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1934 School Census


Census submitted by Teresa Young

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Antlers School Dist.#I-13 1934 Census
Last Name First Name   Parents
AINSWORTH Berth   Olin Guinn
AINSWORTH Dovie Drew   Nannie Ainsworth
ALEXANDER Allene   Lenah Alexander
ALEXANDER Annabel   O. E. Alexander
ALEXANDER Champ   O. E. Alexander
ALEXANDER Everett   Mary Rolark
ALEXANDER Harry   Jewell Alexander
ALEXANDER James   Lenah Alexander
ALEXANDER John   O. E. Alexander
ALEXANDER Lewis   Bud Alexander
ALEXANDER Tom Fred   Jewell Alexander
ALLEN Harold Clark   Ed Allen
ALLEN William Edward   Ed Allen
AMEND Allene   F. C. Amend
AMEND Billy   F. C. Amend
AMEND Chloteal   F. C. Amend
AMEND F. C., Jr.   F. C. Amend
AMEND Finis   F. C. Amend
AMEND Janice   F. C. Amend
AMEND Nathaniel   N. G. Amend
AMERSON Welton   Fred Amerson
ANDERSON Luther   L. D. Anderson
ANDERSON William Crawford   L. D. Anderson
ANGEL Delbert   Willie Cane
ANGEL F. D.   Willie Cane
ANGLIN Lawrence, Jr.   L. R. Anglin
ANGLIN Ray   L. R. Anglin
ARCHER Burla Francis   M. R. Archer
ARCHER Jewell   M. R. Archer
ARCHER Paul   M. R. Archer
ARCHER Ruth   M. R. Archer
ARCHIE Thelma Lou   Laura Hobbs
ARNOTE Susann   Vivienne M. Miller
AUSTIN George   Lee Austin
ATKISSON Juanita   Marie Atkisson
ATKISSON Marion   Marie Atkisson
BAKER Fannie Mary   Joe Baker
BAKER Mary   Roy Baker
BARBEROUSSE Billy   M. E. Barberousse
BARBEROUSSE Juanita   M. E. Barberousse
BARBEROUSSE Loris V., Jr.   Nora Barberousse
BARBEROUSSE Marcell   M. E. Barberousse
BARBEROUSSE Yvonne   Loris V. Barberousse
BARNHART Anneta   A. F. Barnhart
BARNHART Jackie   A. F. Barnhart
BASSETT Corinne   C. E. Bassett
BASSETT Helen   C. E. Bassett
BASSETT Sammy   C. E. Bassett
BEAGLES Clarence B.   Lon Beagles
BEAGLES Mildred   Lon Beagles
BEAGLES Raymond C.   Lon Beagles
BEAGLES Ted   Otia H. Beagles
BEATTY Sammy   Ida B. Guy
BELL Francis Maybelle   May Bell
BELL Johnnie Lee   Amos Bell
BELL Margaret Ruth   May Bell
BENNETT Layfayette   Luberta Fowlkes
BENNETT Louis Ed   L. V. Bennett
BENSON Flordia   Dora Benson
BENSON Hannah   Dora Benson
BENSON Harold   W. C. Benson
BERRY Billy Gene   Dottie Berry
BERRY Catherine   Foster Berry
BERRY Cleburn   Dottie Berry
BERRY Foster Calvin   Foster Berry
BERRY Herbert   Dottie Berry
BERRY Wilburn   Dottie Berry
BERRYHILL Blois Lee   J. C. Berryhill
BERRYHILL Daughtery Nell   J. C. Berryhill
BIGGS Junior   Eula Biggs
BIGHAM Betty June   Otis Bigham
BIRLEW Calvin   Jim Birlew
BIRLEW Mildred   Jim Birlew
BLOODWORTH Charles   E. C. Bloodworth
BLOODWORTH Elsie   E. C. Bloodworth
BLOODWORTH Gertrude   Fanny Bloodworth
BLOODWORTH Naomi   Fanny Bloodworth
BOLAND John Craig   Floy Boland
BOLAND Perry   Floy Boland
BOLAND Pickens   Floy Boland
BOLAND Rowena   Floy Boland
BOLDING Myra   Ed Bolding
BOOKER Howard   Edra Booker
BOOKER J. W.   C. Thurman
BOOTH James   Mary Booth
BOOTH Mary Jane   Mary Booth
BOOTH Ruby M.   B. E. Booth
BORDEN Helen   Bill Border*
BORDEN Hester   J. M. Borden
BORDEN Loy   J. M. Borden
BOYKIN Jack   Carlos Boykin
BOYLES Besse   Bill Boyles
BOYLES Billy Ray   Bill Boyles
BRIGHTWELL Irene   A. N. Brightwell
BRIGHTWELL Norene   A. N. Brightwell
BROCK Billy   W. M. Brock
BROCK F. F.   W. M. Brock
BROWN Billy Warren   O. C. Brown
BROWN Clyde Mac   Clyde Brown
BROWN Jean   Mary Jackson
BROWN J. T.   Minnie Brown
BROWN Lorene   C. E. Brown
BROWN Ruth Lee   W. M. Brown
BROWN Vivian   Mary Jackson
BRUCE F. W.   Finis Bruce
BRUCE Mary Jo   Finis Bruce
BRUCE Virginia   Finis Bruce
BUCKANAN Alma   Oliver Wand
BURBA Harold   Sarah Burba
BURBA Loraine   Lorraine Burba
BURGESS Dink   C. D. Burgess
BURGESS Gloria   Jessie Burgess
BURGESS Melvin, Jr.   Melvin Burgess
