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1934 School Census


Census submitted by Teresa Young

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Albion School Dist.#I-2 1934 Census
Last Name First Name   Parents
AN VAN Rufus   J. A. Humphrey
ARMSTRONG Bill   J. M. Armstrong
ARMSTRONG Lorene   J. M. Armstrong
ARMSTRONG Pauline   J. M. Armstrong
ARMSTRONG Waymon   J. M. Armstrong
BAKER Cora Lee   Edd Baker
BAKER Estella   E. A. Baker
BAKER Ezella   E. A. Baker
BAKER J. E.   Edd Baker
BAKER Joyce   Edd Baker
BAKER Leemon   Irene Baker
BAKER Maggie Lee   E. A. Baker
BAKER Marvel   Eldorado Moore
BAKER Mattie   Henrietta Sutton
BAUGH Colinee   F. F. Baugh
BAUGH Payton   F. F. Baugh
BAUGH Virginia   Nova Baugh
BERRY Eveline   Wallace Berry
BERRY Zada   W. A. Berry
BOATRIGHT Dorothy   R. L. Duncan
BOATRIGHT Gladys   Mary Boatright
BOATRIGHT Lilly Bell   R. L. Duncan
BOATRIGHT Lois   J. A. Boatright
BOATRIGHT Marvin   J. A. Boatright
BOATRIGHT Mary   Mary Boatright
BOATRIGHT Maurice   J. A. Boatright
BOWMAN Flora   B. F. Bowman
BOWMAN Jim, Jr.   B. F. Bowman
BOWMAN Lucille   B. F. Bowman
BOWMAN Maggie   J. M. Bowman
BOWMAN Nellie   B. F. Bowman
BOWMAN Rohanan   Jim M. Bowman
BROWN Ermon   C. E. Brown
BROWN Geraldine   C. E. Brown
BROWN Haskel   M. E. Brown
BROWN J. W.   S. A. McFarlin
BROWN Paul   C. E. Brown
BRYANT William   Susan Bryant
BURNETT Perry James   J. T. Burnett
CARDEN Talmadge   D. W. Carden
CHANCELLOR Annie Mae   Bob Chancellor
CHANCELLOR Katie Lee   Bob Chancellor
CHANCELLOR Lewis   Bob Chancellor
CLABORN Hettie May   Garrett Claborn
CLABORN Jr.   Tony Claborn
CLABORN Melvin   Ganett Claborn
CLABORN Milton   Ganett Claborn
CLARY Doris   Neal Clary
COLEMAN J. D.   M. M. Coleman
COOPER Agnes   Iris Cooper
COOPER George Mae   Iris Cooper
COOPER Thelma   Geo. Cooper
COPELIN Aline   L. E. Copelin
COPELIN E. J.   L. E. Copelin
COPELIN Maxine   L. E. Copelin
COPELIN Nadine   L. E. Copelin
COPELIN Paten   L. E. Copelin
CRANFORD Carl   Wick Cranford
CRANFORD Cecil   Rufe Cranford
CRANFORD Cecil   Elsa Cranford
CRANFORD Colombus   Wick Cranford
CRANFORD Doyle   Geo. Cranford
CRANFORD Ermon   John Cranford
CRANFORD Estelle   R. Cranford
CRANFORD Geneva   Elsa Cranford
CRANFORD Harold   Geo. Cranford
CRANFORD Leroy   Roy Cranford
CRANFORD Lorene   John Cranford
CRANFORD Louise   Elsa Cranford
CRANFORD Ola   John Cranford
CRANFORD Oneta   Wick Cranford
CRANFORD Opal   John Cranford
CRANFORD Thomas   John Cranford
CRANFORD Verna   R. V. Cranford
DANEY J. D.   Margaret McKinney
DANEY Newell   Joel D. Daney
DOBBS Louise   Pearl Dobbs
DRY Mattie   Allen Dry
DUNCAN Charley, Jr.   R. L. Duncan
DUPREE Arnold   B. H. Dupree
EDMONDS Buddy   Bertie Edmonds
EDMONDS Mildred   Bertie Edmonds
EDMONDS Quinith   Bertie Edmonds
EMMERT Fannie   R. B. Emmert
EMMERT Jack   R. B. Emmert
FIELDS Edgar   Stella Fields
