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1934 School Census


Census submitted by Teresa Young

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Clayton School Dist.#I-10 1934 Census
Last Name First Name   Parents
ABERNATHY Fremont   Flora Abernathy
ALLEN Bill   W. B. Allen
ALLEN Cletus   W. B. Allen
ALLEN Doyle   L. G. Callihan
ALLEN Fay   W. B. Allen
ALLEN Gean   W. B. Allen
ALLEN Glen   Ralph Allen
ALLEN Hazel Juanita   Ralph Allen
ALLEN Lennie   Ralph Allen
ALLEN Oleta   W. B. Allen
AMEND Erdice   Erdice Amend
AMEND Ola Mae   E. S. Mizell
ANDERSON Duane   Elizabeth Lewis
ANGEL Delbert   Alice Howze
ARBAUGH Conrad   W. E. Arbaugh
ARBAUGH Gladys   M. B. Arbaugh
ARBAUGH Norma Bell   W. E. Arbaugh
BAILEY Arthur Lee   Eva Bailey
BAILEY Jesse   Eva Bailey
BAILEY Orbin   Eva Bailey
BAILEY Viola   Eva Bailey
BARNES Aline   M. Barnes
BARNES Maxine   Amanda Barnes
BARNES Orville   Amanda Barnes
BARTLETT Edward   L. B. Bartlett
BARTLETT Lee Eunice   L. B. Bartlett
BARTLETT Louis   W. L. Bartlett
BARTLETT Mabel   W. L. Bartlett
BARTLETT Roy   W. L. Bartlett
BARTLETT Sherman   W. L. Bartlett
BARTLETT Troy   W. L. Bartlett
BAXTER Aubrey   W. H. Baxter
BAXTER John Wm.   W. H. Baxter
BAXTER Loretta   W. H. Baxter
BAXTER Ollie Ruth   W. H. Baxter
BAYLESS Peggy   W. O. Jones
BEAGLES Laura Bell   J. A. Beagles
BEAGLES Lula Mae   J. A. Beagles
BEAGLES Robbie Lee   Jo Beagles
BELL. Wade   Walter Broiles
BETTIS Dow   Helen Bettis
BILBREY Pearl   John Bilbrey
BILBREY Ray   John Bilbrey
BIRD Blanche   Walter Bird
BIRD Georgia   M. T. Sands
BIRD Gracie   Walter Bird
BIRD Harvey   Walter Bird
BIRD Minnie   Walter Bird
BIRD Pauline   Walter Bird
BISHOP Ida Mae   Mattie Bishop
BISHOP L. B.   Mattie Bishop
BISHOP L. D.   Mattie Bishop
BISHOP Opal   Mattie Bishop
BISHOP Tessie   Stella Bishop
BLAIR Jimmy   J. B. Blair
BLAIR Kenneth   J. W. Blair
BLAIR Paul   J. Blair
BLAIR Peggy   B. D. Blair
BLAIR Retha   D. W. Blair
BLAIR Tommy   B. D. Blair
BLALOCK Elmo   J. B. Blair
BLALOCK Jack   Jno. Blair
BLALOCK Janice   Johnnie Blair
BOHANON Jessie   Opal Steel
BOHANON Rosie   Opal Steel
BOWLES John   Minnie Bowles
BOWLES Ruth   Minnie Bowles
BRANTON Everett   W. A. Branton
BRANTON Floy Mae   W. A. Branton
BRANTON Jewell   W. A. Branton
BRESHEARS Cleo   Lester Breshears
BRESHEARS Floyd   I. C. Breshears
BRESHEARS Ivan   R. B. Breshears
BRESHEARS Lee   J. C. Breshears
BRESHEARS Louie   J. C. Breshears
BRESHEARS Louis   H. H. Breshears
BRESHEARS Rosetta   Harve Breshears
BRIDGMAN Alfred   Jessie Bridgman
BRIDGMAN Arnold   Lou Bridgman
BRIDGMAN Betty Lou   Jan Bridgman
BRIDGMAN Cathlene   W. V. Carter
BRIDGMAN Charles   N. L. Bridgman
BRIDGMAN Cleta   C. Bridgman
BRIDGMAN Katherine   C. Bridgman
BRILEY Jim   Lester Breshears
BROOKS Marion   W. H. Brooks
BROOKS Martha   W. H. Brooks
BROYLES Cecil   Lena Broyles
BRUMFIELD George H.   W. H. Brumfield
BRUMFIELD Hazel   W. H. Brumfield
BRYAN Fred   C. H. Ray
BRYAN Harold   J. D. Bryan
BULLARD Elbert   C. V. Bullard
BULLARD Russell   Ida Bullard
BURLESON Opal   J. T. Burleson
BURLESON Steve   George Burleson
BURNETT Donald   W. S. Burnett
CALLIHAN Clifford   L. G. Callihan
CALLIHAN Dick   L. G. Callihan
CALLIHAN Lorene   L. G. Callihan
CARR Meredith   Ada Carr
CARR Norma Jean   Tom Carr
CASTEEL Charles   Florence Spruell