BURNS George   L. M. Hastings
BURNS Thelma   George Burns
BURSE Gladys   Thomas Burse
BUTLER Billy   J. R. Butler
BUTLER David   Evelyn Butler
BUTLER Glenna   J. R. Butler
BUTLER Joy   J. R. Butler
BUTLER Laura Lou   J. R. Butler
BUTLER Rebecca   J. R. Butler
CALLOWAY D. J.   Ruby Calloway
CALLOWAY Wilma Jean   Ruby Calloway
CALLOWAY Winifred   Ruby Calloway
CAMERON Hershel   Roxie Cameron
CAMERON Melvin   Roxie Cameron
CARTER Truman   S. W. Carter
CATHER Billie Joe   Joe Cather
CHAPMAN Christine   A. D. Chapman
CHAPMAN Eugena   A. D. Chapman
CHAPMAN Thomas Ray   Tommie Chapman
CHMELINSKIE Irene   Julius Chmelinskie
CHURCH Annie   Clarence Sipes
CHURCH Billie Mae   W. M. Church
CHURCH James Francis   W. M. Church
CHURCH Riley   Clarence Sipes
CLARDY Archie D.   Eddie Clardy
CLARDY Lewry   Eddie Clardy
CLARK Billy   R. M. Clark
CLARK Christine   R. E. Clark
CLARK Ivon   R. E. Clark
COBB Colleen   James Cobb
COBB Virginia   James Cobb
COFFEE Irene   W. B. Taylor
COFFMAN Carl, Jr.   Carl Coffman
COFFMAN Mildred   Carl Coffman
COFFMAN Vechel   Carl Coffman
COGBURN Roy   Mandy Womack
COLBERT Alexander   J. H. Hampton
COLBERT Jane Ruth   Maud Colbert
COMPTON Don Earl   Alice Compton
COMPTON Florence   Alice Compton
COMPTON Gladys Lee   Alice Compton
COOK Alice   J. L. Cook
COOK Eugene   Eva Cook
COOK Josie   Eva Cook
COOPER Earl Albert   Jess L. Cooper
COOPER Jess, Jr.   Jess L. Cooper
COOPER John   Jess L. Cooper
CORNELIUS Jackie   Jack Cornelius
COSPER Christine   C. C. Cosper
COSPER Grady   C. C. Cosper
COSPER Lucille   C. C. Cosper
COWART George   T. R. Cowart
COWART Thomas   T. R. Cowart
CRABTREE Dorothy Sue   Ralph Crabtree
CRABTREE Frances   Ralph Crabtree
CRAWFORD Christine   Annie Crawford
CROUCH Billie Lee   Martin Crouch
CROUCH Frances M.   Gertrude Bedford
CROWNOVER Gertrude   Minnie Crownover
CROWNOVER Lois   Minnie Crownover
CROWNOVER Mattie Lee   Minnie Crownover
CUNNINGHAM Alice (DODD)   J. B. Dodd
CUNNINGHAM Delores   Boe Cunningham
CUNNINGHAM Maud   J. P. Dodd
CUNNINGHAM Opal   C. E. Cummings
CUNNINGHAM Woodrow   J. P. Dodd
DAVIS Blanche   L. E. Davis
DAYBERRY Bert   John Dayberry
DAYBERRY Bertha   W. A. Dayberry
DAYBERRY Dovie   W. A. Dayberry
DAYBERRY Rosa   W. A. Dayberry
DECKER L. C.   Myrl Noland
DECKER Merle   Ellis Decker
DEL TORTO Merle   Minnie Perryman
DEL TORTO Tossell   Minnie Perryman
DEOZIER* (Delozier) Mary Pearl   Bertha Deozier*
DEOZIER* (Delozier) Mike   Bertha Deozier*
DEOZIER* (Delozier) Pat   Bertha Deozier*
DEOZIER* (Delozier) Ruby   Bertha Deozier*
DILBECK Allene   Maude Dilbeck
DILBECK Ivan   A. A. Dilbeck
DIXON Lovey   Hattie Dixon
DIXON R. D.   R. C. Dixon
DODD Grady   James L. Dodd
DUDLEY Edwin William   C. E. Dudley
DUDLEY Mary   C. E. Dudley
DUNCAN Geneva   Paul Duncan
DUNCAN Nerva   Callie Edwards
DUNCAN Pauline   Paul Duncan
DUNHAM Finis   Ira Dunham
DUNHAM Nettie   Ira Dunham
DUNHAM Orval   Ira Dunham
DUNHAM Sylvia   Cattie S. Dunham
DURANT Alexander   Ella Durant
DURANT Rebecca   Ella Durant
DYE Harley   L. S. Dye
DYE Harvey   L. S. Dye
DYE Jack   Allie Dye
DYE Pauline   M. E. Dye
DYE Pete   Shorty Dye
DYE Ruby   Allie Dye
DYE Willie Mae   E. S. Dye
EYE* (DYE) Winfred   L. S. Dye
EASTON Jean   Flora Easton
EASTON Ray, Jr.   Ray Easton
EDGE Julius Perry   Ida Easton
EDWARDS Ray D.   Callie Edwards
ELLIS Abrey Jean   C. W. Ellis
ELLIS Billy   Clarence Ellis
ELLIS Buster   Clarence Ellis
ELLIS Peggy   Clarence Ellis
ELLIS Ruth   Clarence Ellis
EMERY Margaret   R. K. Greenleaf
ENGLAND Cornelius   J. C. Johnson
ENGLISH Helen   J. D. English
ENGLISH J. D., Jr.   J. D. English
ENGLISH Marion   Lucille English
FARR Anna   Inez Pipkin
FLINT Jessie Lee   Belle Duncan
FLINT Robert   Belle Duncan
FLORENCE Walter, Jr.   Walter Florence, Jr.
