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1934 School Census


Census submitted by Teresa Young

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Cloudy School Dist.#25 1934 Census
Last Name First Name   Parents
BENNETT Ellen   Maggie Bennett
BENNETT Vester   Maggie Bennett
BOYETT Arnold   Dell Self
BOYETT Cecil   Dell Self
BOYETT Lois   Dell Self
BOYETT Mildred   Dell Self
BUTLER Chester   L. E. Butler
BUTLER Hubert   L. E. Butler
BUTLER Opal   L. E. Butler
BUTLER Roy   L. E. Butler
BUTLER Vera   L. E. Butler
CAMPBELL Gertie   Frank Campbell
CAMPBELL J. C.   Frank Campbell
CAMPBELL Richard   Frank Campbell
CAMPBELL Winslow   Frank Campbell
COFFELT Bryce   Joe Coffelt
COFFELT Dixie   Joe Coffelt
COFFELT Joe Edwin   Joe Coffelt
COFFELT Johnnie   Joe Coffelt
CREEL Aldora   E. M. Creel
CREEL Allie Mae   E. M. Creel
CREEL Bonnie Ellen   Frances Creel
CREEL Chester   Frances Creel
CREEL Elic Jr.   Frances Creel
CREEL Leroy   Frances Creel
DANE Mamie   A. V. Glass
DANE Temple   A. V. Glass
DENHAM Odell   Dewey Denham
DUNLAP Hubert   W. J. Dunlap
ELKINS Edwin   C. E. Elkins
FRITCH Billie   Fred E. Fritch
FRITCH Viola   Louise Fritch
GLASS James   A. V. Glass
GLASS Zelma   A. V. Glass
GOHEEN Dora   C. E. Goheen
GOHEEN Eldridge   C. E. Goheen
GOHEEN Louis   C. E. Goheen
GOHEEN Mildred   C. E. Goheen
GROGAN Jack   Sarah Grogan
HAMBRIGHT Louise   Lettie Hambright
HEDGE Almeda   Ike Hedge
HERMAN (Goheen) Joy   C. E. Goheen
HINDS Harley   Addie Bell Hinds
HINDS John W.   Addie Bell Hinds
HINDS R. L.   Addie Bell Hinds
HINDS Temple Lee   Addie Bell Hinds
HINDS Viola   Addie Bell Hinds
JONES Colman   Maggie Bennett
LEFLORE Daniel   W. L. Dunlap
LINDLY Duane   Minta Lindly
LINDLY Ernestine   J. O. Musgrave
LINDLY Leonard   G. W. Musgrave
LINDLY Mary Oma   Minta Lindly
LINDLY Odel   Octive Lindly
LINDLY O. J.   O. J. Lindly
McBRIDE Eugene   J. B. McBride
McBRIDE Luther   J. B. McBride
McBRIDE Opal   J. B. McBride
McBRIDE Paslee   J. B. McBride
McKINZIE Jaunita   W. A. McKinzie
McKINZIE Marcus   W. A. McKinzie
McKINZIE Wesley   W. A. McKinzie
McPHERSON Eugene   E. G. McPherson
McPHERSON Helen   E. G. McPherson
McPHERSON Ruth   E. G. McPherson
MILLS Floradean   Doc Mills
MILLS Floy Lee   Wesley Mills
MILLS Lorene   Doc Mills
MILLS Myrtle   Wesley Mills
MUSGRAVE Alta   Jess Musgrave
REICH Dovie   Lora Reich
ROBISON Elmer   Bert Robison
ROBISON Maudie   Bert Robison
ROSENTHAL George   Parker Rosenthal
ROSENTHAL Inez   Parker Rosenthal
ROSENTHAL Jimmie   Parker Rosenthal
ROSENTHAL Mary   Parker Rosenthal
ROSENTHAL T. J.   Parker Rosenthal
ROSENTHAL Willis   Parker Rosenthal
SELF Bulah   C. E. Self
SELF John   C. E. Self
SELF Mary   Dock Self
SELF S. E.   C. E. Self
SMALLWOOD Gilbert   W. M. Smallwood
SMALLWOOD Leo   W. M. Smallwood
SMALLWOOD Roy   W. M. Smallwood
SMALLWOOD William   W. M. Smallwood
SPRING Paul   G. R. Spring
SPRING Willie Mae   G. R. Spring
SPRING Winford   G. R. Spring
STANDRIDGE Irene   Pat Standridge
STOWE Cora Lee   G. T. Stowe
STOWE Dorotha   G. T. Stowe
STOWE George   G. T. Stowe
STOWE Henry   G. T. Stowe
STOWE Troit   G. T. Stowe
TAYLOR Benton   Minnie Taylor
TAYLOR L. A.   C. H. Taylor
TAYLOR Oneta   Ada Hedge
TAYLOR Roycie   Ike Hedge
THURMAN Melvin   W. Thurman

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