FIELDS Ella Mae   Stella Fields
FIELDS Marie   Stella Fields
FILES Agnes Lee   Evaline Files
FILES Arlie   Geo. J. Files
FILES Dale   M. C. Files
FILES Edra Floy   Walter G. Files
FILES Ethel   Nov Files
FILES George   Walter G. Files
FILES George   Susie Files
FILES Gerald   Walter G. Files
FILES Juanita   Susie Files
FILES Leon   Walter G. Files
FILES Maggie   Susie Files
FILES Mozelle   M. C. Files
FILES Nyle Lena   N. Wheeler Files
FILES Odis   Nola Files
FOSTER Bernice   H. E. Foster
FOSTER Dorma Lee   H. E. Foster
GILLESPIE Jack   J. C. Gillespie
GILMORE Beatrice   W. A. Gilmore
GILMORE Norma Jean   W. A. Gilmore
GORDEN Bennie Lee   Lillie Gorden
GORDEN Bettie   Lillie Gorden
GORDEN Carl   W. E. Gorden
GORDEN Kelley   B. S. Gorden
GORDEN Sailor Dean   M. A. Gorden
GORDEN Marjorie   W. E. Gorden
GORDEN Wanda   Lillie Gorden
HALL Neoma   F. J. Hall
HALL Nina   T. J. Hall
HALL R. T.   T. J. Hall
HAMILTON Chester   Margaret Hamilton
HAMILTON Clyda   Margaret Hamilton
HAMILTON Harold   Margaret Hamilton
HAMILTON J. W.   Margaret Hamilton
HARDGRAVE Larel   Lee Hardgrave
HARDGRAVE Murel   Lee Hardgrave
HARDY Clayton   John Hardy
HARRIS Lila Mae   F. M. Harris
HEAD Helen   Jerome Head
HELMS Grover   W. E. Helms
HELMS Lucille   W. E. Helms
HELMS Norma   W. E. Helms
HELMS Virgil   W. E. Helms
HUDLOW Eunice   Wallace Hudlow
HURT Albert   Ben Hurt
HURT Dovie   Ben Hurt
HURT Jewell   Ben Hurt
HURT Lorene   Ben Hurt
HURT Neola   Ben Hurt
ICHORD Auda   Bert Ichord
ICHORD Willie Lee   Bert Ichord
JOHNSON Jessie   Opal Johnson
JOHNSON Scott   Opal Johnson
JONES Carl   Ed Jones
JONES Donald Eugene   Suda Jones
JONES Gilbert   Noel Jones
JONES Lecil   C. O. Jones
JONES Lynn   C. O. Jones
JUSTICE Olen   W. E. Justice
KIGHT Darrell   L. H. Kight
KIGHT Maurine   L. H. Kight
KITCHENS Cecil   A. A. Kitchens
KITCHENS Evelyn   A. A. Kitchens
KITCHENS Louise   A. A. Kitchens
KITCHENS Suda   A. A. Kitchens
KNAPP Bill   J. L. Knapp
KNAPP Jay   J. L. Knapp
KNAPP Leon   J. L. Knapp
KNAPP Norma Jean   J. L. Knapp
KNAPP Utah   J. L. Knapp
KOZEL John   Alex Kozel
KOZEL Mike   Alex Kozel
KOZEL Olga   Sophia Kozel
KOZEL Sophie   Alex Kozel
KOZEL Stella   Alex Kozel
LANNING Aldoris   Susie Lanning
LANNING Chester   Susie Lanning
LANNING Cordie   Susie Lanning
LANNING Don   Susie Lanning
LANNING Hugo   Susie Lanning
LANNING Rosella   Susie Lanning
LAWSON Robert   G. L. Lawson
LETT George Thomas   John H. Lett
LETT Geraldine   John H. Lett
LETT John Paul   John H. Lett
LOGAN Beulah   W. E. Logan, Jr.
LOGAN Bill   W. F. Logan
LOGAN Charles   W. F. Logan
LOGAN Erma   W. F. Logan
LOGAN Eugene   T. T. Logan
LOGAN Eva Lee   W. E. Logan, Jr.
LOGAN Florine   W. F. Logan
LOGAN Glena   Bill Logan
LOGAN James   T. T. Logan
LOGAN Jewell   W. F. Logan
LOGAN John R.   W. F. Logan
LOGAN Lucille   W. F. Logan
LOGAN Marie   W. E. Logan, Jr.