FORBIS Leon   Lillie Forbis
FORBIS Raymond   Lillie Forbis
FOREMAN Irene   Mary Foreman
FOX Cecil   L. D. Anderson
FRAZIER Betty June   Eva Frazier
FRAZIER Emma   Eddie Frazier
FRAZIER Glen   J. C. Frazier
FRAZIER Marie   J. C. Frazier
FRAZIER Merle   J. C. Frazier
FRENCH Reva   Mary French
FRYER Louie May   R. S. Fryer
FRYER Pinkie   R. S. Fryer
FRYER Richard   R. S. Fryer
FULLER Eugene   Rachel Fuller
FULLER Gracie   Rachel Fuller
FULLER Ivy   Rachel Fuller
FULLER Newton   Rachel Fuller
FULLER Tommy Dorothy   Rachel Fuller
GARDNER G. W.   Lillie B. Meyers
GIBSON Bertha Mae   Joe Gibson
GIBSON Christine   Joe Gibson
GIBSON Freda C.   Fred L. Gibson
GIBSON Glenna Zoe   Fred L. Gibson
GIBSON Harrison   Tiny Underwood
GIBSON Helen   Joe Gibson
GIBSON Mary Doris G.   Fred L. Gibson
GIBSON Virginia   Joe Gibson
GIDEON Clifton   O. V. Gideon
GIDEON Dorothy   O. V. Gideon
GILES Audrey   Veretta Butler
GILES Clifton Leo   Allen Giles
GILES Leonore   Allen Giles
GILES Patricia Mae   Allen Giles
GILES Warren Nathaniel   Allen Giles
GILLEY Horace   Bill Redman
GILLIAM Leonard   Chas. Gilliam
GILLIAM Mary Ellen   Chas. Gilliam
GILLIAM Van   Chas. Gilliam
GOOCH James   Velma Gooch
GOOCH Ulyss Franklin   Fanny Gooch
GOOCH William   Velma Gooch
GOODGION James   Mary C. Goodgion
GOODGION Mary Elizabeth   Mary C. Goodgion
GOODJOHN John   Bonnie E. Harris
GOSSETT Denton   Louie Gossett
GOSSETT Dorothy   C. Gossett
GOSSETT Drerne   C. Gossett
GOSSETT Lewis   C. Gossett
GOSSETT Patricia   Louie Gossett
GRICE Imogene   Noel Grice
GRIFFIN Beuford   W. T. Griffin
GRIFFIN C. J.   Bertha Griffin
GRIFFIN Clyde   R. C. Dixon
GRIFFIN Darrel   W. T. Griffin
GRIFFIN Ruby   Bertha Griffin
GRIFFIN Tommy   W. T. Griffin
GRINDER Billy   G. W. Grinder
GRINDER Lois   G. W. Grinder
GRINDER Loyd   G. W. Grinder
GRINDER Marie   G. W. Grinder
GRINDER Mary   G. W. Grinder
GRISSON Clifford   R. L. Grisson
GRISSON James Willard   George Gibson
GRISSON Mary J.   R. L. Grisson
GUNTER Irene   A. B. Gunter
GUNTER Janie   A. B. Gunter
GUNTER Phalitha   A. B. Gunter
HAGIN Dale   Hagin
HAGIN James   Hagin
HALE Billy Joe   Wanda Hale
HALLEY Ann   Stuart B. Halley
HALLOWS Carl   H. M. Hallows
HALLOWS Kenneth   H. M. Hallows
HAMILTON Daken   Icee Hamilton
HAMILTON Hugo   Icee Hamilton
HAMILTON Nadine   Icee Hamilton
HAMLIN Juanita   H. A. Hamlin
HAMLIN Thelma   F. A. Hamlin
HAMMERS Ernest   Gertrude Hammers
HAMMERS Gilbert   Gertrude Hammers
HAMMERS Jack   Gertrude Hammers
HAMMONS J. W., Jr.   J. W. Hammons
HAMMONS Maurice   J. W. Hammons
HAMMONS Ray   J. W. Hammons
HAMMONS Temple   J. W. Hammons
HANLEY Florence   Jake Hanley
HANLEY Ruth   Jake Hanley
HARGRAVE Charles   T. M. Hargrave
HARGRAVE Robert Lee   T. M. Hargrave
HARGRAVE Tommy Ruth   T. M. Hargrave
HARGROVE Dorothy Sue   H. F. Hargrove
HARGROVE Edith   Laura Hargrove
HARGROVE Ethel   Laura Hargrove
HARGROVE Florence   Loyd Hargrove
HARGROVE Gene F.   H. F. Hargrove
HARGROVE Gladys   Loyd Hargrove
HARRIS Bob, Jr.   Bob Harris
HARRIS Mary Jean   Bob Harris
HARRIS Meredith   Bob Harris
HARRIS Otto   Maggie Harris
HARRISON Claudine   A. A. Dilbeck
HARVEY Nova May   J. M. Harvey
HAWKINS Billy Gene   W. C. Hawkins
HAWKINS Elsie   W. C. Hawkins
HAWKINS Louise   W. C. Hawkins
HAWKINS Mavis   W. C. Hawkins
