa and Pawnee on the Frisco, also on the New State Road between the above named points, to be exact, Terlton is 21 miles East of Pawnee and 32 West of Tulsa, also 10 South of Cleveland which is reached over a section of county road that will soon be one of the best pieces of road in the state.

The girls basketball team went to Cleveland last Friday evening to play a Cleveland team and came back reporting a good game and a fine time.

DECEMBER 23, 1915

Death claimed the ten months old child of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Estes early yesterday morning. The little body will be laid to rest in the Jennings Cemetery this afternoon. The sympathy of the entire community is with the bereaved parents and relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Deitz and Freddie and Frankie spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Neihoff.

Misses Fern Webber and Lucy Roberson, teachers in the schools here, went to Pawnee Friday to spend the holidays with home folks.

Prof. C.A. Smiley, of the schools here, went to Ralston Friday to spent the holidays with relatives.

JANUARY 6, 1916

School started again Monday at Oak Dale after several weeks dismissal on account of danger. The Wagoner Test, which is now making better than 9,000,000 cu. ft. of gas daily, being very close to the school building.


James Daniel Flynn, brother of M.E. Flynn of this place, was born in Vincennes, Lee County, Iowa, June 21st, 1869, and died at Sapulpa, Okla., the 25th day of December, 1915, at the age of 46 years, 6 months and 4 days, leaving 2 children, a mother, 2 brothers, and 2 sisters to mourn his untimely end. Interment was made Monday afternoon in the Terlton Cemetery.

There has been several sleighs in town in the past few days. This is the first time in eight or ten years that the snow has stayed on the roads where they have been traveled for so long a time.

Last Thursday and Friday were rabbit hunting days for Terlton and vicinity. Each day seeing from a hundred to a hundred and fifty rabbits killed by this community.

Most everyone in town spent Sunday afternoon on the ice.


ALL PARTIES OWING ME ON THEIR 1915 accounts please call and settle. We need what you owe us to pay our bills - C.E. Kibbe

Last night unknown parties broke into the following business places; the Post Office, Kemp Drug Co. and Kuchini and McArthur. Gaining entrance to the Post Office by breaking the glass out of one of the back windows, the drug store by breaking the glass out of a section of the front and the other store by one of the back windows.
The thieves seemed to be looking for money for that was about the only thing bothered and as near as can be told they got between thirty and forty dollars. Most of that from the Post Office and drug store as it is known that there was only 12 cents in pennies at Keuhni (sic) and McArthurs.
The officers went to work, trying to apprehend the thieves at an early hour, but at this time (noon Thursday) have made but little progress. County Sheriff Webber was on an early train and stopped off to lend a hand.
Several parties talk of having seen strangers on the street at the late hour last night, sill no one is able to give a description of them.


William J. Cooper was born in Mesach County, Illinois, Sept. 1, 1843, he died February 12th, 1916 at the age of 73 years, 5 months, and 13 days. Mr. Cooper served in Companys K and A 4th Reg. Missouri State Militia, during the Civil War. Funeral services were conducted at the home near Hallett, by A. J. Moore.

W.P. Robinson of Tulsa will preach Saturday nigh, Sunday morning and Sunday night at the Latter Day Saint church. A cordial invitation is extended to those who have no church affiliations. Come and hear him.

MARCH 30, 1916

There is one thing sure and that is that we can have more different kinds of weather here in the same day than any other country on the face of the earth. As it will be remembered, the wind blew like blazes all last week, it rained like the dickens Friday nigh, was colder than thunder Saturday and snowed like fury all day Sunday when we should have been having nice spring weather. Who should worry? Even the weather man can't tell what we are to have two hours ahead. Nevertheless, we hear no more talk of that dry spell.

J.B. Perkins died at his home here about two o'clock Wednesday morning and was laid to rest after funeral services held at the Christian Union Church, conducted by the Methodist minister from Jennings, in the Terlton Cemetery, Thursday afternoon.
He leaves a wife, four sons, and one daughter, and a host of friends to mourn his departure.
The deceased has been an inhabitant of Terlton the greater part of the time for several years and was highly respected by all. Mr. Perkins has been in very poor health for nearly two years and was at all times a patient sufferer.


The recent high water washed the crossing known as the Johnson crossing, out and the road at that point has been in such a shape that cars haven't been able to cross since Other than this place the road toward Hallett and Cleveland is in fair shape. There is no excuse for not having a bridge at this point and we should have had one at this time had certain parties remembered some promises made back in the past. Let's get to work and give someone another change.

APRIL 20, 1916
Ray Colburn went out Wednesday to help put up a tent for the men who are going to drill the test in 7-19-8 near the old McElroy ranch house.

APRIL 27, 1916

School ended at the Square Top School Tuesday. "Happy, happy, school days"


Herein may be found the names of the men who have been appointed precinct registrars for the precincts in this part of the county.

McElroy, South, Bob Allen, JenningsMcElroy, North, W.A. McCabe, HallettCimarron, West, Gover Rigsby, KeystoneJordan Valley, Kelly Swan, ClevelandHouse Creek, Bailey Storms, Terlton

Remember it is necessary that you hunt up your precinct registrar and make application for registry during the first ten days of May. Don't sleep on your rights. Make it a point to look up your precinct registrar on the first day of May and see that he registers YOU. Every voter owes his allegiance to his party and here is a change for him to show that he has its interest at heart. Every man who fails to make application to register might be termed a traitor to his party and to good government.

On account of being unable to get the brick the city dads have decided to build the walls of the new city jail (Fred's rest room) with re-enforced concrete. Roy Colburn and Dick Tupin the parties who have the contract for the remainder of the concrete work have the job of putting in the side walls.


Dog tax is now payable and shall be collected on or before the 17th of May. Collector will make rounds on May 15th and 16th. Anyone having exceptions must see city council before above dates. Be prepared to pay when collector calls. By authority of Ordinance No. 6, town of Terlton, County of Pawnee, State of Oklahoma.

Fred Watts City Marshall

The general work day held at the cemetery, Friday, May 5th was a success in every way. There was a very good attendance, in fact the entire community was represented and much was done toward making the cemetery a beautiful spot. Much credit is due Prof. Smiley and his boys for their very able and willing assistance.
The W. W. Club wishes to thank every member of the community for their heart cooperation in this good work.