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This picture is of Will (William) Simon and his wife, Stella (Berlin) and their son, Orville.

Will Simon

Will Simon was born near Wayne in Washington County, Wisconsin on July 23, 1858, son of Adam and Margaret (Muhr) Simon. When Will was only about 10 years old the family moved to Saline County, Missouri, along with Adamís brother, John and Mary (Knippel) Simon and their family. The Adam Simon family moved to Kansas two years after settling in Missouri. Will grew to adulthood in Butler County, Kansas, on a farm near Rosalia. Will married Stella Berlin in 1889. It is not known where, but it is thought to be in Kansas. Stella was born in 1872 in Illinois to Andrew and Hannah Berlin. In about 1897 Will and Stella moved to Oklahoma. In 1900 he and Stella lived next door to her father, Andrew Berlin, in McElroy Township, Pawnee County, Oklahoma. Will and Stella bought their own place a mile north of the town of Jennings, Oklahoma in 1904. George Simon, Willís brother, would come up to visit them from where he lived in Oklahoma City. Will and Stella had no children of their own, so took for a son an orphan, Orville Whitney. Will died at Jennings in 1928 and is buried there. By then Orville had married and had moved to another part of Oklahoma. Stella lived with her brother, Stephen, near Oilton, Oklahoma in Creek County. It is not know where or when Stella died, nor where she is buried.

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