HAWKINS Walter   W. C. Hawkins
HAYES Bessie   Emitt Hayes
HAYES David   Myrtle Rose
HAYES Lenora May   Emmitt Hayes
HELM Alline   J. J. Helm
HELM Geo. Sanford   Glass Beaty
HENDERSON Christine   Ruby Henderson
HENDERSON Ray   Ruby Henderson
HENDERSON Thomas   Ruby Henderson
HENDRICKS Donald   Harry Hendricks
HENDRICKS Jack M.   C. H. Hendricks
HENDRICKS James   C. H. Hendricks
HENDRIX Annie Ruth   L. H. Hendrix
HENDRIX Billy Sam   Harvey Hendrix
HENDRIX Carl Edwin   Carl Hendrix
HENDRIX Jeff   Mary Beaty
HENDRIX Joy   Carl Hendrix
HENDRIX Loyd Lee   Harvey Hendrix
HENDRIX Luther   Beulah Hendrix
HENDRIX Nancy   Carl Hendrix
HENDRIX Roy   Mary Beaty
HENDRIX Stacy Lewis   Harvey Hendrix
HENDRIX Sylvia   Estelle Hendrix
HENDRIX Thelma   L. H. Hendrix
HERIAGE Dora   Mae M. Heriage
HERIAGE Virginia   Mae M. Heriage
HERNANDEZ Fanny Mary   Mary Hernandez
HERNANDEZ Roy   Mary Hernandez
HIGGINS Geoffrey   Levie Higgins
HILL Clinton   R. W. Hill
HILL Eugene   Robert A. Hill
HILL Frances   Laura Hill
HILL Gladys   Robert A. Hill
HILL Ollie Bell   R. W. Hill
HIMES Vera   W. H. Himes
HIMES Vernon   W. H. Himes
HOGAN Billie Joe   Stanley Hogan
HOGUE Cleo   C. E. Hogue
HOGUE Clyde   C. E. Hogue
HOGUE Helen   C. E. Hogue
HOGUE Katherine   C. E. Hogue
HOLLINGSWORTH Earle   Lydia Hubbs
HOLLIS Richard   F. A. Hollis
HOLLIS Ruth   F. A. Hollis
HOLMAN Harry   B. B. Holman
HOLMAN Jackie Lee   B. B. Holman
HOLMAN James, Jr.   James B. Holman
HOLMAN Larry   B. B. Holman
HOLMAN Octavia   B. B. Holman
HOLMAN Susie   B. B. Holman
HOLT Charlie, Jr.   Jewel Holt
HOLT Elizabeth   Jewel Holt
HOLT Marilyn   J. A. Holt
HOUSE Jerry Lena   V. A. House
HOUSE J. R.   V. A. House
HOUSE Loyd   V. H. House
HOUSE Otis   V. A. House
HOWARD Floyd   W. R. Howard
HOWARD Lillian   Roy W. Howard
HOWARD Ruby Lee   Vera Howard
HUCKABAY Dorothy   B. M. Huckabay
HUCKABAY Mary Jo   B. M. Huckabay
HUDSON Hiawahnah   P. W. Hudson
HUDSON P. W.   P. W. Hudson
HYDEN James   P. T. Hyden
ILLOPATUBBEE Willie   Rendy Wilson
INGLE Brantley   Roy Ingle
INGLE Pauline   Roy Ingle
INGRAM Fay   Bessie Ingle
INGRAM May   Bessie Ingle
INGRAM Olen   Bessie Ingle
JACKSON Raphuel   Mary Beaty
JACOBS Alene   Ima Jacobs
JACOBS Alva   Sylvia Jacobs
JACOBS Clara   Alva Jacobs
JACOBS Flora   Sylvia Jacobs
JACOBS Floyd   Ima Jacobs
JACOBS Helen   Ima Jacobs
JACOBS Kenneth   Alva Jacobs
JACOBS Leo   Alva Jacobs
JOHNSON Beatrice   Fae Casteel
JOHNSON Burks   Lula Johnson
JOHNSON Clarence   G. T. Johnson
JOHNSON Effie   Lula Johnson
JOHNSON Estelle   G. T. Johnson
JOHNSON Orville   J. W. Johnson
JOHNSON Rosco   Lula Johnson
JONES Elbert   M. E. Jones
JONES Gladys   M. E. Jones
JORDAN E. F.   John Jordan
JORDAN Mary Ada   Geo. Jordan
KELLETT Elvie   Will Kellett
KELLETT Evalina   Will Kellett
KELLETT Leo   Will Kellett
KELLETT Loyd   Will Kellett
KELLETT Merle   Will Kellett
KELLEY Billy Bob   F. D. Maddox
KEMP Alice Joyce   Douglas Kemp
KEMP Annie   E. P. Mainard
KEMP Douglas   Douglas Kemp
KENNEDY Charles   Flora Kennedy
KENNEDY Estelle   Flora Kennedy
KERR James Othello   W. G. Kerr
KERR Martha   Clyde Kerr
KERR Miles   Clyde Kerr
KIMES Ada   F. M. Kimes
KIMES Frances   F. M. Kimes
KIMES John   F. M. Kimes
KIMES Ray   F. M. Kimes
KIMES Viola   F. M. Kimes
KINCAID Bertha May   Ross Kincaid
