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Book 6
1924 -1935

S surnames

Transcribed by: Teresa Young

To get copy of the marriage license, write to:
Pushmataha County Courthouse
Court Clerk
302 S.W. B. St.
Antlers, OK. 74523

Phone: (580) 298-2274
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Cost $2.00 per copy. Send Stamped Self Addressed Envelope.

Note: Marriage Record Books 6, 7 and 8, were burned during the courthouse fire in July 5, 1933, covering the time from October 1924 to July 1933, showing in some pages "Old Book Burned Up". Only very few marriage records have been re-recorded in Book 6. Some will be listed twice because of their concerns their marriage records had been burned up and they came back to the courthouse to get it re-recorded again. Here is the following that is listed twice:

Robert E. Baldwin & Rackie Shelton - Book 2
C. C. Cravens & Geneva Nelson - Book 5
F. S. Fox & Lula Kilgore - Book 2
Elmer Hansley & Johnnie Allen - Book 5
R. C. Kelso & Lizzie Lahue - Book 5
Clyde Kerr & Josephine Nelson - Book 3
Jacob R. Owens & Mae Wright - Book 5
Dick Rose & Emma Bailey - Book 5
Chester W. Sutton & Gladys Greenwood - Book 4

Mrs. Kay Brown Black has published a book "Newspaper Substitutes For Some Burned Pushmataha County, OK, Marriage Records for the Period October 1924 to July 5, 1933 and Some Pre-Statehood Marriages 1900 to November 1907". If you are looking for marriage records during that time, go visit at Pushmataha County Historical Society to look at her book. We owe much gratitude to Mrs. Kay Brown Black for the hard work she has done for our Pushmataha County.

SAIN, J. Ray
GROOM: J. Ray Sain, age 23 of Farris, Atoka County, OK
BRIDE: Miss Gladys Jones, age 18 of Farris, Atoka County, OK
CEREMONY: Geo. R. Childers, Minister, Christian Church of Antlers, OK
WHERE: Darwin, OK
DATE: September 23, 1932
WITNESSED BY: Mrs. Flora Doshier & Mrs. Charley Snodgrass of Darwin, OK
(Note: I believe there is a clerk's error of putting down Geo. R. Childers as the minister, when George R. Childers is the County Judge and he married the couple at Antlers, OK. That is my opinion and I could've been wrong)

GROOM: Elmer Scates, age 21 of Antlers, OK
BRIDE: Miss Valera Brigance, age 18 of Antlers, OK
CEREMONY: H. M. Cosby, Pastor, M. E. Church South of Antlers, OK
WHERE: Antlers, OK
DATE: January 21, 1928
WITNESSED BY: Mrs. Lillie Myers & Mrs. H. M. Cosby of Antlers, OK

GROOM: Obie Scott, age 27 of Miller, OK
BRIDE: Miss Irene McMahan, age 27 of Miller, OK
CEREMONY: W. W. Wilson, MG, Baptist Church of Miller, OK
WHERE: Miller, OK
DATE: October 3, 1931
WITNESSED BY: Sam Lasater & Edith Lasater of Miller, OK

GROOM: G. E. Self, age 23 of Hugo, Indian Territory
BRIDE: Miss Evie Byrd, age 14 of Hugo, Indian Territory
CEREMONY: J. W. Hedges, Minister of the Gospel
DATE: November 9, 1902

GROOM: Fred Sellers, age 21 of Paris, Lamar County, Texas
BRIDE: Miss Bonnie Wright, age 19 of Glory, Lamar County, Texas
CEREMONY: Geo. R. Childers, County Judge
WHERE: Antlers, OK
DATE: September 1, 1927
WITNESSED BY: Shelby Eubanks & Mrs. Shelby Eubanks of Paris, Texas

SHARPE, John Harrison
GROOM: John Harrison Sharpe, age 19 of Jumbo, OK
BRIDE: Miss Lorena Butcher, age 18 of Jumbo, OK
CEREMONY: Bill Lewis, MG, Freewill Baptist of Jumbo, OK
WHERE: Jumbo, OK
DATE: February 18, 1933
WITNESSED BY: Henry Sharpe & Mrs. Lillian Sharpe of Jumbo, OK

SHARP, Cecil
GROOM: Cecil Sharp, age 23 of Antlers, OK
BRIDE: Miss Bessie Nelson, age 23 of Antlers, OK
CEREMONY: Geo. R. Childers, County Judge
WHERE: Antlers, OK
DATE: January 31, 1930
WITNESSED BY: J. F. Hancock & May Al Childers of Antlers, OK

SHORT, George O.
GROOM: George O. Short, age 27 of Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri
BRIDE: Miss Alma Lemaster, age 27 of Antlers, OK
CEREMONY: Erskine Brantly, Pastor, Presbyterian Church of Antlers, OK
WHERE: Antlers, OK
DATE: September 18, 1932
WITNESSED BY: P. C. Nailer of Durant, OK, Mrs. E. P. Lemaster & Mrs. Ethel Stone of Choctaw County and Pushmataha County.

