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Book 1
1907 -1912

G surnames

Transcribed by: Teresa Young

There are 590 pages in Book 1.
Beginning on page 1, the date is November 17, 1907.
Ending on page 590, the date is May 5, 1912.

To get copy of the marriage license, write to:

Pushmataha County Courthouse
Court Clerk
302 S.W. B. St.
Antlers, OK. 74523

Phone: (580) 298-2274
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Cost $2.00 per copy. Send Stamped Self Addressed Envelope.

If there is a "?" beside the name,
it is because hard to decipher the clerk's handwriting.


GROOM: A. J. Gadberry, age 28 of Farris, Atoka Co., OK

BRIDE: Miss Osie Wood, age 20 of Farris, Atoka Co., OK

CEREMONY: L. P. Davenport, County Judge

WHERE: Antlers, OK

DATE: January 1, 1912

WITNESSED BY: W. M. Smith of Antlers, OK & W. L. Collett of Farris, OK


GROOM: Will Garis, age 23 of Feathereston, Pittsburg Co., OK

BRIDE: Miss Ethel McDonald, age 19 of Rattan, OK

CEREMONY: L. P. Davenport, County Judge

WHERE: Antlers, OK

DATE: September 16, 1911

WITNESSED BY: Ben T. Williams of Antlers, OK & J. J. Cochran of Moyers, OK


GROOM: T. H. Gaulden, age 23 of Antlers, OK

BRIDE: Miss Katie Taylor, age 27 of Antlers, OK

CEREMONY: J. C. Riley, MG, Holiness Association of Antlers, OK

WHERE: Antlers, OK

DATE: June 3, 1908

WITNESSED BY: J. S. Maxwell & Mrs. J. S. Maxwell & Family.


GROOM: W. A. Gayler, age 37 of Jumbo, OK

BRIDE: Miss Ota May Butler, age 17 of Jumbo, OK

Parent of the bride: Katie H. Butler

CEREMONY: A. W. Weaver, MG, Missionary Baptist Church of Jumbo, OK

WHERE: Jumbo, OK

DATE: October 3, 1909

WITNESSED BY: Mrs. Katie Butler & Miss Ida Sharp, both of Jumbo, OK


GROOM: S. Gentry, age 32 of Kosoma, OK

BRIDE: Miss Nora Roul, age 25 of Kosoma, OK

CEREMONY: Rev. J. J. Cochran, Baptist of Moyers, OK

WHERE: 11:00 p. m

DATE: May 30, 1909

WITNESSED BY: Mrs. Huston, Mr. Aroy?, M. Cochran &

Sarah Cochran, all of Moyers, OK


GROOM: W. R. Gibson, age 32 of Roxton, Lamar Co., Texas

BRIDE: Miss Julie Tucker, age 30 of Roxton, Lamar Co., Texas

CEREMONY: A. N. Averyt, Elder Methodist of Antlers, OK

WHERE: Antlers, OK

DATE: February 24, 1910

WITNESSED BY: Mrs. A. N. Averyt & Mrs. H. A. Evans, both of Antlers, OK


GROOM: C. C. Gilbert, age 21 of Tuskahoma, OK

BRIDE: Miss Maudie Mason, age 15 of Tuskahoma, OK

Parents of the bride: Ira F. Mason & Nancy C. Mason

CEREMONY: G. B. Shinner?, Minister of Tuskahoma, OK

WHERE: Tuskahoma, OK

DATE: November 30, 1911

WITNESSED BY: Ira F. Mason & Nancy C. Mason, both of Tuskahoma, OK


GROOM: G. R. Gilbert, age 27 of Geronimo, Comanche Co., OK

BRIDE: Miss Nora Williams, age 23 of Finley, OK

CEREMONY: W. B. Dupree, JP of Finley Township

WHERE: Finley, OK

DATE: January 4, 1910

WITNESSED BY: Z. L. Williams & R. L. Childress, both of Finley, OK


GROOM: W. E. Gillespie, age 25 of Zoraya, OK

BRIDE: Miss Johnnie McAlester, age 18 of Zoraya, OK

CEREMONY: L. P. Davenport, County Judge

WHERE: Antlers, OK

DATE: April 28, 1909

WITNESSED BY: W. D. Parks & J. W. Amend, both of Antlers, OK


GROOM: Sam Givens, age 22 of Tuskahoma, OK

BRIDE: Miss Allie Snow, age 17 of Tuskahoma, OK

CEREMONY: Suel Bunch, MG of Bunchtown, OK

WHERE: Bunchtown, OK

DATE: December 3, 1907

WITNESSED BY: H. Wood, D. R. Bunch & Sam Young, all of Pushmataha Co.

GOEN, Jimmie

GROOM: Jimmie Goen, age 19 of Bengal, Latimer Co., OK

BRIDE: Miss Nettie Miller, age 19 of Belzoni, OK

Guardian of the groom: H. J. Hudson

CEREMONY: L. P. Davenport, County Judge

WHERE: Antlers, OK

DATE: October 17, 1908

WITNESSED BY: Chas A. Mixon of Antlers & A. L. Miller of Belzoni, OK


GROOM: T. E. Goheen, age 46 of Belzoni, OK

BRIDE: Mrs. Anna Cheadle, age 38 of Belzoni, OK

CEREMONY: R. M. Price, MG, Church of Christ of Hugo, Choctaw Co., OK

WHERE: Belzoni, OK

DATE: July 19, 1910

WITNESSED BY: J. H. Mainard & Calvin Foreman, both of Belzoni, OK


GROOM: W. L. Goheen, age 24 of Rattan, OK

BRIDE: Miss Lizzie Morris, age 18 of Rattan, OK

CEREMONY: J. A. McMillan, Minister, Missionary Baptist of Belzoni, OK

WHERE: Rattan, OK

DATE: March 28, 1911

WITNESSED BY: R. Merrell & Boyett?, both of Rattan, OK

GOSS, Elic

GROOM: Elic Goss, age 20 of Jumbo, OK

BRIDE: Miss Nettie Allen, age 18 of Speer, OK

CEREMONY: H. R. Cocke, JP of Antlers, OK

WHERE: Antlers, OK

DATE: July 5, 1911

WITNESSED BY: G. G. Goss & Ethel Colquitt?


GROOM: S. D. Graham, age 21 of Albion, OK

BRIDE: Miss Annie Bohanon, age 21 of Whitesboro, OK

CEREMONY: Arbis Coff, MG, Missionary Baptist, Green Hill Church in Latimer Co., OK

WHERE: Albion, OK

DATE: September 29, 1911

WITNESSED BY: A. L. McIntosh & Susan McIntosh of Albion, OK

GUEST, Marion

GROOM: Marion Guest, age 33 of Boswell, Choctaw Co., OK

BRIDE: Miss Ella Burnside, age 24 of Antlers, OK

CEREMONY: W. M. Keith, MG, M. E. Church South of Antlers, OK

WHERE: Antlers, OK

DATE: October 18, 1909

WITNESSED BY: Nancy Perkins & Ludella Jackson, both of Antlers, OK

GUY, Louis

GROOM: Louis Guy, age 23 of Antlers, OK

BRIDE: Miss Lula Butler, age 20 of Antlers, OK

CEREMONY: W. M. Keith, MG, M. E. Church South of Antlers, OK

WHERE: Antlers, OK

DATE: April 17, 1910

WITNESSED BY: A. C. Cook & U. G. Fowlkes, both of Antlers, OK

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