KINCAID Billy   Stella Kincaid
KING Guinn   Ike King
KING Juanita   Ike King
KIRK Marguerite   Gess Kirk
KIRK Odia   Geo. Kirk
KIRK Rosa Elizabeth   Gess Kirk
KIRK Sylvia   Gess Kirk
KIRK Velma   Gess Kirk
KOHANEK James   N. J. Kohanek
KOHANEK Thomas   N. J. Kohanek
LAMPE John Chas.   Oscar Lampe
LAMPE Katherene Ann   Oscar Lampe
LAMPE Mary Helen   Oscar Lampe
LANE Hugh   June Lane
LANE Lewis   June Lane
LANE Viola   June Lane
LANEY Clarita   J. A. Ballard
LASTER Eldon   J. M. Laster
LASTER J. M.   J. M. Laster
LEMONS J. M.   Belle Lemons
LEMONS Lilly Mae   Belle Lemons
LENHART Elizabeth   Millie Birlew
LENHART Frank   Millie Birlew
LENHART May Belle   W. P. Lenhart
LENHART Nettie V.   Millie Birlew
LEWIS Howard   Vernon Lewis
LITTLE W. Charles   Ethel Lane
LOCKE Billy   J. F. Locke
LOCKE Deward   J. F. Locke
LOCKE Fairy   Grace Locke
LOCKE Golda   Frank Locke
LOCKE Lola   Frank Locke
LOMAN Isom   Pete Loman
LOMAN Sudie   P. J. Loman
LONG William Robert   John G. Long
LOTT Elizabeth   M. G. Lott
LOTT Lucille   M. G. Lott
LOTT Mary   M. G. Lott
LOTT Thomas   M. G. Lott
LUCAS John Dalton   John J. Lucas
LYLES Adell   Estella Wrice
LYLES Beulah Mae   Wm. T. Lyles
MACK James   Willie Mack
MACK Juanita   Leo Mack
MADDOX Clarie   C. W. Maddox
MADDUX Charles O.   T. W. Maddux
MADDUX Nova Juanita   F. W. Maddux
MAIN Abby   G. I. Main
MAIN Evelyn   G. I. Main
MAIN Herman   G. I. Main
MAIN Irvin   G. O. Main
MAINARD Annie   E. S. Mainard
MAINARD Zelma   E. S. Mainard
MALES Alphaevs   Allie Males
MALES Ben Edwin   E. F. Males
MALES Betty   Allie Males
MALES Bobby Sue   Frank Males
MALES Edith   Frank Males
MALES Francis   E. F. Males
MALES James   Frank Males
MARTIN Ellen LaVerne   Lillie Martin
MARTIN Elvin   Lee Martin
MARTIN Eugene   Ellis Decker
MATTISON Bonita   Laura Mattison
MATTISON Imogene   Laura Mattison
MATZ Margery   W. C. McGaugh
MAYNARD Fay   M. D. Benham
McADAMS Juanita   R. F. McAdams
McALISTER Mildred Elaine   W. E. McAlister
McCALL Juanita   John McCall
McCARTY Herman   Cloid McCarty
McCARY Loretta   Robert McCary
McCARY Otis   Robert McCary
McDANIEL Jackoline   Tom McDaniel
McDANIEL Lucille   Leo McDaniel
McDANIEL Mavis   Tom McDaniel
McDANIELS Quinton   T. J. McDaniels
McDUFFIE Almeta   Pete McDuffie
McDUFFIE Arthur   Dora McDuffie
McDUFFIE Dan   Pete McDuffie
McDUFFIE Lucy   Pete McDuffie
McFATRIDGE Billie Ruth   Homer McFatridge
McFATRIDGE Margaret   Homer McFatridge
McGAUGH Amos   W. C. McGaugh
McGAUGH Letha   W. C. McGaugh
McKENZIE Dura   Ruby McKenzie
McKENZIE Paul Albert   Ruby McKenzie
McKENZIE Virginia   E. S. Patterson
McKINNEY Allene   L. H. McKinney
McKINNEY Olen   L. D. McKinney
McREYNOLDS Alton   A. A. McReynolds
McREYNOLDS Aura   A. A. McReynolds
MELSON Odell   Luther Melson
MELTON Esther   J. C. Melton
MELTON James   J. C. Melton
MELTON John Paul   J. C. Melton
MELTON Mildred   J. C. Melton
MELTON Ruth   J. C. Melton
MESSER Rubena   L. C. Messer
MILAM Edgar   John Milam
MILAM Edna   John Milam
MILLER Betty   Vivian N. Miller
MILLER Lucille   Franklin P. Miller
MILLER William F. P.   Franklin P. Miller
MILLS Carry   Sol Mills
MOORE Allene   L. V. Moore
MOORE Donald   L. V. Moore
MOORE Lewis   L. V. Moore
MOORE Mary   F. P. Miller
MORRISON James   J. A. Morrison
