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1919 -1921


Transcribed by: Teresa Young

There are 586 pages in Book 4.
Beginning on page 1, the date is May 28, 1919.
Ending on page 586, the date is November 28, 1921.

To get copy of the marriage license, write to:

Pushmataha County Courthouse
Court Clerk
302 S.W. B. St.
Antlers, OK. 74523

Phone: (580) 298-2274
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Cost $2.00 per copy. Send Stamped Self Addressed Envelope.

If there is a "?" beside the name,
it is because hard to decipher the clerk's handwriting.

BRIDE: Mrs. Etta Davis, age 39 of Hamden, Choctaw Co., OK
GROOM: William H. Petty, age 47 of Hamden, Choctaw Co., OK
CEREMONY: Geo. M. Byers, Minister, M. E. Church of Antlers, OK
WHERE: Antlers, OK
DATE: July 28, 1921
WITNESSED BY: Dorothy Arnote & Ella Mae Emery, both of Antlers, OK

DAVIS, Mabel
BRIDE: Miss Mabel Davis, age 18 of Cloudy, OK
GROOM: Claude C. McClaren, age 21 of Cloudy, OK
CEREMONY: J. H. Neighbors, Minister of Hugo, Choctaw Co., OK
WHERE: Cloudy, OK
DATE: March 10, 1920
WITNESSED BY: P. E. German & J. E. Neighbors, both of Rattan, OK

DENHAM, Lula May
BRIDE: Miss Lula May Denham, age 19 of Cloudy, OK
GROOM: Will A. Ish, Jr., age 34 of Antlers, OK
WHERE: Cloudy, OK
DATE: May 22, 1921
WITNESSED BY: W. E. Collins & J. K. Tuiner?

BRIDE: Mrs. Maude Denham, age 32 of Antlers, OK
GROOM: Kenner K. Melton, age 33 of Paritan, Ochiltree Co., Texas
CEREMONY: J. J. Churchwell, Minister, Missionary Baptist of Antlers, OK
WHERE: Coralina (Cora Lena, OK)
DATE: January 18, 1920
WITNESSED BY: James Ray & Mrs. Belle Churchman, both of Antlers, OK

DESHAZO, Gertrude
BRIDE: Miss Gertrude Deshazo, age 19 of Ethel, OK
GROOM: Cleo Lisenbe, age 22 of Panhandle, Carson Co., Texas
CEREMONY: J. J. Churchwell, Minister, Missionary Baptist of Antlers, OK
WHERE: Ethel, OK
DATE: June 1, 1920
WITNESSED BY: J. A. Willett & Mrs. J. A. Willett, both of Ethel, OK

BRIDE: Miss Nora Dickerson, age 18 of Antlers, OK
GROOM: Oral Shaw, age 21 of Antlers, OK
CEREMONY: Cash Hale, Minister, Church of Christ of Antlers, OK
WHERE: Cash Hale's house
DATE: November 21, 1920
WITNESSED BY: Lon Bigles & Jap Carroll, both of Antlers, OK

BRIDE: Miss Pearl Dickinson, age 17 of Antlers, OK
GROOM: J. S. Earls, age 42 of Antlers, OK
Father of Pearl Dickinson: W. H. Dickinson
CEREMONY: A. W. Rison, County Judge of Antlers, OK
WHERE: Antlers, OK
DATE: May 31, 1919
WITNESSED BY: J. B. Hart & Mrs. A. W. Rison, both of Antlers, OK

BRIDE: Miss Della Dickson, age 18 of Antlers, OK
GROOM: Jim Walker, age 24 of Antlers, OK
CEREMONY: G. W. Gee, Minister of Antlers, OK
WHERE: Home of bride
DATE: November 21, 1921
WITNESSED BY: Martha Dixon & L. A. Dixon, both of Antlers, OK

DODD, Gracey
BRIDE: Miss Gracey Dodd, age 17 of Clayton, OK
GROOM: Henry Martin, age 32 of Clayton, OK
Father of Gracey Dodd: Luther Dodd
CEREMONY: F. A. Holt, Minister, Missionary Baptist of Antlers, OK
WHERE: Hays Hotel
DATE: August 26, 1920
WITNESSED BY: S. D. Comar & Myrtle Hayes, both of Antlers, OK

BRIDE: Miss Buna Dominy, age 18 of Sardis, OK
GROOM: Dewey Knight, age 21 of Tuskahoma, OK
CEREMONY: F. S. Sparkman, Minister of Sardis, OK
WHERE: Sardis, OK
DATE: June 29, 1919
WITNESSED BY: Claude Jones & O. E. Plummer, both of Sardis, OK

BRIDE: Miss Daisey Donaldson, age 19 of Haywood, McCurtain Co., OK
GROOM: George Niblett, age 22 of Frogville, McCurtain Co., OK
CEREMONY: A. W. Rison, County Judge of Antlers, OK
WHERE: Antlers, OK
DATE: April 30, 1920
WITNESSED BY: H. B. Westbrook & M. V. Smith, both of Antlers, OK

BRIDE: Miss Zella Duncan, age 16 of Finley, OK
GROOM: Oral Morgan, age 30 of Finley, OK
Father of Zella Duncan: John Duncan
CEREMONY: G. A. Pool, Minister, Missionary Baptist of Finley, OK
WHERE: Finley, OK
DATE: June 26, 1921
WITNESSED BY: Jessie Bryant & Billie Hurd, both of Finley, OK

DUNHAM, Thelma
BRIDE: Miss Thelma Dunham, age 18 of Jumbo, OK
GROOM: Bert Redden, age 27 of Jumbo, OK
CEREMONY: W. H. Goss, Baptist Minister of Daisy, Atoka Co., OK
WHERE: County Line
DATE: October 25, 1919
WITNESSED BY: Miss Ola Roberts & Mr. Howard Whiteside, both of Jumbo, OK

BRIDE: Miss Vera L. Dunlop, age 24 of Bristow, Creek Co., OK
GROOM: Oscar E. Earnhardt, age 24 of Trenton, Fannin Co., Texas
CEREMONY: Erskine Brantly, Pastor, Presbyterian Church of Antlers, OK
WHERE: Antlers, OK
DATE: November 4, 1920
WITNESSED BY: Mrs. Rosa L. Goodwin of Dallas, Texas & Mrs.
Flora (G. W.) Wallace of Antlers, OK

DURANT, Harriett
BRIDE: Miss Harriett Durant, age 25 of Ft. Towson, Choctaw Co., OK
GROOM: Cornelius Hopson, age 25 of Corinne, OK
CEREMONY: W. D. Parks, JP of Antlers, OK
WHERE: Antlers, OK
DATE: July 9, 1919
WITNESSED BY: Rufus Colbert of Antlers, OK & Jincey Taylor of Fort Towson, OK

DYE, Irene
BRIDE: Miss Irene Dye, age 20 of Nelson Chappell, OK
GROOM: Henry Clay Smith, age 26 of Cedar Valley, Pushmataha Co., OK
CEREMONY: William P. Pipkin, Minister, M. E. Church South of Antlers, OK
WHERE: Antlers, OK
DATE: January 8, 1921
WITNESSED BY: Gertrude Nabors & Rufus W. Pilcher, both of Antlers, OK

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