CASTEEL Crittenden   J. S. Casteel
CASTEEL Gilbert   Florence Spruell
CAUDELL Elizah   B. F. Caudell
CAUDELL Helen   Chas. Meadows
CHANCELLOR Dorothy   J. C. Chancellor
CHANCELLOR Kathleen   Clint Chancellor
CHANCELLOR Marie   Clint Chancellor
CHANCELLOR Monroe   R. T. Nichols
CLARK Jack   Gatha Clark
CLARK Kenneth   Gatha Clark
CLARK Marie   Bondurant
CLINGAN Harold   T. H. Clingan
COLE Beatrice   Emmett Cole
COLE Douglas   India Cole
COLE Emmett Jr.   Mabel Cole
COLE J. C.   India Cole
COLE Kenneth   India Cole
COLE Lee   Emmett Cole
COLE Manuel   India Cole
CONLEY Clifton   Dugan Conley
CONLEY Edna   Dugan Conley
CONLEY Kenneth   Marie Conley
CONLEY Sherman   Dugan Conley
CONLEY Troy   Dugan Conley
COTTON Lonnie   Mable Cotton
CRANDELL Harold   W. L. Burnett
CRANDELL Mae   Anna Crandell
CRANDELL Opal   C. L. Richmond
DAVIDSON Lois   Lorene Hall
DAVIDSON Thelma   Iva Davidson
DENNIS Brent   C. A. Dennis
DENNIS Buck   C. A. Dennis
DENNIS Estelle   C. A. Dennis
DENNIS Finis   C. A. Dennis
DENNIS Melba   C. A. Dennis
DENNIS Ora   Flossie Dennis
DENNIS Osa   Flossie Dennis
DENNIS Thelma   C. A. Dennis
DOLLENS Alden   J. R. Dollens
DOLLENS Almus   J. R. Dollens
DOYLE Jewell   Jack Music
GARDNER Franell   Hodee Gardner
GARDNER Octavia   Hodee Gardner
GARDNER Opal Doris   Hodee Gardner
GIBSON Andy   R. E. Gibson
GIBSON Johnny   R. E. Gibson
GIBSON Robert Lee   R. E. Gibson
GIBSON Thelma   R. E. Gibson
GOFF Lensil   Mae G. Hendrix
GORMAN Cecil   Jim Gorman
GORMAN Irene   Jim Gorman
GRAUT Luther   Marie Bradshaw
HALL Daisy   J. S. Hall
HALL Iva   J. S. Hall
HALL J. D.   J. S. Hall
HALL Lois   J. S. Hall
HALL Lloyd   Tom Hall
HALL Lorene   Jim Davidson
HALL Marcella   J. S. Hall
HAMILTON Blanch   J. E. Hamilton
HAMILTON Cleautes   P. J. Hamilton
HAMILTON Dolly   John Hamilton
HAMILTON Edward E.   Marie Hamilton
HAMILTON Forest Lee   Phillip Hamilton
HAMILTON Levean W.   Marie Hamilton
HAMILTON Pearl   Phillip Hamilton
HAMILTON Ralph   J. A. Hamilton
HAMPTON Fred   Mary Englebright
HAMPTON George   J. W. Hampton
HAMPTON Herman   J. W. Hampton
HAMPTON Jimmie Bell   Mary Englebright
HAMPTON Noah   Jim Hampton
HAVERT Samuel   H. L. Havert
HAYWARD Franklin   L. H. Hayward
HAYWARD Louis   Annie Hayward
HAYWARD Thelma   L. H. Haywood
HENDRICKS Louis   Mae L. Hendricks
HENDRICKS Truel   Mae L. Hendricks
HOPKINS Viola   Josie Hopkins
HOPKINS Wayne   Josie Hopkins
HOPKINS Wilma   W. J. Hopkins
HOPKINS W. J.   Josie Hopkins
HOUSWORTH Lenvie   G. R. Housworth
HOWZE Annie   Alice Howze
HOWZE Bill   Alice Howze
HOWZE Jack   Alice Howze
HOWZE Lorene   Alice Howze
JACKSON Aline   J. M. Jackson
JACKSON Francis   H. J. Haslip
JACKSON Jim Henry   J. M. Jackson
JACKSON Opal   J. M. Jackson
JEFFERSON Dortha   Oscar Jefferson
JEFFERSON Eudith   Oscar Jefferson
JOHNSON Bennie   Carl Lawrence
JONES Joe   E. S. Mizell
JONES Opal   W. J. Hopkins
JONES Sam   W. M. Jones
JONES Valdene   Hattie Jones
KYLE Joe   J. W. Kyle
KYLE Margaret   J. W. Kyle
KYLE Mary Agnes   J. W. Kyle
KYLE Rachel   J. W. Kyle
KYLE Reba   J. W. Kyle
LAND Arvella   Earl Lawrence
LAND Bernard   C. R. Land
LAND Clellan   C. R. Land
LAND Delbert   Geo Lawrence
LAND Doris   Earl Lawrence
LAND Iva Marie   Geo Lawrence
LAND Ovie   Geo Lawrence
LAND Ralph   C. R. Land
LAWSON Edith   John S. Lawson