MORRISON Richard   J. A. Morrison
MORRISON Thelma   J. A. Morrison
MOSS Merle Lee   Lee Moss
MOYER Janice   Jim Moyer
MUSICK Ada   W. H. Musick
MUSICK Clyde   W. H. Musick
MUSICK Mollie   W. H. Musick
MUSICK Ollie   W. H. Musick
MUSICK Vada   W. H. Musick
MYERS Dorothy   Flora Myers
NELSON Florence   O. M. Nelson
NELSON Frances   Oscar Nelson
NELSON Isaac   Daisy Nelson
NELSON Leo   Elsie Loman
NELSON Loyd   Daisy Nelson
NELSON Preston   Ellen Nelson
NELSON Rhoda   Lena Nelson
NELSON Thomas James   Oscar Nelson
NOEL Myrtle Lee   Earl Evans
OLIVER Pauline   Oscar Oliver
O'NEAL Eddie   Lena O'Neal
O'NEAL Kernek   Lena O'Neal
O'NEAL Orvilla   Lena O'Neal
OSBURN Christine   Eva Osburn
OWENS George   Jim Owens
OWENS James   M. C. Webb
OWENS William   Jim Owens
PACE Curtis   A. F. Pace
PACE Jewell Henry   A. F. Pace
PACE Lavona   A. F. Pace
PACE Marvin   A. F. Pace
PACE Sammy   A. F. Pace
PACKNETT Chas. Ray   G. O. Parnell
PARKER Ina May   I. N. Parker
PATTON Josephine   Josephine Packett
PATTON Lester   A. C. Patton
PATTON Rockolene   A. C. Patton
PENNINGTON John   H. J. Pennington
PENNINGTON Martha   Harvey Pennington
PERRY Dorothy   Mary Jackson
PETTYJOHN Bernice   Mattie Pettyjohn
PETTYJOHN Farris   Mattie Pettyjohn
PETTYJOHN H. C.   Mattie Pettyjohn
PHILLIPS Chas. Tulle   A. F. Phillips
PILLEY Helen   Ida Mae Pilley
PILLEY Whiggie Mae   Ida Mae Pilley
PIPKIN Bertha Bess   Inez E. Pipkin
PIPKIN Chas. B.   Inez E. Pipkin
PIPKIN Estelle   Inez E. Pipkin
PIPKIN Paris, Jr.   Inez E. Pipkin
PIPKIN William Phillip   Inez E. Pipkin
PIPPIN Harold   Homer Pippin
PIPPIN Icee Petty   Ozie Pippin
POLLY Alvester   Janie Polly
POLLY Eveline   Janie Polly
POSTUM Crickett   Elmova Postum
POSTUM Woodrow   Elmova Postum
POTTS Charles, Jr.   Charley Potts
POTTS Eugene   Charley Potts
POTTS Kenneth Lee   Charley Potts
PRICE Robbie   R. W. Price
PURTELL Carmen   Helen A. Nichols
PURTELL Wayne   O. N. Purtell
PYLE Alvin S.   Fay Pyle
PYLE Benita   Carlton Pyle
PYLE Calvin C.   C. C. Pyle
PYLE Fanny   C. C. Pyle
PYLE Levina   C. C. Pyle
PYLE Vivian   C. C. Pyle
RADICAN Dick   Robert Radican
RADICAN Irene   Robert Radican
RADICAN Jack   Robert Radican
RANKIN Dessie   Etta Rankin
RANKIN Jim   Etta Rankin
RARD Christina   Daniel Rard
RARD Elizabeth   Daniel Rard
RARD Frances   Daniel Rard
RARD Johnnie   J. E. Rard
RARD Lucille   Millie Rard
RAY Frances   L. L. Ray
RAY Rose Marie   L. L. Ray
REA Cloid Noble   N. C. Rea
REDMAN J. N.   H. C. Redman
REDMAN Pauline   Clara Redman
REED Eddie   Gus Reed
REED Edmon   Jim Reed
REED Lester   Gus Reed
REED Lois   Gus Reed
REED Raymond   Gus Reed
REYNOLDS Bertha   Ray Reynolds
REYNOLDS Earl   Ray Reynolds
REYNOLDS Elsie Ray   Ray Reynolds
REYNOLDS Joyce   Ray Reynolds
RHINE Ellis   Verne Rhine
RHINE Julia   Verne Rhine
RHINE Opal   Verne Rhine
ROBBINS Coy   D. Robbins
ROBBINS D. L.   D. Robbins
ROBBINS Fay   D. Robbins
ROBBINS Fred   D. Robbins
ROBBINS Lester   D. Robbins
ROBERTSON James William   Lon Robertson
ROGERS Frank   T. K. Rogers
ROGERS Glen   T. K. Rogers
ROGERS Helen   Pearl Rogers
ROGERS Mamie Ellen   T. R. Rogers
ROLARK Vanice   Mary Rolark
ROSE Homer   Dick Rose
ROSE Mary Belle   Dick Rose
RUSHING Clinton   H. C. Rushing
RUSHING Dolly Ruth   H. C. Rushing
RUSHING Gladys   H. C. Rushing