LOGAN Mildred   T. T. Logan
LOGAN Raymond   W. F. Logan
LOGAN Wendell   W. E. Logan
MACKEY Betty   Elvera Mackey
MAFFETT Earnest   E. C. Maffett
MAFFETT Juanita   E. C. Maffett
MARSHALL Calvin   R. J. Marshall
MARSHALL Hestel   R. J. Marshall
MARSHALL Hicks   R. J. Marshall
McDANIEL Elsie May   A. L. McDaniel
McGEE Junior   George McGee
McGEE Marcella   George McGee
McKINNEY Bob   F. M. Morris
McKINNEY Marie   F. M. Morris
MERRYMAN Joe   Joe Merryman
MERRYMAN Neppie   Joe Merryman
MILLER Estella   Sam Miller
MILLER Viola   Sam Miller
MOORE Agnes   W. A. Moore
MOORE Burl   W. A. Moore
MOORE Earnest   H. E. Moore
MOORE Imogene   Crawford Moore
MOORE Johnnie Hugh   Clint J. Moore
MOORE Juanita   W. A. Moore
MOORE Veral   W. A. Moore
MYERS Carrie   Bessie Myers
MYERS Cephas   T. H. Myers
MYERS Verna   T. H. Myers
NELSON Auda   Luda Nelson
NELSON Bertha   Luda Nelson
NELSON Juanita   Luda Nelson
NELSON Lola Bell   Luda Nelson
NELSON Ula May   Luda Nelson
NEWELL Betty   R. C. Files
NICHOLS Edward   Finis Bates
NICHOLS Irvin   Vada Nichols
NICHOLS Ozer   Vada Nichols
PADGETT Doyle   T. T. Logan
PADGETT Ross   T. T. Logan
PERRYMAN Douglas   Oscar Perryman
PERRYMAN Sammie   Oscar Perryman
PETTY Anna   George Petty
POINTER Melvin   Bess Pointer
RAY Della May   Noah Ray
RAY Dovie   Jim Ray
RAY Helen   Jim Ray
RAY Jack   Ada Potts
RAY Lola   Jim Ray
RAY Nathan   Jim Ray
ROGERS Donald   W. C. Rogers
SCROGGINS Helen   Claudia Scroggins
SCROGGINS Junior   Claudia Scroggins
SEVERE Charles   Mont Severe
SEVERE Elvia Joe   Mont Severe
SHARP James   Clara Sharp
SHAW Lillie   Jim Shaw
SHAW Mildred   Nora Shaw
SHIRLEY Betty Lorene   William Dixon
SHUBERT Dan   R. A. Shubert
SHUBERT J. B.   R. A. Shubert
SHUBERT Ruthie   R. A. Shubert
SHUBERT Sarah   R. A. Shubert
SIGLER A. G.   Hurb Sigler
SIGLER Alline   Hurb Sigler
SIGLER Charley   Hurb Sigler
SIGLER Clifton   Hurb Sigler
SIGLER Erwin   Hurb Sigler
SIGLER Grover   G. H. Sigler
SIGLER John   Herbert Sigler
SIGLER Lon   Herbert Sigler
SIGLER Louis   Lonnie Sigler
SIGLER Una Mae   Lonnie Sigler
SLACK Donald   T. D. Slack
SLACK Doris   T. D. Slack
SLACK Etta Mae   T. D. Slack
SMITH Carl   Maud Smith
SMITH Clancy   Maud Smith
SMITH Harry   Maud Smith
SMITH Jack   Maud Smith
SMITH Lillie   Maud Smith
SMITH Woodrow   Maud Smith
SPICHER Edna   Cora Spicher
SPICHER Lloyd   Cora Spicher
STOCKTON Bill, Jr.   W. H. Stockton
STOCKTON Blanch   E. D. Stockton
STOCKTON Leon   E. D. Stockton
STEVENS Kay   S. M. Stevens
STEWART Clyde   Earl Stewart
STEWART Jane   Earl Stewart
STEWART Jerry   Alma Stewart
SUTTON Ralph   I. P. Sutton
SUTTON Richard   M. B. Sutton
SUTTON Russell   Pony Sutton
SUTTON Ruth   Pony Sutton
TACKETT Edna   John Tackett
TACKETT Floyd   John Tackett
TACKETT Mary Jane   Rebecca Tackett
TACKETT Opal   Rebecca Tackett
TURNER Pearl   B. F. Turner
TURNER Woodrow   B. F. Turner
WALL Emaline   Pete Wall
WALL Melba   Pete Wall
WALL P. J.   Pete Wall
WALL Reba   Pete Wall
WALL Thelma   Pete Wall
WATSON Curtis   Bacel Watson
WATSON Floyd   Bacel Watson
WATSON Howard   Bacel Watson
WATTS Pearl   Amanda Adair
WHITE Betty Jo   John White
WILKERSON Ruby   Rome Wilkerson
WILLIAMS Buster   M. P. Williams
WILLIAMS Edwin   Bill Williams
WILLIAMS Gladis   William Williams
WILLIAMS J. D.   William Williams
WILLIAMS Mary   William Williams
WILLIAMS Mollie   M. D. Williams
WILLIAMS Oieta   Dave Williams
WILLIAMS Ruth   Miles Williams
WILLIAMS Velma   Dave Williams
WILLIAMS Verta   Dave Williams
WILLIAMS Violet   M. P. Williams
WILSON Alta   Earl R. Wilson
WILSON Edith   Earl R. Wilson
WILSON Frankie Mae   John M. Wilson
WILSON John, Jr.   John M. Wilson
WILSON Woodrow   John M. Wilson
WYNNS Alice   Walker Wynns
WYNNS Joe   Walker Wynns
WYNNS Lena Ray   Said Wynns
WYNNS Letha Fay   Said Wynns
WYNNS Richard   Walker Wynns

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