SIKES, Ernest
GROOM: Ernest Sikes, age 23 of Finley, OK
BRIDE: Miss Anna Burnes, age 23 of Finley, OK
CEREMONY: I. N. Pate, MG, Freewill Baptist of Antlers, OK
WHERE: Antlers, OK
DATE: September 15, 1930
WITNESSED BY: Flossie Hykendall of Finley, OK & P. C. Thompson of Durant, OK

SIMPSON, Hollace L.
GROOM: Hollace L. Simpson, age 25 of Finley, OK
BRIDE: Miss Vera Watson, age 16 of Finley, OK
CEREMONY: G. A. Pool, MG, Missionary Baptist of Finley, OK
WHERE: Finley, OK
DATE: February 7, 1926
WITNESSED BY: John Simpson & Roofis Simpson of Finley, OK

GROOM: L. W. Simpson, age 23 of Antlers, OK
BRIDE: Miss Ora Golden, age 18 of Crum Creek, OK
CEREMONY: W. E. Logan, Sr., MG, Missionary Baptist of Albion, OK
WHERE: Blank
DATE: April 3, 1926
WITNESSED BY: Robert C. Fitzgerald & Bessie Ragan of Crum Creek, OK

SMITH, Cliff
GROOM: Cliff Smith, age 30 of Miller, OK
BRIDE: Miss Florence Bedford, age 21 of Miller, OK
CEREMONY: Robert J. McAdams, MG, Church of Christ
WHERE: Miller, OK
DATE: December 29, 1932
WITNESSED BY: Martina Crouch & Robert Oldham
(Note: Two marriage licenses, Page 178 & 179 of 'Restoration of Marriage Record')

GROOM: H. D. Smith, age 18 of Antlers, OK
BRIDE: Miss Blanche Nabors, age 19 of Antlers, OK
CEREMONY: Clarence R. Fite, MG, Missionary Baptist of Choctaw County, OK
WHERE: Antlers, OK
DATE: September 24, 1927
WITNESSED BY: Ileu Nabors of Antlers, Ok & Hern Herman of Buckham

GROOM: B. E. Spangler, age 37 of Trenton, Fannin County, Texas
BRIDE: Miss Pearl Mitchell, age 35 of Trenton, Fannin County, Texas
CEREMONY: Geo. R. Childers, County Judge
WHERE: Antlers, OK
DATE: September 18, 1930
WITNESSED BY: J. H. Hampton & Mauriel Hargrave of Antlers, OK

SPROUSE, Tillman
GROOM: Tillman Sprouse, age 21 of Sardis, OK
BRIDE: Miss Icy Prince, age 18 of Sardis, OK
CEREMONY: D. C. Weldon, Justice of the Peace of Tuskahoma, OK
WHERE: Tuskahoma, OK
DATE: November 5, 1926
WITNESSED BY: Odus Standefer of Sardis, OK & Ida Weldon of Tuskahoma, OK

GROOM: Veva Standifer, age 18 of Tuskahoma, OK
BRIDE: Miss Minnie Cartlidge, age 17 of McAlester, Pittsburg County, OK
CEREMONY: E. M. Nobles, MG, Baptist of Sardis, OK
WHERE: Sardis, OK
DATE: January 14, 1925
WITNESSED BY: Dell Winton & Mrs. Si Flute of Sardis, OK

GROOM: Georg M. Sullivan, age 17 of Valliant, Indian Territory
BRIDE: Miss Ida Lamb, age 16 of Valliant, Indian Territory
CEREMONY: Reverend Jim Ward of Glover, Indian Territory
WHERE: At her home
DATE: February 18, 1906
WITNESSED BY: Mr. Hardes Lamb & Mr. Gean Lamb

GROOM: Chess Sumners, age 35 of Antlers, OK
BRIDE: Miss Ola York, age 26 of Bokchito, Bryan County, OK
CEREMONY: J. O. Whitworth, MG, First Methodist Church of Antlers, OK
WHERE: Antlers, OK
DATE: December 21, 1929
WITNESSED BY: W. S. Barrow of Miller, OK & Exie Perrin of Antlers, OK

SUTTON, Chester W.
GROOM: Chester W. Sutton, age 25 of Enid, Garfield County, OK
BRIDE: Miss Gladys Greenwood, age 20 of Antlers, OK
CEREMONY: A. W. Rison, County Judge
WHERE: Antlers, OK
DATE: August 16, 1920
WITNESSED BY: W. J. Hogan & Mrs. W. M. Brock of Antlers, OK

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