RUSHING Hazel   H. C. Rushing
RUSHING Imogene   H. C. Rushing
RUSHING Maurine   H. C. Rushing
RUSHING Naomi   H. C. Rushing
SANDERLAND Grace   Ruth Church
SANDERS Altus   W. A. Sanders
SANDERS Barney   W. A. Sanders
SANDERS Ralph   W. A. Sanders
SANDERS Ruby Mary   W. A. Sanders
SARTAIN Marvin Julious   Earl Sartain
SARTAIN Mildred   Earl Sartain
SCATES Elzie   C. E. Scates
SCATES Jack   C. E. Scates
SCHMIDT Elizabeth   W. S. Schmidt
SCHMIDT Patty Lou   W. S. Schmidt
SCHOOLER Laura Jean   B. F. Schooler
SCHWEINING Edwin   Geo. Schweining
SCHWEINING Louis   Geo. Schweining
SEACY Charlotte   Anna Seacy
SEXTON David   W. R. Sexton
SEXTON Donald   W. R. Sexton
SHARP Sam Houston   Leo C. Sharp
SHAW Eugene   L. P. Shaw
SHAW Harold   L. P. Shaw
SHERFIELD Thomas B.   Marx Beaty
SHERRER Audrey   Bonnie E. Harris
SHIEW Rachel   B. G. McDuffie
SHORT Calvin   Thomas Short
SHORT Thomas   Thomas Short
SHRODE Marie   Old Isbell
SIKES Jean   B. R. Sikes
SIKES Ray   B. R. Sikes
SIKES Shelby   Ada Mae Sikes
SIMMONS G. C.   Joe Simmons
SIMMONS Victor L.   Joe Simmons
SIMON Frances   J. L. Simon
SIMON Jesse James   J. L. Simon
SIMPSON Johnnie Ruth   J. H. Simpson
SIMPSON Kerxie   Bessie Simpson
SIMPSON Phydell   J. H. Simpson
SIMPSON Woodrow   J. C. Simpson
SLATES Arthur   R. E. Slates
SLATES Herman   R. E. Slates
SLATES Lula   P. F. Slates
SLATES Melvin   Paul Slates
SMITH Arthur   C. A. Smith
SMITH C. J.   Ted Smith
SMITH Clara Fay   Buck Smith
SMITH Dan   W. M. Smith
SMITH Edith   Maude Smith
SMITH Edward   Maude Smith
SMITH Garland   Wick M. Smith
SMITH Jewel   Ted Smith
SMITH John T.   Vada Smith
SMITH Lester   C. A. Smith
SMITH Mabel   W. M. Smith
SMITH Mary Ellen   Paul Stewart
SMITH Melba Jeanne   Buck Smith
SMITH Myearah   Pearl Smith
SMITH Retha   C. A. Smith
SMITH Roy   C. A. Smith
SMITH Sybil   Wick Smith
SMITH Thomas H. P.   Buck Smith
SMITH Wray A.   Paul Stewart
SMOTHERS Flora   R. R. Smothers
SOLOMAN J. C.   John Soloman
SPRADLIN Inez   J. A. Spradlin
SPRADLIN J. A.   J. A. Spradlin
SPRADLIN Ruby   J. A. Spradlin
STAFFORD Frances Ruth   H. E. Stafford
STALLINGS Wanda   Elmer Stallings
STEEL Cora Bell   Alice Steel
STEEL Elbert   Alice Steel
STEEL Lillie   Alice Steel
STEEL Ruth   Alice Steel
STEPHENSON Philip   C. C. Stephenson
STERLING Grady   R. E. Clark
STEWART Martha   Paul Stewart
STONE Clifford   Ethel Stone
STONE Eugene   Ethel Stone
STOVAL Hazel   J. A. Stoval
SUBLETT Jean   J. C. Sublett
SUBLETT Jim Joe   J. C. Sublett
SUBLETT Mildred   J. C. Sublett
SUTTERFIELD Thomas James   Thomas Sutterfield
SUTTLE Billy Gene   L. T. Suttle
SUTTON Dorothy   Gladys Sutton
SUTTON Gertrude   Gladys Sutton
SUTTON Glendola   Leon Masters
TARKINGTON Arlies   Georgia Tarkington
TARKINGTON Edgar   Eliza Folsom
TAYLOR Barden   W. B. Taylor
TAYLOR Bernice   F. A. Taylor
TAYLOR Clarence   W. B. Taylor
TAYLOR Dorothy   B. F. Taylor
TAYLOR Douglas   W. B. Taylor
TAYLOR Edna Lee   Ed M. Taylor
TAYLOR Elvis   Fred Taylor
TAYLOR Ernestine   Lillian Taylor
TAYLOR Herbert Arnold   Ed M. Taylor
TAYLOR Lillian   Ed M. Taylor
TAYLOR Martin   Ed M. Taylor
TAYLOR Pauline   Ed M. Taylor
TAYLOR Ruth   Fred Taylor
TAYLOR Thelma   W. B. Taylor
THOMAS Bernice   Odell Boyd
THOMAS Dalton   Mattie Thomas
THOMAS Jan   E. P. Thomas
THOMAS Loyd   Mattie Thomas
