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1934 School Census


Census submitted by Teresa Young

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these records were typed as written. any mistakes were on the original document

Corrine & Rocky Point, Dist. #45 1934 Census
Last Name First Name   Parents
ALLEN Eugene   Beulah Allen
ALLEN Herman   J. C. Allen
AMMONS Margell   W. S. Ammons
AMMONS Myrtle   W. W. Ammons
AMMONS Wauth   W. W. Ammons
AMMONS Willie May   W. W. Ammons
ARTHUR Leo C.   R. C. Arthur
ARTHUR William   Mattie Bell Ammons
BALLARD Alice   E. O. Sims
BALLARD Victor   E. O. Sims
BATES Charles   Elmer Bates
BATES Dozie   Elmer Bates
BATES Lee Roy   Robert Bates
BOX Eugene   J. M. Box
BOX Ila   J. M. Box
BOX Jammie   J. M. Box
BOX Jessie   J. M. Box
BOX Lonnie   J. M. Box
BOX Nellie   J. M. Box
BOX Opal   J. M. Box
BRANNAN Myrtle Lee   E. L. Brannan
BRANNAN Otto G.   E. L. Brannan
BRINLEE Ozell   L. L. Brinlee
DEES Arnell   Calie Dees
DEES Celeste   F. O. Dees
DEES Joe Lee   F. O. Dees
DEES John   Callie Dees
DEES Lottie   Felix Dees
DEES Marie   Felix Dees
DEES Oren   W. L. Dees
DEES Wallace   F. O. Dees
ENGLAND Audua   J. T. England
ENGLAND Buiant   J. T. England
FATHEREE Grady   W. W. Fatheree
FATHEREE Lillie   W. W. Fatheree
GIBSON Helen   Alford Price Gibson
GIBSON Lanor   W. B. Gibson
GIBSON Leon   Alford Price Gibson
GIBSON Louie   W. B. Gibson
HALL Elmeda   Alford Price Gibson
HALLEY Lucille   P. H. Halley
HALLEY Mildred Celeste   John H. Halley
HARMON Edward   Dan Harmon
HARMON Odis   Dan Harmon
HARPER Audry   Everett Harper
HARPER Gordon   Everett Harper
HARPER Pauline   Everett Harper
HARRIS Mattie   A. L. Harris
HEARN Jessie   J. C. Parker
HEARN Nora   J. C. Parker
HEARN Peachie   J. C. Parker
HUBBARD Anna Bell   R. E. Hubbard
HUBBARD R. E.   R. E. Hubbard
HUBBARD Robbie   R. E. Hubbard
KNUTSON Albert   O. K. Knutson
KNUTSON Doretha   O. K. Knutson
KNUTSON Mary E.   O. K. Knutson
KNUTSON Odell   O. K. Knutson
LUCE Arlie   Levi Luce
LUCE Bert   L. M. Luce
LUCE Raymond   Levi Luce
LUCE Wendell   Levi Luce
McCRAW A. B. Jr.   A. B. McCraw
McCRAW Carl   A. M. McCraw
McCRAW Fred   Elvie McCraw
McCRAW Vester Marie   J. S. McCraw
McNEW Robert Lee   R. E. McNew
MILLER Cleta   Judge Miller
MILLER Emma   O. K. Knutson
MILLER William Harold   Judge Robert Hester Miller
MILLS Charlie Jr.   Charlie Mills
MILLS Dovie   Charlie Mills
MILLS Jack   Joe Mills
MILLS Joe Jr.   Joe Mills
MILLS Lester   George Mills
MORRIS Elvin   Calvin Morris
NIBLETT Coy   Jack Wall
PARKER D. L.   Lela Parker
PARKER James   J. C. Parker
PARKER Mutt   J. C. Parker
PARKER Preston   J. C. Parker
PARKER Rosa Lee   Lela May Parker
RHODES Elton   Cecil Rhodes
RHODES J. C.   J. C. Rhodes
RHODES Pete   J. C. Rhodes
ROAN Bill   Marie Roan
ROAN Cecil   H. B. Roan
ROAN Elizabeth   Marie Roan
ROAN Johnnie   Marie Roan
ROAN Kate   H. B. Roan
RYMEL Claudia   Lillie Rymel
RYMEL Thelma   Phala Wilmeth
SIMS Wilburn   Lillian Sims
SMITH Francis   Earl Smith
SMITH Irvin   Earl Smith
SMITH Joyce   Earl Smith
SMITH Roberta   Earl Smith
SUTTON Della   John Sutton
SUTTON Luther   John Sutton
SUTTON Marie   John Sutton
SUTTON Verda May   John Sutton
SUTTON William   John Sutton
TALLANT Ervey   R. S. Tallant
TALLANT Zada   R. S. Tallant
VANMYTRE Fredia   Phala Wilmeth
WALLS Fay Ella   Vera Walls
WILKINS Haskell   T. L. Wilkins
WILKINS Leon   T. L. Wilkins
WILKINSON Bert   Jack Wilkinson
WILSON I. J.   Delie Wilson
WILSON J. D.   Delie Wilson
WRIGHT Eugenia   A. H. Wright
WRIGHT Hallie   J. T. Wright
WRIGHT Harold   J. T. Wright
WRIGHT Homer   J. T. Wright
WRIGHT Juanita   A. H. Wright
WRIGHT Lilly   J. T. Wright
WRIGHT Lottie   J. T. Wright
WRIGHT Robert L.   A. H. Wright
WRIGHT Thomas   Allen Wright

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