LAWSON Jno. Jr.   John S. Lawson
LAWSON Kenneth   John S. Lawson
LAYCOCK Clohe   Sug Laycock
LAYCOCK I. W.   Gee L. Hard
MANLEY Alta   L. Manley
MANLEY Elva   L. Manley
MATHIES Lucretia   Wharton Mathies
McCRAW Curtis   Juanita Morris
McELROY Bessie   Cora McElroy
McELROY Joe   C. E. McElroy
McELYEA Donica   Mrs. Bridgman
McGHEE Mary Jo   W. A. McGhee
McGEE C. C. Jr.   Q. W. McGee
MEADOWS Dorothy   Mary Meadows
MEADOWS Essey   Mary Meadows
MEADOWS Murl   Charlie Meadows
MILLEN Delbert   Charlie Meadows
MIZELL Earl   E. S. Mizell
MIZELL J. E.   E. S. Mizell
MIZELL Patricia   E. S. Mizell
MOSES Albert   F. E. Moses
MOSES Bonnie   F. E. Moses
MOSES Clara   F. E. Moses
MOSES Clarence   F. E. Moses
MOSES Jesse   F. E. Moses
MURPHY Pat   Cora Digman
MUSICK Geraldine   Jack Musick
MUSICK Jack   Jack Musick
MUSICK Maxine   Jack Musick
NEAL Mary Ruth   Anna Neal
NICHOLS Frank   W. G. Nichols
OLDHAM Junior   Jarvis Oldham
PALMER Chas Ray   F. S. Palmer
PASTON Nina   Lester Breshears
PHILLIPS Harlan   J. O. Phillips
PHILLIPS Jack Jr.   Jack W. Phillips
PHILLIPS Velma   Geo. Turney
PHILLIPS Wilma   Jack W. Phillips
QUINLIVEN Jewell   J. W. Quinliven
QUINLIVEN Maxine   J. W. Quinliven
RALSTON H. C.   Gus Ralston
RALSTON Leo   Gus Ralston
RAY Rosa Mae   W. H. Baxter
RICHMOND Cecil   C. L. Richmond
RICHMOND Florence   Edna Russell
RICHMOND Gertrude   C. L. Richmond
RICHMOND Johnny   C. L. Richmond
RICHMOND Ina Mae   Edna Russell
RICHMOND Wanda Lee   C. L. Richmond
SCOTT Alla Mae   Nora Scott
SCOTT Annie Rae   Nora Scott
SCOTT Goldie Bell   Nora Scott
SHANNON Opal Marie   Gladys Shannon
SISSON Letta Lucille   G. W. Sisson
SMITH Bill   W. L. Bartlett
SMITH Grady   Willie Smith
SMITH Laveda M.   Willie Smith
STAMPER Joe   G. W. Coble
STEELE Bob   * Emma Palmer
STRAWN Audrey   Lula Strawn
STRAWN Dorothy   Lula Strawn
STRAWN Inez   J. F. Strawn
STRAWN L. T.   Lula Strawn
STRICKLAND Artine   Estella Bishop
STRICKLAND Jewell Dean   Estella Bishop
TAYLOR Delbert   Gertrude Taylor
TAYLOR Hoyt   Gertrude Taylor
TAYLOR Mary Elizabeth   J. L. Taylor
TURNHAM Lois   Mable Cotton
WADE Billy   May Wade
WADE Warren   Leo Wade
WAITS Azell   C. H. Waits
WAITS Clifford   C. H. Waits
WAITS Floice   Nancy Waits
WAITS Marie   C. H. Waits
WAITS T. C.   Nancy Waits
WALKER Billie   Harry Walker
WALKER Charlotte   Ed Walker
WALKER Ed Jr.   Ed Walker
WALKER Emma   Al Walker
WALKER Flora   Al Walker
WALKER H. B.   Harry Walker
WALKER Jack   Ed Walker
WALKER Lois   Ed Walker
WALKER Lois   Harry Walker
WALKER Lola   Ed Walker
WALKER Mable   Al Walker
WALKER Ruth   Harry Walker
WEST Bernice   Cal West
WEST Bert   Cal West
WEST De Lois   Cal West
WEST Jr.   Cal West
WEST Juanita   Cal West
WHITAKER Marvin   Emma Whitaker
WIGGINTON Norma Jean   Frank Wigginton
WILLIAMS Artie   Loraine Williams
WILLIAMS Edison   A. M. Williams
WILLIAMS Eula   T. D. Crandell
WILLIAMS Irene   A. M. Williams
WILLIAMS Jack   L. W. Williams
WILLIAMS Leonder   T. D. Crandell
WILLIAMS Wilburn   A. M. Williams
WINBERRY Imogene   Iva Winberry
WINBERRY Lois   Iva Winberry
WINBERRY Vera   Mattie Winberry
WRIGHT Irene   Mattie Oldham
WRIGHT Jewell   Mattie Oldham

*Ray and Edith Steele are Bob's parents. Emma (Steele) Palmer is his sister  this info from Bob's niece Karen Garber

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