THOMPSON Bertell   Joe Thompson
THOMPSON Roy, Jr.   Roy Thompson
THOMPSON William Edgar   Roy Thompson
THORNTON Autra   J. W. Thornton
THORNTON Carlos   J. W. Thornton
THORNTON Cordell   J. W. Thornton
THORNTON Dale   J. W. Thornton
THORNTON Goldie   J. W. Thornton
THORNTON Irene   S. J. Thornton
THORNTON J. W.   J. W. Thornton
THORNTON Pauline   S. J. Thornton
THURMAN Clarice   C. Thurman
THURMAN Harold   C. Thurman
TORBETT Bill Hugh   Hugh Torbett
TORBETT Bobby   Hugh Torbett
TORBETT Florence   Gladys Torbett
TOWNSEND Glovis   J. A. Townsend
TYLER Alfred   J. A. Spradlin
TYLER Henry   Nath Tyler
UNDERWOOD John D.   Alice Bohanan
UNDERWOOD Lewis   Alice Bohanan
UPCHURCH Zelda   David White
VAUGHN Eugene   J. L. Vaugh
VITITOW Billie Dove   D. D. Vititow
VITITOW Dewey Ann   D. D. Vititow
VITITOW Glenn   D. D. Vititow
VITITOW Hugh   D. D. Vititow
WALKER Betty Lou   Ed Walker
WALKER Catherine   W. H. Walker
WALKER Fay   C. G. Walker
WALKER Florine   S. F. Walker
WALKER Imogene   Ed Walker
WARD Louise   C. W. Ward
WARD Pauline   C. W. Ward
WATSON Allie   Hollis Watson
WATSON Dorothy   Hollis Watson
WATSON Ruby   Hollis Watson
WEAVER Alma Lee   H. L. Weaver
WEAVER Eloise   H. D. Weaver
WEAVER H. D., Jr.   H. D. Weaver
WEBB Johnny Hughes   E. J. Webb
WESLEY Daniel   Verina Wesley
WEST Clarice   Ellen West
WEST Mac   Bob M. West
WEST Ruby   Elcie L. West
WESTMORELAND Bobby Sue   J. S. Westmoreland
WESTMORELAND Earle, Jr.   E. E. Westmoreland
WESTMORELAND Harry   E. E. Westmoreland
WESTMORELAND Nedra   John S. Westmoreland
WESTMORELAND Pat   Earle Westmoreland
WESTMORELAND Robert Harold   J. S. Westmoreland
WESTMORELAND Sherry   John S. Westmoreland
WEYER Genevieve   Coffey Weyer
WHITLOW Leo   V. G. Fowlkes
WILLIAMS Bessie   C. Lowe
WILLIAMS Catherine   Beulah Williams
WILLIAMS Ella   Beulah Williams
WILLIAMS Ethel   Beulah Williams
WILLIAMS Ethel   Ethel Williams
WILLIAMS Juanita   Williams
WILLIAMS Marine   Williams
WILLIAMS Ortrie   Gene Williams
WILLIS Dan Jerry   Helen Willis
WILLIS Evelyn   Helen Willis
WILLIS Gladstone   Helen Willis
WILLIS Virgil   Helen Willis
WINTERS Gladys   W. A. Winters
WINTERS Paul   W. A. Winters
WINTERS Virgie   W. A. Winters
WOLFE Grace   M. C. Wolfe
WOLFE Henry   M. C. Wolfe
WOLFE Mabel   M. C. Wolfe
WOLFE Pearl   M. C. Wolfe
WOMACK Cecil   M. J. Womack
WOMACK Everett   M. J. Womack
WONSCH Arthur   Albert Wonsch
WONSCH Billie   A. W. Wonsch
WONSCH Dorotha   A. W. Wonsch
WONSCH Leo   A. W. Wonsch
WONSCH Lois   A. W. Wonsch
WONSCH Ray   A. W. Wonsch
WOOD Robert, Jr.   R. W. Wood
WOODARD Teaureau   J. E. Woodard
WOOLDRIDGE Betty   Dow Wooldridge
WOOLDRIDGE Buddy   Minnie Wooldridge
WOOLDRIDGE Don Smith   Minnie Wooldridge
WOOLDRIDGE Ida   H. T. Wooldridge
WOOLDRIDGE Jack   M. M. Wooldridge
WOOLDRIDGE James   M. M. Wooldridge
WOOLDRIDGE Mary   L. D. Wooldridge
WOOLDRIDGE Rachel   Russell W. Wooldridge
WOOLDRIDGE Ray   H. F. Wooldridge
WOOLDRIDGE Vera   H. F. Wooldridge
WYATT Clifton Tony   H. M. Wyatt
WYATT Harry, Jr.   W. M. Wyatt
WYATT Norma Mae   H. M. Wyatt
YOUNG Dorothy Mae   Ella Young
YOUNG Eva   Ella Young
YOUNG L. C.   Jeff Young
YOUNG Lucious   Jeff Young
YOUNG William   Jeff Young
ZIMMERMAN Freddy   H. L. Zimmerman

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