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Book 9
1933 - 1936

N surnames

Transcribed by: Teresa Young
There are 600 pages in Marriage Book 9. Beginning on Page 1, the date is June 15, 1933. Ending on Page 600, the date is March 1, 1936.

The Court Clerk and Court Deputies during the period of 1933 to 1936 were
 J. C. Moyer, Court Clerk,
Martina Crouch, Court Deputy,
Irene Smith, Court Deputy,
Bertha Bryan, Court Deputy.

 To get copy of the marriage license, write to:
Pushmataha County Courthouse Court Clerk
302 S.W. B. St.
Antlers, OK. 74523
Phone: (580) 298-2274
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Cost $2.00 per copy. Send Stamped Self Addressed Envelope.

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NEAL, Bonnie

GROOM: Andrew Riggs, age 25 of Miller, OK
BRIDE: Miss Bonnie Neal, age 19 of Miller, OK
CEREMONY: J. H. Nelson, Justice of the Peace of Miller, OK
WHERE: At residence
DATE: September 3, 1933
WITNESSED BY: H. O. Nelson & C. D. Nelson, both of Miller, OK

Page 44


NELMS, Methel

GROOM: Frank Totten, age 30 of Hugo, Choctaw County, OK
BRIDE: Miss Methel Nelms, age 21 of Hugo, Choctaw County, OK
CEREMONY: P. B. Langley, Minister, First Baptist Church of Antlers, OK
WHERE: Antlers, OK
DATE: March 2, 1935
WITNESSED BY: Mrs. P. B. Langley of Antlers, OK & Robt. Sims of Dallas, Texas

Page 382



GROOM: Colbert Ayachabbe, age 44 of Finley, OK
BRIDE: Mrs. Anna Nelson, age 38 of Finley, OK
CEREMONY: Maurice B. Bacon, Minister, M. E. Church South of Finley, OK
WHERE: ______ (blank)
DATE: December 22, 1934
WITNESSED BY: Mrs. Emplin Nelson of Finley, OK & Jackson Meashintubbi of Honobia, OK

(Note: I believe the correct spelling should be Colbert Eyachabbe and they will be married at Finley, OK)

Page 340


NELSON, Odessa

GROOM: Tim Taylor, age 32 of Cooper, Delta County, Texas
BRIDE: Miss Odessa Nelson, age 24 of Cooper, Delta County, Texas
CEREMONY: M. A. Brock, Justice of the Peace of Antlers, OK
WHERE: Antlers, OK
DATE: July 15, 1934
WITNESSED BY: Henry Shaffer & Clara Kern, both of Cooper, Texas

Page 257



GROOM: Jim Sanders, age 30 of Stringtown, Atoka County, OK
BRIDE: Miss Lora Newsom, age 21 of Stringtown, Atoka County, OK
CEREMONY: Lee Hardgrave, County Judge of Antlers, OK
WHERE: Antlers, OK
DATE: June 29, 1935
WITNESSED BY: Bill Gardner of Antlers, OK & Janie McIntosh of Clayton, OK

Page 438


NOAH, Alice

GROOM: Elie Williams, age 22 of Pickens, OK
BRIDE: Miss Alice Noah, age 18 of Pickens, OK
CEREMONY: Lee Hardgrave, County Judge of Antlers, OK
WHERE: Antlers, OK
DATE: February 5, 1936
WITNESSED BY: H. J. Whitobb & Raymond Southern, both of Pickens, OK

Page 588


NORED, Alice

GROOM: Ralph B. Aultz, age 41 of Moyers, OK
BRIDE: Miss Alice Nored, age 21 of Moyers, OK
CEREMONY: W. S. McArthur, Minister, Missionary Baptist of Antlers, OK
WHERE: Kellond, OK
DATE: July 11, 1935
WITNESSED BY: Dewey Pool of Moyers, OK & Chas. Sweeten of Hugo, OK

Page 444


NORVILL, Josephine

GROOM: D. C. Blackshear, age 29 of Hugo, Choctaw County, OK
BRIDE: Miss Josephine Norvill, age 23 of Hugo, Choctaw County, OK
CEREMONY: Rev. M. R. Archer, Pastor, Church of Nazarene of Antlers, OK
WHERE: Antlers, OK
DATE: June 25, 1935
WITNESSED BY: Miss Imagine Marshall & Mr. Charley Cook, both of Hugo, OK

Page 434


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